Emerson Fittipaldi in the McLaren M23 at the 1974 Canadian GP.  Copyright Norm MacLeod 2017.  Used with permission.


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15 Nov 2020

Chevron B48 (1979 Formula 2)

The 1979 Formula 2 Chevron B48 was based on the monocoque of the 1978 B42, but with redesigned aerodynamics and suspension by Tony Southgate to incorporate ground-effects. The new model was not a success, and hastened Chevron's collapse into liquidation in early 1980.

28 Oct 2020

RAC Motoring Book of the Year

Richard Jenkins' debut book, "Richie Ginther: Motor Racing's Free Thinker", has just been announced as the winner of the RAC's Motoring Book of the Year 2020. All here at ORC are absolutely delighted for our colleague! Thoroughly deserved!

8 Oct 2020

Lotus 59B (1969 Formula 2)

The Lotus 59B was the Formula 2 version of Dave Baldwin's new junior formulae design, as used in Formula 3, Formula B and later Formula Ford. Roy Winkelmann Racing ran two quasi-works Lotus 59Bs for Jochen Rindt, who won four F2 races, and Graham Hill, but only one customer car was sold.

3 Oct 2020

March 75B (1975 Formula Atlantic)

March produced an updated version of their Formula Atlantic design, the March 75B, for 1975. Twelve of the fourteen built were sold to North America, where Bertil Roos and Gilles Villeneuve both won races.

1 Oct 2020

Lola T100 (1967 Formula 2)

Lola's 1967 T100 Formula 2 car was used by John Surtees' new Lola Racing Ltd, and by a new BMW works team. The Cosworth FVA engine proved to be a better option than BMW's powerplant, and Surtees won two F2 races in a T100-FVA.

27 Sep 2020

Atlanta (1972 Indy)

Built by ex-Team Lotus crew members Mike Underwood, 'Chalky' Fullalove and 'Rabbit' Bartils at Gene White's workshop in Atlanta, the 1972 Atlanta was a blatant attempt to copy the 1971 McLaren. Eldon Rasmussen later modified two of them into 'Ras-Cars' in 1974.

25 Sep 2020

Brabham BT32 (1972 Indy)

Brabham's 1970 Indycar design, the Brabham BT32, was raced by Jack Brabham just once, at the 1970 Indy 500. Lee Roy Yarbrough drove it at the California 500, leading in the final stages before the engine blew up, and it then went to the Patrick Petroleum team. It was Brabham's last Indy car.

23 Sep 2020

Lola T270 (1972 Indy)

Lola's new Indy car design for 1972, the T270, had the misfortune of being pitched against the McLaren M16B and the new 1972 Eagle. Neither of the teams that ran T270s in 1972 continued through 1973, so all three cars had very early retirements from racing.

6 Sep 2020

SCCA Formula B 1976

March, Lola and Chevron were again very closely matched in 1976, as the three English constructors again dominated SCCA Formula B. Bobby Brown, who started the season in a Chevron B34 before replacing it with a March 76B, run the Runoffs from Jerry Hansen and Ken Duclos.

24 Aug 2020

March 722 Formula B

Marketed in the US as the March 72B, March's 1972 Formula B model appears in March records as the 722, the same as the Formula 2 and Formula Atlantic models. The car sold very well in the US, and also won one round of the Canadian FB series.

2 Aug 2020

Brabham BT40 (1973 Formula 2)

The Brabham BT40 was MRD's model for Formula 2 and Formula B in 1973. Wilson Fittipaldi won the F2 race at Misano in July, and in FB it was highly successful, with Allan Lader winning four races in the Canadian FB series, Bertil Roos winning two races, and Ken Duclos winning the SCCA Runoffs.

27 Jul 2020

Chevron B64 (1985 Formula Atlantic)

The last Chevron Formula Atlantic car was the 1985 Chevron B64, based on the 1982 Chevron B56. It does not appear to have raced in Formula Atlantic, and its early life is a mystery.

