Ronnie Peterson in the Antique Automobiles March 701 at the 1970 Canadian GP.  Copyright Norm MacLeod 2015.  Used with permission.


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28 Mar 2017

Arrows FA1

Back to the F1 reassessment, and the start of the Arrows story: the Arrows FA1. This car finished second in the Swedish GP, but was banned for being a copy of the Shadow DN9.

28 Jan 2017

Harris RH5

There are more Formula 5000 cars still to be documented. The 1970 Harris RH5 was built by Ray Harris from Portsmouth in Hampshire, and driven by Brian Tarrant.

13 Jan 2017

Shadow DN3

Continuing the F1 reassessment, we move to the Shadow DN3. This is one we thought we understood, but an examination of photographs shows it's not that simple. Some owners see the evidence differently, so this is a work in progress.

12 Jan 2017

Shadow DN1

As a start of a full review of the F1 areas of OldRacingCars.com, we start with the full race history of the 1973 Shadow DN1. Six built, and all four survivors are known today.

20 Nov 2016

Chevron B20

The Chevron B20 was Chevron's 1972 single-seater design, intended for F2, F3 and Formula B, but designed primarily for F2. It was panelled spaceframe based largely on the B18 but with a full-width 'sports car' nose.

16 Nov 2016

Ellen Lohr Interview

One of motorsport's most successful female drivers is interviewed by us. She discusses women in motorsport, racing trucks, her abortive Formula 3000 career and racing at Dakar.

16 Nov 2016

Marc Surer Interview

An in-depth interview with 1970's and 1980's Grand Prix driver Marc Surer, who talks about the struggles for Swiss drivers, Gordon Murray and Teddy Yip, as well as other topics.

11 Nov 2016

Chevron B17

The 1970 Formula 3 Chevron B17 was a development of the B15 with a stiffened centre section, new uprights and a tidied engine cover. Jürg Dubler and Peter Hanson both won major F3 races in this model using Novamotor engines.

17 Oct 2016

European Formula 3 1976 season review and full race results

The profile of the European Championship rose significantly in 1976 thanks to a memorable battle between Riccardo Patrese and Conny Andersson. It was also a struggle for supremacy between March and Chevron.

8 Oct 2016

New Zealand Formula Pacific 1984

Davy Jones won four of the eight heats that made up the 1984 series, and two of the four events, but veteran Kenny Smith racked up enough points to take the title. All the leading runners were in Ralt RT4s.

24 Sep 2016

Riccardo Patrese Interview

An in-depth interview with one of the longest serving and popular Grand Prix drivers of recent times. Riccardo discusses Brabham, Williams and dancing with Grace Kelly.

15 Sep 2016

Chevron B18

The 1971 Chevron B18 was a multi-purpose car built for F2, F3, Formula Atlantic and Formula B, although the FB version is treated here as a separate model. The B18 won in F2, and came close to winning the British Formula Atlantic championship.

7 Sep 2016

Chevron B15

The 1969 Formula 3 Chevron B15 was derived from the late-1968 Chevron B9B, incorporating its panelled cockpit section. Of the 56 major F3 Internationals in 1969, it won six, compared with 31 for Tecno and 12 for Brabham.

23 Aug 2016

Caldwell D8

The one-off Caldwell Formula A was built by Ray Caldwell's Autodynamics company of Marblehead, MA, best known as the builder of the Autodynamics Formula Vee cars. Brett Lunger and Sam Posey drove the car, but without success.

22 Aug 2016

Begg FM5

A completely new F5000 Begg design for 1973, the Begg FM5 was built by Fred McLean and followed the design of the McRae GM1. The FM5 was driven by David Oxton in New Zealand, Australia and Britain.

22 Jun 2016

Hayhoe 1968 Indy

Commissioned by Jim Hayhoe and built using the plans of the Brabham BT12, the two Hayhoe cars appeared at four Indy 500s from 1968 to 1971. They were transformed into a wedge design by Jud Phillips in 1971.

20 Jun 2016

Gerhardt 1968 Indy

The Gerhardt operation continued to produce customer Indycars in 1968, their most successful customer being Gordy Johncock.

