What Was New

25 Oct 2021

GRD 273 (1973 Formula 2)

The 1973 GRD 273 was the peak of GRD's brief involvement in Formula 2, winning one early race with Reine Wisell but fading away as the season progressed.

20 Oct 2021

Eagle 1968 Indy car

After two years using a Len Terry design, AAR employed Tony Southgate to design the 1968 Indy Eagle. Bobby Unser won the 1968 Indianapolis 500 in the Leader Card Racers example, and Dan Gurney and Gordy Johncock won later races in sister cars.

17 Oct 2021

Mongoose 1969 Indy

Dave Laycock built a completely new car for 1969, his first monocoque chassis and using wedge-shaped bodywork inspired by the Lotus 56. The car was not a success, and driver Lloyd Ruby preferred his 1968 car.

13 Oct 2021

Finley "Fleagle" 1973 Indycar

Bill Finley built a new Indy car for the Tassi Vatis team in 1973, copying the layout of the 1972 Eagle. Nicknamed the "Fleagle", the car was used for three seasons, finishing as high as tenth a couple of times, before being replaced with a genuine Eagle.

9 Oct 2021

Riley 1974 Indycar

Designed by Bob Riley for Lindsey Hopkins in 1974, the 'Riley' was a development of his 1973 Coyote design. However, the team could never unravel the riddle of the car's aerodynamics and it was well off the pace.

8 Oct 2021

Wildcat 'Mk 5' (1979 Indy)

Patrick Racing produced a one-off Wildcat Indy car with Cosworth DFX engine for the start of the 1979 season, but the car was rarely used. Logically, this would have been the Wildcat Mk 5.

7 Oct 2021

King "PC7" (1980 Indy)

Grant King's final Indy design was a copy of the Penske PC7, intended for the 1980 Indy 500. The first car was not ready in time in 1980, and although it qualified in 1981 it was bumped. A second was later built for Jim McElreath.

6 Oct 2021

Wildcat 'Mk 4' (1978 Indy)

George Bignotti built a new Indy Wildcat for 1978, similar to the Mk 2 but powered by the new Drake V8 engine. Although no model number was ever given for the car, this was effectively the Mk 4.

5 Oct 2021

Dragon 1976 Indycar

Grant King built two new cars for 1976, named Dragons as it was the Chinese Year of the Dragon, instead of Kingfish as his previous cars had been named. They were used for three seasons, but the team's best results through that time were achieved with the backup 1973 cars.

4 Oct 2021

Kuzma, Kuzma-Kenyon and Coyote-Kenyon 1970-71 Indycar car-by-car histories

Four closely-related cars were built for the Lindsey Hopkins team in 1970 and 1971, the first three from monocoques fabricated by Eddie Kuzma, and a fourth built up from a monocoque created by Kuzma originally to be a Coyote.

3 Oct 2021

Wildcat Mk 3 (1977 Indy)

Built for the 1977 season, George Bignotti's Wildcat Mk 3 was much lower and narrower than the Mk 2, with more attention to aerodynamics. It did not turn out to have the speed of the Mk 2, and was rarely used.

2 Oct 2021

Wolverine (1970 Indy)

Built by Don Edmunds for JC Agajanian's Wynns-sponsored team in 1970, the Wolverine was a complete flop. It was completely off the pace at the Indy 500 in 1970, and rarely appeared again.

1 Oct 2021

Wildcat Mk 2 (1976 Indy)

The revised Wildcat Mk 2 Indycar helped Gordon Johncock to the USAC title in 1976. The new car had a full-width nose, front radiators and lower sidepods. Anyone know where any of them are today?

30 Sep 2021

Wildcat Mk 1 (1975 Indy)

After two years of using customer Eagles, Patrick Racing Team constructed their own cars for 1975, called the Wildcat Mk 1.

28 Sep 2021

Antares 1972 Indycar

One of the most innovative cars ever to appear at the Indy 500, the Antares simply contained too many new ideas at once, and could not be sorted out in time. A more orthodox reworking of the design raced on through the 1970s, qualifying for the Indy 500 as late as 1979.

27 Sep 2021

Surtees TS15A (1974 Formula 2)

The 1974 Formula 2 Surtees TS15A was a development of the 1973 car to use BMW engines. Three were built for Ron Dennis's new Marlboro-sponsored F2 team, and another two followed for the works team.

26 Sep 2021

Watson 1968/69 Indy car

After copying the Brawner Hawk for his 1967 car, AJ Watson returned to monocoque construction for two very similar cars built in 1968 and 1969. Despite some hints of competitiveness at Indy in 1969, the best the cars achieved were two third-place finishes.

24 Sep 2021

Watson 1967 Indy car

The 1967 Watson Indy car was a copy of the successful Brawner-Hawk, and proved an improvement over AJ Watson's preceding designs, especially in the hands of his new driver Mike Mosley.

23 Sep 2021

Watson 1966 Indy car

AJ Watson produced a new Indycar design for 1966, combining the monocoque construction of his previous car with the outboard suspension popularised by the Brawner Hawk. It was not a success.

30 Jul 2021

South-East Asian racing 1978 season review and race results

With Southeast Asia now following Formula Pacific rules, Chevrons won most of the races in 1978, Steve Millen at the Malaysia GP in the ex-works development Chevron B42, Albert Poon at Penang in his Chevron B40 and Riccardo Patrese at Macau in the works B42/B48.

28 Jul 2021

Peat-Lola 1971 Indy car

Built during 1971 for Dick Simon by Wally Peat, the Peat-Lola was Simon's regular Indy car during 1972, and then moved into supermodified racing, where it ran successfully well into the 1980s.

25 Jul 2021

South-East Asian racing 1975 season review and race results

John MacDonald won the Malaysia GP in 1975 in his Brabham BT40, then bought a new Ralt RT1 and won at Penang, Selangor and Macau.

12 Jul 2021

South-East Asian racing 1974 season review and race results

All the main contenders held on to the 1973 equipment for 1974, and John MacDonald again came out on top, winning the Penang and Selangor GPs. Vern Schuppan won at Macau in Teddy Yip's March 722.

10 Jul 2021

South-East Asian racing 1973 season review and race results

1973 was arguably the peak of Southeast Asian racing, with Malaysian, Hong Kong, Australian and New Zealand drivers all fielding brand new cars and a race at Manila-Greenhills added to the calendar.

9 Jul 2021

South-East Asian racing 1972 season review and race results

The Australians arrived in 1972, their National F2 cars matching the new new 1600cc formula. Max Stewart won the Singapore GP in the Mildren from Vern Schuppan in his brand new March 722.

8 Jul 2021

South-East Asian racing 1971 season review and race results

Our coverage of racing in Malaysia and Macau in the 1970s starts with the formalisation of a 1600cc 2-valve formula from the 1971 season. Entry list and results are still needed for the 1971 Selangor Grand Prix. Can you help?

5 Jul 2021

Rothmans International series 1979 season review and race results

After nearly 20 years as a fixture on the International calendar, the Australian Internationals finally came to an end in 1979. Larry Perkins went into the history books as the final champion.

4 Jul 2021

Rothmans International series 1978 season review and race results

Warwick Brown dominated the 1978 Rothmans International series, winning all four races in his Can-Am Lola T333CS converted to F5000 specification.

28 Jun 2021

Palliser WDH 1971 hillclimb cars

Palliser built two cars specifically for hillclimbing in 1971, both powered by large American V8s. Mike MacDowel's example was the most successful, winning two rounds of the British Hill Climb championship.

8 Jun 2021

Surtees TS15 (1973 Formula 2)

The Surtees TS15 was a development of the F2 championship-winning Surtees TS10. Jochen Mass won two races in a TS15, and finished second in the championship.

7 Jun 2021

Formula 2 1973 season review and full race results

All the results from Formula 2 in 1973, with chassis numbers, engine specifications, engine builders, whether they were iron block or alloy, and even capacities. Enjoy!

21 May 2021

March 732 (1973 Formula 2)

The March 732 was the car that reshaped Formula 2 through its domination of the 1973 Formula 2 season, winning 11 of the 17 championship races. STP March team leader Jean-Pierre Jarier won eight races and the title.

8 May 2021

Australian Formula 2 1979 season review and race results

The first championship held to the new single cam engine rules was won by Cheetah constructor Brian Shead in a Cheetah Mk6.

6 May 2021

Rothmans International series 1977 season review and race results

The VDS team descended on the Rothmans series in 1977, and Warwick Brown easily won the title in the team's Lola T430. A jumped start and a heavy accident prevented Alan Jones from offering more competition.

5 May 2021

Rothmans International series 1976 season review and race results

Vern Schuppan won the new Rothmans International series in the Theodore Racing Lola T332 after three of the four races were heavily affected by rain.

27 Apr 2021

Amon AF1 (1974 Formula 1)

The one-off Amon AF1 was designed for Chris Amon by Gordon Fowell, with a chassis fabricated by John Thompson. It was an attempt to produce a relatively sophisticated F1 design but the small team had neither the experience nor funding needed to make it work.

26 Apr 2021

New Zealand Formula Pacific 1983 season review and race results

The highly competitive 1983 series was won by Allen Berg, the 21-year-old son of a Canadian oil millionaire. He very nearly also won the FIA Formula Mondial South Pacific Region as well.

25 Apr 2021

New Zealand Formula Pacific 1982 season review and race results

Brazilian F3 star Roberto Moreno dominated the 1982 series in Greg Siddle's Ralt RT4/82, his only blot being a spin in the second heat at Manfeild. As usual David Oxton, Steve Millen and Dave McMillan were the leading locals.

25 Apr 2021

New Zealand Formula Pacific 1981 season review and race results

With no International participation, the 1981 New Zealand series was left to local Ralt drivers David Oxton, Steve Millen and Dave McMillan, Oxton being announced as champion.

25 Apr 2021

New Zealand Formula Pacific 1980 season review and race results

The 1980 series was something of a lottery, Dave McMillan emerging as champion after Steve Millen cartwheeled at Pukehohe and John Smith's funding ran out.

25 Apr 2021

New Zealand Formula Pacific 1979 season review and race results

With six wins from ten races, Teo Fabi won the 1979 New Zealand International Formula Pacific in his works March 782/79B.

24 Apr 2021

Peter Stuyvesant New Zealand Formula Pacific 1978 season review and race results

Fred Opert Racing returned to New Zealand with two Chevron B39s for Keke Rosberg and Bobby Rahal, the Finn dominating once again to take his second successive title.

24 Apr 2021

Peter Stuyvesant New Zealand Formula Pacific 1977 season review and race results

Keke Rosberg dominated the Peter Stuyvesant New Zealand Formula Pacific in Fred Opert's Chevron B34.

16 Apr 2021

Formula 1 - the 1973 season

Jackie Stewart and Tyrrell regained their edge over Team Lotus in 1972, and Stewart took his third World Championship with two races to spare. Lotus and McLaren were Tyrrell's closest competitors.

12 Apr 2021

Australian Gold Star 1976 season review and full race results

John Leffler in his Lola T400 took the 1976 Australian Gold Star title despite not winning any of the four races.

12 Apr 2021

Australian Formula 2 1974 season review and race results

After rival Bob Muir crashed out of the last race, Leo Geoghegan narrowly retained his Australian F2 title in a new Birrana 274.

12 Apr 2021

Australian Formula 2 1973 season review and race results

Leo Geoghegan dominated the 1973 Australian Formula 2 season in the Grace Bros Racing Team's Birrana 273.

18 Mar 2021

Formula 1 - the 1972 season

With Tyrrell distracted by Jackie Stewart's off-track issues and experiencing teething problems with the new Tyrrell 005, Emerson Fittipaldi swept to the 1972 World Championship in his John Player Special Lotus 72D.

16 Mar 2021

McLaren M19C (1972 Formula 1)

A development of Ralph Bellamy’s 1971 McLaren M19A, the McLaren M19C did not win any Grand Prix, but a series of podium finishes took Denny Hulme to third in the 1972 World Championship.

13 Mar 2021

Spectre Formula A

Built by Ken Holden's Spectre Racing Enterprises in 1968 and raced by Ron Grable, the Spectre scored two major wins, the SCCA Runoffs in November 1968, and the Monaco International Trophy at Bay Park in New Zealand five weeks later.

11 Mar 2021

McLaren M14A

A development of the 1969 McLaren M7C, the McLaren M14A was a clean, straightforward yet highly conventional car, sufficient to take Denny Hulme to fourth in the championship, but was not a competitor to the Lotus 72 or Ferrari 312B.

10 Mar 2021

Formula 1 - the 1971 season

Ferrari was unable to press its early-season advantage and Jackie Stewart sailed to the 1971 World Championship in his Tyrrell 003.

25 Feb 2021

ShellSport Group 8 1977 season review and results

Tony Trimmer finally secured the equipment his talent deserved and drove a brand new Surtees TS19 in 1977, easily winning the Shellsport G8 title. Guy Edwards in a March 75A/761 was his closest rival.

23 Feb 2021

Brabham BT38C (1972 Formula 3)

The Formula 3 variant of MRD's BT38 series was the Brabham BT38C, and 13 were sold for British and European F3. Tony Brise was the most successful pilot, winning two rounds of the British series.

19 Feb 2021

Formula 1 - the 1970 season

Jochen Rindt became the sport's first and only posthumous World Champion in 1970 after he died at the Italian GP with a point total that could not be caught. Jacky Ickx in the Ferrari 312B was his closest rival in 1970.

17 Feb 2021

Brawner Hawk 1968 Indy car

The 1968 Hawk differed from Clint Brawner's earlier Brabham-based model, having monocoque chassis fabricated by Eddie Kuzma. Two cars were built and Mario Andretti won the 1969 Indy 500 and the 1969 USAC title in them. They are now preserved in the Smithsonian and Indianapolis Museums.

13 Feb 2021

Lotus 48 (1967 Formula 2)

The elegant Lotus 48 was raced by Team Lotus works drivers Jim Clark and Graham Hill in 1967 and 1968, the Scot winning three races in 1967, but it was an accident in a Lotus 48 at Hockenheim in April 1968 that took his life.

12 Feb 2021

Formula 1 - the 1969 season

Jackie Stewart dominated the 1969 season in the Matra MS80s run by Ken Tyrrell, as other teams were either unable to compete with the Cosworth DFV or became side-tracked with four-wheel-drive projects.

29 Jan 2021

Formula 1 - the 1968 season

The 1968 Formula 1 season was all about wings and Cosworth DFVs, and of course the death of Jim Clark. Clark's teammate Graham Hill won the title in the Lotus 49B, but Jackie Stewart and Denny Hulme came close.