25 Jun 2020

Lola T450 (1976 Formula 2)

Lola made another attempt to break into Formula 2 in 1976 with the Lola T450, a variant of the Lola T460 Formula Atlantic. Although the development car performed well, the production T450s exhibited serious handling problems, and three of their four customers quickly abandoned them.

24 Jun 2020

Brabham BT38 (1972 Formula B)

The Brabham BT38B was a variant of MRD's new monocoque Formula 2 BT38 model intended for SCCA Formula B, and fitted as standard with Hart 416B twin cam engines.

21 Jun 2020

Toleman TA860 (1981 Formula Atlantic)

When the Toleman team moved up to Formula 1 for 1981, Lola were licenced to produce copies of Toleman's successful TG280 Formula 2 car. A version was built for Formula Atlantic and Formula Pacific, the Toleman TA860, but was not a great success.

5 Jun 2020

Chevron B49 (1979 Formula Atlantic)

Chevron's 1979 Formula Atlantic design, the Chevron B49, was in the same family as the F3 B47, F2 B48 and FSV B50. It was not a success, and only three were built.

27 May 2020

Lola T550 and Lola T560

The Lola T560 was built for Formula Atlantic in 1977 but only one was sold. The second T560 was used briefly in Formula 2 as a Lola T550.

25 May 2020

Fittipaldi F6A

After Ralph Bellamy's original "Concorde" Fittipaldi F6 failed dismally, Fittipaldi commissioned Fly Studio, who had turned Dave Baldwin's F5 design into the more effective F5A, to redevelop the car into a more conventional Fittipaldi F6A.

30 Apr 2020

March 722 Formula 2

The 1972 Formula 2 March 722 looked very different to March's previous F2 car, with a low, flat 'chisel' nose and side radiators. Ronnie Peterson, Niki Lauda and Jochen Mass all won F2 races in works March 722s.

9 Apr 2020

Hill GH1 (1975 Formula 1)

The Hill GH1 was designed by Lola employee Andy Smallman and built by Graham Hill Racing. It was named the Lola T371 before Hill's amicable split with Lola in April 1975.

20 Mar 2020

Penske PC5

An almost exact copy of the McLaren M24, the 1977 Penske PC5 was a one-off experiment by the Penske team as they prepared to build their own Indy car for 1978.

9 Mar 2020

SCCA Formula B 1975

The SCCA started to move towards Formula Atlantic rules in 1975, by allowing the Ford BDA engine, specifically Cosworth's BDD. A youngster called Bobby Rahal from Chicago Region won the SCCA's National title.

23 Feb 2020

March 74B Formula B/Atlantic

The 1974 March 74B sold in significantly lower numbers than its predecessor, as March faced greater competition in Formula Atlantic from Chevron and Lola. Bobby Brown was the only 74B driver to win a championship round on either side of the Atlantic.

4 Feb 2020

March 73B Formula B/Atlantic

March's 1973 Formula Atlantic car, the March 73B, was based on the Formula 2 732 and was marketed in the US as a 732. It sold in large numbers and won races in both the British and Canadian series.

20 Jan 2020

Parnelli VPJ4 (1974-1976 Formula 1)

After achieving success in Indy racing, Parnelli Jones and Vel Miletich moved into F1 in late 1974. Despite some early success, the team was unable to find sufficient sponsorship and withdrew after 18 months.

12 Jan 2020

Hodges Special (1969 Formula A)

Possibly the only front-engined Formula A car ever created, the Hodges was built from the former A Sports Racing Durant Special by Jerry Hodges in St Louis, MO.

6 Jan 2020

US SCCA Formula 5000 1972 season review and results

Graham McRae's domination of F5000 around the world continued, adding wins in three of the opening four US rounds to his Tasman and UK successes in the Leda LT27. He would add the US title to his Tasman title.

