John Player Formula 2 Championship Race

Oulton Park, 16 Sep 1972

1 Ronnie Peterson 1850cc March 722 [17] - Ford BDA Hart
#4 STP March Engineering (see note 1)
2 Niki Lauda 1927cc March 722 [5] - Cosworth BDF
#5 STP March Engineering (see note 2)
3 James Hunt 1798cc March 712M [5] - Ford BDA Hart
#15 Hesketh Racing (see note 3)
4 Richard Scott 1798cc Brabham BT38 [17] - Ford BDA Richardson
#20 Richard Scott (see note 4)
5 Gerry Birrell 1850cc March 722 [1] - Ford BDA Hart
#9 Sports Motors Manchester (see note 5)
6 David Morgan 1994cc Brabham BT38 [16 as '15'] - Ford BDA Wood
#23 Edward Reeves Racing (see note 6)
7 Roger Williamson 1798cc March 722 [41] - Ford BDA RES
#14 Tom Wheatcroft Racing (see note 7)
8 Adrian Wilkins 1850cc March 722 [15] - Ford BDA Hart
#19 John Coombs Racing (see note 8)
9 Andy Sutcliffe 1860cc GRD 272 [016-F2] - Ford BDA Wood
#21 GRS International (see note 9)
NC Graham Hill 1927cc Brabham BT38 [1] - Ford BDA Racing Services
#2 Jagermeister Racing Team (see note 10)
R John Watson 1927cc Chevron B20 ["F2-3"] - Ford BDA RES
#8 Chevron Racing Team (see note 11)
20 oil pressure
R Tim Schenken 1927cc Brabham BT38 [14] - Cosworth BDF
#3 Motul Rondel Racing (see note 12)
R Jody Scheckter 1927cc McLaren M21 [M21-72-01] - Cosworth BDF
#26 Impact Group (see note 13)
R David Purley 1927cc March 722 [10] - Ford BDA RES
#22 Lec Refrigeration Racing (see note 14)
R Brett Lunger 1860cc March 722 [11] - Ford BDA RES
#6 Space Racing (see note 15)
R Claude Bourgoignie 1820cc GRD 272 [018-F2] - Ford BDA Moore
#18 BP Racing Team (see note 16)
R Tom Belsø 1798cc Brabham BT38 [19] - Ford BDA Steele
#25 Team Viking (see note 17)
R John Wingfield 1973cc Brabham BT36 [10] - Ford BDA Felday
#17 Nicolby Racing (see note 18)
R Vern Schuppan 1798cc March 722 Falconer [722-40] - Ford BDA Richardson
#12 Malaya Singapore Airlines (see note 19)
R John Surtees 1850cc Surtees TS10 [07] - Ford BDA Hart
#1 Matchbox Team Surtees (see note 20)
DNS Peter Gethin 1900cc Chevron B20 [72-2] - Ford BDA Smith
#7 Chevron Racing Team (see note 21)
Did not start
(two engine failures during practice)
DNQ Chris Meek 1600cc Brabham BT38 [28] - Ford BDA
#24 Tate of Leeds Racing (see note 22)
Did not qualify
DNQ John Calvert 1600cc March 722 [29] - Ford BDA
#10 Johnny Calvert (see note 23)
Did not qualify

All cars are 2-litre F2 unless noted.

