Swedish Formula 3 1987

The two quickest drivers in Swedish F3 in 1987 were the experienced Micke Johansson and young Rickard Rydell. Johansson won the two opening rounds but then his gearbox broke at Knutsdorp and Rydell took his first win. Johansson then won at Anderstorp, where Rydell spun, but Rydell took pole at Falkenburg and won, while Johansson was punted off. Johansson led Rydell home for his fourth win of the season at Kinnekullering but that still left the championship open going into the last race at Mantorp Park. The experienced Johansson was not to be denied, and led Rydell home in another 1-2. Nobody else came close to them all season.

Both drivers would remain in Swedish F3 for 1988.

The races

10 May 1987 > Mantorp Park

24 May 1987 > Anderstorp

31 May 1987 > Knutstorp

14 Jun 1987 > Anderstorp

05 Jul 1987 > Falkenburg

26 Jul 1987 > Kinnekullering

01 Aug 1987 > Kvällpostens Newsrace at Knutstorp

02 Aug 1987 > Kvällpostens Newsrace at Knutstorp

09 Aug 1987 > Mantorp Park

Svenska Formel 3 Mästerskapet events shown in bold

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