5 Jan 2020

British Formula 5000 1972 season review and results

As title favourites Graham McRae and Brian Redman were distracted by the gold on offer from the US series, Gijs van Lennep was able to snatch the British title by the narrowest of margins in Jackie Epstein's Surtees TS11.

1 Jan 2020

Tasman Cup Formula 5000 1972 season review and results

We pick up the history of Formula 5000 again with the 1972 Tasman series. Graham McRae and his brand new Leda LT27 - or Leda GM1 as he called it - won four races to retain his Tasman Cup title.

30 Dec 2019

Lola T240 and T242

The Lola T240 was built primarily for SCCA Formula B, although a somewhat half-hearted Formula 2 version was produced. It was a big seller in the US, but was not a huge success. A follow-up T242 flopped.

29 Dec 2019

Brabham BT21C (1968 Formula B)

After the success of the 1967 Brabham BT21A, MRD produced a longer run of Formula B Brabham BT21Cs in 1968 for dealer Fred Opert. It appears that 16 were sold.

28 Dec 2019

SCCA Formula B 1974

Canadian Formula Atlantic adopted the Ford BDA engine in 1974, which threatened to make SCCA Formula B an irrelevance. While the SCCA pondered what to do, NEDiv champion Ken Duclos won the national SCCA FB title.

27 Dec 2019

SCCA Formula B 1973

Although the SCCA's Professional Formula B series was over, the formula continued to be used in the seven SCCA Divisions in 1973. Three Pro races were also held.

23 Dec 2019

Lola T360 (1974-75 Formula Atlantic) and Lola T350 (1975 F3)

The Lola T360 was Lola's 1974-1975 Formula Atlantic car, building on the success of Lola's FSV and FF designs in the US. It was the quickest car in the US by the end of 1974, leading to strong sales for 1975.

22 Dec 2019

March 781 (1978 Formula 1)

March built a pair of customer Formula 1 car for the new Aurora AFX championship in 1978, where they were run by RAM Racing. Their careers were very short.

21 Dec 2019

March 771

The March 771 was introduced in June 1977 for Ian Scheckter, but quickly dropped and only reappeared after his 761B was damaged. It later had success in six-wheel form as a hillclimb car.

20 Dec 2019

Richie Ginther book now available for pre-order

Richard Jenkins’ eagerly awaited book on Richie Ginther, "Motor Racing’s Free Thinker", is now available for pre-order from Performance Publishing.

30 Nov 2019

Rondel M1 (1973 Formula 2)

The Rondel M1 was usually known as the Motul M1, in deference to Rondel Racing's main sponsor. It was used in F2 in 1973, winning two races, before Motul pulled out and Rondel closed down.

17 Nov 2019

Chevron B15b Formula B

The 1969 Chevron B15b was a Formula B version of the company's Formula 3 Chevron B15. Reine Wisell won a high-profile Formula B race at Sebring in a Fred Opert Racing Chevron B15b, and the cars enjoyed some success in SCCA Nationals.

16 Nov 2019

Chevron B17b Formula B

A Formula B variant of the Formula 3 Chevron B17, the Chevron B17b dominated the SCCA Formula B championship in the hands of Mike Eyerly, but this did not translate into significant sales.

14 Nov 2019

Token RJ02

The Token RJ02 was intended to be the Rondel F1 car, but Rondel went under. Token only took it to a single GP, but it was later rented to Bob Harper and then sold to Safir.

11 Nov 2019

Chevron B18b Formula B

Four Chevron B18Bs were built for Formula B, in addition to the F2, F3 and F/Atlantic cars we have already covered. We really have very little information on these cars at present. Can you help?

9 Nov 2019

Cooper T83 (1966 Formula 3)

The 1966 Formula 3 Cooper T83 was slimmer and more streamlined than the preceding T76, and inherited its inboard front suspension. It suffered major handling problems which Cooper were unable to fully resolve.