1 Ronnie Peterson 1850cc March 722 [17] - Ford BDA Hart
2 James Hunt 1798cc March 712M [5] - Ford BDA Hart
3 Vern Schuppan 1798cc March 722 Falconer [722-40] - Ford BDA Richardson
4 Niki Lauda 1927cc March 722 [5] - Cosworth BDF
5 Jody Scheckter 1927cc McLaren M21 [M21-72-01] - Cosworth BDF
6 Tim Schenken 1927cc Brabham BT38 [14] - Cosworth BDF
7 John Surtees 1850cc Surtees TS10 [07] - Ford BDA Hart
8 Gerry Birrell 1850cc March 722 [1] - Ford BDA Hart
9 Richard Scott 1798cc Brabham BT38 [17] - Ford BDA Richardson
10 Graham Hill 1927cc Brabham BT38 [1] - Ford BDA Racing Services
11 David Purley 1927cc March 722 [10] - Ford BDA RES
12 John Watson 1927cc Chevron B20 ["F2-3"] - Ford BDA RES
13 Andy Sutcliffe 1860cc GRD 272 [016-F2] - Ford BDA Wood
14 Roger Williamson 1798cc March 722 [41] - Ford BDA RES
15 Brett Lunger 1860cc March 722 [11] - Ford BDA RES
16 Tom Belsø 1798cc Brabham BT38 [19] - Ford BDA Steele
17 Claude Bourgoignie 1820cc GRD 272 [018-F2] - Ford BDA Moore
18 Peter Gethin * 1900cc Chevron B20 [72-2] - Ford BDA Smith
19 David Morgan 1994cc Brabham BT38 [16 as '15'] - Ford BDA Wood
20 John Wingfield 1973cc Brabham BT36 [10] - Ford BDA Felday
21 Adrian Wilkins 1850cc March 722 [15] - Ford BDA Hart
* Did not start

Notes on the cars:

  1. March 722 [17] (Ronnie Peterson): New for the works STP March Engineering team, and driven by Ronnie Peterson (who won the opening race at Mallory Park, and at Oulton Park in September) and Jochen Mass (who won at the Nürburgring). Raced by Silvio Montenegro in the Torneio do Brasil. Sold to Guy Tunmer (Sandton, South Africa) and raced in the F2 class of the South African national championship in 1973. Then to André Verwey (Johannesburg, South Africa) and fitted with a Nicholson BDA for the new Formula Atlantic rules in 1976. Also raced by Mervyn Tunmer in 1976. Subsequently to Rembrandt Group (South Africa) as show car until 1979 when sold to Andreas Paulsen (Sweden). To Henning Bitsch (Denmark) 1999. To Andrew Thorpe (Huddersfield, West Yorkshire) 2010.
  2. March 722 [5] (Niki Lauda): New for STP-March number two driver Niki Lauda for F2 in 1972 (won at Oulton Park in March), then for Pedro de Lamare in Torneio do Brasil. To Robert Cooper (High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire) for Formula Atlantic 1973, and rebuilt mid-season to 73B spec. Retained for early 1974, then sold to Dairmuid McFeeley (Clonee, Dunboyne, County Meath, Ireland) for Irish Formula Atlantic in 1974, 1975 and early 1976. To John Ledlie in 1976, then sold to Richard Lester (Yoxall, Staffordshire) for sprints from 1978 to 1984. Via four other owners to John Gale (Sydney, Australia) 2006. Sold to Steve Weller (Sydney, Australia) in 2017.
  3. March 712M [5] (James Hunt): New to Mike Beuttler, and raced in F2 in 1971 entered by Clarke Mordaunt Racing with Alistair Guthrie. This must be the ex-Beuttler 712M acquired by Hesketh Racing, and raced by James Hunt at the Rothmans 50,000, and then in the remainder of the F2 season. Sold by Hesketh to Ray Mallock, and updated by March to 73B specification for Mallock to race in British Formula Atlantic in 1973. The car was later rebuilt on the 73B tub that had been used as a bodywork buck. Via A.W. Brown Racing to Arthur Collier 1974 for Irish Formula Atlantic, then to Patrick Woods mid-season. Borrowed by Patsy McGarrity for the Boxing Day race at Mondello Park at the end of 1974. The car was later said to have returned to the UK via AW "Monkey" Brown, then moved through the trade to Roger Andreason, who sold it to his friend Charles Richards to be used in Monoposto in 1978. From there, it moved towards historic racing, but leading to some confusion as the car by now had a 73B tub and 73B bodywork. Its life in historic racing requires further confirmation.
  4. Brabham BT38 [17] (Richard Scott): Brand new for Richard Scott at Oulton Park at the end of March 1972, and used by him through the 1972 F2 season. To Alan Padgett (Pocklington, East Riding of Yorkshire) for 1973, fitted with an 1850cc Cosworth BDE and used in hillclimbs. To David Baumforth (North Newbald, East Riding of Yorkshire) for hillclimbs and prints in 1974, then to John Hinley (Knowle, Warwickshire) for sprints in 1975. It was acquired by Tony Griffiths (Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands) for 1976, then to chef Paul Edwards (London), who used it extensively in sprints in 1977 and 1978. To Ron Cumming (Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, Scotland) for 1979.
