Authentication services: history dossiers

As part of OldRacingCars.com's authentication services we can compile a dossier on any specific car covered by the site. The key ingredients of the dossier are a full race history, ownership history and a statement on the authenticity of the car.

When applying for papers allowing a car to race or applying for entries at high-profile events such The Historic Grand Prix of Monaco or Le Mans Classic, an objective, independently-produced history is of significant value.

Dossiers completed recently or in progress include examples of Ferrari 312B, Mirage M6, March 741, Porsche 908/3, Chevron B19, Brabham BT23C, Porsche 917, De Tomaso 505, Jaguar XJR-14, Ralt RT1, Lola T280, Surtees TS9B, Maserati 4CLT, March 722, Chevron B8, Shadow DN2, McLaren M19C, Brabham BT21, March 731, Frissbee GR2, Hesketh 308C, Ford GT40, Martini MK34, Shadow DN9B, Ralt RT4/80, Tyrrell 010 and Lotus 69.

Dossier contents

A standard dossier on Brabham BT37/2.

Sample dossier available on request.

A standard dossier is a 12-page A4 booklet containing the following sections:

Two or more period photographs are typically included. Dossiers will naturally vary according to the information available and will be constructed from the information in OldRacingCars.com's files, in the author's own files, that provided by the owner and through up to two days of specific additional research.

The research library owned by OldRacingCars.com includes around 4200 magazines, all major annuals and yearbooks, virtually all the Formula 1 Register publications and innumerable books. Research is conducted in the National Motor Museum Library at Beaulieu and at the British Museum Newspaper Library at Colindale as required.

For junior formulae cars, the dossier may be reduced in size. Please note that we will not attempt dossiers where we do not believe there to be sufficient information to provide a satisfactory level of authentification.

Pricing (March 2017)

Formula 1 (up to 1980) £2,500
Formula 1 (1981 onwards) £1,900
Formula 2 £1,200
Formula 3 £850
Formula 5000 £1,200
Indy/USAC/CART (rear-engined) £1,200
Indy/USAC/AAA (front-engined) POA
Tasman/Intercontinental £1,200
Can-Am (1977-1987)* £850
Formula Atlantic/Pacific/B £600
Other junior formulae £600
Sports racing (2-litre 1970s) £2,100
Sports racing (other) POA

*This applies to cars built specifically for Can-Am such as the Lola T530, March 817 and Frissbee. Most Can-Am cars were originally built for F5000, F2, sports car racing, Atlantic or FSV and the appropriate pricing would apply.

Junior formulae include FSV, Formula C and Formule Renault.


A team of authors write dossiers, each bringing their particular expertise and experience. Research on car ownership histories and race histories will be conducted by the principal contributors to OldRacingCars.com, Allen Brown and Chris Townsend. Allen will focus on F1, F5000, Tasman, Indy/USAC and sports racing cars; Chris will lead on the 1600cc formulae: Atlantic, Pacific, FB and FSV; as well as F3 and FC. Both will work on F2.

Starting in October 1978, Allen Brown has kept close track of every one of 3-litre Formula 1 cars built in the 1966-1985 period plus most Tasman cars and many of the cars built for the 1½-litre Formula 1 of the early 1960s. Allen's extensive unpublished files include continuous ownership histories for the majority of these cars. Since 1999, he has extended his research to cover F5000, Can-Am and Indy/USAC.

Chris Townsend joined OldRacingCars.com in 2002, initially contributing F5000 results and histories and later opening up a new front of research with the Formula Atlantic section in 2003. Chris's interests have expanded to cover Formula 3, Formula Super Vee and Formula C. Jointly with Allen, Chris is now developing the Formula 2 area of the site. Chris's ability to find race results in the most obscure overseas newspaper is remarkable, as is his ability to locate 1970s SCCA club racers.

Michael Ferner has made a very detailed study of American oval track racing, especially the Indianapolis Junk Formula cars of the late 1920s and 1930. He is Historical Advisor for The Miller/Offenhauser Historical Society and his Indy Car A-Z of the interwar period is published on OldRacingcars.info.

Adam Ferrington covers post war cars. Adam's specialist expertise lies in the cars of the immediate post-war period, notably the Maseratis of that period. He is a principal contributor to OldRacingCars.com's developing history of Formula 1 from 1946 to 1953.

Contact Allen to discuss your requirements.