2 Oct 2019

March 722 Formula Atlantic

We are splitting the March 722s into three pages, for the Formula 2, Formula Atlantic and Formula B variants. First up is the very successful Formula Atlantic model, of which five were built.

24 Sep 2019

Lola T60 and T61

For the 1965 season, Lola built an all-new monocoque Lola Type 60 Formula 2 design for their principal customer Midland Racing Partnership. As Lola's first monocoque, the car followed the outline of the successful Lotus 25 and 33 designs.

2 Aug 2019

Morris 1968 Indy car

George Morris was chief crew for Vel Miletich and Parnelli Jones' new team in 1968, when he built a copy of the team's 1967 Mongoose for driver Joe Leonard to race in 1968. The car was soon replaced with a Lotus 56.

28 Jul 2019

Lotus 29

Lotus's first Indycar was a development of the Formula 1 Lotus 25, and fitted with a Ford Fairlane V8 engine rapidly developed by Ford. Jim Clark and Dan Gurney drove two 29s in the 1963 Indy 500, the Scotsman finishing second.

14 Jul 2019

March 71BM (1971 Formula B)

The March 71BM was a derivative of March's new monocoque Formula 2 car designed for the SCCA's Formula B. It sold very well in Canada and in the US, and Bob Lazier won the SCCA Runoffs in his 71BM.

22 Jun 2019

Cecil 1969 Indy car

Dick Cecil's 1969 Indy car was developed from the car built for 1969 by George Morris, which was a Brabham-style chassis with wedge-shaped bodywork. The Cecil raced for six or seven seasons, but never finished a race.

20 Jun 2019

Morris 1969 Indy car

The 1969 Morris was built by the now freelance George Morris for the MVS team. It used a chassis based on his experience with the Mongoose copy that he had built for Vel's Parnelli in 1968, but with new wedge bodywork fabricated by Junior Dreyer.

15 Jun 2019

US SCCA Formula 5000 1971 season review and results

David Hobbs, who had been so impressive in the Surtees team in 1969 and 1970, moved to Hogan Racing and won the title in their McLaren M10B. Sam Posey's Surtees TS8 and Brett Lunger's Lola T192 were his closest opponents.

14 Jun 2019

European Formula 5000 1971 season review and results

As McLaren's new M18 flopped, British F5000 in 1971 was a battle between Lola and Surtees, with the appearance of the Lola T300 securing the title for Frank Gardner.

13 Jun 2019

Vollstedt 1967 Indy car

Two more Vollstedt Indycars were built for 1967, very similar to the 1966 cars but using outboard front suspension. Jim Clark famously raced one of them, but they achieved few results of note.

11 Jun 2019

Tasman Cup Formula 5000 1971 season review and results

A three-way fight for the 1971 Tasman title between Graham McRae, Neil Allen and Frank Matich, all in McLaren M10Bs, ended with McRae as champion.

10 Jun 2019

US SCCA Formula A 1970 season review and results

John Cannon, driving the Hogan-Starr McLaren M10B, held off strong competition from Lola, Surtees, Lotus and even a Brabham F1 car to take the SCCA Continental Championship Formula A title.

6 Jun 2019

British Formula 5000 1970 season review and results

The new McLaren M10B entered by Sid Taylor Racing dominated 1970, first driven by eventual champion Peter Gethin and later by Reine Wisell.

5 Jun 2019

McLaren M15A

McLaren's first Indy car, the McLaren M15A, proved quick in practice for the 1970 Indy 500, but a fire prevented Denny Hulme from racing it. Replacement driver Peter Revson later led the California 500 in the works M15A.

4 Jun 2019

Tasman Cup Formula 5000 1970 season review and results

With few Internationals of note attending, the 1970 Tasman Cup boiled down to a battle between Graeme Lawrence's Ferrari 246T/69 and Frank Matich's McLaren M10A, won narrowly by the Kiwi.