15 Jan 2021

ShellSport Group 8 1976 season review and results

David Purley and the Pilbeamed Chevron B30 dominated the first season of Shellsport Group 8, but F1 cars were looking a better option by the end of the season.

14 Jan 2021

Formula 1 - the 1967 season

The full story of the 1967 Formula One season, with every car at every race fully identified. Denny Hulme won the title in the Brabham BT24, when the Lotus 49 of Jim Clark was not quite reliable enough.

13 Jan 2021

Eagle 1971 Indy car

The 1971 Indy Eagle was an evolution of the 1970 car, following a very successful development programme through 1970 and early 1971. Bobby Unser's 1971 Eagle was the closest challenger to the McLaren M16s during 1971.

11 Jan 2021

Formula 1 - the 1966 season

The full story of the 1966 Formula One season, with every car at every race fully identified.

9 Jan 2021

McLaren M24

Based on the Formula 1 McLaren M23, the 1977 Indy McLaren M24 was the most successful car of the next three seasons, scoring more podium finishes than any other models of car. McLaren lead driver Johnny Rutherford won eight races in his M24s and M24Bs.

8 Jan 2021

Australian F5000 Gold Star 1975 season review and race results

As Max Stewart and Kevin Bartlett struggled to get the best from their new Lola T400s in 1975, John McCormack's took the Holden-powered Elfin MR5 to a narrow Australia Gold Star victory.

7 Jan 2021

Elfin MR6 (1974 Formula 5000)

The 1974 Elfin MR6 was designed around Repco's new Leyland P76 engine, but after Repco's withdrawal and Leyland's collapse later in 1974, it was fitted with a Holden engine for 1975. Driver John McCormack won the 1975 Gold Star title in the revamped car.

6 Jan 2021

Australian F5000 Gold Star 1974 season review and race results

Max Stewart dominated the 1974 Australian Gold Star series, winning five races in his two-year-old Lola T330. Kevin Bartlett was his closest rival, but only won one race.

5 Jan 2021

Australian F5000 Gold Star 1973 season review and race results

John McCormack won the 1973 Australian Gold Star in his Elfin-Holden MR5 after Frank Matich's surprise withdrawal left a very thin F5000 field.

4 Jan 2021

Lotus 59 (1970 Formula B)

After the success of the 1969 Lotus 59 in Formula B, three further cars were delivered to Canada in 1970, at least two of which carried Lotus 69-type bodywork. Craig Hill, Jacques Couture and David McConnell were the customers.

3 Jan 2021

Lotus 59 (1969 Formula B)

As the Lotus 59s are a very complex subject, the 1969 and 1970 Formula 3 and Formula B cars will all be handled separately. First up is the 1969 Formula B version, of which seven can be traced. Fred Stevenson and Jacques Couture were the leading drivers.

2 Jan 2021

Colt 1970 Indy car

Led by George Bignotti, the Vel's Parnelli Jones Racing team built a new car for 1970, heavily based on the team's Lola T150. Driver Al Unser won the Indy 500 in one of these Colts, and dominated the USAC championship. Joe Leonard joined the team and drove the second car at three races.

1 Jan 2021

Eagle 1970 Indy car

After the disappointment of the 1969 Eagle 'Santa Ana', Dan Gurney recruited Len Terry to build a new car for 1970. This returned to the rocker-arm front suspension and full-length monocoque of his 1966/67 Eagles but with a pronounced dart shape with the fuel held in triangular sidepods.

31 Dec 2020

US Formula 5000 1976 season review and results

Four highly-professional teams, Haas-Hall, Theodore, Shadow and VDS, competed for the 1976 US F5000 title, and Brian Redman again demonstrated his talent with a third successive title.

30 Dec 2020

US Formula 5000 1975 season review and results

North American F5000 picked up where 1974 left off, with Mario Andretti battling Brian Redman in their well-developed Lola T332s. Redman retained his title after the pair took four race victories each.

29 Dec 2020

British Formula 5000 1975 season review and results

After so nearly becoming a major International series in 1974, MCD's Formula 5000 series sputtered and expired in 1975. The VDS team managed to sort its Lola T400s just in time for Teddy Pilette to win the final title.

28 Dec 2020

Tasman Cup Formula 5000 1975 season review and results

Now ignored by the Formula 5000 contingents in the US and UK, the Tasman Cup petered out in 1975, with the final title won by Warwick Brown in his Lola T332.

27 Dec 2020

US Formula 5000 1974 season review and results

SCCA and USAC came together to promote Formula 5000 in 1974, and were rewarded with an epic battle between the Lolas T332s of Mario Andretti and Brian Redman, narrowly resolved in favour of the Englishman.

25 Dec 2020

British Formula 5000 1974 season review and results

The reign of the Lola T332 began with a narrow Rothmans 5000 European Championship win in 1974 for Bob Evans from the VDS Chevron B28 of Peter Gethin.

23 Dec 2020

Tasman Cup Formula 5000 1974 season review and results

Graham McRae's McRae GM2 looked likely to take the Kiwi to a fourth successive Tasman Cup in 1974, but reliability let him down and Peter Gethin ended up a comfortable winner in his VDS Chevron B24.

16 Dec 2020

Lola T153 (1970 Indy)

A single Lola T153 was built for Roger Penske's team for 1970, after the conversion of the team's T152 to 2WD proved unsatisfactory. Mark Donohue finished second at the 1970 Indy 500 in this car, but it was rarely used after that.

30 Nov 2020

British Formula 5000 1973 season review and results

As many the top British teams spent most of the season hunting prize money in the US, Teddy Pilette was left to win the 1973 Rothmans European Formula 5000 title from Tony Dean, both driving Chevron B24s, despite winning only two races between them.

29 Nov 2020

Tasman Cup Formula 5000 1973 season review and results

Graham McRae continued his run of success in Formula 5000 by winning his third consecutive Tasman Cup title in 1973 in his McRae GM1. The Lola T330 made a low-key debut, but there was no new car from McLaren or Surtees.

27 Nov 2020

US SCCA Formula 5000 1973 season review and results

Trojan T101 driver Jody Scheckter dominated the start of the 1973 US F5000 season but a change to a Lola T330 almost allowed fellow Lola driver Brian Redman to catch him. Scheckter just held on to his lead.

15 Nov 2020

Chevron B48 (1979 Formula 2)

The 1979 Formula 2 Chevron B48 was based on the monocoque of the 1978 B42, but with redesigned aerodynamics and suspension by Tony Southgate to incorporate ground-effects. The new model was not a success, and hastened Chevron's collapse into liquidation in early 1980.

28 Oct 2020

RAC Motoring Book of the Year

Richard Jenkins' debut book, "Richie Ginther: Motor Racing's Free Thinker", has just been announced as the winner of the RAC's Motoring Book of the Year 2020. All here at ORC are absolutely delighted for our colleague! Thoroughly deserved!

8 Oct 2020

Lotus 59B (1969 Formula 2)

The Lotus 59B was the Formula 2 version of Dave Baldwin's new junior formulae design, as used in Formula 3, Formula B and later Formula Ford. Roy Winkelmann Racing ran two quasi-works Lotus 59Bs for Jochen Rindt, who won four F2 races, and Graham Hill, but only one customer car was sold.

3 Oct 2020

March 75B (1975 Formula Atlantic)

March produced an updated version of their Formula Atlantic design, the March 75B, for 1975. Twelve of the fourteen built were sold to North America, where Bertil Roos and Gilles Villeneuve both won races.

1 Oct 2020

Lola T100 (1967 Formula 2)

Lola's 1967 T100 Formula 2 car was used by John Surtees' new Lola Racing Ltd, and by a new BMW works team. The Cosworth FVA engine proved to be a better option than BMW's powerplant, and Surtees won two F2 races in a T100-FVA.

27 Sep 2020

Atlanta (1972 Indy)

Built by ex-Team Lotus crew members Mike Underwood, 'Chalky' Fullalove and 'Rabbit' Bartils at Gene White's workshop in Atlanta, the 1972 Atlanta was a blatant attempt to copy the 1971 McLaren. Eldon Rasmussen later modified two of them into 'Ras-Cars' in 1974.

25 Sep 2020

Brabham BT32 (1972 Indy)

Brabham's 1970 Indycar design, the Brabham BT32, was raced by Jack Brabham just once, at the 1970 Indy 500. Lee Roy Yarbrough drove it at the California 500, leading in the final stages before the engine blew up, and it then went to the Patrick Petroleum team. It was Brabham's last Indy car.

23 Sep 2020

Lola T270 (1972 Indy)

Lola's new Indy car design for 1972, the T270, had the misfortune of being pitched against the McLaren M16B and the new 1972 Eagle. Neither of the teams that ran T270s in 1972 continued through 1973, so all three cars had very early retirements from racing.

6 Sep 2020

SCCA Formula B 1976

March, Lola and Chevron were again very closely matched in 1976, as the three English constructors again dominated SCCA Formula B. Bobby Brown, who started the season in a Chevron B34 before replacing it with a March 76B, run the Runoffs from Jerry Hansen and Ken Duclos.

24 Aug 2020

March 722 Formula B

Marketed in the US as the March 72B, March's 1972 Formula B model appears in March records as the 722, the same as the Formula 2 and Formula Atlantic models. The car sold very well in the US, and also won one round of the Canadian FB series.

2 Aug 2020

Brabham BT40 (1973 Formula 2)

The Brabham BT40 was MRD's model for Formula 2 and Formula B in 1973. Wilson Fittipaldi won the F2 race at Misano in July, and in FB it was highly successful, with Allan Lader winning four races in the Canadian FB series, Bertil Roos winning two races, and Ken Duclos winning the SCCA Runoffs.

27 Jul 2020

Chevron B64 (1985 Formula Atlantic)

The last Chevron Formula Atlantic car was the 1985 Chevron B64, based on the 1982 Chevron B56. It does not appear to have raced in Formula Atlantic, and its early life is a mystery.

25 Jun 2020

Lola T450 (1976 Formula 2)

Lola made another attempt to break into Formula 2 in 1976 with the Lola T450, a variant of the Lola T460 Formula Atlantic. Although the development car performed well, the production T450s exhibited serious handling problems, and three of their four customers quickly abandoned them.

24 Jun 2020

Brabham BT38 (1972 Formula B)

The Brabham BT38B was a variant of MRD's new monocoque Formula 2 BT38 model intended for SCCA Formula B, and fitted as standard with Hart 416B twin cam engines.

21 Jun 2020

Toleman TA860 (1981 Formula Atlantic)

When the Toleman team moved up to Formula 1 for 1981, Lola were licenced to produce copies of Toleman's successful TG280 Formula 2 car. A version was built for Formula Atlantic and Formula Pacific, the Toleman TA860, but was not a great success.

5 Jun 2020

Chevron B49 (1979 Formula Atlantic)

Chevron's 1979 Formula Atlantic design, the Chevron B49, was in the same family as the F3 B47, F2 B48 and FSV B50. It was not a success, and only three were built.

27 May 2020

Lola T550 and Lola T560

The Lola T560 was built for Formula Atlantic in 1977 but only one was sold. The second T560 was used briefly in Formula 2 as a Lola T550.

25 May 2020

Fittipaldi F6A

After Ralph Bellamy's original "Concorde" Fittipaldi F6 failed dismally, Fittipaldi commissioned Fly Studio, who had turned Dave Baldwin's F5 design into the more effective F5A, to redevelop the car into a more conventional Fittipaldi F6A.

30 Apr 2020

March 722 Formula 2

The 1972 Formula 2 March 722 looked very different to March's previous F2 car, with a low, flat 'chisel' nose and side radiators. Ronnie Peterson, Niki Lauda and Jochen Mass all won F2 races in works March 722s.

9 Apr 2020

Hill GH1 (1975 Formula 1)

The Hill GH1 was designed by Lola employee Andy Smallman and built by Graham Hill Racing. It was named the Lola T371 before Hill's amicable split with Lola in April 1975.

20 Mar 2020

Penske PC5

An almost exact copy of the McLaren M24, the 1977 Penske PC5 was a one-off experiment by the Penske team as they prepared to build their own Indy car for 1978.

9 Mar 2020

SCCA Formula B 1975

The SCCA started to move towards Formula Atlantic rules in 1975, by allowing the Ford BDA engine, specifically Cosworth's BDD. A youngster called Bobby Rahal from Chicago Region won the SCCA's National title.

23 Feb 2020

March 74B Formula B/Atlantic

The 1974 March 74B sold in significantly lower numbers than its predecessor, as March faced greater competition in Formula Atlantic from Chevron and Lola. Bobby Brown was the only 74B driver to win a championship round on either side of the Atlantic.

4 Feb 2020

March 73B Formula B/Atlantic

March's 1973 Formula Atlantic car, the March 73B, was based on the Formula 2 732 and was marketed in the US as a 732. It sold in large numbers and won races in both the British and Canadian series.

20 Jan 2020

Parnelli VPJ4 (1974-1976 Formula 1)

After achieving success in Indy racing, Parnelli Jones and Vel Miletich moved into F1 in late 1974. Despite some early success, the team was unable to find sufficient sponsorship and withdrew after 18 months.

12 Jan 2020

Hodges Special (1969 Formula A)

Possibly the only front-engined Formula A car ever created, the Hodges was built from the former A Sports Racing Durant Special by Jerry Hodges in St Louis, MO.

6 Jan 2020

US SCCA Formula 5000 1972 season review and results

Graham McRae's domination of F5000 around the world continued, adding wins in three of the opening four US rounds to his Tasman and UK successes in the Leda LT27. He would add the US title to his Tasman title.

5 Jan 2020

British Formula 5000 1972 season review and results

As title favourites Graham McRae and Brian Redman were distracted by the gold on offer from the US series, Gijs van Lennep was able to snatch the British title by the narrowest of margins in Jackie Epstein's Surtees TS11.

1 Jan 2020

Tasman Cup Formula 5000 1972 season review and results

We pick up the history of Formula 5000 again with the 1972 Tasman series. Graham McRae and his brand new Leda LT27 - or Leda GM1 as he called it - won four races to retain his Tasman Cup title.

30 Dec 2019

Lola T240 and T242

The Lola T240 was built primarily for SCCA Formula B, although a somewhat half-hearted Formula 2 version was produced. It was a big seller in the US, but was not a huge success. A follow-up T242 flopped.

29 Dec 2019

Brabham BT21C (1968 Formula B)

After the success of the 1967 Brabham BT21A, MRD produced a longer run of Formula B Brabham BT21Cs in 1968 for dealer Fred Opert. It appears that 16 were sold.

