SCCA Continental Championship for Formula B/C Race

Lime Rock, 4 Jul 1972

ResultsLapsTime/Speed Winnings
1 Bobby Brown Chevron B20 [72-3] - Ford twin cam
(see note 1)
101.95 mph
2 Chuck Sarich March 722 - Ford twin cam
#57 Quicksilver
3 Tom Outcault March 722 - Ford twin cam
4 David McConnell GRD B72 [019-F2] - Ford twin cam
#86 DWM Racing
5 Paul Keeler March 722 [20] - Ford twin cam
6 Mike Rand March 71BM [15] - Ford twin cam
#37 Analube
7 Ken Duclos Brabham BT29 [2] - Ford twin cam
KayDee Auto (see note 2)
8 Hugh "Wink" Bancroft March 722 - Ford twin cam
#82 Bancroft Motorsport
9 Hiroshi Shimizu Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam
10 Nick Craw Brabham BT38 - Ford twin cam
Fred Opert Racing (see note 3)
11 Bill Middleton Lola T240 - Ford twin cam
(see note 4)
12 Carl Liebich Chevron B18C - Ford twin cam
Fred Opert Racing
13 Nick Cook Brabham BT35 [6] - Ford twin cam
Fred Opert Racing (see note 5)
14 Peter Knoll Brabham BT38 - Ford twin cam
Fred Opert Racing
15 Charles "Chuck" Hansen Brabham BT29 - Ford twin cam
(see note 6)
16 Jim Sarich March 722 - Ford twin cam
#67 Quicksilver
17 Engine  
17 Dick Doherty March 722 - Ford twin cam
#88 Doherty Racing
15 Running  
18 Bob Lazier March 722 - Ford twin cam
15 Half shaft  
19 Bob Hebert Lotus 69 - Ford twin cam
14 Gear linkage  
20 Syd Demovsky Lola T240 [HU4] - Ford twin cam
Demovsky Racing (see note 7)
8 Accident  
21 Joe Grimaldi March 722 - Ford twin cam
Raceshop (see note 8)
3 Accident  
22 Ted Coconis Lotus 69 [71/69.7.FB] - Ford twin cam
T/C Racing
0 Accident  

All cars are 1.6-litre FB unless noted.

1 Bobby Brown (FB) 1.6-litre Chevron B20 [72-3] - Ford twin cam 0.52.1

Notes on the cars:

  1. Chevron B20 [72-3] (Bobby Brown): Sold via Fred Opert to Bobby Brown (Hicksville, NY) for SCCA Formula B. Third and first in the two Bogotá races early in 1972, then raced in the JAP GP at Fuji in May. Also won the Pro FB race at Lime Rock in July. Likely to be the B20 raced by Dan Carmichael (Columbus, OH) at the 1972 SCCA Runoffs. Raced by Chip Mead (Dayton, OH) at Mosport Park in July 1973. To Freeman Racing for 1974, and raced by Price Cobb in the Pro Formula Atlantic races that season. Advertised by Cobb in early 1975, then advertised by Richard Jackson (Dallas, TX) in August 1975 as "ex-Brown", and February 1976. Next seen when sold by a dealer, Paul Lindell (Houston, TX), to James Sawyer in January 1978. From Sawyer to Jeff McKay (Tacoma, WA) then on to Walt Pawluczkowycz (Evergreen, CO). Sold by Pawluczkowycz to Steve Marschman (Idaho Falls, Idaho) in May 2004.
  2. Brabham BT29 [2] (Ken Duclos): Fred Ashplant (Franklin Lakes, NJ) ordered a Brabham BT29 for 1969 but the car was not delivered until August and Ashplant had moved on to other projects. The car was not used during 1969 and was still in its crate when sold to Ken Duclos (Boxboro, MA) for use in NEDiv Formula B. Duclos won the title with a massive 48 pts from the similar BT29 of Bob Welch. After a quiet season with the black BT29 in 1971 he reclaimed his title in 1972, beating the newer March of Michael Rand. He bought a new Brabham BT40 for 1973 and won the divisional title again that season. The BT29 went in part exchange to Fred Opert and from him to Peter Gates (Wilmington, DE) who ran it in NEDiv FB for three more seasons. After him it went to Ken Valan then to John Galson and was then sold to the MidWest where it was expected to be converted into a sports racer. Subsequent history unknown.
  3. Brabham BT38 (Nick Craw): Nick Craw (Washington, DC) raced a #71 Brabham BT38 in the 1972 SCCA Pro Formula B series but is only known to have started two races. The car was described as blue/yellow or yellow and was entered by Fred Opert Racing. It is likely that this was a brand new BT38B. In February 1973, the "ex-Craw" car was advertised by Opert as "4 races from new". Nothing more known.
  4. Lola T240 (Bill Middleton): Bill Middleton (Newport Beach, CA) bought a yellow #31 Lola T240 late in the 1971 Southern Pacific FB season to replace an elderly Brabham BT21C. He won enough points in this car to clinch second place in the division. Retained for 1972 and used in both Pro and SPDiv events, winning the division by a considerable margin. Last seen in late July 1972, after which Middleton acquired a Brabham BT38B. Subsequent history unknown.
  5. Brabham BT35 [6] (Nick Cook): Chassis number given for Nick Cook's car in Autosport report of Arco Trophy race at Castle Combe, April 12, 1971, where the car debuts [AS 15 Apr 1971 p20]. Chassis number observed by Adam Ferrington on Cook's car at Oulton Park, 18 Mar 1972. Does not appear in the UK after the end of April and probably the car taken by Cook to the USA to use in the SCCA series. Used by Rob Turnbull in hillclimbs in 1974 and then sold to Andrew Fraser in 1975.
  6. Brabham BT29 (Charles "Chuck" Hansen): Charles 'Chuck' Hansen (Tenafly, NJ) raced a yellow #75 Brabham BT29 in Northeast Division Formula B in 1972. Nothing more known.
  7. Lola T240 [HU4] (Syd Demovsky): New to Syd Demovsky (Chicago, IL) and his red #11 Demovsky Racing Lola T240 in the 1971 Pro FB series. Retained for 1972 and again did a full season, still red and still using #11. Subsequent history unknown. A car with this chassis number raced by Bob Juggins in 1996/97.
  8. March 722 (Joe Grimaldi): Joe Grimaldi (Midland Park, NJ) of Race Shop Inc raced a new March 722 in three Pro races in 1972 and a further one in 1973. This would have been a new car but nothing is currently known of the car's fate.


The identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' original results.

1970 US FB results were compiled from Autoweek reports by Jim Thurman; 1971 results were transcribed from Autoweek by Allen Brown and 1972 results were compiled by Chris Townsend from an SCCA results publication.

The US Formula B series did not continue in 1973 but a race was organised in Caracas in March 1973 that fits here probably better than anywhere else, as do the occasional SCCA F/Atlantic and FB races in 1974 and 1975.

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