Formula Atlantic Labatts Championship Series Race

Hamilton, 7 Aug 1978

1 Keke Rosberg Chevron B45 [45-78-02] - Ford BDN Smith
#4 Excita/Fred Opert Racing
39 47m 24.585s
68.113 mph
2 Price Cobb March 78B - Ford BDN Morris
#22 Ecurie Canada
39 47m 25.208s
68.098 mph
3 Bobby Rahal Ralt RT1 [109] - Ford BDN Willis
#2 Pierre's Motor Racing
67.704 mph
4 Danny Sullivan March 78B - Ford BDN Stimola
#34 Bluebonnet Foods/Quaker State
67.394 mph
5 Divina Galica Chevron B39 [39-77-12?] - Ford BDN Smith
#5 Fred Opert Racing
66.255 mph
6 Chip Mead Ralt RT1/78 [106] - Ford BDN Willis
#31 Hanna Car Wash/Pierre's Motor Racing
7 John Mortensen March 78B [9] - Ford BDN Race Shop
#9 Doug Shierson Racing
8 Rick Koehler Excalibur EE2B [March 77B] - Ford BDN Cosworth
#51 Brook Stevens
9 Bob Earl Chevron B34 [34.76.34] - Ford BDN Cosworth
#19 James Brolin ('Chevron B39')
10 Rick Bell Ralt RT1 [127] - Ford BDN Cosworth
11 Jean-Pierre Alamy March 78B [7] - Ford BDN Hine
12 Mike Rocke March 77B - Ford BDN Nicholson
#15 (see note 1)
13 Gilles Léger Ralt RT1 - Ford BDN Cosworth
14 Jeff Smith Chevron B34 [34.76.15] - Ford BDN Smith
#50 Starr Racing
15 Jon Norman March 76B [3] - Ford BDA Cosworth
#58 Norman Racing (see note 2)
16 John Connolly Ralt RT1 - Ford BDN
17 Jeff Wood March 78B - Ford BDN Willis
#20 Great Plains Racing (see note 3)
35 hit wall between corner 4 and corner 5
18 Peter Robinson Chevron B39 [39-77-07] - Ford BDN
34 mechanical problems after hitting wall
19 Kevin Cogan Ralt RT1 - Ford BDN Willis
#33 Brian Robertson/Ralt American
29 rear cross member
20 Tom Gloy March 76B - Ford BDN Jennings
#38 Tom Gloy/Lane Sports (see note 4)
26 transmission
21 Bill Brack March 78B [15] - Ford BDN Nicholson
#7 Stp Special/Ecurie Canada
22 collision with Rahal
22 Howdy Holmes March 78B [1] - Ford BDN Race Shop
#8 Jiffy Mixes/Doug Shierson Racing
10 broken suspension/collision with backmarker
23 Robert J. Nelkin March 78B [8] - Ford BDN Stimola
#67 Hunter Mountain
10 mechanical problems
24 Mike Follett Ralt RT1 [128] - Ford BDN
10 spun into infield
25 Ralph Manaker March 76B [8?] - Ford BDN Cosworth
#63 (see note 5)
3 mechanical problems
26 Cliff Hansen March 78B [4] - Ford BDN Willis
#62 Charles Gladding
2 suspension problems
27 Carl Liebich Lola T362 [HU18] - Ford BDN
#54 Liebrau Racing (see note 6)
0 accident at corner 3
28 Chris Gleason March 77B [27 or 26] - Ford BDN Morris
#75 Whalley BMW Sales
0 accident at corner 3
29 Bobby Brown March 78B [18] - Ford BDN
#79 Automatic Radios
0 accident at corner 3
30 Bertil Roos March 77B [26 or 27] - Ford BDN Morris
#24 Acme
0 pulled off at corner 12 prior to green flag
UNKE Eje Elgh Chevron B39 [39-77-12?] - Ford BDN Smith
#5 Sheik
On entry list
UNKE Ian Ashley Chevron B45 [45-78-03] - Ford BDN
#11 Jethro Tull
On entry list
UNKE Page Roos Chevron B39 [39-77-09] - Ford BDN Cosworth
On entry list
UNKE Armando Trentini March 78B - Ford BDN
On entry list
UNKE Joe Sposato March 77B [5] - Ford BDN Stimola
#28 Smokegard
On entry list
UNKE Leslie C. (Les) Hill Ralt RT1 - Ford BDN
#29 RPM Special
On entry list
UNKE Ken Briggs March 78B - Ford BDN Morris
#30 Tropicana Hotel
On entry list
UNKE Steve "Gas" Saleen March 77B - Ford BDN
#39 Clayton Bierke
On entry list
UNKE Allan Turner March 78B - Ford BDN
#40 Weight Loss Clinic [Wilbur Bunce Racing?]
On entry list
UNKE Dick Ferguson March 76B - Ford BDN
#44 ABC Mobile Brake (see note 7)
On entry list
UNKE Yves La France Lola T460 - Ford BDN
#45 Phoenix Racing
On entry list
UNKE Rich Bradley March 76B/77B - Ford BDN
#53 (see note 8)
On entry list
UNKE Terry Visger March 77B - Ford BDN
On entry list
UNKE Dan Marvin March 76B - Ford BDN
#59 Norman Racing (see note 9)
On entry list
UNKE John Bauer March 77B [28?] - Ford BDN
On entry list
UNKE Fred Greenfield Tui BH2 - Ford BDN
On entry list
UNKE Willy T. Ribbs March 77B [23] - Ford BDN Hine
On entry list
UNKE Brad Abbott March 77B [6?] - Ford BDN Stimola
#98 Joe Stimola
On entry list
DNA Divina Galica Chevron B39 - Ford BDN Smith
#6 Olympus
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.6-litre F/Atl unless noted.

