Emerson Fittipaldi in the McLaren M23 at the 1974 Canadian GP.  Copyright Norm MacLeod 2017.  Used with permission.


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16 Apr 2021

Formula 1 - the 1973 season

Jackie Stewart and Tyrrell regained their edge over Team Lotus in 1972, and Stewart took his third World Championship with two races to spare. Lotus and McLaren were Tyrrell's closest competitors.

12 Apr 2021

Australian Gold Star 1976 season review and full race results

John Leffler in his Lola T400 took the 1976 Australian Gold Star title despite not winning any of the four races.

12 Apr 2021

Australian Formula 2 1974 season review and race results

After rival Bob Muir crashed out of the last race, Leo Geoghegan narrowly retained his Australian F2 title in a new Birrana 274.

12 Apr 2021

Australian Formula 2 1973 season review and race results

Leo Geoghegan dominated the 1973 Australian Formula 2 season in the Grace Bros Racing Team's Birrana 273.

18 Mar 2021

Formula 1 - the 1972 season

With Tyrrell distracted by Jackie Stewart's off-track issues and experiencing teething problems with the new Tyrrell 005, Emerson Fittipaldi swept to the 1972 World Championship in his John Player Special Lotus 72D.

16 Mar 2021

McLaren M19C (1972 Formula 1)

A development of Ralph Bellamy’s 1971 McLaren M19A, the McLaren M19C did not win any Grand Prix, but a series of podium finishes took Denny Hulme to third in the 1972 World Championship.

13 Mar 2021

Spectre Formula A

Built by Ken Holden's Spectre Racing Enterprises in 1968 and raced by Ron Grable, the Spectre scored two major wins, the SCCA Runoffs in November 1968, and the Monaco International Trophy at Bay Park in New Zealand five weeks later.

11 Mar 2021

McLaren M14A

A development of the 1969 McLaren M7C, the McLaren M14A was a clean, straightforward yet highly conventional car, sufficient to take Denny Hulme to fourth in the championship, but was not a competitor to the Lotus 72 or Ferrari 312B.

10 Mar 2021

Formula 1 - the 1971 season

Ferrari was unable to press its early-season advantage and Jackie Stewart sailed to the 1971 World Championship in his Tyrrell 003.

25 Feb 2021

ShellSport Group 8 1977 season review and results

Tony Trimmer finally secured the equipment his talent deserved and drove a brand new Surtees TS19 in 1977, easily winning the Shellsport G8 title. Guy Edwards in a March 75A/761 was his closest rival.

23 Feb 2021

Brabham BT38C (1972 Formula 3)

The Formula 3 variant of MRD's BT38 series was the Brabham BT38C, and 13 were sold for British and European F3. Tony Brise was the most successful pilot, winning two rounds of the British series.

19 Feb 2021

Formula 1 - the 1970 season

Jochen Rindt became the sport's first and only posthumous World Champion in 1970 after he died at the Italian GP with a point total that could not be caught. Jacky Ickx in the Ferrari 312B was his closest rival in 1970.

17 Feb 2021

Brawner Hawk 1968 Indy car

The 1968 Hawk differed from Clint Brawner's earlier Brabham-based model, having monocoque chassis fabricated by Eddie Kuzma. Two cars were built and Mario Andretti won the 1969 Indy 500 and the 1969 USAC title in them. They are now preserved in the Smithsonian and Indianapolis Museums.

13 Feb 2021

Lotus 48 (1967 Formula 2)

The elegant Lotus 48 was raced by Team Lotus works drivers Jim Clark and Graham Hill in 1967 and 1968, the Scot winning three races in 1967, but it was an accident in a Lotus 48 at Hockenheim in April 1968 that took his life.

12 Feb 2021

Formula 1 - the 1969 season

Jackie Stewart dominated the 1969 season in the Matra MS80s run by Ken Tyrrell, as other teams were either unable to compete with the Cosworth DFV or became side-tracked with four-wheel-drive projects.

29 Jan 2021

Formula 1 - the 1968 season

The 1968 Formula 1 season was all about wings and Cosworth DFVs, and of course the death of Jim Clark. Clark's teammate Graham Hill won the title in the Lotus 49B, but Jackie Stewart and Denny Hulme came close.

15 Jan 2021

ShellSport Group 8 1976 season review and results

David Purley and the Pilbeamed Chevron B30 dominated the first season of Shellsport Group 8, but F1 cars were looking a better option by the end of the season.

14 Jan 2021

Formula 1 - the 1967 season

The full story of the 1967 Formula One season, with every car at every race fully identified. Denny Hulme won the title in the Brabham BT24, when the Lotus 49 of Jim Clark was not quite reliable enough.