19 Jun 2016

Vollstedt 1965 Indy

Rolla Vollstedt's 1965 Indy car was based heavily on the 1963-64 car, even using its chassis jig, but was designed for the newly-available Ford quad-cam engine. Len Sutton would drive the new car at the Indy 500.

7 Jun 2016

Kingfish 1973 Indy

Grant King was an expert copier of other people's racing cars, and for 1973 he produced a very faithful copy of AAR's 1972 Eagle. Three of these Kingfish were built and they started at least 55 races over the next ten seasons.

5 Jun 2016

Kingfish 1972 Indy

Grant King built a pair of new cars for 1972 which closely followed the design of the McLaren M16. One of the cars was destroyed in Merle Bettenhausen's accident in 1972 but the other was raced for several more years by Carl Gehlhausen's team.

4 Jun 2016

Kingfish 1970 Indy

Grant King constructed around 250 sprint and midget cars over a long career but his first Indy car was built in 1970 along the lines of the successful Brabham-based Mongoose design. It was driven by Art Pollard and Greg Weld in 1970.

20 Apr 2016

Denny Zimmerman interview

1971 Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year Denny Zimmerman - and later a Boeing 747 captain - has been interviewed by our Drivers Editor Richard Jenkins.

18 Apr 2016

March 73A

A huge amount of work has gone into the March 73A histories recently. These are perhaps the most complex of all the F5000 models, as such a large proportion of them were redeveloped using different monocoques.

15 Apr 2016

McKee Mk 18 1972 Formula 5000 history

The McKee Mk 18 was a F5000 design built for regular customer Dick DeJarld for 1972. After a low-key F5000 career, it was transformed into a strikingly ugly Can-Am car for Robert Goulet in the 1980s before being rescued by McKee and restored.

12 Apr 2016

Swedish Formula 3 1977 season review and full race results

With a new Ralt RT1/77 and support from Stockholm's Puss & Kram jeans, Anders Olofsson swept to victory in the 1977 Swedish F3 series, and also took second place in the European Championship. Mats Nygren and Stefan Johansson fought for second.

9 Apr 2016

Japanese Formula Pacific 1982 season review and full race results

After showing promise in 1981, grid sizes halved to just half a dozen as the countries leading driver made it a private battleground. Kazuyoshi Hoshino won another title but JAF pulled the plug, joining the Macau GP in a move to Formula 3.

8 Apr 2016

Japanese Formula Pacific 1981 season review and full race results

Formula Pacific continued to grow, with grids averaging a dozen cars, but it wasn't working as a development formula. Regular F2 driver Kazuyoshi Hoshino won the title from his old rivals Satoru Nakajima, Masahiro Hasemi and Kenji Takahashi.

6 Apr 2016

Japanese Formula Pacific 1980 season review and full race results

Masahiro Hasemi regained his Formula Pacific title winning six races in a baffling array of cars. As well as his well-used Chevron B40 he also had one, two or three Marches. Satoru Nakajima won the other two races

4 Apr 2016

Australian Gold Star 1971

CAMS moved Australian Formula 1 to allow both Formula 5000 and 2-litre racing engines for 1971. Although the F5000s were the quicker cars, Max Stewart's 2-litre Mildren-Waggott was more consistent and won the title by a single point.

31 Mar 2016

European Formula 3 Cup 1975 season review and full race results

A very low-key beginning to the European F3 Championship favoured the itinerant F3 driver and the leaders of that group in 1975 were Larry Perkins and Conny Andersson. Perkins took the title in his Ralt RT1 despite scoring only 18 points.

24 Mar 2016

Eagle 1972 Indy car-by-car histories

The classic 1972 Indianapolis Eagle, designed by Roman Slobodynskyj, was the fastest car of 1972, and the most popular customer Indy car of its era. Together with its inspiration, the McLaren M16, it completely redefined the design of Indycars.

22 Mar 2016

Swedish Formula 3 1976 season review and full race results

Tore Helle recruited Tommy Borgudd and Eje Elgh to join Conny Ljungfeldt in his Rotel F3 team, and equipped then with new Viking F3 cars, designed by Len Terry. Unfortunately the money ran out before the car could prove itself.

