Swedish Formula 3 1977

With a new Ralt RT1/77 and support from Stockholm's Puss & Kram jeans, Anders Olofsson swept to victory in the 1977 Swedish F3 series. As well as winning all four of the national races in which he competed, he also had a very impressive win in the Kv?llspostens Newsrace European Championship round at Knutstorp in August, beating two highly regarded newcomers, Nelson Piquet and Beppe Gabbiani. He was also competing in the European championship, winning at Zandvoort in April and at the ?sterreichring in May, as well as at Knutstorp, and finishing second in the series behind Piercarlo Ghinzani. He even won the British GP support race, but only after Stephen South and Derek Daly had taken each other off. Unfortunately for Olofsson, all this success was not enough to propel him into F2, and he would remain in F3 for 1978.

Second place in the Swedish series was a battle between 20-year-old Stefan Johansson and Mats Nygren, eight years his senior. Johansson impressed at Monaco in his rare Argo JM1, finishing third, and won at Anderstorp in August, the one national race that Olofsson skipped, but Nygren's three second places narrowly outpointed him.

The races

24 Apr 1977 > Knutstorp

05 Jun 1977 > Karlskoga

18 Jun 1977 > Anderstorp

10 Jul 1977 > Falkenburg

07 Aug 1977 > Kvällspostens Newsrace at Knutstorp

14 Aug 1977 > Anderstorp

11 Sep 1977 > Karlskoga

Svenska Formel 3 Mästerskapet events shown in bold

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