28 Dec 2019

SCCA Formula B 1974

Canadian Formula Atlantic adopted the Ford BDA engine in 1974, which threatened to make SCCA Formula B an irrelevance. While the SCCA pondered what to do, NEDiv champion Ken Duclos won the national SCCA FB title.

27 Dec 2019

SCCA Formula B 1973

Although the SCCA's Professional Formula B series was over, the formula continued to be used in the seven SCCA Divisions in 1973. Three Pro races were also held.

23 Dec 2019

Lola T360 (1974-75 Formula Atlantic) and Lola T350 (1975 F3)

The Lola T360 was Lola's 1974-1975 Formula Atlantic car, building on the success of Lola's FSV and FF designs in the US. It was the quickest car in the US by the end of 1974, leading to strong sales for 1975.

22 Dec 2019

March 781 (1978 Formula 1)

March built a pair of customer Formula 1 car for the new Aurora AFX championship in 1978, where they were run by RAM Racing. Their careers were very short.

21 Dec 2019

March 771

The March 771 was introduced in June 1977 for Ian Scheckter, but quickly dropped and only reappeared after his 761B was damaged. It later had success in six-wheel form as a hillclimb car.

20 Dec 2019

Richie Ginther book now available for pre-order

Richard Jenkins’ eagerly awaited book on Richie Ginther, "Motor Racing’s Free Thinker", is now available for pre-order from Performance Publishing.

30 Nov 2019

Rondel M1 (1973 Formula 2)

The Rondel M1 was usually known as the Motul M1, in deference to Rondel Racing's main sponsor. It was used in F2 in 1973, winning two races, before Motul pulled out and Rondel closed down.

17 Nov 2019

Chevron B15b Formula B

The 1969 Chevron B15b was a Formula B version of the company's Formula 3 Chevron B15. Reine Wisell won a high-profile Formula B race at Sebring in a Fred Opert Racing Chevron B15b, and the cars enjoyed some success in SCCA Nationals.

16 Nov 2019

Chevron B17b Formula B

A Formula B variant of the Formula 3 Chevron B17, the Chevron B17b dominated the SCCA Formula B championship in the hands of Mike Eyerly, but this did not translate into significant sales.

14 Nov 2019

Token RJ02

The Token RJ02 was intended to be the Rondel F1 car, but Rondel went under. Token only took it to a single GP, but it was later rented to Bob Harper and then sold to Safir.

11 Nov 2019

Chevron B18b Formula B

Four Chevron B18Bs were built for Formula B, in addition to the F2, F3 and F/Atlantic cars we have already covered. We really have very little information on these cars at present. Can you help?

9 Nov 2019

Cooper T83 (1966 Formula 3)

The 1966 Formula 3 Cooper T83 was slimmer and more streamlined than the preceding T76, and inherited its inboard front suspension. It suffered major handling problems which Cooper were unable to fully resolve.

2 Oct 2019

March 722 Formula Atlantic

We are splitting the March 722s into three pages, for the Formula 2, Formula Atlantic and Formula B variants. First up is the very successful Formula Atlantic model, of which five were built.

24 Sep 2019

Lola T60 and T61

For the 1965 season, Lola built an all-new monocoque Lola Type 60 Formula 2 design for their principal customer Midland Racing Partnership. As Lola's first monocoque, the car followed the outline of the successful Lotus 25 and 33 designs.

2 Aug 2019

Morris 1968 Indy car

George Morris was chief crew for Vel Miletich and Parnelli Jones' new team in 1968, when he built a copy of the team's 1967 Mongoose for driver Joe Leonard to race in 1968. The car was soon replaced with a Lotus 56.

28 Jul 2019

Lotus 29

Lotus's first Indycar was a development of the Formula 1 Lotus 25, and fitted with a Ford Fairlane V8 engine rapidly developed by Ford. Jim Clark and Dan Gurney drove two 29s in the 1963 Indy 500, the Scotsman finishing second.

14 Jul 2019

March 71BM (1971 Formula B)

The March 71BM was a derivative of March's new monocoque Formula 2 car designed for the SCCA's Formula B. It sold very well in Canada and in the US, and Bob Lazier won the SCCA Runoffs in his 71BM.

22 Jun 2019

Cecil 1969 Indy car

Dick Cecil's 1969 Indy car was developed from the car built for 1969 by George Morris, which was a Brabham-style chassis with wedge-shaped bodywork. The Cecil raced for six or seven seasons, but never finished a race.

20 Jun 2019

Morris 1969 Indy car

The 1969 Morris was built by the now freelance George Morris for the MVS team. It used a chassis based on his experience with the Mongoose copy that he had built for Vel's Parnelli in 1968, but with new wedge bodywork fabricated by Junior Dreyer.

15 Jun 2019

US SCCA Formula 5000 1971 season review and results

David Hobbs, who had been so impressive in the Surtees team in 1969 and 1970, moved to Hogan Racing and won the title in their McLaren M10B. Sam Posey's Surtees TS8 and Brett Lunger's Lola T192 were his closest opponents.

14 Jun 2019

European Formula 5000 1971 season review and results

As McLaren's new M18 flopped, British F5000 in 1971 was a battle between Lola and Surtees, with the appearance of the Lola T300 securing the title for Frank Gardner.

13 Jun 2019

Vollstedt 1967 Indy car

Two more Vollstedt Indycars were built for 1967, very similar to the 1966 cars but using outboard front suspension. Jim Clark famously raced one of them, but they achieved few results of note.

11 Jun 2019

Tasman Cup Formula 5000 1971 season review and results

A three-way fight for the 1971 Tasman title between Graham McRae, Neil Allen and Frank Matich, all in McLaren M10Bs, ended with McRae as champion.

10 Jun 2019

US SCCA Formula A 1970 season review and results

John Cannon, driving the Hogan-Starr McLaren M10B, held off strong competition from Lola, Surtees, Lotus and even a Brabham F1 car to take the SCCA Continental Championship Formula A title.

6 Jun 2019

British Formula 5000 1970 season review and results

The new McLaren M10B entered by Sid Taylor Racing dominated 1970, first driven by eventual champion Peter Gethin and later by Reine Wisell.

5 Jun 2019

McLaren M15A

McLaren's first Indy car, the McLaren M15A, proved quick in practice for the 1970 Indy 500, but a fire prevented Denny Hulme from racing it. Replacement driver Peter Revson later led the California 500 in the works M15A.

4 Jun 2019

Tasman Cup Formula 5000 1970 season review and results

With few Internationals of note attending, the 1970 Tasman Cup boiled down to a battle between Graeme Lawrence's Ferrari 246T/69 and Frank Matich's McLaren M10A, won narrowly by the Kiwi.

2 Jun 2019

US SCCA Formula A 1969 season review and results

Tony Adamowicz won the 1969 SCCA Formula A title in an Eagle Mk 5, but only just held off Sam Posey's McLaren M10A and the visiting Surtees TS5 of David Hobbs.

1 Jun 2019

British Formula 5000 1969 season review and results

Peter Gethin in the works-assisted McLaren M10A dominated the start of the 1969 Formula 5000 season in Europe, but Trevor Taylor came close to catching him in the works Surtees TS5.

28 May 2019

US SCCA Formula A 1968 season review and results

The history of Formula 5000 begins when the SCCA allowed 5-litre stock block engines to be used in Formula A in 1968. The iconic Eagle 'Mk 5' of Lou Sell won that first season.

25 May 2019

March 713M (1971 Formula 3)

March provided a choice a Formula 3 designs for 1971, and the March 713M was the monocoque version, based on the new F2 car. Roger Williamson was very successful in his 713M, winning the MCD Lombank F3 championship.

24 May 2019

March 713S (1971 Formula 3)

March had two Formula 3 designs for 1971, a spaceframe based on the 1970 F3 car, and a monocoque based on the new Formula 2 car. The March 713S was the spaceframe and apart from a batch of six sold to Eifelland, did not sell in large numbers.

22 May 2019

South African Formula Atlantic 1979

Ian Scheckter took his fourth successive South African Formula Atlantic title, as the new engines that were supposed to be taking over made no impact. The BDA was banned in May 1979, and a new season began.

19 May 2019

March 705 (1970 Formula B)

The March 705 was built for Formula B in 1970, and was very closely related to the Formula 3 March 703 and Formula Ford March 708. The car was well off the pace, but did lay a foundation of dealers and customers for the much more successful 1971 car.

17 May 2019

South African Formula Atlantic 1978

Ian Scheckter's F1 career had ended, but his success in the South African national championship continued with a third successive title. In sharp contrast to 1977, his March 78B was one of only two new cars in the series.

14 May 2019

SCCA NER newsletter: Pit Talk

New England Region's 'Pit Talk' is the oldest of all the SCCA Regional newsletter. Can anyone help us build up our collection?

10 May 2019

SCCA Cal Club newsletter: Post Grid

Can anyone help us with copies of this 1963-1970 SCCA regional publication? It is a very useful source of race results.

8 May 2019

March 703 (1970 Formula 3)

Continuing our look at early March production cars, here is the March 703, the spaceframe Formula 3 car for the 1970 season.

6 May 2019

March 702 (1970 Formula 2)

The March 702 was March's first design for Formula 2, but the spaceframe design proved both too heavy and not stiff enough for F2. The team finally gave them some attention when the build season was over, and performances improved a little.

25 Mar 2019

McLaren M16C

The McLaren M16C was the most successful of the M16 variants, with works driver Johnny Rutherford winning eight races in M16Cs, including both the Indianapolis 500 and the Pocono 500 in 1974.

21 Mar 2019

Lola T152

Lola built two new four-wheel-drive Lola T152s for 1969, but USAC's rule changes meant that the two cars were hardly used after that season's Indianapolis 500.

4 Feb 2019

Stefano Modena Interview

An extensive interview, quite probably the first in English, with one of the quickest and most talented of the late 1980's and early 1990's drivers in Formula 1; Stefano Modena.

26 Jan 2019

Theodore TY02

Tony Southgate produced a new car for Teddy Yip's team for 1982, the Theodore TY02. Despite a series of improvements to sidepods and suspension, the underfunded little team could not compete, and ended the season without finishing a single race.

18 Jan 2019

Ferrari 312B

Ferrari introduced a new 'Boxer' flat-12 engine for 1970, and built a new car for it, the Ferrari 312B. Jacky Ickx, Clay Regazzoni and Mario Andretti won five GPs out of six from the 1970 Austrian GP onwards.

30 Dec 2018

March 761B

The "interim" March 761B was not a great car, despite Ian Scheckter's best efforts. Four were built, and two survive, one of which is on display in six-wheel form in the Louwman Museum in the Netherlands.

24 Dec 2018

Lola T330 HU24 full history

Sometimes, when a car's history is disputed, it is necessary to go through its history in detail, to separate fact from fiction. Here is the detailed story of Lola T330 chassis HU24. All comments, additions and corrections are most welcome.

8 Dec 2018

Trojan T102 Formula 5000

The 1974 Formula 5000 Trojan T102 was such a disaster, it ended Trojan's customer racing car business. Ron Tauranac and Patrick Head were responsible for the design. Keith Holland was the unfortunate driver.

4 Dec 2018

Forsgrini Formula 5000

Lyle Forsgren built two or three F5000 cars in 1969 and 1970. He kindly helped put this history together.

26 Nov 2018

Beattie P1100 Formula 5000

Chas Beattie Projects built a monocoque Formula 5000 car for Lingard Goulding for 1970, utilising the running gear and engine from Goulding's crashed Lola T142. The car was destroyed in an accident the following year.

20 Nov 2018

Brabham BT21A car-by-car histories

MRD's burgeoning relationship with Fred Opert in the US led to a run of Formula B Brabham BT21As being built for 1967. This consisted of the new Formula 3 BT21 chassis fitted with a Ford twin cam engine.

16 Nov 2018

Formula 2 1972 season review and full race results

All the results from Formula 2 in 1972, with chassis numbers, engine specifications, engine builders, whether they were iron block or alloy, and even capacities. Enjoy!

13 Nov 2018

American Racing Series (ARS) 1988 season review and full race results

Swiss driver Jon Beekhuis won the 1988 ARS championship, but Tommy Byrne was the star of the season, winning three races. The SCCA points system valued Beekhuis' regular fourth and fifth place finishes more highly.

13 Nov 2018

American Racing Series (ARS) 1989 season review and full race results

Tommy Byrne had six pole positions, led seven races, won four and was leading the final race of the season until a back marker spun right in front of him. Mike Groff took the title.

13 Nov 2018

Brabham BT43

The Brabham BT43 was MRD's 1973 Formula 5000 design, and turned out to be the last ever Brabham customer car. It was not a success in the UK, but did achieve some decent results later in Australia.

12 Nov 2018

Brabham BT31 Tasman car history

The Brabham BT31 was a slimline Tasman car, based on the Brabham BT28 Formula 3 chassis. It only raced twice, Jack Brabham finishing third in the Sandown Park Tasman race in March 1969, and then winning a Gold Star race at Bathurst.

8 Nov 2018

Kitchiner Formula 5000

Tony Kitchiner built four cars in 1969 and 1970, three of which were used in Formula 5000 form at one time or another. Ian Ashley and Gordon Spice were among the drivers.

7 Nov 2018

McKee Mk11 Indy car history

After the McKee Mk 8 had proved a capable car in Formula A, Can-Am constructor Bob McKee also built a one-off USAC car for wealthy Chicago racer Hamilton Vose III, powered by a 5-litre Chevrolet V8.

5 Nov 2018

Brabham BT38

The 1972 F2 Brabham BT38 was based on the 1971 BT36, but was a monocoque instead of a spaceframe. MRD records state 16 were built, but there is evidence of 19 or 20 cars being raced.

12 Oct 2018

Surtees TS10

Team Surtees expanded into Formula 2 for 1972 with the Surtees TS10, and lead driver Mike Hailwood convincingly won the European F2 title in the car.

8 Oct 2018

French Formula 3 1981 season review and full race results

The French F3 series remained a backwater in 1981, with leading French drivers focusing on the European series. Philippe Streiff found time to pick up the title.

7 Oct 2018

Merzario A3

The Merzario A3 was the least successful of Arturo Merzario's four F1 cars, and never qualified for or started a race. Nominally a ground-effect car, it was built up from an earlier car and was too wide and too heavy to be effective.

7 Oct 2018

French Formula 3 1980 season review and full race results

After its difficult birth in 1979, the French F3 championship was a little better supported in 1980. Alain Ferté won the title in Alain Prost's 1979 car.

2 Oct 2018

Vollstedt 1966 Indy car

After the success of his spaceframe 1965 car, Rolla Vollstedt built a pair of monocoque cars for the 1966 season. Both cars raced well into the 1970s.