  5. March 722 [1] (Gerry Birrell): The prototype March 722 was sold to Sports Motors Manchester for Gerry Birrell to race in Formula 2 in 1972. At the end of the season, the car was sold to New Zealander Kenny Smith, and fitted with a 1930cc Cosworth FVC engine for the 1973 Tasman series. He also used it at the April 1973 Singapore Grand Prix using a 1600cc Hart Ford twin-cam. Frank Radisich bought it and bolted on the Repco Holden engine and rear end from his McLaren M10B, but this was wholely unsuccessful, and Radisich later tried a Mazda engine instead, also updating it to 1976 nose and sidepods, but again with no success. In late 1977, it reappeared with Dave Saunders who had fitted a Cosworth BDA engine for Formula Pacific, but the reliability problems persisted. According to Graham Vercoe, it was later raced by Dennis Dunbar with the Mazda engine, then by Charlie Conway with the BDA. David McKinney reported that it then went to Adrian Whapman, who was advertising it in 1994. Subsequent history unknown.
  6. Brabham BT38 [16 as '15'] (David Morgan): Sold originally to the Elf-Coombs team but not used, and sold to Edward Reeves Racing as a spare for the team's new BT38 being raced by David Morgan. When Morgan wrecked the regular car at the 'Ring, he took over BT38/16. Oddly, this car was sometimes described as BT38/15. After the season, BT38/16 went to MRE in part-exchange for a new BT40, and was sold on to Tom O'Leary (Dalkey, County Dublin) for Formula Ireland racing. O'Leary rarely raced it, and it was eventually sold by MRE in August 1974 to Mike Rocke (Livermore, CA), who used in in SCCA Formula B in 1974 and 1975. Crashed in 1975 and rebuilt on a replacement tub before being sold to someone in California in 1976. Subsequent history unknown.
  7. March 722 [41] (Roger Williamson): New to Tom Wheatcroft Racing for Roger Williamson to race in F2 in 1972, but Williamson's main aim was the F3 title, so the 722 was little used. To Patsy McGarrity (Belfast, Northern Ireland) for 1973, and used in Formula Ireland races. To David Lambe (Dublin, Ireland) in August 1973, and converted to Formula Atlantic specification for 1974, when it was also raced once or twice by Tom O'Leary. A car with ths chassis number was advertised by Jerry Lieberg (Bridgeport, CT) and Bill Brower in July 1975 and December 1975, but this may not be the same car. In 1986, this car turned up in England in the hands of David Tilley, who told speed event historian Steve Wilkinson that it had come from Patsy McGarrity in Ulster and was "the ex-Wheatcroft car for Roger Williamson". Tilley replaced the 1600cc engine with a 3500cc Rover V8 for 1988, then sold the car to Barrie Gilles (Lydney, Gloucestershire), who raced it in 1989. Subsequent history unknown.
  8. March 722 [15] (Adrian Wilkins): New for Adrian Wilkins to race in F2 in 1972 as a John Coombs Racing entry. Subsequent history unknown, but may have been the car bought by Holman Blackburn for Formula Atlantic.
  9. GRD 272 [016-F2] (Andy Sutcliffe): New for 1972, and entered in F2 by GRS International for a variety of drivers, including Reine Wisell, Tom Walkinshaw and Alan Jones. Rented to Wheatcroft Racing for Roger Williamson to drive in Formula Atlantic at the end of the season. Subsequent history unknown.
  10. Brabham BT38 [1] (Graham Hill): New to Graham Hill for Formula 2 in 1972, first appearing at the Pau Grand Prix in early May. The car was being run for Hill by Kaydon Racing, and was sponsored by Jägermeister, a German liqueur maker. The car was chassis number BT38-1, which is odd as Hill did not even order it until a dozen others were racing, so it may have been to simplify carnet arangements, as he had already taken his previous car, BT36-1, to race at Hockenheim. Hill was also leading the Brabham F1 team, so did not do a full season of F2. The BT38 remained unused at Graham Hill Racing during 1973, and was sold at the end of the year to Tom Ogilvy for Tony Charnell (Dumfries, Scotland) to drive in libre in 1974, still with a 2-litre BDA. It was sold to Dean Dietrich (Hinsdale, IL) for 1975, and was raced in Formula B. Dietrich advertised it during 1976. It next appeared in 1978 when Dan Harthil (Indianapolis, IN) converted it to Can-Am specification and ran it in a few races. Its later history is currently being researched, as it has recently reappeared.
  11. Chevron B20 ["F2-3"] (John Watson): Appeared as a second Chevron Cars F2 entry for John Watson at Oulton Park in September 1972. Believed to be the car leased by Ed Reeves for David Morgan to race in the Torneio do Brasil at the end of the year. Morgan crashed in practice at Interlagos when the car hit the Armco barrier head on and went between the two sections, luckily stopping before the cockpit. The car was "extremely badly bent" and a fortunately unhurt Morgan had to be cut out of the car. It is likely that the would not have been repairable after this, but it is possible it was the basis of the later Nelson Todd car.