13 Jan 2021

Eagle 1971 Indy car

The 1971 Indy Eagle was an evolution of the 1970 car, following a very successful development programme through 1970 and early 1971. Bobby Unser's 1971 Eagle was the closest challenger to the McLaren M16s during 1971.

11 Jan 2021

Formula 1 - the 1966 season

The full story of the 1966 Formula One season, with every car at every race fully identified.

9 Jan 2021

McLaren M24

Based on the Formula 1 McLaren M23, the 1977 Indy McLaren M24 was the most successful car of the next three seasons, scoring more podium finishes than any other models of car. McLaren lead driver Johnny Rutherford won eight races in his M24s and M24Bs.

8 Jan 2021

Australian F5000 Gold Star 1975 season review and race results

As Max Stewart and Kevin Bartlett struggled to get the best from their new Lola T400s in 1975, John McCormack's took the Holden-powered Elfin MR5 to a narrow Australia Gold Star victory.

7 Jan 2021

Elfin MR6 (1974 Formula 5000)

The 1974 Elfin MR6 was designed around Repco's new Leyland P76 engine, but after Repco's withdrawal and Leyland's collapse later in 1974, it was fitted with a Holden engine for 1975. Driver John McCormack won the 1975 Gold Star title in the revamped car.

6 Jan 2021

Australian F5000 Gold Star 1974 season review and race results

Max Stewart dominated the 1974 Australian Gold Star series, winning five races in his two-year-old Lola T330. Kevin Bartlett was his closest rival, but only won one race.

5 Jan 2021

Australian F5000 Gold Star 1973 season review and race results

John McCormack won the 1973 Australian Gold Star in his Elfin-Holden MR5 after Frank Matich's surprise withdrawal left a very thin F5000 field.

4 Jan 2021

Lotus 59 (1970 Formula B)

After the success of the 1969 Lotus 59 in Formula B, three further cars were delivered to Canada in 1970, at least two of which carried Lotus 69-type bodywork. Craig Hill, Jacques Couture and David McConnell were the customers.

3 Jan 2021

Lotus 59 (1969 Formula B)

As the Lotus 59s are a very complex subject, the 1969 and 1970 Formula 3 and Formula B cars will all be handled separately. First up is the 1969 Formula B version, of which seven can be traced. Fred Stevenson and Jacques Couture were the leading drivers.

2 Jan 2021

Colt 1970 Indy car

Led by George Bignotti, the Vel's Parnelli Jones Racing team built a new car for 1970, heavily based on the team's Lola T150. Driver Al Unser won the Indy 500 in one of these Colts, and dominated the USAC championship. Joe Leonard joined the team and drove the second car at three races.

1 Jan 2021

Eagle 1970 Indy car

After the disappointment of the 1969 Eagle 'Santa Ana', Dan Gurney recruited Len Terry to build a new car for 1970. This returned to the rocker-arm front suspension and full-length monocoque of his 1966/67 Eagles but with a pronounced dart shape with the fuel held in triangular sidepods.

31 Dec 2020

US Formula 5000 1976 season review and results

Four highly-professional teams, Haas-Hall, Theodore, Shadow and VDS, competed for the 1976 US F5000 title, and Brian Redman again demonstrated his talent with a third successive title.

30 Dec 2020

US Formula 5000 1975 season review and results

North American F5000 picked up where 1974 left off, with Mario Andretti battling Brian Redman in their well-developed Lola T332s. Redman retained his title after the pair took four race victories each.

29 Dec 2020

British Formula 5000 1975 season review and results

After so nearly becoming a major International series in 1974, MCD's Formula 5000 series sputtered and expired in 1975. The VDS team managed to sort its Lola T400s just in time for Teddy Pilette to win the final title.

28 Dec 2020

Tasman Cup Formula 5000 1975 season review and results

Now ignored by the Formula 5000 contingents in the US and UK, the Tasman Cup petered out in 1975, with the final title won by Warwick Brown in his Lola T332.

27 Dec 2020

US Formula 5000 1974 season review and results

SCCA and USAC came together to promote Formula 5000 in 1974, and were rewarded with an epic battle between the Lolas T332s of Mario Andretti and Brian Redman, narrowly resolved in favour of the Englishman.

25 Dec 2020

British Formula 5000 1974 season review and results

The reign of the Lola T332 began with a narrow Rothmans 5000 European Championship win in 1974 for Bob Evans from the VDS Chevron B28 of Peter Gethin.

23 Dec 2020

Tasman Cup Formula 5000 1974 season review and results

Graham McRae's McRae GM2 looked likely to take the Kiwi to a fourth successive Tasman Cup in 1974, but reliability let him down and Peter Gethin ended up a comfortable winner in his VDS Chevron B24.

16 Dec 2020

Lola T153 (1970 Indy)

A single Lola T153 was built for Roger Penske's team for 1970, after the conversion of the team's T152 to 2WD proved unsatisfactory. Mark Donohue finished second at the 1970 Indy 500 in this car, but it was rarely used after that.