15 Sep 2018

LeGrand Mk 11 Formula 5000

Red LeGrand's second Formula A design, the LeGrand Mk 11, first appeared in September 1969 and Rex Ramsey won a Canadian championship race in it at Trois-Rivières.

31 Aug 2018

Shadow DN9

One of the first "wing car" designs after the Lotus 78 was Tony Southgate's 1978 Shadow DN9. He left before it raced to design the virtually identical Arrows FA1 for his new team. John Baldwin joined Shadow to develop the DN9.

12 Jul 2018

Where Are They Now - New Categories

The Where Are They Now? section has two new categories and over 80 more names on the website. All those who competed in the ARS series (1986-1989) and The "World Championship Engine Designers" - a loose term to describe designers and powertrain heads

2 Jul 2018

Tasman Revival 2011/12 season review and race results

Continuing our history of the New Zealand-based Tasman Revival series, Steve Ross interrupted Kenny Smith's run of title wins in 2011/12 in his bright yellow McRae GM1.

30 Jun 2018

Tasman Revival 2010/11 season review and race results

The 2010/11 Tasman Revival championship was again a battle between Ken Smith, in David Abbott's Lola T430 as usual, and Steve Ross in his McRae GM1, and again it was Smith who prevailed by a handful of points.

27 Jun 2018

Harris RH5 Formula 5000

One of the many short-lived and uncompetitive designs to appear in the early years of Formula 5000 was the Harris RH5, built by Ray Harris from Portsmouth in Hampshire, and driven by Brian Tarrant.

24 Jun 2018

Brabham BT6

MRD released a updated version of Ron Tauranac's Formula Junior design for 1963. The car was retrospectively called the BT6, but at the time was simply known as the 1963 Brabham Junior.

11 Jun 2018

Lotus 77

The Lotus 77 brought Lotus back from the nadir of 1975, with Mario Andretti replacing Ronnie Peterson and taking victory at the Japanese GP.

9 Jun 2018

Lotus 76

Lotus's attempt to replace the highly successful Lotus 72 with a newer, lighter Lotus 76 in 1974 proved a failure.

3 Jun 2018

March 711

The combination of the advanced March 711 and Ronnie Peterson was highly effective in 1971, the Swede taking second place in the World Championship behind Jackie Stewart.

24 May 2018

Privacy policy

OldRacingCars.com has a new updated Privacy page. I doubt that anyone ever read the old one, but I am legally obliged to draw your attention to the new one.

13 May 2018

HSCC Historic F1 1983

Back to Historic Formula 1, and a report on the HSCC's 1983 season. Notes are included in the race results on the histories of (almost) every car that took part.

12 May 2018

Gerhardt 1969 Indy car

Gerhardt built four dramatically wedge-shaped Indy cars in 1969 for Grant King's STP-backed team, Gerhardt's own team, Gordon Johncock and Myron Caves' team.

11 May 2018

March 811

The March 811 was built by March for customer RAM Racing to use in F1 in 1981. The production version of the car was too flexible for the forces generated, and a complete redesign by Adrian Reynard was introduced for Derek Daly at the British GP.

28 Apr 2018

HSCC Historic F1 1982

Until 1982, there was no historic racing open to 3-litre Formula 1 cars, and the only places they were seen was libre racing and hillclimbs. The first HSCC race open to these 1966-1985 cars came at Donington on 1 August 1982:

25 Apr 2018

Chevron B27

The 1974 Formula 2 Chevron B27 was only a minor upgrade to the B25, with sleeker bodywork and a few technical changes. It showed some promise in F2, but did much better in Formula Atlantic, winning races in the US and in Britain.

15 Apr 2018

Guy Edwards

Interview with the master of motor racing sponsorship and one of the heroes of the Nurburgring in 1976, Guy Edwards QGM. Both are talked about amongst other things.

30 Mar 2018

Shadow DN5

Jean-Pierre Jarier and Tom Pryce impressed greatly in 1975 with the Shadow DN5, but a string of retirements made the season a disappointment. A updated DN5B design was used in 1976, but fell off the pace.

28 Mar 2018

Chevron B25

The Chevron B25 was a dual-purpose design for Formula 2 and Formula Atlantic. It was built around a full monocoque, the firm's first. Peter Gethin in F2 and John Lepp in Formula Atlantic were the most successful International drivers.

11 Mar 2018

Tasman Revival 2009/10 season review and race results

Quickest in 2009/10 were former champion Chris Hyde in Stuart Lush's McRae GM1, Steve Ross, in the ex-Alistair Hey McRae, and Kenny Smith in David Abbott's Lola T430. Smith won the title after Ross broke down at the last race.

4 Mar 2018

Tasman Revival 2008/09 season review and race results

The growing profile of the F5000 Tasman Revival series was finally rewarded in March 2009 with a support race at the Australian Grand Prix meeting, which drew a huge field of 32 cars.

3 Mar 2018

Tasman Revival 2007/08 season review and race results

Interest in the F5000 Tasman Revival series continued to grow slowly but surely in New Zealand, and 19 cars started the Lady Wigram Trophy in January.

1 Mar 2018

Tasman Revival 2006/07 season review and race results

Strong links were formed with the VHRR in Australia and the F5000 Tasman Revival series grew significantly in 2007, with 21 F5000 cars appearing at the Phillip Island Classic.

27 Feb 2018

Tasman Revival 2005/06 season review and race results

Fields were enlarged in 2005/06 by the addition of a couple more F5000s and a F1 car or two, plus a few grid fillers from Formula Pacific and Formula Holden. Ian Clements took his second title.

26 Feb 2018

Australian Formula 2 1972 season review and full race results

Although the Australian Gold Star was held for Formula 5000 cars, there was also a burgeoning series in 1972 for Australian Formula 2 cars, now limited to 2-valve 1600cc engines.

25 Feb 2018

Australian F5000 Gold Star 1972 season review and race results

Frank Matich crushed the opposition in his new Matich A50, and easily won the 1972 Gold Star title. Kevin Bartlett was second, and won the Repco Birthday series.

21 Feb 2018

Tasman Revival 2004/05 season review and race results

The second season of the F5000 Tasman Revival saw a bit of a wobble, with no Australian meeting and few new cars. Murray Sinclair took the championship in his Lola T332.

20 Feb 2018

Tasman Revival 2003/04 season review and race results

The Historic Racing Club/Formula 5000 Association was formed in New Zealand in 2003, and organised a series of races during that 2003/04 'down under' season, including one at Sandown Park in Australia.

13 Feb 2018

McKee Mk 8

After making his name as a Can-Am builder, Bob McKee built his first single-seater, the McKee Mk 8, for the new 5-litre Formula A in 1968. Two cars were built, the first to Ike Uihlein for Mak Kronn, and the second to Tito Nappi for Kurt Reinold.

12 Feb 2018

Rennmax BN3

In 1968 and 1969, Bob Britton built a series of cars based on the design of the Brabham BT23. The first were for the Rorstan and Mildren teams, and were named after their new owners, but later cars were raced as Rennmax BN3s.

31 Jan 2018

March 73A

The March 73A was March's first production F5000 car, following the relative success of the 1972 F2-based car, but it was not competitive with the Lola T330.

30 Jan 2018

Modus M5

Modus built a Formula 5000 car for Tom Walkinshaw in 1974, and then a second one in 1975, but neither achieved notable results and both Modus M5s were destroyed in accidents.

24 Jan 2018

Theodore TR1

After running an Ensign N177 very successfully in 1977, Theodore Racing built its own car for 1978. Keke Rosberg took the Theodore TR1 to a surprise victory in the International Trophy, but otherwise it was not a success.

11 Jan 2018

Swedish Formula 3 1981 season review and full race results

Bengt Trägårdh took a thoroughly deserved Svenska Mästerskapet title in 1981, his March 803 being good enough for four successive victories.

11 Jan 2018

French Formula 3 1973 season review and full race results

Until the French authorities were lured into backing Formule Renault, France had a flourishing Formula 3 series. This is its last season in 1973, when Jacques Laffite took the title.

11 Jan 2018

European Formula 3 1981 season review and full race results

Mauro Baldi moved from the ORECA Martini team to Euroracing March and dominated the 1981 European season, winning eight of the 15 races in his March 813.

10 Jan 2018

European Formula 3 1980 season review and full race results

Michele Alboreto won the 1980 European F3 title in his March 803B, but the Oreca Martini team were close behind.

9 Jan 2018

Italian Formula 3 1974 season review and full race results

Alberto Colombo seized the 1974 Italian F3 title, timing his move from the Novamotor twin-cam-powered GRD 374 to March 743-Toyota to perfection. Alessandro Pesenti-Rossi could have won the title had he resisted a premature move to Formula 2.

9 Jan 2018

French Formula 3 1979 season review and full race results

Renault took French motor sport back into F3 in 1979, providing engines for Alain Prost. A French F3 championship was not well supported and many rounds were cancelled.

9 Jan 2018

European Formula 3 1979 season review and full race results

Alain Prost dominated the 1979 Formula 3 season, in his Martini MK27 with its aluminium block Renault 20 TS engine.

5 Jan 2018

Cooper T81B

The Cooper T81B was an interim car that appeared at the start of 1967, and was raced by Jochen Rindt and others. It was more successful later as a hillclimb car.

4 Jan 2018

Cooper T81

The hefty Cooper T81 was the first of Cooper's 3-litre Formula 1 designs and was powered by a Maserati V12 engine derived from that of the 1950s 250F. The T81 won two Grands Prix and was raced by famous names such as Surtees and Rindt.

3 Jan 2018

Fittipaldi F9

The final Fittipaldi F1 car was the F9, introduced in mid-1982. Although a clear advance over the F8, it was insufficient progress for the struggling team, and Fittipaldi closed its doors at the end of the year.

22 Dec 2017

Fittipaldi F5A

The disappointing F5 design was completely reworked for 1978 as the Fittipaldi F5A. The car was the most competitive of all the team's designs, finishing seventh in the 1978 Constructors Cup.

20 Dec 2017

Brabham BT11/22

Two cars were built in late 1965 to the same pattern as the Brabham BT22, but for some reason they do not appear in Brabham records. One was sold to South Africa, and the other was raced by Denny Hulme in F1 in 1966.

18 Dec 2017

Brabham BT22

The one "official" Brabham BT22 was sold to Ernie Powrie for libre racing, but quickly snapped up by Jim Palmer for racing in New Zealand, where it has remained ever since.

15 Dec 2017

Lola T370

A customer F1 car built by Lola for Graham Hill's Embassy Racing team, the Lola T370 had poor results until the team's fortunes were rejuvenated by new driver Rolf Stommelen.

15 Dec 2017

Brabham BT7

The 1963 Formula 1 car brought the Brabham marque its first World Championship victory when Dan Gurney won the 1964 French Grand Prix.

21 Nov 2017

McLaren M7A

Bruce McLaren took the first of the 1968 Formula 1 McLaren M7As to his team's first Grand Prix victory at the 1968 Belgian GP. Denny Hulme took another three GP victories and challenged for the 1968 World Championship.

19 Nov 2017

McLaren M9A

Like Lotus and Matra, McLaren built a four-wheel-drive F1 car for 1969, the McLaren M9A, but the car was only raced once and then put aside.

18 Nov 2017

McLaren M14D

Like the McLaren M7D, the McLaren M14D was a one-off Formula 1 car built for the Alfa Romeo V8 engine. The car was briefly rebuilt to standard specification for Denny Hulme to race. It was much more successful later in hillclimbs and sprints.

17 Nov 2017

McLaren M7D

A derivative of McLaren M7A Formula 1 car built to fit the Alfa Romeo V8 engine, the McLaren M7D was only a development car, and its record in F1 was dreadful.

15 Nov 2017


Although ATS had yet another new designer, Hervé Guilpin, the 1981 ATS D5 was recognisably a further development of the very conventional ground effect concept that went back to the 1979 D3.

9 Nov 2017

Martini MK23

The little Martini team stepped up into Formula 1 for 1978 with driver Rene Arnoux, but the Martini MK23 was too conventional, too unreliable, and, ultimately, just not quick enough.

8 Nov 2017

Hesketh 308E

Bubbles Horsley continued with his Hesketh team into 1977, with a new Hesketh 308E design for Rupert Keegan and assorted hire drivers. The team finally withdrew from F1 in early 1978.

19 Oct 2017

McLaren M25

The great "might-have-been" of Formula 5000, the McLaren M25 was built in 1973 but did not race until 1976. Based on the F1 M23, it is likely that it would have been highly competitive.

15 Oct 2017

Barrie Smith interview

Former Formula 2 and Formula 3 driver Barrie Smith recalls his memories to www.oldracingcars.com; predominantly his racing in sportscars both in Britain and overseas, but also his fondness for Chevron cars.

8 Oct 2017

Wolf WR7-WR9

Wolf's final season of F1 was a disappointment, past champion James Hunt and future champion Keke Rosberg being unable to score a single point in the Wolf WR7 design.

7 Oct 2017

Wolf WR5-WR6

The second Wolf F1 design, the 1978 Wolf WR5, was a wing car following the ideas of the Lotus 78. The appearance of the Lotus 79 immediately demonstrated that the team had taken a wrong turn.

27 Sep 2017

Fittipaldi F7

After struggling to make their own ground-effect car work, Fittipaldi Automotive bought Walter Wolf Racing at the end of 1979, and raced Wolf's WR7/8/9 design in 1980, renamed as Fittipaldi F7s.

26 Sep 2017

Wolf-Williams FW05

Walter Wolf bought into Frank Williams' F1 team at the end of 1975, and financed the purchase of the Hesketh 308C design. Jacky Ickx was brought in to drive this Wolf-Williams FW05, but the whole project proved to be an abject failure.

19 Sep 2017

European Formula 3 1978 season review and full race results

Jan Lammers won the 1978 European F3 title on a tie-break, poor Anders Olofsson narrowly missing out for the second year in succession. The Ralt RT1 was the top car, but the Chevron B43 and March 783 also won races.

19 Sep 2017

Swedish Formula 3 1980 season review and full race results

If only Bengt Trägårdh had not ignored a black flag for a loose rear wing at the opening race, he could have won the title. Thorbjörn Carlsson took advantage and seized the championship.

18 Sep 2017

Swedish Formula 3 1974 season review and full race results

Conny Andersson and Gunnar Nilsson were the main talents to emerge from Swedish Formula 3 in 1974, and both would eventually make it to F1.

18 Sep 2017

Formula Super Vee 1987 season review and full race results

Former SCCA Formula Ford champion Scott Atchison won four races on his way to the 1987 title. Despite Martini's success in 1986, FSV returned to wall-to-wall Ralt RT5s.