  12. Brabham BT38 [14] (Tim Schenken): Brand new for Motul Rondel Racing at Oulton Park at the end of March 1972, and raced there by Tim Schenken, who finished second. For Schenken again at Thruxton a few days later, then for Derek Bell at Nürburgring at the end of April, by Jean Max at Pau, and by Jean-Pierre Beltoise at Crystal Palace and Rouen. Schenken used the car for the rest of the season, winning at Hockenheim in October. Sold to John Powell (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) for Formula B in 1973. Sold to Bob Schutt (Kirkwood, MO) at Watkins Glen at the end of 1973, and used by him in Mid West Division FB racing. According to Chris Townsend, this may be BT38 of Mike Orgel (St Louis, MO) in Mid West Division FB 1978-80. Subsequent history unknown.
  13. McLaren M21 [M21-72-01] (Jody Scheckter): New for Jody Scheckter to race in the 1972 F2 series as a works Bruce McLaren Motor Racing entry (won at Crystal Palace in May). Sold to Yves Martin (Rennes, France) and used in French hillclimbs during 1973 and 1974. Crashed heavily at Montgueux in September 1974. Rebuilt during 1975 with new bodywork and entered for Gilles Péquegnot as the Guépard in the last few months of the 1975 season. Sold to Didier Bonnet (Besançon, France) for 1976, and fitted with a 1600cc engine. The later history of this car is unknown. Note that the three cars restored in the 1990s are all believed to be Trojan-built cars, and none are the ex-Scheckter car.
  14. March 722 [10] (David Purley): New to David Purley and entered by Lec Refrigeration Racing for him in F2 in 1972. Retained for 1973, but converted to Formula Atlantic and run in the two British championships, winning five races. Raced by Dieter Quester at Macau at the end of 1973, who was said to have bought the "73B". Subsequent history unknown, but possibly sold in the Far East.
  15. March 722 [11] (Brett Lunger): Chassis number given MN 16 Mar 72 p11 for the car of Brett Lunger, run by Space Racing in the 1972 European F2 Championship. This plate is now on a car in South Africa, with tub AM72X-97. The history traced by Ian Hebblethwaite suggests that this was the car of Gary Ainscough in 1976-7. According to an interview with Ainscough in the Rhodesia Herald in 1976 he says he imported the car in 1974 and built it up to Atlantic spec from the original 732.
  16. GRD 272 [018-F2] (Claude Bourgoignie): Claude Bourgoignie bought a new GRD 272 for 1972, believed to be chassis 018, and raced it with 1800cc and 1820cc Moore BDAs. He continued with the car in 1973 with a new full 2-litre Broadspeed BDA and won all seven rounds of the Belgian Hill Climb Championship as well as appearing in a handful of F2 races. Bourgoignie returned to F2 in 1974 with a GRD 274 which is unlikely to have been the 272 updated.
  17. Brabham BT38 [19] (Tom Belsø): Brand new for Tom Belsø at Oulton Park at the end of March 1972, entered by Team Viking. Raced by Belsø in F2 all season, then converted to Formula Atlantic for a couple of races late in the year. For sale during much of 1973, then to Tom Foster (Modesto, CA) for SCCA Formula B and ICSCC events from 1974 to 1977. Ron Householder (Portland, OR) then bought it for the engine, and sold the car in July 1978 to Kevin Skinner (Langley, BC, Canada). He won the ICSCC Formula B class in 1979, winning his class in seven races. In 2013, he still owned the car.
  18. Brabham BT36 [10] (John Wingfield): New to John Wingfield (London NW11) in September 1971 and raced in libre with a 1.7-litre Felday BDA. Raced in F2 in 1972 with Felday's 1973cc BDA and then converted to F/Atlantic specification for one race at the end of the season. Sold to Iain McLaren (Broxburn, Scotland) for 1973, fitted with a 1.8-litre Alan Smith Cosworth FVC and used for hillclimbs and libre. Advertised by MRE (Bourne End, Buckingham) in October/November 1973, who had a 1930cc Racing Services BDA in stock at the same time. Sold to Chris Choat and John Hardesty for 1974 and used in libre with a 2-litre Racing Services BDA. Retained for 1975 until sold in the summer to Nick Overall, still with the same RS BDA. To Mike Gue for 1976. Then to Ian Henderson who has retained the car.
