Luki Botha

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16 Jan 1930


01 Oct 2006


South Africa

Grands Prix:

1 (1967)

Later worked for East London council as an engineer. Mainly a national racer, Luki quit shortly after a crash in Mozambique killed some spectators. Botha was by and large a sportscar regular in his homeland but bought Piet de Klerk's old Brabham in 1966 and did a reasonable job in single-seaters, with two of his higlights being a 3rd place in the 1967 Rand Autumn Trophy at Kyalami and the 1966 Rhodesian Grand Prix, where he finished second. Botha stopped single-seaters after his Mozambique crash but carried on in sportscars for one more year. Luki also then worked for Pretoria council for a while after his spell in East London.

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