Emerson Fittipaldi in the McLaren M23 at the 1974 Canadian GP.  Copyright Norm MacLeod 2017.  Used with permission.


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13 Feb 2018

McKee Mk 8

After making his name as a Can-Am builder, Bob McKee built his first single-seater, the McKee Mk 8, for the new 5-litre Formula A in 1968. Two cars were built, the first to Ike Uihlein for Mak Kronn, and the second to Tito Nappi for Kurt Reinold.

12 Feb 2018

Rennmax BN3

In 1968 and 1969, Bob Britton built a series of cars based on the design of the Brabham BT23. The first were for the Rorstan and Mildren teams, and were named after their new owners, but later cars were raced as Rennmax BN3s.

31 Jan 2018

March 73A

The March 73A was March's first production F5000 car, following the relative success of the 1972 F2-based car, but it was not competitive with the Lola T330.

30 Jan 2018

Modus M5

Modus built a Formula 5000 car for Tom Walkinshaw in 1974, and then a second one in 1975, but neither achieved notable results and both Modus M5s were destroyed in accidents.

24 Jan 2018

Theodore TR1

After running an Ensign N177 very successfully in 1977, Theodore Racing built its own car for 1978. Keke Rosberg took the Theodore TR1 to a surprise victory in the International Trophy, but otherwise it was not a success.

11 Jan 2018

Swedish Formula 3 1981 season review and full race results

Bengt Trägårdh took a thoroughly deserved Svenska Mästerskapet title in 1981, his March 803 being good enough for four successive victories.

11 Jan 2018

French Formula 3 1973 season review and full race results

Until the French authorities were lured into backing Formule Renault, France had a flourishing Formula 3 series. This is its last season in 1973, when Jacques Laffite took the title.

11 Jan 2018

European Formula 3 1981 season review and full race results

Mauro Baldi moved from the ORECA Martini team to Euroracing March and dominated the 1981 European season, winning eight of the 15 races in his March 813.

10 Jan 2018

European Formula 3 1980 season review and full race results

Michele Alboreto won the 1980 European F3 title in his March 803B, but the Oreca Martini team were close behind.

9 Jan 2018

Italian Formula 3 1974 season review and full race results

Alberto Colombo seized the 1974 Italian F3 title, timing his move from the Novamotor twin-cam-powered GRD 374 to March 743-Toyota to perfection. Alessandro Pesenti-Rossi could have won the title had he resisted a premature move to Formula 2.

9 Jan 2018

French Formula 3 1979 season review and full race results

Renault took French motor sport back into F3 in 1979, providing engines for Alain Prost. A French F3 championship was not well supported and many rounds were cancelled.

9 Jan 2018

European Formula 3 1979 season review and full race results

Alain Prost dominated the 1979 Formula 3 season, in his Martini MK27 with its aluminium block Renault 20 TS engine.

5 Jan 2018

Cooper T81B

The Cooper T81B was an interim car that appeared at the start of 1967, and was raced by Jochen Rindt and others. It was more successful later as a hillclimb car.

4 Jan 2018

Cooper T81

The hefty Cooper T81 was the first of Cooper's 3-litre Formula 1 designs and was powered by a Maserati V12 engine derived from that of the 1950s 250F. The T81 won two Grands Prix and was raced by famous names such as Surtees and Rindt.

3 Jan 2018

Fittipaldi F9

The final Fittipaldi F1 car was the F9, introduced in mid-1982. Although a clear advance over the F8, it was insufficient progress for the struggling team, and Fittipaldi closed its doors at the end of the year.

22 Dec 2017

Fittipaldi F5A

The disappointing F5 design was completely reworked for 1978 as the Fittipaldi F5A. The car was the most competitive of all the team's designs, finishing seventh in the 1978 Constructors Cup.

20 Dec 2017

Brabham BT11/22

Two cars were built in late 1965 to the same pattern as the Brabham BT22, but for some reason they do not appear in Brabham records. One was sold to South Africa, and the other was raced by Denny Hulme in F1 in 1966.

18 Dec 2017

Brabham BT22

The one "official" Brabham BT22 was sold to Ernie Powrie for libre racing, but quickly snapped up by Jim Palmer for racing in New Zealand, where it has remained ever since.

15 Dec 2017

Lola T370

A customer F1 car built by Lola for Graham Hill's Embassy Racing team, the Lola T370 had poor results until the team's fortunes were rejuvenated by new driver Rolf Stommelen.

15 Dec 2017

Brabham BT7

The 1963 Formula 1 car brought the Brabham marque its first World Championship victory when Dan Gurney won the 1964 French Grand Prix.

21 Nov 2017

McLaren M7A

Bruce McLaren took the first of the 1968 Formula 1 McLaren M7As to his team's first Grand Prix victory at the 1968 Belgian GP. Denny Hulme took another three GP victories and challenged for the 1968 World Championship.

19 Nov 2017

McLaren M9A

Like Lotus and Matra, McLaren built a four-wheel-drive F1 car for 1969, the McLaren M9A, but the car was only raced once and then put aside.

18 Nov 2017

McLaren M14D

Like the McLaren M7D, the McLaren M14D was a one-off Formula 1 car built for the Alfa Romeo V8 engine. The car was briefly rebuilt to standard specification for Denny Hulme to race. It was much more successful later in hillclimbs and sprints.

17 Nov 2017

McLaren M7D

A derivative of McLaren M7A Formula 1 car built to fit the Alfa Romeo V8 engine, the McLaren M7D was only a development car, and its record in F1 was dreadful.

15 Nov 2017


Although ATS had yet another new designer, Hervé Guilpin, the 1981 ATS D5 was recognisably a further development of the very conventional ground effect concept that went back to the 1979 D3.

9 Nov 2017

Martini MK23

The little Martini team stepped up into Formula 1 for 1978 with driver Rene Arnoux, but the Martini MK23 was too conventional, too unreliable, and, ultimately, just not quick enough.

8 Nov 2017

Hesketh 308E

Bubbles Horsley continued with his Hesketh team into 1977, with a new Hesketh 308E design for Rupert Keegan and assorted hire drivers. The team finally withdrew from F1 in early 1978.

19 Oct 2017

McLaren M25

The great "might-have-been" of Formula 5000, the McLaren M25 was built in 1973 but did not race until 1976. Based on the F1 M23, it is likely that it would have been highly competitive.

15 Oct 2017

Barrie Smith interview

Former Formula 2 and Formula 3 driver Barrie Smith recalls his memories to www.oldracingcars.com; predominantly his racing in sportscars both in Britain and overseas, but also his fondness for Chevron cars.

8 Oct 2017

Wolf WR7-WR9

Wolf's final season of F1 was a disappointment, past champion James Hunt and future champion Keke Rosberg being unable to score a single point in the Wolf WR7 design.

7 Oct 2017

Wolf WR5-WR6

The second Wolf F1 design, the 1978 Wolf WR5, was a wing car following the ideas of the Lotus 78. The appearance of the Lotus 79 immediately demonstrated that the team had taken a wrong turn.

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