Canadian Road Racing Championship

Mosport Park, 11 Oct 1970

1 Bill Brack Lotus 70 [04] - Chevrolet V8

2 Horst Kroll Lola T142 - Chevrolet V8

3 Craig Hill (FB) 1.6-litre Lotus 59 [59-F2/XB-41] - Ford twin cam

4 Brian Robertson (FB) 1.6-litre Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam Vegantune
#5 (see note 1)

5 Al Pease (libre) 2.5-litre Brabham BT23B [3] - Climax FPF 4
#69 (see note 2)

6 Craig Fisher Lola T142 [SL142/29] - Chevrolet V8

R Eppie Wietzes McLaren M10B - Chevrolet V8
6 broken timing chain
UNK Frank Salem Ferret Mark 2 (McLaren M1A) [20-10] - Chevrolet V8

UNK Russ Murray Lola T142 - Chevrolet V8

DNSC Ludwig Heimrath McLaren M10A [300-02] - Chevrolet V8
Did not start (crashed)

All cars are 5-litre F5000 unless noted.

1 Bill Brack (F5000) 5-litre Lotus 70 [04] - Chevrolet V8 1m 51.9s

Notes on the cars:

  1. Brabham BT29 (Brian Robertson): Brian Robertson (Brockville, Ontario) bought a Brabham BT29 late in 1969, debuting it at Sebring in December. He raced it extensively in 1970, taking in the Quebec and national Canadian series as well as rounds of the SCCA Pro series. He was entered by Fred Opert Racing Canada, a business in which he was a partner with Opert. Robertson upgraded to a BT35 for 1971 and his BT29 is likely to have been sold via the Opert operation. It does not appear in Opert's early 1971 advert so one possibility is that it was BT29/23, the car Evan Noyes took to the Tasman series.
  2. Brabham BT23B [3] (Al Pease): Built in September 1967 and sold to George Pitt but only raced twice that season in libre before being advertised in December 1967. Then to Racing Preparations for Tony Lanfranchi at the Race of Champions 1968 and also driven by JD Lewis later in the year. To Jack Smith for libre in 1969 but also driven by Roy Pike that August. Taken to Canada a few weeks later and used by John Cordts (Huntsville, Ontario) in Formula A and at the Canadian GP. Raced by Cordts again in early 1970 and later that year by Al Pease (Toronto, Ontario). Eventually returned to Smith in England and resumed its libre career. This was the car Smith was driving when he crashed at Snetterton in July 1972 and was killed. The car is understood to have been scrapped.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' original results.

Results for this series have proved very difficult to complete, due in part to the poor coverage in Canadian magazines such as Track & Traffic. Wolfgang Klopfer has provided Autoweek reports, Don Markle uncovered much material in the CMHF Archives, Jim Ibey found what he could from Track & Traffic and Tom Johnston has provided scans of entry lists and reports from a variety of sources. Also Michael Gee has been busy transcribing motor sports news articles at Vancouver's main library.

Complete results have been found only for R2 St Jovite 25 May 1969 (Autoweek), R2 Westwood 31 May 1970 (Autoweek), R3 Edmonton 14 Jun 1970 (Autoweek and also the official results) and R4 Rockcliffe 1 Jul 1970 (Autoweek and also the official results). The R5 Harewood 16 Aug 1970 results are derived from the Wheelspin report in the 27 May 1970 edition.

Full results are still needed for some races and further help would be greatly appreciated.

Please email Allen if you can add anything.