30 Nov 2020

British Formula 5000 1973 season review and results

As many the top British teams spent most of the season hunting prize money in the US, Teddy Pilette was left to win the 1973 Rothmans European Formula 5000 title from Tony Dean, both driving Chevron B24s, despite winning only two races between them.

29 Nov 2020

Tasman Cup Formula 5000 1973 season review and results

Graham McRae continued his run of success in Formula 5000 by winning his third consecutive Tasman Cup title in 1973 in his McRae GM1. The Lola T330 made a low-key debut, but there was no new car from McLaren or Surtees.

27 Nov 2020

US SCCA Formula 5000 1973 season review and results

Trojan T101 driver Jody Scheckter dominated the start of the 1973 US F5000 season but a change to a Lola T330 almost allowed fellow Lola driver Brian Redman to catch him. Scheckter just held on to his lead.

15 Nov 2020

Chevron B48 (1979 Formula 2)

The 1979 Formula 2 Chevron B48 was based on the monocoque of the 1978 B42, but with redesigned aerodynamics and suspension by Tony Southgate to incorporate ground-effects. The new model was not a success, and hastened Chevron's collapse into liquidation in early 1980.

28 Oct 2020

RAC Motoring Book of the Year

Richard Jenkins' debut book, "Richie Ginther: Motor Racing's Free Thinker", has just been announced as the winner of the RAC's Motoring Book of the Year 2020. All here at ORC are absolutely delighted for our colleague! Thoroughly deserved!

8 Oct 2020

Lotus 59B (1969 Formula 2)

The Lotus 59B was the Formula 2 version of Dave Baldwin's new junior formulae design, as used in Formula 3, Formula B and later Formula Ford. Roy Winkelmann Racing ran two quasi-works Lotus 59Bs for Jochen Rindt, who won four F2 races, and Graham Hill, but only one customer car was sold.

3 Oct 2020

March 75B (1975 Formula Atlantic)

March produced an updated version of their Formula Atlantic design, the March 75B, for 1975. Twelve of the fourteen built were sold to North America, where Bertil Roos and Gilles Villeneuve both won races.

1 Oct 2020

Lola T100 (1967 Formula 2)

Lola's 1967 T100 Formula 2 car was used by John Surtees' new Lola Racing Ltd, and by a new BMW works team. The Cosworth FVA engine proved to be a better option than BMW's powerplant, and Surtees won two F2 races in a T100-FVA.

27 Sep 2020

Atlanta (1972 Indy)

Built by ex-Team Lotus crew members Mike Underwood, 'Chalky' Fullalove and 'Rabbit' Bartils at Gene White's workshop in Atlanta, the 1972 Atlanta was a blatant attempt to copy the 1971 McLaren. Eldon Rasmussen later modified two of them into 'Ras-Cars' in 1974.

25 Sep 2020

Brabham BT32 (1972 Indy)

Brabham's 1970 Indycar design, the Brabham BT32, was raced by Jack Brabham just once, at the 1970 Indy 500. Lee Roy Yarbrough drove it at the California 500, leading in the final stages before the engine blew up, and it then went to the Patrick Petroleum team. It was Brabham's last Indy car.

23 Sep 2020

Lola T270 (1972 Indy)

Lola's new Indy car design for 1972, the T270, had the misfortune of being pitched against the McLaren M16B and the new 1972 Eagle. Neither of the teams that ran T270s in 1972 continued through 1973, so all three cars had very early retirements from racing.

6 Sep 2020

SCCA Formula B 1976

March, Lola and Chevron were again very closely matched in 1976, as the three English constructors again dominated SCCA Formula B. Bobby Brown, who started the season in a Chevron B34 before replacing it with a March 76B, run the Runoffs from Jerry Hansen and Ken Duclos.

24 Aug 2020

March 722 Formula B

Marketed in the US as the March 72B, March's 1972 Formula B model appears in March records as the 722, the same as the Formula 2 and Formula Atlantic models. The car sold very well in the US, and also won one round of the Canadian FB series.

2 Aug 2020

Brabham BT40 (1973 Formula 2)

The Brabham BT40 was MRD's model for Formula 2 and Formula B in 1973. Wilson Fittipaldi won the F2 race at Misano in July, and in FB it was highly successful, with Allan Lader winning four races in the Canadian FB series, Bertil Roos winning two races, and Ken Duclos winning the SCCA Runoffs.

27 Jul 2020

Chevron B64 (1985 Formula Atlantic)

The last Chevron Formula Atlantic car was the 1985 Chevron B64, based on the 1982 Chevron B56. It does not appear to have raced in Formula Atlantic, and its early life is a mystery.

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