1 Bill Brack (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 78B [15] - Ford BDN Nicholson 1.06.637
2 Price Cobb (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 78B - Ford BDN Morris
3 Keke Rosberg (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B45 [45-78-02] - Ford BDN Smith
4 Kevin Cogan (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT1 - Ford BDN Willis
5 Howdy Holmes (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 78B [1] - Ford BDN Race Shop
6 Bobby Rahal (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Ralt RT1 [109] - Ford BDN Willis
7 Danny Sullivan (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 78B - Ford BDN Stimola
8 Jeff Wood (F/Atl) 1.6-litre March 78B - Ford BDN Willis
9 Divina Galica (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Chevron B39 [39-77-12?] - Ford BDN Smith
10 Carl Liebich (F/Atl) 1.6-litre Lola T362 [HU18] - Ford BDN

Notes on the cars:

  1. March 77B (Mike Rocke): Mike Rocke (Livermore, CA) had a new March 77B for 1977 but its identity has not yet been confirmed. He ran the car through 1977 and 1978 until a serious accident at Trois-Rivières which left Rocke very badly injured and destroyed the 77B. As most other 77Bs have now been identified, it appears that Rocke's car may have been chassis 77B-19.
  2. March 76B [3] (Jon Norman): Tom Pumpelly (McLean, VA) raced a yellow #34 March 76B, entered by National Tire Wholesale. The only yellow 76B shown in March records was chassis 76B-3. Pumpelly raced the car until it was damaged in a collision with Bancroft at Mosport Park in August, after which it was acquired by Ecurie Canada whose regular driver Gilles Villeneuve had damaged both his cars. It is therefore believed to be the car driven by Villeneuve to win at Trois-Rivières and Road Atlanta in September but this is by no means certain. Then bought by John Lane who rented it back to Pumpelly for the SCCA Run-Offs at Road Atlanta, where Pumpelly crashed it again. Sold to John Norman (Oakland, CA) who raced it as part of a two-car team with Dan Marvin in 1977 and 1978. Norman then sold the car but later bought it back and restored it to Villeneuve's livery.
  3. March 78B (Jeff Wood): Jeff Wood (Studio City, CA) drove a March 78B for Great Plains Racing in Formula Atlantic in 1978 and raced the same car in New Zealand in December 1978 and January 1979. He moved to a 79B for 1979 and the 78B is believed to have been sold to Greg Sun who ran it (as a 78-79B) in SCCA events in 1979. It was then acquired by Bob Schader and raced on through 1980 and early 1981, including appearances at the Long Beach and Road America pro races in 1980 and at Long Beach again in 1981. Schader then moved into FSV and the 78B was sold to Dorsey Schroeder (Manchester, MO) and used extensively in SCCA in 1981 and 1982.
  4. March 76B (Tom Gloy): Rick Shea Racing Team ran a #11 March 76B in 1977 for Tom Gloy (Lafayette, CA) but the origins of the car are unclear. The current owner of 76B-9 has history indicating it is the ex-Gloy car but Shea's recollection is that this car was Mortensen's which can be identified with confidence as 76B-7. The ex-Shea car can be identified with west coast owners from 1979 to 1984.
  5. March 76B [8?] (Ralph Manaker): Doug Shierson Racing ran a red March 76B for Dale Lang (Wilton, CT) in 1976. The only red 76B in March build records was 76B-8, suggesting this was Lang's car. Lang retained this car for 1977 and then sold it to Ralph Manaker (Erieville, NY) who raced it in 1978.
  6. Lola T362 [HU18] (Carl Liebich): Described as "the 1976 prototype", this car was loaned by Lola to the Wella team for Ted Wentz to drive in the last few races of the 1975 British Formula Atlantic season after Wentz' regular car was wrecked in testing at Silverstone by Roy James. It was loaned to Tony Trimmer for the start of the 1976 season, now as a Lola T362, and Trimmer won the first two races, only for the car to be sold from under him to Bruach Racing for Mike King, who raced it in Indylantic and Shellsport Group 8 for the rest of that season. Somehow then to Carl Liebich (Plymouth, WI) as a spare car to his Lola T460. Exactly when it was used is not known. Crashed at some point, and sold, still unrepaired, to Cy Moreland (Trainer, PA). Still with Moreland in 2003. Later to Steve Maxted (UK), fitted with a Cosworth BDG and raced by him in HSCC F2 races from 2006 to 2011. To Mark Piercy for HSCC F2 from 2012 onwards.
  7. March 76B (Dick Ferguson): Dick Ferguson (Los Angeles, CA) raced a #44 March 76B/77B at Long Beach at the start of the 1978 Pro season, and made a couple of entries at races later in the season. Nothing more known.
  8. March 76B/77B (Rich Bradley): Richard W. Bradley (Sunnyvale, CA/Mountain View, CA) raced a #53 March 76B/77B in a couple of races at the start of the 1978 season, but did not arrive for the second Pro race of the season and was not seen again. Nothing more known.
  9. March 76B (Dan Marvin): Dan Marvin (El Sobrante, CA) drove a #59 March 76B in 1977 as part of Jon Norman's Boxtrom-Berglen Norman Racing team. The car was built up using a tub that Norman had fabricated himself, using an unknown number of parts of unknown origin. It was, in effect, a new car. Marvin raced the car in bothPro Formula Atlantic and in SCCA Nationals in 1977 and 1978.


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North American Formula Atlantic race results have been compiled by Chris Townsend based on material in Formula and On Track, information drawn from Canadian newspapers and results sheets where available.

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Results sheet provided by George Webster.