Mike Beuttler in the March 721G at Nivelles in 1972.  Copyright The GP Library 2009.  Used with permission.


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7 Aug 2014

Eagle 1966 Indy

Designed for Dan Gurney's AAR by Len Terry, the 1966 Indianapolis Eagle was based on Terry's Lotus 38 design. Six were built, four for AAR and two for customers Lindsey Hopkins and Sidney Weinberger.

6 Jul 2014

Cooper T77

For the final year of the 1500cc Formula 1, Cooper produced the T77, with only minor changes from the preceding T73. Little further development was done during another dismal season. Bruce McLaren was joined as driver by F2 star Jochen Rindt.

5 Jul 2014

Cooper T73

Cooper's 1964 F1 design, the T73, was based loosely on the Tasman slimline T70 design with stressed panels on the floor and sides, but also with rocker arm front suspension and inboard springs. Phil Hill joined Bruce McLaren as team drivers.

9 Jun 2014

Brabham BT14

For 1965, Brabham introduced three new models, all derived from the successful 1964 Formula 2 BT10. The Brabham BT14 was supplied with a 1600cc Ford twin cam engine and was intended for Formule Libre racing.

5 May 2014

Ruggero Melgrati

Richard Jenkins' interview with 1988 F3000 driver Ruggero Melgrati.

16 Apr 2014

Brabham BT30

The Formula 2 Brabham BT30 was part of a new set of designs for 1969, including the BT28 for F3 and the BT29 for FB. It sold well but suffered from delivery problems so the same design was carried over into 1970.

1 Apr 2014

McLaren M3A

After the success of McLaren's M1A sports cars, Bruce McLaren was persuaded that the basic design could equally be used for a single-seater. The resulting McLaren M3A used Traco Oldsmobile or Shelby Ford engines and was used mainly in speed events.

27 Mar 2014

McLaren M4A

The McLaren M4A, or Mark IV as it was sometimes known in the US, was McLaren's first attempt at a junior formula car. It was designed primarily for Formula 2 but examples were also sold for F3 and SCCA Formula B.

16 Mar 2014

Chevron B9

Chevron's first production single seater was the Formula 3 Chevron B9, the production version of the late 1967 B7. The car was highly successful in British national F3, where Tim Schenken won the Lombank title, but was less competitive abroad.

9 Mar 2014

Chevron B14

The Chevron B14 was based on the new Formula 3 B9 design but fitted with a Ford twin cam for SCCA Formula B. Chevron have previously claimed that only three were built but there is strong evidence in favour of a fourth.

5 Feb 2014

Brabham BT23E

The Brabham BT23E was a one-off Tasman car built for Jack Brabham to race in the 1968 series.

2 Feb 2014

Lola T140 and Lola T142 progress

Thanks to recently found pictures, the Lola T142 raced in 1970 by Pete Sherman has been identified as the ex-Mike Hiss Lola T140.

1 Feb 2014

Chevron B17c

Chevron ventured back into F2 in 1970 with the new Chevron B17c, to be driven by Reine Wisell, Chevron's works F3 driver the previous season. Like the B10 before it, the B17c was a flop. However, a second example proved dominant in Formule Libre.

31 Jan 2014

Brabham BT23B

Returning to the BT23 derivatives, the BT23B was built around the venerable Coventry Climax FPF engine and would be mainly used in hillclimbs and in libre racing. One of them main a single GP start and it is this that remains the BT23Bs only claim t

30 Jan 2014

Chevron B7

The first in a long line of formula Chevrons was the Formula 3 B7 which caused a sensation at its first first race, running with the leaders throughout. After just three races its disappeared into SCCA racing and has yet to make a reappearance.

27 Jan 2014

Brabham BT23F

The BT23F was a version of the popular BT23 F2 design built for SCCA Formula B in 1968 as an alternative to the F3-based BT21C. Only one was built, for Bill Gublemann, but two very similar cars were built with different gearboxes as the BT23G.

25 Jan 2014

Brabham BT23G

Two Brabham BT23Gs were built for Formula B in 1968 with a specification differing slightly from the BT23F in that they had Hewland Mk 5 gearboxes instead of a FT200. Little is known of their exploits.

24 Jan 2014

Brabham BT23

The 1967 Formula 2 car was a more significant revision to the Brabham line, after the minor evolutions from the BT10 to the BT18. Jochen Rindt won nine of the season's F2 races in his BT23.

19 Jan 2014

Brabham BT23D

The Brabham BT23D was a special BT23 derivative ordered by Alec Mildren to take his pair of 2.5-litre Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 V8 engines in Tasman racing. It was driven by Frank Gardner in 1967/68 and by Kevin Bartlett in 1968/69.

18 Jan 2014

Brabham BT2

We don't normally cover Formula Junior as there can be no greater expert than Duncan Rabagliati but in order to make sense of the later Brabhams, we have to first eliminate the BT2s and BT6s. We start here with the BT2s.

22 Sep 2013

McLaren M18 updates

The successor to the M10 series was a bit of a flop but eight were still built. Three destroyed, one divided and one extra car makes seven. Six of those are known but two haven't been seen for a while. Just the ex-Eppie Wietzes car is still lost.

20 Sep 2013

Chevron B28 updates

There were only two B28s but they are proving a tough nut to crack. One can now be positively identified but the other one went missing in 1980. As a B24/28 is also missing, we cannot be certain about the other car that exists today.

18 Sep 2013

Chevron B24 updates

Nine Chevron B24s were originally built, three were destroyed and one has since duplicated so there should now be seven. This new edition of the page contains latest owners for six; so just one missing.

15 Sep 2013

Lola T430 updates

Only three built and all in Christchurch, New Zealand, so an easy update. Assistance getting all the other F5000s up to date would be most welcome.

14 Sep 2013

McRae GM1 updates

The GM1 has become one of the most popular cars in historic F5000 racing. At least nine of the 13 survivors have raced in the last 12 months and very few are missing. However, rumours suggest that new ones are being built.

11 Sep 2013

Lola T332 updates

A new edition of the Lola T332 page, with several mystery cars now resolved and many ownership records brought up to date.

22 Aug 2013

Brabham BT10

The big brother of the F3 BT9 was the Formula 2 Brabham BT10. MRD were slow to get customer cars delivered but by July the BT10 had matched the Lotus 32 and would end the season the dominant car.

9 Aug 2013

Brabham BT9

Formula 2 and Formula 3 were reintroduced for 1964 and Brabham built the new BT9 for Formula 3, based closely on the successful BT6 Formula Junior design. Although not hugely successful, the BT9 paved the way for Brabham's domination of F3.

5 Aug 2013

Lola T330 progress

Peter Brennan has just taken delivery of Lola T330 HU18 after it has sat fire-damaged for nearly four decades in a shed in Oregon.

3 Aug 2013

Surtees TS8 progress

Mike Whatley found an old letter in his files that allows some untangling of the Surtees TS8 histories. Mike's '014' currently lives in New Zealand.

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