21 Mar 2016

Swedish Formula 3 1975 season review and full race results

The Rotel Racing Marchs of Conny Andersson and Conny Ljungfeldt dominated the 1975 Swedish F3 series, with young Ljungfeldt taking the title in Andersson's 1974 car.

19 Mar 2016

Italian Formula 3 1976 season review and full race results

Former World Karting Champion Riccardo Patrese was the leading driver in F3 in 1976, and won the Italian championship as well as the European title. The March 763 was the car to have, but Chevron and Ralt were emerging as serious contenders.

12 Mar 2016

'Formula 1 The Knowledge'

David Hayhoe's new book, 'Formula 1 The Knowledge' will be published this week. David will be well known to many of you as the statistician for Autocourse for over 25 years, and the author of the Grand Prix Data Book.

5 Mar 2016

ECAR Formula Atlantic 1987 season review and full race results

After three seasons of low-key recovery, Formula Atlantic re-emerged as a significant American category in 1987. British ex-F3 driver Calvin Fish won the title but the main news of the season was the emergence of the new Swift DB4.

4 Mar 2016

Swedish Formula 3 1987 season review and full race results

The more experienced Micke Johansson beat young Rickard Rydell, a future touring car star, to the 1987 Swedish F3 title. The pair dominated the series but no new opportunities arose, so they would both be back again in 1988.

27 Feb 2016

Japanese Formula Pacific 1979 season review and full race results

The Japanese Formula Pacific title blossomed in 1979. Takao Wada bought a brand new March 79B mid-season and with Masahiro Hasemi dropping out of several races, Wada took the title with a race to spare.

24 Feb 2016

Irish Formula Atlantic 1975 season review and full race results

Patsy McGarrity bought a brand new Chevron B29 and easily retained his BP RIAC Formula Atlantic title. He also won the new 500 MRCI Northern Irish title.

23 Feb 2016

Japanese Formula Pacific 1978 season review and full race results

Masahiro Hasemi was best prepared for the new Formula Pacific category, driving the Chevron B40 that he had imported late the previous year. Using Nissan power, he won four of the five races, and easily won the championship.

22 Feb 2016

Australian Gold Star 1970

As old technology gave way to new, the 1970 Gold Star was a three-way fight between the 2-litre Waggott-engined cars of Leo Geoghegan and Max Stewart, and the Repco V8 car of John Harvey. Geoghegan won on points.

21 Feb 2016

British Formula 3 1987

Johnny Herbert won the 1987 British F3 championship in Eddie Jordan's Reynard 873-VW Speiss. Like many F3 champions before him, he would go on to a highly successful F1 career.

20 Feb 2016

Irish Formula Atlantic 1974 season review and full race results

After years of Formula Libre, race organisers in Ireland agreed to a move to Formula Atlantic for 1974, and BP sponsored a championship organised by RIAC. Patsy McGarrity won the first title in his Chevron B25.

19 Feb 2016

ARS 1987 season review and full race results

Didier Theys, the reigning Super Vee Champion, moved up to ARS for 1987 to drive for TrueSports and won again, beating his old FSV sparring partner Jeff Andretti and ex-F1 driver Tommy Byrne to the title.

17 Feb 2016

ECAR Formula Atlantic 1986 season review and full race results

Canadian rookie Scott Goodyear took on English Formula 3 driver Calvin Fish for the 1986 ECAR title, and prevailed by six wins to three in the nine-race series.

16 Feb 2016

WCAR Formula Atlantic 1986 season review and full race results

Ted Prappas had a new Ralt RT4/86 and narrowly defeated veteran Dan Marvin and Mexican Roberto Quintanilla to win the 1986 WCAR Formula Atlantic Championship.

15 Feb 2016

Brad Murphey interview

"Bronco" Brad Murphey, the former rodeo rider who raced in the ARS and Trans-Am and appeared at the Indianapolis 500 in 1996, recalls his experiences in these and more to Richard Jenkins.

3 Feb 2016

Eagle 1969 Indy

The 1969 Eagle was a completely new design, from young designer Tony Southgate. It used the wedge profile popularised by the Lotus 56, together with Brabham-style suspension. The car worked well on road courses but less well on ovals.

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