  19. March 722 Falconer [722-40] (Vern Schuppan): New to Australian Vern Schuppan to drive in the British Formula Atlantic championship. Fitted with a BRM Ford twin cam engine, and first seen in practice at Mallory Park in late March, but Schuppan left before the race to catch a flight to the Singapore GP. Schuppan finished second in Singapore, and third in the Malaysian GP a week later. Then returned to the British series, now with a BDA, and won four rounds. In 1973, Schuppan used this car in one F2 race using a Cosworth BDG, then won the Singapore GP with a twin cam fitted, then competed in the JAF Grand Prix at Fuji with the BDG, and back to the 'twink' for Macau. For 1974, he hired the car out to Nigel Clarkson for British Atlantic, but had it back in time to win the Macau GP in November. Its adventures continued in 1975 when Schuppan took it out to the Canadian Formula Atlantic series, after which it became a fixture at Macau up to 1981, being raced by Alan Jones, Derek Daly and Roberto Moreno.
  20. Surtees TS10 [07] (John Surtees): A new car built up for the Matchbox Team Surtees F2 team in mid-1972, and first raced by Dieter Quester at the Österreichring in early July. Raced later in the season by Carlos Pace, John Surtees and Mike Hailwood. It is almost certainly the car raced by Lian Duarté in the F2 Torneio do Brasil. Sold to Silvio Moser for 1973, repainted in Marlboro livery, and used regularly through the 1973 F2 season. Raced by Alberto Colombo at Vallelunga at the end of the season. According to Beat Schenker, Moser's mechanic, the Surtees was sold to a Mr Herber, from Ticino, who planned to use it in the Swiss national championship. Beat recalls that he crashed on his second or third outing, and believes the car may have been a total loss.
  21. Chevron B20 [72-2] (Peter Gethin): Chevron Racing Team entry in Formula 2 in 1972, raced by Peter Gethin and Vic Elford. Gethin won at Pau in early May. Also raced by John Watson with a 1900cc Cosworth FVC in the Rothmans 5000. Unlikely to be the car leased by Ed Reeves for David Morgan to race in the Torneio do Brasil. However, Tony Martin did a deal in South America to buy three F2 cars for South African racing in 1973, and it is likely that as the Morgan Chevron had been damaged, the older ex-Gethin works F2 car was substituted. Raced by Martin in 1973, when it was fitted with a 2-litre BDA and later a FVC engine. Raced by Glenn Martin a few times in 1974.
  22. Brabham BT38 [28] (Chris Meek): New to Tate of Leeds (Racing) and driven by Chris Meek in British Formula Atlantic in 1972. To Bobby Howlings and raced briefly in libre in 1973, then on to Richard Shardlow (Baslow, Derbyshire) and raced in British hillclimbs from June onwards, fitted with a Rondel Cosworth BDE. To Alister Douglas-Osborn (West Hagley, Worcestershire) for 1974 and hillclimbed again, now with a 2.0 Hart Cosworth BDG. Retained by "ADO" for 1975 but modified by Pilbeam (as the 'R15') and raced with a 2.2-litre BDG, winning one British championship hillclimb and also two RAC sprint events at the end of the season. Modified further by Pilbeam for 1976 as the R22, and fitted with a F1 Cosworth DFV V8 engine. In this form it won six RAC British championship rounds in 1976, as well as winning the Guyson BARC series. Used again in this form in 1977, winning seven RAC rounds and both the RAC and BARC titles, but the car was written off in a crash at Doune in September. What was salvageable was used in the construction of a new Pilbeam MP22 for Malcolm Dungworth for 1978.
  23. March 722 [29] (John Calvert): New to John Calvert (Seaham, County Durham), and raced in Formula Atlanic and libre racing in 1972. The car regularly wore #77, and was described as white or blue. Sold to Mike Mather (St Helens, Merseyside) and used by him, and once by brother Kim Mather, in Formula Atlantic and libre in early 1973. Sold to John Kitchen in mid-season, and used by him in sprints and hillclimbs in late 1973, 1974, 1975 and early 1976, using a BDA engine. Then to Peter Riley (Crosby, Liverpool), again for sprints and hillclimbs. At first it was said to have a Cosworth FVA engine, but it had a Richardson BDA in 1977. Riley was still using the 722 in speed events as late as 1984. Subsequent history unknown.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' original results.

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Individual sources for this event

Autosport 21 Sep 1972 pp30-32, Motoring News 21 Sep 1972 pp12,14..