World Championship team bosses — Where are they now?

by Richard Jenkins
The Ancien Pilotes at Dijon in 1974

Ancien Pilotes at Dijon 1974

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Name Born Died Nat Teams Biography
Piero Taruffi 12 Oct 1906
Albano Laziale, Rome
12 Jan 1988
I Cisitalia
Set up a drivers racing school and became an accomplished author before his peaceful death, aged 81. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Ron Tauranac 13 Jan 1925
Gillingham, Kent, England

AUS Brabham, Theodore, Trojan
One of the legendary engineers, who is still alive and well. Managing director of Ralt until he sold up in 1988, Ron now lives in Australia, where he remains closely involved with the sport, especially with Honda's motorsport efforts and historic festivals.
Romolo Tavoni 30 Jan 1926
Casinalbo, nr. Modena

I ATS (Automobili Turismo e Sport)
Ex-Ferrari team manager and secretary who left after arguments with Jean Behra and Enzo Ferrari, despite success. He later became involved with motorsport administration, working for both the CSAI and as Monza's track administrator and head. His influence - albeit behind the scenes after a public spat at Ferrari - in Italian motorsport has been immense. He was also the creator of Formula Monza, a junior formulae introduced to help racers compete in the sport if they didn't have a large budget. Romolo is now retired and in his 90's, but still keeps links with Ferrari via historic festivals. (Last updated 31 Jan 2016)
Geoffrey Taylor 12 Jun 1903
St-Anne-on-Sea, Lancashire
07 Sep 1966
Midhurst, Sussex
GB Alta
Car builder, who was involved with Alta from 1928, right up to 1959. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Len Terry 11 Feb 1924
Hackney, London
25 Aug 2014
Lincoln, Lincolnshire
GB BMW, BRM, Eagle, Gilby, Honda, Lotus
Sadly died in 2014. Finished his motorsport career after his BRM spell but stayed involved with the sport, and appeared at many historic events, and was still on hand to help with any projects sent his way. Up to just before his death, he remained in good health, despite a small stroke in 1993, and enjoyed cycling, tennis and table tennis. Tried racing himself but crashed the car he had built and broke his leg, ending that aspect of his career. Served in the RAF during World War 2 and worked as an instrument maker specialising in aircraft cameras, and also served in what is now Pakistan. Started work as a draughtsman before moving into design. After his design racing career finished, he went into making replica vintage vans, initially in Poole, and then in Lincolnshire, where he lived for the rest of his life. (Last updated 29 Aug 2014)
Michel Tetu 06 Aug 1941

F Ligier, Renault
Car designer, most recently worked with Larrousse in GT's. Now retired, although he is always on hand as a consultant, but mainly just enjoys attending historic events. (Last updated 19 Nov 2011)
Mario Theissen 17 Aug 1952

D B.M.W. (Bayerische Motoren Werke)
Technical expert of BMW who took up the role of motorsport director for their F1 challenge. Retired during winter 2010 and is now a consultant to BMW. (Last updated 18 Dec 2010)
Jean Todt 25 Feb 1946

F Ferrari
Now head of the FIA, becoming President in 2009. Initially appointed as a general manager for Ferrari at one of their lowest ebbs, Todt developed his role to such an extent that he became team principal. Before that, though, he had equally huge success as the director of Peugeot's rally and sportscar operations, which saw 2 Le Mans wins - (1992, 1993) and 4 Paris-Dakar wins amongst other successes. Prior to that, Todt was a rally co-driver for around 15 years before stopping to take up a management role. Todt is also in a relationship with actress Michelle Yeoh and has produced a few of her films recently. (Last updated 1 Dec 2014)
Ted Toleman 14 Mar 1938

GB Toleman
Was adopted as a child. Ran a banana farm and restaurant in South Africa, but no longer lives there, partly because son Gary was shot dead there, whilst Ted's brother was killed in a racing accident in the 1970's. Ted still remains linked to the sport as an advisor and also runs Australia's Mini Challenge Series and has links with powerboating and yachting, as well as business interests in Australia and the Phillippines, where he now lives. Originally he was a car transporter businessman in Essex, although he has also run a number of businesses including lines in hosiery and patrol boats. Real name is Norman. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Mario Tolentino 1949

I AGS, Alfa Romeo, Dallara, Eurobrun, Lamborghini
Now helps to design DTM cars. His F1 designs were highly regarded even if success was rare.
Antonio Tomaini 05 Nov 1937
Fiesso Umbertiano, Rovigo

I Ferrari, Fondmetal, Osella
Former Ferrari assistant team manager, who then turned to car design with a long spell with Osella. Antonio joined Ferrari in 1974 after working with Abarth, and as well as working in his managerial role, he was also, for a time, Gilles Villeneuve's chief race engineer. Tomaini also had a spell in sportscars. Antpnio keeps links with the sport, now he is retired, especially with Ferrari related links and the historic side of the sport. He currently lives in Castelnuovo Rangone. (Last updated 15 Sep 2015)
Tsutomu Tomita 14 Oct 1943

J Toyota
Was head of Toyota's F1 motorsport efforts until 2007, when he stepped down and moved into another role within the sports and road car division of the company. He has also taken over the running of Fuji's new F1 track. (Last updated 24 Jan 2010)
Giovanni Tonti 01 Jul 1942
Cesara, Novara

I Alfa Romeo
Later went into and is still in, racing boat design. Tonti was Alfa's team manager who became Alfa's team principal after Carlo Chiti left the marque. Giovanni, however, was primarily an engine specialist and prior to his management roles had been running the engine programme for the team, focusing on his V10 turbo engine design. Giovanni stayed with Alfa Romeo after the F1 spell finished before going into his new life away from the sport. (Last updated 14 Jun 2015)
Franz Tost 20 Jan 1956

A Scuderia Toro Rosso
(2006- )
Former BMW Track Operations Manager, with a long service in motorsport management, who is now in charge of Red Bull's feeder team.
Gabriele Tredozi 09 Sep 1957
Brisighella, nr. Ravenna

I Minardi, Scuderia Toro Rosso
Long time Minardi technical stalwart, often in the role of race engineer before developing into technical design, who remained with the team, now known as Scuderia Toro Rosso, in 2006, but left them by season's end. Worked in Formula Superfund and GT and had a return to F1 via Hispania F1 as an engineer. Now works as an independent technical consultant (but has a long-standing association with Vincenzo Sospiri's Euronova team) but also enjoys cycling in his spare time. (Last updated 20 Dec 2014)
Stewart Tresilian 09 Jan 1904
Edmonton, East London
20 May 1962
Sodbury, Gloucestershire
Went on to work for Coventry-Climax and was with the company when he died, aged 58.
Dick Troutman 25 Dec 1921
Los Angeles, California
26 Mar 1992
Murrieta, California
USA Scarab
Car builder who did well in American racing, but less so with the GP attempt. Also owned a garage.
Ken Tyrrell 03 May 1924
West Horsley, Surrey
25 Aug 2001
East Horsley, Surrey
GB Matra, Tyrrell
Very likeable man who died after a fight with cancer. Ex-RAF man who became a timber merchant after WW2. Became a F3 driver but realised he would not reach the top level and so went into team ownership and management. Was boss of the Matra F1 effort before starting his own title-winning, ever popular team. After years of struggle, he sold up and left F1 but remained close to the sport until his death.

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