17 Sep 2017

European Formula 3 1977 season review and full race results

The European series continued to grow in importance, and was again a battle between an Italian and a Swede, Piercarlo Ghinzani edging out Anders Olofsson for the title.

16 Sep 2017

Swedish Formula 3 1979 season review and full race results

Slim Borgudd had an excellent season of F3 in 1979 on a shoestring budget with a well-developed Ralt RT1/78. His successes included victory in the Swedish F3 series.

15 Sep 2017

Formula Super Vee 1984 season review and full race results

Future Indy 500 winner Arie Luyendijk passed through FSV on his way up, winning the series in a Provimi Veal Ralt RT5/84. Almost everyone used a Ralt RT5.

14 Sep 2017

BRM P207

The final chapter of BRM's GP history was the infamous 'Stanley Steamer'. Is it the worst GP car ever by a major marque?

13 Sep 2017

BRM P201

The BRM P201 almost triggered a return to competitiveness for BRM, but it was let down by its engine, and by the capricious leadership of Louis Stanley.

12 Sep 2017

BRM P180

It can prove very difficult to replace a good car, and the BRM P180 was unable to replace the very successful P160. Tony Southgate's 'dragster' suffered unresolvable handling problems and was dropped at the end of 1972.

11 Sep 2017

Ligier JS9

The Ligier JS9 was a further development of the JS5-JS7 theme for 1978, but the team's Matra V12 engines were no longer the potent force they had been, and Jacques Laffite was now only a mid-grid qualifier.

10 Sep 2017

Ligier JS7

After a poor start to the 1977 season due to problems with Matra's latest V12 engine, Jacques Laffite gave Ligier their first F1 victory in the Ligier JS7 at the Swedish GP.

9 Sep 2017

Ligier JS5

In what looked very much like a continuation of the Matra F1 project under a new name, the Ligier JS5 was raced by Jacques Laffite in 1976, using Matra V12 engines.

8 Sep 2017

Osella FA1E

The name FA1E was applied to two entirely different Osella designs in 1983: one interim car built from half a 1982 Osella and half a 1982 Alfa Romeo, and one designed by Tony Southgate and fabricated in England. Both used Alfa Romeo's V12 engine.

7 Sep 2017

Osella FA1D

The short-lived Osella FA1D was an interim car designed by Tony Southgate to use FA1C components. It was used at the start of 1983 until the Alfa Romeo-powered cars were ready.

6 Sep 2017

March 701

March's first F1 car was an immediate success, with March 701s being run by Team Tyrrell, March Engineering, and STP. Jackie Stewart won the Race of Champions and the Spanish GP, and Chris Amon then won the International Trophy, before the 701

5 Sep 2017

Osella FA1C

The Osella FA1C was a big step forward in technical terms, but there was no improvement in terms of results. After Hervé Guilpin could not improve the car, Tony Southgate was brought in to rebuild its components into new FA1Ds for 1984.

4 Sep 2017

Osella FA1B

The second F1 Osella was not a sufficient improvement on the 1980 car, and with Eddie Cheever gone, the team struggled to qualify. Jean-Pierre Jarier's arrival triggered a dramatic improvement.

1 Sep 2017

Osella FA1

The first F1 Osella was not a great success, but Eddie Cheever ensure the small team had a very encouraging season.

22 Aug 2017

Don Nichols

Very sorry to have to report the death of Don Nichols yesterday afternoon.

20 Aug 2017

Derek Hill Interview

Interview number two from Goodwood's Festival of Speed is now up on the website; Derek Hill, son of the 1961 World Champion, Phil, discusses, amongst other things, his father, an unhappy Ralf Schumacher and his Formula 3000 career.

13 Aug 2017

ECAR Formula Atlantic 1988 season review and full race results

In Formula Atlantic's Eastern Division, the 1987 runner-up also won the 1988 title, in this case Steve Shelton. Despite facing several brand new Ralt RT4/88s, the Swift also dominated here, with nine wins out of ten.

13 Aug 2017

WCAR Formula Atlantic 1988 season review and full race results

WCAR almost did not make it to 1988, but 1987 runner-up Dean Hall retained faith in the series and was rewarded with the title. The Swift DB4 completed its takeover of the category, with Ralt only winning one race.

6 Aug 2017

Peter Connew Interview

The first of three interviews done at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Richard talks to the man who, virtually on his own, designed, built and entered his own Formula 1 car alongside the likes of Ferrari, Brabham and McLaren in 1972.

17 Jul 2017

Lotus 33

The successor to the Lotus 25, the Lotus 33 took Jim Clark to his second World Championship in 1965. Clark later won five races in the last of the 33s to win the 1967 Tasman Cup.

16 Jul 2017

Lotus 25

The first monocoque Lotus Formula 1 car, the Lotus 25 was driven by Jim Clark to his first World Championship in 1963. Clark won fourteen World Championship GPs across four seasons in Lotus 25s.

10 Jul 2017

Alfa Romeo Tipo 179F

Alfa Romeo built a version of the Tipo 179 that used a carbon fibre monocoque. It only appeared at a single GP, and even then it remained in the garage under its covers.

9 Jul 2017

Alfa Romeo Tipo 179D

After starting the 1981 season with the very disappointing Tipo 179C, Alfa Romeo introduced two new cars during the year, which can be interpreted as a Tipo 179D.

9 Jul 2017

Alfa Romeo Tipo 179C

Autodelta built new cars for 1981 to a similar pattern to the Tipo 179s that had first raced in late 1979. With the 1980s cars being regarded as 179Bs, these new cars were called 179Cs.

6 Jul 2017

BRM P109

A BRM P109 show car was built with a H16 engine for display at EXPO 67 in Montreal during 1967.

21 Jun 2017

Lec CRP1

Another one-off design built as an alternative to buying a customer F1 car, the LEC was built for David Purley. The surviving car spent decades in the Donington Museum before appearing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2014.

20 Jun 2017

Rebaque HR100

The Rebaque HR100 was a very short-lived design, used by Héctor Rebaque at the end of the 1979 season. It offered no advantage over his customer Lotus 79, so the Mexican accepted an offer to drive for Brabham in 1980.

17 May 2017

Matra MS120

The 1970 Matra MS120 was Bernard Boyer's third new design in three years, using a rectilinear monocoque design. This design would be used, through 'B', 'C', and 'D' variants, for the next three seasons.

16 May 2017

Matra MS84

Jackie Stewart wanted a four-wheel-drive car for 1969, in case of wet races. The Matra MS84 was regularly used in practice by Stewart, but only raced four times.

15 May 2017

Matra MS80

Bernard Boyer's bulbous 'coke bottle' Matra MS80 was the dominant F1 car of 1969, Jackie Stewart winning five GPs in the MS80s, and wrapping up both drivers' and constructors' titles at the Italian GP.

14 May 2017

Matra MS11

Designed and built alongside the MS10, the Matra MS11 was equipped with Matra's MS9 V12 engine. Beltoise had little success with the car, and Matra's works team temporarily withdrew from F1 at the end of 1968 to focus on sports car racing.

12 May 2017

McLaren M2B

Following on from the M2A tyre test car, the new Bruce McLaren Motor Racing built their first F1 car for 1966. It was powered by a modified version of Ford's quad-cam Indy car engine. Two were built, and both are now owned by collectors.

10 May 2017

Matra MS10

Matra's first definitive F1 car was the Matra MS10, fitted with a Cosworth DFV engine and supplied to Ken Tyrrell for Jackie Stewart to race. Stewart very nearly won the 1968 title in this car.

10 May 2017

Cooper T80

Cooper built the spaceframe T80 for in 1965 for the stillborn flat-16 Climax FWMW engine, but when this did not arrive, the car was used to test the new Maserati F1 engine.

8 May 2017

Matra MS9

Built as a test and development car late in 1968, the Matra MS9 raced just once, when Jackie Stewart drove it at the 1968 South African GP. Before the next GP, Matra replaced it with the purpose-built Matra MS10.

6 May 2017

Ferrari 312/69

The 1969 model Ferrari 312 had only minor changes from the 1968 car. A new engine was produced, with exhausts on the outside, but this was soon abandoned.

5 May 2017

Ferrari 312/68

For 1968, Ferrari produced a new, slightly sleeker model, with the engine mounted lower in the chassis. The new car also had a revised four-valve V12 engine.

4 May 2017

Ferrari 312/66

Ferrari's first 3-litre F1 used the same 'aero' hybrid monocoque structure as the 1512, and was fitted with a V12 engine based on the 3.3-litre 275P sports car engine.

3 May 2017

Ferrari 312/67

The 1967 Ferrari 312 was a slim 'Aero' pseudo-monocoque, with low front area and taller engine bay horns to house more fuel. The engine was revised, with exhausts how in the vee, to tidy up airflow around the car.

3 May 2017

Hesketh 308C

The Hesketh 308C was a disappointment for the team, and only raced a few times. The whole project was sold to Frank Williams when Lord Hesketh pulled out of F1, and became the Williams FW05.

1 May 2017

Hesketh 308

The Hesketh 308 was the first F1 car from Lord Hesketh's team, and was built for the 1974 team. The cars were modified with rubber suspension for 1975, when James Hunt won the Dutch Grand Prix.

30 Apr 2017

Williams FW04

The first F1 Williams to win a race was not at Silverstone in July 1979, but was at Thruxton in September 1976. It was a Williams FW04 driven by Brian McGuire, and he won from pole.

29 Apr 2017


Gustav Brunner and Tim Wardrup designed the ATS D4 for 1980, and Jan Lammers put it on the second row at Long Beach. Unfortunately, that performance turned out to be another false dawn for ATS.

28 Apr 2017


After a year struggling with the D1/D2 cars, ATS introduced the new ATS D3 at the 1979 Austrian GP. Designed by Nigel Stroud, it represented a significant step forward, but was replaced early in 1980.

27 Apr 2017


The 1979 ATS D2 was a small improvement over the D1, but all the other teams had made greater progress and Hans-Joachim Stuck was now a back-marker, although he did go well at the Monaco GP.

26 Apr 2017


The first in-house ATS Formula 1 design was the ATS D1, designed by John Gentry. It was not a very great success.

25 Apr 2017

Tyrrell 009

An unashamed copy of the Lotus 79, Maurice Philippe's 1979 Tyrrell 009 allowed Jean-Pierre Jarier and Didier Pironi to regularly qualify in the top ten, and the team finished fifth in the Constructors' championship.

24 Apr 2017

Tyrrell 008

Maurice Philippe Tyrrell 008 brought Tyrrell back to competitiveness in 1978, and Patrick Depailler won the Monaco GP. The spell proved short-lived, as the ground-effect cars took over.

23 Apr 2017

Tyrrell P34

The second big surprise from Tyrrell came in 1976, with the amazing six-wheel Tyrrell Project 34. The P34 was very competitive in 1976, with one win and eight second places.

22 Apr 2017

BRM P139

Alec Osborne penned a series of changes to the P126-133-138 design, to produce the P139 in mid-1969. The car was too little, too late, and John Surtees disappointment with it led to the departure of a number of senior BRM staff.

21 Apr 2017

BRM P138

After the P126 and P133 had appeared for the start of the 1968 season, a further variant was produced later in the year that used BRM's own P131 gearbox instead of the Hewland DG300. This car was later used to test the P142 48-valve engine.

20 Apr 2017

BRM P133

The BRM P133 was BRM's in-house version of Len Terry's P126 design. Pedro Rodriguez led two GPs in 1968 in the P133, but his best result was second at Spa-Francorchamps.

19 Apr 2017

BRM P126

A new era for BRM opened in 1968 with their new V12-engined cars, designed by Len Terry. The BRM P126 would lead, via the P133, P138 and P139 designs, to eventual success two years later with the P153.

18 Apr 2017

Brabham BT42

After two poor seasons, Gordon Murray's distinctive triangular Brabham BT42 marked the start of Brabham's revival in F1. Carlos Reutemann only had two podium finishes, but the mood was now upbeat.

17 Apr 2017

Brabham BT39

Built using a F2 chassis mated to Harry Weslake's new V12 engine, the Brabham BT39 was used for a single test at Silverstone in August 1972. Graham Hill was the driver, and he quickly concluded that the engine was not ready to race.

15 Apr 2017

Brabham BT37

The Brabham BT37 was the first F1 car of the Bernie Ecclestone era, but its design was based on the unloved Brabham BT34. Carlos Reutemann found some speed, but Brabham finished ninth in the 1972 Constructors Cup.

14 Apr 2017

Swedish Formula 3 1978 season review and full race results

Anders Olofsson divided his time in 1978 between the European F3 championship and the Swedish title. He was unlucky not to win the European title, but easily retained his Swedish title.

14 Apr 2017

WCAR Formula Atlantic 1987 season review and full race results

Johnny O'Connell moved from Super Vee to Atlantic and won the championship from ex-Formula Ford racer Dean Hall. Ralt's stranglehold on Atlantic was finally broken this year by Swift.

14 Apr 2017

Brabham BT34

The 'lobster-claw' Brabham BT34 was Ron Tauranac's last design for MRD. Despite a win in the International Trophy early in 1972, the car was not a great success, and only one was built.

13 Apr 2017

Brabham BT33

The 1970 Brabham BT33 was the first monocoque F1 Brabham. Jack Brabham was highly competitive for the first half of 1970, and came close to winning three GPs, but the car broke too often later in the season.

12 Apr 2017

Brabham BT26

The quad-cam Repco RB860 let down the Brabham BT26 in 1968, but Cosworth DFVs transformed it into one of the quickest cars of 1969, Jackie Ickx winning two Grands Prix.

11 Apr 2017

Tyrrell 007

Although clearly descended from the 005/006 range, the Tyrrell 007 was state-of-the-art, with inboard brakes and pushrod suspension. it won three GPs with Jody Scheckter in 1974 and 1975.

10 Apr 2017

Brabham BT24

The Brabham BT24 was dominant in mid-1967, before the Lotus 49 came right, allowing Denny Hulme to take the World Championship in Brabham BT24/2.

9 Apr 2017

Williams IR/FW series

The neat and functional IR/FW series of cars were used by Williams from 1973 to 1975. They began as Iso-Marlboros, but are now known as Williams FW01, FW02 and FW03.

8 Apr 2017

Williams FX3

Frank Williams' history as a racing car constructor began in 1972, with the Williams FX3, although it was then named after the team's sponsors. It was not a great success. Two were built, and both survive.

7 Apr 2017

Tyrrell 005/006

The 1972-73 range of Tyrrells includes Tyrrell 006/2, which took Jackie Stewart to his third World Championship.