2 Jun 2019

US SCCA Formula A 1969 season review and results

Tony Adamowicz won the 1969 SCCA Formula A title in an Eagle Mk 5, but only just held off Sam Posey's McLaren M10A and the visiting Surtees TS5 of David Hobbs.

1 Jun 2019

British Formula 5000 1969 season review and results

Peter Gethin in the works-assisted McLaren M10A dominated the start of the 1969 Formula 5000 season in Europe, but Trevor Taylor came close to catching him in the works Surtees TS5.

28 May 2019

US SCCA Formula A 1968 season review and results

The history of Formula 5000 begins when the SCCA allowed 5-litre stock block engines to be used in Formula A in 1968. The iconic Eagle 'Mk 5' of Lou Sell won that first season.

25 May 2019

March 713M (1971 Formula 3)

March provided a choice a Formula 3 designs for 1971, and the March 713M was the monocoque version, based on the new F2 car. Roger Williamson was very successful in his 713M, winning the MCD Lombank F3 championship.

24 May 2019

March 713S (1971 Formula 3)

March had two Formula 3 designs for 1971, a spaceframe based on the 1970 F3 car, and a monocoque based on the new Formula 2 car. The March 713S was the spaceframe and apart from a batch of six sold to Eifelland, did not sell in large numbers.

22 May 2019

South African Formula Atlantic 1979

Ian Scheckter took his fourth successive South African Formula Atlantic title, as the new engines that were supposed to be taking over made no impact. The BDA was banned in May 1979, and a new season began.

19 May 2019

March 705 (1970 Formula B)

The March 705 was built for Formula B in 1970, and was very closely related to the Formula 3 March 703 and Formula Ford March 708. The car was well off the pace, but did lay a foundation of dealers and customers for the much more successful 1971 car.

17 May 2019

South African Formula Atlantic 1978

Ian Scheckter's F1 career had ended, but his success in the South African national championship continued with a third successive title. In sharp contrast to 1977, his March 78B was one of only two new cars in the series.

14 May 2019

SCCA NER newsletter: Pit Talk

New England Region's 'Pit Talk' is the oldest of all the SCCA Regional newsletter. Can anyone help us build up our collection?

10 May 2019

SCCA Cal Club newsletter: Post Grid

Can anyone help us with copies of this 1963-1970 SCCA regional publication? It is a very useful source of race results.

8 May 2019

March 703 (1970 Formula 3)

Continuing our look at early March production cars, here is the March 703, the spaceframe Formula 3 car for the 1970 season.

6 May 2019

March 702 (1970 Formula 2)

The March 702 was March's first design for Formula 2, but the spaceframe design proved both too heavy and not stiff enough for F2. The team finally gave them some attention when the build season was over, and performances improved a little.

25 Mar 2019

McLaren M16C

The McLaren M16C was the most successful of the M16 variants, with works driver Johnny Rutherford winning eight races in M16Cs, including both the Indianapolis 500 and the Pocono 500 in 1974.

21 Mar 2019

Lola T152

Lola built two new four-wheel-drive Lola T152s for 1969, but USAC's rule changes meant that the two cars were hardly used after that season's Indianapolis 500.

4 Feb 2019

Stefano Modena Interview

An extensive interview, quite probably the first in English, with one of the quickest and most talented of the late 1980's and early 1990's drivers in Formula 1; Stefano Modena.

26 Jan 2019

Theodore TY02

Tony Southgate produced a new car for Teddy Yip's team for 1982, the Theodore TY02. Despite a series of improvements to sidepods and suspension, the underfunded little team could not compete, and ended the season without finishing a single race.

18 Jan 2019

Ferrari 312B

Ferrari introduced a new 'Boxer' flat-12 engine for 1970, and built a new car for it, the Ferrari 312B. Jacky Ickx, Clay Regazzoni and Mario Andretti won five GPs out of six from the 1970 Austrian GP onwards.

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