Damon Hill

RJ: I just want to focus your BRDC role for a moment. What are the main hopes and challenges both you and the BRDC face in the coming months and years?

DH: Well, you know the overwhelming challenge we face is to have the rights.. and the facilities to keep the Formula 1 GP at Silverstone. We’re just hoping we pull together as much as we can. The Grand Prix is the most important thing and nothing else comes close for us, we need to keep that.

RJ: What made you decide to come back and try this (GPM) car, and indeed the GP2 car out, recently?

DH: Well, curiosity is always a powerful thing, and I felt like something I did actually want to try, which was not the case as regards the other series, and it was a great opportunity to give it a whirl and I liked it, very pleased to have the opportunity to do it.

RJ: Finally, both as a driver and as a BRDC member, what does Jenson Button’s win this week do for him and British motorsport?

DH: It’s very important, yes, because we haven’t had many winners in Formula 1 lately, so a British winner is always welcome. I had a lot of hope for Jenson, and he’s worked hard, he’s done a lot of Grand Prix’s, with problems, and I think this win will give him the strength and the confidence to go on and win many more GP’s. For us, for British motorsport, it’s a fantastic boost, and can only be good for the Grand Prix next year, to have a winner, a British winner involved.

Interview conducted by Richard Jenkins on the 13th August 2006 at the GPM event at Silverstone. Thanks to Damon for his time, which although brief, was still more than could be expected for someone so pressed for time & who had more than filled his quota of interviews that weekend.