6 Apr 2017

Tyrrell 002-004

217 models of 3-litre F1 car still to go, so let's crack on. The 1971 model of Tyrrell included Tyrrell 003, Jackie Stewart's 1971 World Championship car.

5 Apr 2017

Tyrrell 001

Starting a new subject, here is "Motor Racing's Best-Kept Secret".

4 Apr 2017

Arrows A6

Arrows' final 3-litre F1 car was the A6, a development of the A5 for the new 1983 "flat bottom" rules. These cars have been extensively used: in F1, F3000, a driver school, and in historic racing.

3 Apr 2017

Arrows A5

After the disappointment of the A4, Arrows built the Arrows A5 in time for the final races of 1982. The car was a straightforward copy of the Williams FW08.

2 Apr 2017

Arrows A4

The next chapter in Arrows' history is the Arrows A4, a deeply disappointing car. A large number of them now exist, more than can easily be explained.

31 Mar 2017

Arrows A3

After the A2, Arrows sensibly went mainstream with their 1980 car. I am in the middle of a big reinvestigation of the Arrows A3s at the moment, so I cannot disclose all the owners.

30 Mar 2017

Arrows A2

Tony Southgate's new design for 1979 was the remarkable Arrows A2. Unfortunately, it was too ambitious for such a small team to fully develop, and was soon abandoned.

29 Mar 2017

Arrows A1

The next stage in the story of Arrows was the elegant Arrows A1, which has become a common sight in British F1, then libre racing and now historic racing. Like the FA1, it was one of the earliest ground-effect cars.

28 Mar 2017

Arrows FA1

Back to the F1 reassessment, and the start of the Arrows story: the Arrows FA1. This car finished second in the Swedish GP, but was banned for being a copy of the Shadow DN9.

13 Mar 2017

Review of Race Retro 2017

Richard Jenkins' review of Race Retro 2017 is now online. Better late than never. By all accounts, a much improved show.

28 Jan 2017

Harris RH5

There are more Formula 5000 cars still to be documented. The 1970 Harris RH5 was built by Ray Harris from Portsmouth in Hampshire, and driven by Brian Tarrant.

13 Jan 2017

Shadow DN3

Continuing the F1 reassessment, we move to the Shadow DN3. This is one we thought we understood, but an examination of photographs shows it's not that simple. Some owners see the evidence differently, so this is a work in progress.

12 Jan 2017

Shadow DN1

As a start of a full review of the F1 areas of OldRacingCars.com, we start with the full race history of the 1973 Shadow DN1. Six built, and all four survivors are known today.

20 Nov 2016

Chevron B20

The Chevron B20 was Chevron's 1972 single-seater design, intended for F2, F3 and Formula B, but designed primarily for F2. It was panelled spaceframe based largely on the B18 but with a full-width 'sports car' nose.

16 Nov 2016

Ellen Lohr Interview

One of motorsport's most successful female drivers is interviewed by us. She discusses women in motorsport, racing trucks, her abortive Formula 3000 career and racing at Dakar.

16 Nov 2016

Marc Surer Interview

An in-depth interview with 1970's and 1980's Grand Prix driver Marc Surer, who talks about the struggles for Swiss drivers, Gordon Murray and Teddy Yip, as well as other topics.

11 Nov 2016

Chevron B17

The 1970 Formula 3 Chevron B17 was a development of the B15 with a stiffened centre section, new uprights and a tidied engine cover. Jürg Dubler and Peter Hanson both won major F3 races in this model using Novamotor engines.

17 Oct 2016

European Formula 3 1976 season review and full race results

The profile of the European Championship rose significantly in 1976 thanks to a memorable battle between Riccardo Patrese and Conny Andersson. It was also a struggle for supremacy between March and Chevron.

8 Oct 2016

New Zealand Formula Pacific 1984

Davy Jones won four of the eight heats that made up the 1984 series, and two of the four events, but veteran Kenny Smith racked up enough points to take the title. All the leading runners were in Ralt RT4s.

24 Sep 2016

Riccardo Patrese Interview

An in-depth interview with one of the longest serving and popular Grand Prix drivers of recent times. Riccardo discusses Brabham, Williams and dancing with Grace Kelly.

15 Sep 2016

Chevron B18

The 1971 Chevron B18 was a multi-purpose car built for F2, F3, Formula Atlantic and Formula B, although the FB version is treated here as a separate model. The B18 won in F2, and came close to winning the British Formula Atlantic championship.

7 Sep 2016

Chevron B15

The 1969 Formula 3 Chevron B15 was derived from the late-1968 Chevron B9B, incorporating its panelled cockpit section. Of the 56 major F3 Internationals in 1969, it won six, compared with 31 for Tecno and 12 for Brabham.

23 Aug 2016

Caldwell D8

The one-off Caldwell Formula A was built by Ray Caldwell's Autodynamics company of Marblehead, MA, best known as the builder of the Autodynamics Formula Vee cars. Brett Lunger and Sam Posey drove the car, but without success.

22 Aug 2016

Begg FM5

A completely new F5000 Begg design for 1973, the Begg FM5 was built by Fred McLean and followed the design of the McRae GM1. The FM5 was driven by David Oxton in New Zealand, Australia and Britain.

22 Jun 2016

Hayhoe 1968 Indy

Commissioned by Jim Hayhoe and built using the plans of the Brabham BT12, the two Hayhoe cars appeared at four Indy 500s from 1968 to 1971. They were transformed into a wedge design by Jud Phillips in 1971.

20 Jun 2016

Gerhardt 1968 Indy

The Gerhardt operation continued to produce customer Indycars in 1968, their most successful customer being Gordy Johncock.

19 Jun 2016

Vollstedt 1965 Indy

Rolla Vollstedt's 1965 Indy car was based heavily on the 1963-64 car, even using its chassis jig, but was designed for the newly-available Ford quad-cam engine. Len Sutton would drive the new car at the Indy 500.

7 Jun 2016

Kingfish 1973 Indy

Grant King was an expert copier of other people's racing cars, and for 1973 he produced a very faithful copy of AAR's 1972 Eagle. Three of these Kingfish were built and they started at least 55 races over the next ten seasons.

5 Jun 2016

Kingfish 1972 Indy

Grant King built a pair of new cars for 1972 which closely followed the design of the McLaren M16. One of the cars was destroyed in Merle Bettenhausen's accident in 1972 but the other was raced for several more years by Carl Gehlhausen's team.

4 Jun 2016

Kingfish 1970 Indy

Grant King constructed around 250 sprint and midget cars over a long career but his first Indy car was built in 1970 along the lines of the successful Brabham-based Mongoose design. It was driven by Art Pollard and Greg Weld in 1970.

20 Apr 2016

Denny Zimmerman interview

1971 Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year Denny Zimmerman - and later a Boeing 747 captain - has been interviewed by our Drivers Editor Richard Jenkins.

18 Apr 2016

March 73A

A huge amount of work has gone into the March 73A histories recently. These are perhaps the most complex of all the F5000 models, as such a large proportion of them were redeveloped using different monocoques.

15 Apr 2016

McKee Mk 18 1972 Formula 5000 history

The McKee Mk 18 was a F5000 design built for regular customer Dick DeJarld for 1972. After a low-key F5000 career, it was transformed into a strikingly ugly Can-Am car for Robert Goulet in the 1980s before being rescued by McKee and restored.

12 Apr 2016

Swedish Formula 3 1977 season review and full race results

With a new Ralt RT1/77 and support from Stockholm's Puss & Kram jeans, Anders Olofsson swept to victory in the 1977 Swedish F3 series, and also took second place in the European Championship. Mats Nygren and Stefan Johansson fought for second.

9 Apr 2016

Japanese Formula Pacific 1982 season review and full race results

After showing promise in 1981, grid sizes halved to just half a dozen as the countries leading driver made it a private battleground. Kazuyoshi Hoshino won another title but JAF pulled the plug, joining the Macau GP in a move to Formula 3.

8 Apr 2016

Japanese Formula Pacific 1981 season review and full race results

Formula Pacific continued to grow, with grids averaging a dozen cars, but it wasn't working as a development formula. Regular F2 driver Kazuyoshi Hoshino won the title from his old rivals Satoru Nakajima, Masahiro Hasemi and Kenji Takahashi.

6 Apr 2016

Japanese Formula Pacific 1980 season review and full race results

Masahiro Hasemi regained his Formula Pacific title winning six races in a baffling array of cars. As well as his well-used Chevron B40 he also had one, two or three Marches. Satoru Nakajima won the other two races

4 Apr 2016

Australian Gold Star 1971

CAMS moved Australian Formula 1 to allow both Formula 5000 and 2-litre racing engines for 1971. Although the F5000s were the quicker cars, Max Stewart's 2-litre Mildren-Waggott was more consistent and won the title by a single point.

31 Mar 2016

European Formula 3 Cup 1975 season review and full race results

A very low-key beginning to the European F3 Championship favoured the itinerant F3 driver and the leaders of that group in 1975 were Larry Perkins and Conny Andersson. Perkins took the title in his Ralt RT1 despite scoring only 18 points.

24 Mar 2016

Eagle 1972 Indy car-by-car histories

The classic 1972 Indianapolis Eagle, designed by Roman Slobodynskyj, was the fastest car of 1972, and the most popular customer Indy car of its era. Together with its inspiration, the McLaren M16, it completely redefined the design of Indycars.

22 Mar 2016

Swedish Formula 3 1976 season review and full race results

Tore Helle recruited Tommy Borgudd and Eje Elgh to join Conny Ljungfeldt in his Rotel F3 team, and equipped then with new Viking F3 cars, designed by Len Terry. Unfortunately the money ran out before the car could prove itself.

21 Mar 2016

Swedish Formula 3 1975 season review and full race results

The Rotel Racing Marchs of Conny Andersson and Conny Ljungfeldt dominated the 1975 Swedish F3 series, with young Ljungfeldt taking the title in Andersson's 1974 car.

19 Mar 2016

Italian Formula 3 1976 season review and full race results

Former World Karting Champion Riccardo Patrese was the leading driver in F3 in 1976, and won the Italian championship as well as the European title. The March 763 was the car to have, but Chevron and Ralt were emerging as serious contenders.

12 Mar 2016

'Formula 1 The Knowledge'

David Hayhoe's new book, 'Formula 1 The Knowledge' will be published this week. David will be well known to many of you as the statistician for Autocourse for over 25 years, and the author of the Grand Prix Data Book.

5 Mar 2016

ECAR Formula Atlantic 1987 season review and full race results

After three seasons of low-key recovery, Formula Atlantic re-emerged as a significant American category in 1987. British ex-F3 driver Calvin Fish won the title but the main news of the season was the emergence of the new Swift DB4.

4 Mar 2016

Swedish Formula 3 1987 season review and full race results

The more experienced Micke Johansson beat young Rickard Rydell, a future touring car star, to the 1987 Swedish F3 title. The pair dominated the series but no new opportunities arose, so they would both be back again in 1988.

27 Feb 2016

Japanese Formula Pacific 1979 season review and full race results

The Japanese Formula Pacific title blossomed in 1979. Takao Wada bought a brand new March 79B mid-season and with Masahiro Hasemi dropping out of several races, Wada took the title with a race to spare.

24 Feb 2016

Irish Formula Atlantic 1975 season review and full race results

Patsy McGarrity bought a brand new Chevron B29 and easily retained his BP RIAC Formula Atlantic title. He also won the new 500 MRCI Northern Irish title.

23 Feb 2016

Japanese Formula Pacific 1978 season review and full race results

Masahiro Hasemi was best prepared for the new Formula Pacific category, driving the Chevron B40 that he had imported late the previous year. Using Nissan power, he won four of the five races, and easily won the championship.

22 Feb 2016

Australian Gold Star 1970

As old technology gave way to new, the 1970 Gold Star was a three-way fight between the 2-litre Waggott-engined cars of Leo Geoghegan and Max Stewart, and the Repco V8 car of John Harvey. Geoghegan won on points.

21 Feb 2016

British Formula 3 1987

Johnny Herbert won the 1987 British F3 championship in Eddie Jordan's Reynard 873-VW Speiss. Like many F3 champions before him, he would go on to a highly successful F1 career.

20 Feb 2016

Irish Formula Atlantic 1974 season review and full race results

After years of Formula Libre, race organisers in Ireland agreed to a move to Formula Atlantic for 1974, and BP sponsored a championship organised by RIAC. Patsy McGarrity won the first title in his Chevron B25.

19 Feb 2016

ARS 1987 season review and full race results

Didier Theys, the reigning Super Vee Champion, moved up to ARS for 1987 to drive for TrueSports and won again, beating his old FSV sparring partner Jeff Andretti and ex-F1 driver Tommy Byrne to the title.

17 Feb 2016

ECAR Formula Atlantic 1986 season review and full race results

Canadian rookie Scott Goodyear took on English Formula 3 driver Calvin Fish for the 1986 ECAR title, and prevailed by six wins to three in the nine-race series.

16 Feb 2016

WCAR Formula Atlantic 1986 season review and full race results

Ted Prappas had a new Ralt RT4/86 and narrowly defeated veteran Dan Marvin and Mexican Roberto Quintanilla to win the 1986 WCAR Formula Atlantic Championship.

15 Feb 2016

Brad Murphey interview

"Bronco" Brad Murphey, the former rodeo rider who raced in the ARS and Trans-Am and appeared at the Indianapolis 500 in 1996, recalls his experiences in these and more to Richard Jenkins.

3 Feb 2016

Eagle 1969 Indy

The 1969 Eagle was a completely new design, from young designer Tony Southgate. It used the wedge profile popularised by the Lotus 56, together with Brabham-style suspension. The car worked well on road courses but less well on ovals.

28 Nov 2015

Cooper T82

Cooper developed the 1965 T75 into the new T82 design for 1966, but only found two buyers: Jo Bonnier and Jo Siffert raced a BRM-engined car, and loyal Bob Gerard ran a SCA car. Neither achieved any success in Formula 2.

28 Sep 2015

Cooper T79

Bruce McLaren Motor Racing returned to the Tasman series for 1965 with an undated design, the Cooper T79. Like the F1 T77 and F2 T75 designs, it had much tidier front suspension distinguished by a radius rod running back from the top of the upright.

17 Sep 2015

Crosslé 15F

Following the success of their Crosslé 12F in Formula B in the US, Crosslé built a 5-litre car for Formula A at the end of 1968, the Crosslé 15F. Two raced in the US but did not enjoy success. A third 15F raced in the UK.

9 Sep 2015

Brabham BT4

After the success of the 1962 Formula Junior and Formula 1 cars, MRD built a car for the season of Formule Libre races in New Zealand and Australia. Three were built for this series and a fourth for European hillclimbs.

30 Aug 2015

Leda LT25

Despite the disastrous LT20 design of 1970, Malaya Garages were willing to stick with Len Terry for 1971 and his new LT25 design proved much more competitive.

28 Aug 2015

Roberto Moreno interview

Drivers Editor Richard Jenkins continues his series of interviews with a detailed conversation with former F1 driver Roberto Moreno.

25 Aug 2015

Leda LT22

In August 1970, following the abject disaster of the LT20 design, Len Terry produced a modified LT22 design. This replaced the LT20's rear suspension with more normal lower wishbones, top links and radius rods. But it still didn't work.

13 Aug 2015

Kenny Brack interview

Richard Jenkins recently conducted a couple of interviews off the back of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The first of them is with former Formula 3000 and Indy 500 driver - and winner of the 1999 Indy 500 - Kenny Brack.

3 Aug 2015

Lola T190

After the relatively unsophisticated T140-142 series, Lola moved to a monocoque F5000 design for 1970. The T190 had a very short wheelbase, and was uncompetitive until a lengthened version was developed later in the season.

15 Jul 2015

Lotus 70B

A refinement of the Lotus 70 was built for the 1971 season but only the first car was sold by Lotus Components. Another two were sold in kit form in 1972. This ended Lotus's interest in F5000.

12 May 2015

March 725

March were led into F5000 by John Cannon, the Canadian who had won the 1970 US series with Carl Hogan's McLaren M10B. For 1972, Cannon ordered a new 722 F2 tub to be fitted with a Race Engine Services Oldsmobile engine.

11 May 2015

Chinook 1969 FA

George and Rudi Fejer's Chinook company followed up its 1968 Indycar with a short run of cars for the new Formula A. We are grateful to former Chinook team member Ed Butt for histories of the four cars, but where are they now?

10 May 2015

EDP Special F5000

In 1969, Eno dePasquale used the componentry from a crashed Genie Mk 8 to built a tube frame Formula 5000 Special. It used a Chevrolet V8 engine and Huffaker transaxle.

9 May 2015

Chaparral F5000

In 1971, the Chaparral team resucitated an old Indycar design and used it in Formula 5000. It only raced twice and was crashed at its second race.

3 Apr 2015

Gerhardt 1967 Indy

After the success of the 1966 Indy cars, Gerhardt built a run of cars for 1967 featuring only detail differences but identifiable from a longer nose. Gordy Johncock won at Milwaukee in June and at Hanford in October in his Gerhardt-Ford.

26 Mar 2015

Surtees TS8 F5000

The Surtees TS8 was the second Surtees F5000 design and was based on the team's TS7 Formula 1 car. It sold well and won races in Mike Hailwood's hands, but engine problems prevented him winning the 1971 British series.

22 Mar 2015

Lola T530 Can-Am

The Lola T530 page was one of the very first published on ORC, back in December 2000. At long last, it has a significant update but there are still problems. Did anyone ever note the chassis plate on any of the T530s that ran in Thundersports?

11 Mar 2015

Update to 'Where Are They Now?'

A pre-F1 season update with 136 updates in all, including up-to-date information about many competing in 2015.

12 Feb 2015

US Formula Super Vee 1983

Ed Pimm stayed in FSV with Jim Trueman's Red Roof Inns team and won one race in an Anson SA4 before changing to a Ralt RT5/83 and winning four more races. Price Cobb, also in a 1983 Ralt, was his closest competitor but his sponsorship ran out.

11 Feb 2015

US Formula Super Vee 1986

As Formula Atlantic struggled and Can-Am dwindled, Formula Super Vee and ARS emerged as the main routes into CART in the mid-1980s. Didier Theys narrowly beat Mike Groff to the 1986 title.

10 Feb 2015

Eagle 1967 Indy

The 1967 Indy Eagle was only the slightest of enhancements over the 1966 model, and the chassis numbering actually continued from the earlier car. Bobby Unser's Rislone/Leader Cards car was the most successful of the cars in 1967, winning two races.

9 Feb 2015

Gilbert Cheetah 1968 Indy

After using BRP-built cars for three seasons, George Bryant commissioned chief mechanic Howard Gilbert to build two new cars for 1968, using the plans for the Brabham BT12. George Follmer took one to a surprise victory at Phoenix in 1969.

8 Feb 2015

WCAR Formula Atlantic 1985

Defending champion Dan Marvin remained in WCAR Formula Atlantic for 1985 but was beaten to the title by Jeff Wood, stepping back down to Formula Atlantic after his career had stalled following a couple of CART drives. The Ralt RT4 remained dominant,

29 Dec 2014

ECAR Formula Atlantic 1985

1984 SCCA champion Michael Angus and Florida Ferrari dealer Steve Shelton were the leading runners in the 1985 series, but a run of retirements for Shelton allowed Angus to win the title by a huge margin.

29 Dec 2014

Mongoose 1968 Indy

After the success of the 1967 Mongoose, Dave Laycock produced a revised car for 1968 with which Lloyd Ruby led the Indy 500 and later won twice at Milwaukee. The only car built was destroyed in a fire at Dover Downs in August 1969.

3 Dec 2014

ECAR Formula Atlantic

Two years after WCAR Formula Atlantic started on the west coast, Pro Sports 2000 organiser Vicki O'Connor started an east coast equivalent, sanctioned by the SCCA.

21 Nov 2014

WCAR Formula Atlantic 1984

The first full year of WCAR Formula Atlantic was won by defending champion Dan Marvin from Chris Bender, both driving 1983 Ralt RT4s. John-David Briggs, Hubert Phipps and Davy Jones won the other races, all in Ralt RT4s.

16 Nov 2014

1971 European 2-litre Sports Racing Cars results

Lola battled Chevron in 1971 with the Huntingdon constructor coming out on top. Helmut Marko was the leading Lola runner and won the drivers' championship. John Hine was Chevron's leading driver.

15 Nov 2014

WCAR Formula Atlantic 1983

Very little can be found about the 1983 WCAR series. There were three races but we do not have race results for Seattle (26 Jun 1983) or for Riverside (24 Sep 1983). Can you help?

13 Nov 2014

WCAR Formula Atlantic

After the CASC Formula Atlantic series died following the Formula Mondial debacle in 1983, the formula was kept alive as a professional category on the west coast of the US by the new WCAR group.

5 Nov 2014

Mongoose 1967 Indy

Dave Laycock's first Indy car was based on a F1 Brabham BT11 that had been bought by Gene White to be copied. Four were built and Lloyd Ruby won first time out in Gene White's own car.

17 Oct 2014

Chevron B37

The Chevron B37 was a one-off F5000 car constructed in 1976 for prospective customer VDS comprising a Chevron B35 Formula 2 car fitted with a Morand Chevrolet V8. VDS agreed to buy the car and it was raced by Peter Gethin and Teddy Pilette.

10 Oct 2014

North American Formula Mondial 1983

The FIA's attempt to turn Formula Atlantic and Formula Pacific into a global Formula Mondial was hugely damaging to the North American series. Michael Andretti and Roberto Moreno put on a great show but after 12 seasons the CASC series died.

8 Oct 2014

North American Formula Atlantic 1982

On track, the CASC Formula Atlantic series continued to be a great success but financially it continued to struggle. The SCCA had never supported the series but the FIA would soon prove that such support could prove counter-productive.

6 Oct 2014

Swiss Championship 1963

Starting a new area on OldRacingCars.com, our coverage of the Schweizer Meisterschaft opens with the 1963 season. Charles Vögele had a brand new 2.5-litre Brabham BT4 and dominated the season.

4 Oct 2014

North American Formula Atlantic 1981

It was a third title in four years for Doug Shierson Racing as Jacques Villeneuve ran away with the 1981 title in his March 81A. But all around him were Ralt RT4s as Ron Tauranac's company tightened its grip on the Formula Atlantic market.

24 Sep 2014

Cooper T71

For the newly introduced 1000cc Formula 2 in 1964, Cooper built a new model, the T71. Similar to the F3 T72 and F1 T73, the T71 used semi stressed-skin construction and were the first Coopers to use rocker arm front suspension with inboard springs.

22 Sep 2014

Cooper T71/73

A one-off car built up by Bob Gerard Racing using a combination of F1 T73 and F2 T71 components, this car has always been known as the T71/73. It was raced in minor F1 races but also in libre, in F2 and even in F3.

21 Sep 2014

Brabham BT3

The first of the Grand Prix Brabhams made its debut at the German GP in August 1962. The rather chubby turquoise-and-gold car appeared in only five GP but won the non-championship Solitude GP in 1963.

19 Sep 2014

Brabham BT12

The Brabham BT12 was very short-lived but exceedingly influential. Built by Brabham for the 1964 Indianapolis 500, the car was destroyed in testing but its design would be copied for Mario Andretti's very successful Brawner-Hawks.

12 Sep 2014

Lola T80

Lola created a brand new car for Indy racing in 1965. Like the Lotus that inspired it, the T80 was a monocoque fitted with the Ford quad cam engine. Three were built, for AJ Foyt, Lindsey Hopkins and JC Agajanian.

11 Sep 2014

European Formula 2 1968

Jochen Rindt was the dominant driver in F2 in his Roy Winkelmann Racing Brabham BT23C but he was a graded driver so the title went to the works Matra driver Jean-Pierre Beltoise in the Matra MS7.

7 Sep 2014

Watson 1965 Indy

Unlike the 1964 car, the 1965 Watson was of monocoque design, utilising a very simple bathtub structure with inboard front springs and very slender rock arm suspension. The car had a very distinctive pointed nose.

5 Sep 2014

Watson 1964 Indy

He didn't only build roadsters. AJ Watson's first rear-engined car was an unashamed copy of the very quick late-1963 Vollstedt design. Rodger Ward qualified on the front row for the 1964 Indy 500 and finished in second place.

30 Aug 2014

Gerhardt 1966 Indy

Thanks to some timely publicity from Parnelli Jones breaking the one-mile closed track record during tyre testing, Fred Gerhardt received ten orders for his 1966 design. Gordie Johncock took two second places during the season in the Weinberger car.

29 Aug 2014

Gerhardt 1965 Indy

Fred Gerhardt built three new cars for the 1965 season, described as being "built along the lines of the Lotus racers used in Europe". Veteran entrants Ernie Ruiz and Pete Salemi bought customer cars.

28 Aug 2014

Gerhardt 1964 Indy

The first Gerhardt Indy car was a monocoque based to some degree on the successful Lotus Indy car design and produced for 1964 at Fred Gerhardt's Commercial Truck Body Factory in in Fresno, CA.

7 Aug 2014

Eagle 1966 Indy

Designed for Dan Gurney's AAR by Len Terry, the 1966 Indianapolis Eagle was based on Terry's Lotus 38 design. Six were built, four for AAR and two for customers Lindsey Hopkins and Sidney Weinberger.

6 Jul 2014

Cooper T77

For the final year of the 1500cc Formula 1, Cooper produced the T77, with only minor changes from the preceding T73. Little further development was done during another dismal season. Bruce McLaren was joined as driver by F2 star Jochen Rindt.

5 Jul 2014

Cooper T73

Cooper's 1964 F1 design, the T73, was based loosely on the Tasman slimline T70 design with stressed panels on the floor and sides, but also with rocker arm front suspension and inboard springs. Phil Hill joined Bruce McLaren as team drivers.

9 Jun 2014

Brabham BT14

For 1965, Brabham introduced three new models, all derived from the successful 1964 Formula 2 BT10. The Brabham BT14 was supplied with a 1600cc Ford twin cam engine and was intended for Formule Libre racing.

5 May 2014

Ruggero Melgrati

Richard Jenkins' interview with 1988 F3000 driver Ruggero Melgrati.

16 Apr 2014

Brabham BT30

The Formula 2 Brabham BT30 was part of a new set of designs for 1969, including the BT28 for F3 and the BT29 for FB. It sold well but suffered from delivery problems so the same design was carried over into 1970.

1 Apr 2014

McLaren M3A

After the success of McLaren's M1A sports cars, Bruce McLaren was persuaded that the basic design could equally be used for a single-seater. The resulting McLaren M3A used Traco Oldsmobile or Shelby Ford engines and was used mainly in speed events.

27 Mar 2014

McLaren M4A

The McLaren M4A, or Mark IV as it was sometimes known in the US, was McLaren's first attempt at a junior formula car. It was designed primarily for Formula 2 but examples were also sold for F3 and SCCA Formula B.

16 Mar 2014

Chevron B9

Chevron's first production single seater was the Formula 3 Chevron B9, the production version of the late 1967 B7. The car was highly successful in British national F3, where Tim Schenken won the Lombank title, but was less competitive abroad.

9 Mar 2014

Chevron B14

The Chevron B14 was based on the new Formula 3 B9 design but fitted with a Ford twin cam for SCCA Formula B. Chevron have previously claimed that only three were built but there is strong evidence in favour of a fourth.

5 Feb 2014

Brabham BT23E

The Brabham BT23E was a one-off Tasman car built for Jack Brabham to race in the 1968 series.

2 Feb 2014

Lola T140 and Lola T142 progress

Thanks to recently found pictures, the Lola T142 raced in 1970 by Pete Sherman has been identified as the ex-Mike Hiss Lola T140.

1 Feb 2014

Chevron B17c

Chevron ventured back into F2 in 1970 with the new Chevron B17c, to be driven by Reine Wisell, Chevron's works F3 driver the previous season. Like the B10 before it, the B17c was a flop. However, a second example proved dominant in Formule Libre.

31 Jan 2014

Brabham BT23B

Returning to the BT23 derivatives, the BT23B was built around the venerable Coventry Climax FPF engine and would be mainly used in hillclimbs and in libre racing. One of them main a single GP start and it is this that remains the BT23Bs only claim t

30 Jan 2014

Chevron B7

The first in a long line of formula Chevrons was the Formula 3 B7 which caused a sensation at its first first race, running with the leaders throughout. After just three races its disappeared into SCCA racing and has yet to make a reappearance.

27 Jan 2014

Brabham BT23F

The BT23F was a version of the popular BT23 F2 design built for SCCA Formula B in 1968 as an alternative to the F3-based BT21C. Only one was built, for Bill Gublemann, but two very similar cars were built with different gearboxes as the BT23G.

25 Jan 2014

Brabham BT23G

Two Brabham BT23Gs were built for Formula B in 1968 with a specification differing slightly from the BT23F in that they had Hewland Mk 5 gearboxes instead of a FT200. Little is known of their exploits.

24 Jan 2014

Brabham BT23

The 1967 Formula 2 car was a more significant revision to the Brabham line, after the minor evolutions from the BT10 to the BT18. Jochen Rindt won nine of the season's F2 races in his BT23.

19 Jan 2014

Brabham BT23D

The Brabham BT23D was a special BT23 derivative ordered by Alec Mildren to take his pair of 2.5-litre Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 V8 engines in Tasman racing. It was driven by Frank Gardner in 1967/68 and by Kevin Bartlett in 1968/69.

18 Jan 2014

Brabham BT2

We don't normally cover Formula Junior as there can be no greater expert than Duncan Rabagliati but in order to make sense of the later Brabhams, we have to first eliminate the BT2s and BT6s. We start here with the BT2s.

22 Sep 2013

McLaren M18 updates

The successor to the M10 series was a bit of a flop but eight were still built. Three destroyed, one divided and one extra car makes seven. Six of those are known but two haven't been seen for a while. Just the ex-Eppie Wietzes car is still lost.

20 Sep 2013

Chevron B28 updates

There were only two B28s but they are proving a tough nut to crack. One can now be positively identified but the other one went missing in 1980. As a B24/28 is also missing, we cannot be certain about the other car that exists today.

18 Sep 2013

Chevron B24 updates

Nine Chevron B24s were originally built, three were destroyed and one has since duplicated so there should now be seven. This new edition of the page contains latest owners for six; so just one missing.

15 Sep 2013

Lola T430 updates

Only three built and all in Christchurch, New Zealand, so an easy update. Assistance getting all the other F5000s up to date would be most welcome.

14 Sep 2013

McRae GM1 updates

The GM1 has become one of the most popular cars in historic F5000 racing. At least nine of the 13 survivors have raced in the last 12 months and very few are missing. However, rumours suggest that new ones are being built.

11 Sep 2013

Lola T332 updates

A new edition of the Lola T332 page, with several mystery cars now resolved and many ownership records brought up to date.

22 Aug 2013

Brabham BT10

The big brother of the F3 BT9 was the Formula 2 Brabham BT10. MRD were slow to get customer cars delivered but by July the BT10 had matched the Lotus 32 and would end the season the dominant car.

9 Aug 2013

Brabham BT9

Formula 2 and Formula 3 were reintroduced for 1964 and Brabham built the new BT9 for Formula 3, based closely on the successful BT6 Formula Junior design. Although not hugely successful, the BT9 paved the way for Brabham's domination of F3.

5 Aug 2013

Lola T330 progress

Peter Brennan has just taken delivery of Lola T330 HU18 after it has sat fire-damaged for nearly four decades in a shed in Oregon.

3 Aug 2013

Surtees TS8 progress

Mike Whatley found an old letter in his files that allows some untangling of the Surtees TS8 histories. Mike's '014' currently lives in New Zealand.

12 Jul 2013

Surtees TS5 progress

Significant progress on the Surtees TS5s thanks to Kelly Holtzclaw who explained the southern Californian car and to former owners D David France and Jim Bandy.

25 Jun 2013

Irish Formule Libre racing 1966

After Tommy's Reid's season was interrupted by a crash in the 4.2-litre Crosslé monoposto, Malcolm Templeton was back on top in 1966 with his Brabham BT14. Also in Crosslé sports car was future F1 star John Watson, then just 20.

24 Jun 2013

Irish Formule Libre racing 1965

Tommy Reid was the leading libre driver in 1965 in the Irish Racing Cars Lotus 22-twin cam but Malcolm Templeton kept the pressure on by buying a brand new Brabham BT14. John Pringle had a lousy season in the Cooper-Oldsmobile.

22 Jun 2013

Irish Formule Libre racing 1964

With Formula Junior having finished, the main focus of Irish racing became Formule Libre and would remain so for ten seasons. Malcolm Templeton and John Pringle were the established top drivers in the north but Tommy Reid joined them from FJ in 1964.

19 Jun 2013

Rennmax marque update

Much more on Rennmax thanks to Mark Blisset who has kindly provided the results of his detailed research into the Rennmax sports cars.

1 Apr 2013

British Formula 3 1977

Derek Daly (Chevron B38) and Stephen South (March 763 and 773) shared the honours in 1977, the Irishman taking the BP title and the Englishman the Vandervell title. But for an accident between the pair wrecking South's 763, he may have taken both.

17 Mar 2013

Italian Formula 3 1975

As close a championship finish as it's possible to imagine outside a film script. Alessandro Pesenti-Rossi was leading the final race but it was stopped due to rain and he had to drop a point from his total, leaving Luciano Pavesi as champion.

10 Mar 2013

British Formula 3 1986

Andy Wallace won the 1986 title in the Madgwick Reynard 863 after a duel with Maurizio Sandro Sala in Eddie Jordan's Ralt RT30/86 which was resolved when 'Morris' inexplicably lost faith in the Ralt and acquired a Reynard.

9 Mar 2013

Franklen - Palliser - Mildren F5000

Born as the Franklen, bought by Palliser and sold by them to Alex Mildren, this car was on its third name before it even raced. It was eventually raced by Kevin Bartlett during the 1971 Tasman Cup but was not a great success.

7 Mar 2013

British Formula 3 1973

The final season of the 1600cc Formula 3 had three separate championships in England, of which the MCD John Player title was the most important. Tony Brise won from Alan Jones, Russell Wood and Jacques Laffite, all expected to be future F1 drivers.

6 Mar 2013

Formule France 1970 season review and results

François Lacarrau overtook Jacques Coulon for the 1970 title by winning the final race. Despite the success of the series, only two of the 1970 participants would make it to F1: Jacques Laffite and Michel Leclère. Lacarrau did not even reach F2.

17 Feb 2013

Formule France 1968-1970

We don't have a great deal of information on Formule France yet, but here is a start. If anyone can help, they will be most welcome.

27 Nov 2012

South African Formula Atlantic 1977

Ian Scheckter retained his title in a works-supported March 77B despite also racing in F1. Roy Klomfass and Nols Nieman also won races in March 77Bs and Tony Martin scored one for Chevron's new B39.

26 Nov 2012

North American Formula Atlantic 1980

Jacques Villeneuve won the 1980 title in his well-funded Doug Shierson Racing March 80A. Tom Gloy was his closest rival but Ralt struggled to make their new RT4 design work well until the end of the season

25 Nov 2012

Australian Gold Star 1969

Alex Mildren Racing was the only local team with new 2.5-litre equipment for 1969 and Kevin Bartlett easily retained his title in the Mildren 'Mono' with Leo Geoghegan still in the Lotus 39 finishing second.

24 Nov 2012

Tasman Cup 1969

Chris Amon was back with a better-equipped team of Ferrari 246T/69s and held off Jochen Rindgt's Lotus 49 to win the title. Behind these two, Piers Courage won one race in Frank Williams' Brabham BT24.

23 Nov 2012

Formula 2 - Where Are They Now?

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Where Are They Now? on the web, Richard Jenkins has added a Formula 2 category.

21 Nov 2012

North American Formula Atlantic 1979

With Chevron now finished in Formula Atlantic, 1979 saw a straight fight between March and Ralt. Ralt drivers Kevin Cogan and Tom Gloy proved fastest, with Gloy winning thanks to better reliability.

20 Nov 2012

Australian Gold Star 1968

A three-way battle between Repco and Alfa-engined Brabham BT23s was won by Kevin Bartlett in Alec Mildren's Brabham BT23D-Alfa V8 from Phil West in the Scuderia Veloce BT23A-Repco V8.

19 Nov 2012

South African Formula Atlantic 1976

Formula Atlantic arrived in South Africa for 1976 and Ian Scheckter overturned habitual champion Dave Charlton to take his first South African Drivers Championship in a new March 76B. Charlton later followed suit and swapped his Modus M3 for a 76B.

16 Nov 2012

1968 Tasman Cup season season review and full results

A fabulous duel between Jim Clark's Lotus 49 and Chris Amon's Ferrari 246T was resolved in favour of the Scotsman but Amon had often proved quicker. Frank Gardner also starred in Alec Mildren's Brabham BT23D-Alfa.

15 Nov 2012

1978 North American Formula Atlantic season review and results

Formula Ford and Super Vee graduate Howdy Holmes won the 1978 series in a Doug Shierson Racing March 78B. His closest competitor was Finnish star Keke Rosberg, in a Fred Opert Chevron B45 and the Ralts of Bobby Rahal, Price Cobb and Kevin Cogan.

14 Nov 2012

1967 Australian Gold Star season review and results

Spencer Martin retained his title in Bob Jane's Brabham BT11A and then retired. With his departure, the Climax-powered Intercontinental gave way to F2 cars with Repco and Alfa V8s.

13 Nov 2012

1967 Tasman Cup season season review and full results

The Climax V8-powered Lotus 33 of Jim Clark was too strong for two-car teams from BRM and Brabham. The BRM P261s broke their gearboxes and the whole Brabham-Repco package was too unreliable.

12 Nov 2012

The 3-litre Formula A - the first season

Before F5000 came Formula A, a short-lived and entirely unsuccessful category for formula cars with engines up to 3000cc.

11 Nov 2012

1977 Canadian Formula Atlantic season review and results

Gilles Villeneuve retained his title as well as making his F1 and Can-Am debuts. When the Canadian wasn't there at the finish, there was a chance for Keke Rosberg, Bobby Rahal and Price Cobb to enhance their reputations.

10 Nov 2012

1966 Australian Gold Star season review and results

With Bob Stillwell retired, Spencer Martin took over as the dominant domestic racer in Bob Jane's Brabham BT11A and won the Gold Star from John Harvey in R.C. Phillips' impressively quick Brabham BT14-twin cam.

9 Nov 2012

1966 Tasman Cup season season review and full results

Jim Clark was back to defend his title but BRM trumped his efforts with a pair of F1 P261s with enlarged 1900cc V8 engines. Jackie Stewart was the new champion with teammate Graham Hill second.

8 Nov 2012

1983 MCD British Formula Atlantic season review and results

The final act of Formula Atlantic in Britain, with the BRDC and BRSCC providing the stage for a three-way battle between Alo Lawler, Ian Flux and Trevor Templeton. Lawler retained his title and the Ralt RT4s finished 1-2-3. Then it was over.

7 Nov 2012

1976 Canadian Formula Atlantic season review and results

The year of complete domination by Gilles Villeneuve and his Ecurie Canada March 76Bs. He won both the CASC title and a six-race US championship sanctioned by IMSA, an experiment that they would not repeat.

6 Nov 2012

1965 Australian Gold Star season review and results

Bib Stillwell cruised to a fourth successive Australian Drivers Championship in his new Brabham BT11A. Jack Brabham's performances at two Internationals placed him second and Spencer Martin in Scuderia Veloce Brabham driven by Graham Hill in Tasman.

5 Nov 2012

1965 Tasman Cup season season review and full results

As the profile of the Tasman Cup increased, Jim Clark and Team Lotus joined the fun and the Scotsman easily won the title. Deposed champion Bruce McLaren won one race in his Cooper T79, as did Jack Brabham and Graham Hill in new Brabham BT11As.

4 Nov 2012

1975 Canadian Formula Atlantic season review and results

The 1975 season was a three-way fight between Lola, March and Chevron with Lola scoring the most points, March having the most wins and Chevron securing the title thanks to Bill Brack's STP Chevron B29.

3 Nov 2012

1982 MCD British Formula Atlantic season review and results

The British championship declined significantly in 1982 with only one up-to-date Ralt competing against the disappointing new cars from Chevron and Tiga. The result was a completely dominant season-long performance by Alo Lawler.

2 Nov 2012

1964 Tasman Cup season review and results

The first Tasman Cup was a battle between the expat teams of Kiwi Bruce McLaren and Aussie Jack Brabham. Each won three races but McLaren took the title in his Cooper T70.

1 Nov 2012

1974 Canadian Formula Atlantic season review and results

Canada moved from Formula B to Formula Atlantic in 1974 and also opened the title to non-Canadian drivers. As twin cam-powered Brabhams were replaced by BDA-powered Chevrons, Bill Brack ensured some continuity by retaining his title in his Lotus.

31 Oct 2012

1981 MCD British Formula Atlantic review

Ray Mallock returned to Formula Atlantic after an unsuccessful year in British F1 and dominated the 1981 season with ten wins from the 16 races. The Ralt RT4/81 was the dominant car in Britain, as it was in the rest of the world.

30 Oct 2012

US Formula B 1973 season review and results

With the cancellation of the SCCA Pro FB series, there were just a handful of Pro FB races in 1973. Most the the action was within the SCCA Divisions.

29 Oct 2012

1964 Australian Gold Star season review and results

Australia adopted the 2.5-litre Tasman Formula for 1964 but the result was the same, the Gold Star went to Bib Stillwell in his Brabham BT4. Lex Davison also acquired a BT4 and was Stillwell's closest competitor.

28 Oct 2012

US Formula B 1972 Pro season review and full results

A difficult season for the SCCA's Pro Formula B series would prove to be its last for more than a decade. The surprising winner was Chuck Sarich in a March 722.

20 Jun 2012

Italian Formula 3 1973 season review and full results

The closest of finishes as Carlo Giorgio needed a tie-breaker to beat Alberto Colombo to the title. The March 733 emerged triumphant over the Brabham BT41 as March took another market away from MRD.

16 Jun 2012

1972 European 2-litre Sports Racing Cars results

A fascinating three-way battle for honours between the fleets of Lolas and Chevrons and the two Abarths resulting in victory for the Italian marque. Arturo Merzario was drivers champion with three wins from the nine races.

22 May 2012

Elfin F5000 history

Long overdue start to the history of Elfin in F5000. The earlier Elfin 600 range will also be covered.

17 Mar 2012

Italian Formula 3 1972 season review and full results

The Brabham BT35 remained the most popular car in Italy and once Vittorio Brambilla had traded down from his BT38C to obtain one, he reeled off four victories and took the title from early leader Carlo Giorgio.

16 Mar 2012

Canadian Formula B 1973 season review and full results

With the US series having died after 1972, US driver Al Lader invaded the Players Canadian series and won four races in his red Brabham BT40. Craig Hill also opted for a Brabham BT40, as did Fred Opert customer Bertil Roos, so Brabham regained their

15 Mar 2012

1984 British Formula 3 season review and full results

The year that "Johnny Dumfries" won the British title ahead of Allen Berg and Russell Spence. Closest competitor for the Ralt RT4/84 was the Ralt RT4/83. A bit of a come-down after Senna v Brundle the previous year.

14 Mar 2012

1976 British Formula 3 season review and full results

There were two F3 championships again in 1976, the BARC/BP title falling to well-funded privateer Rupert Keegan and the BRDC/Shellsport one to works March driver Bruno Giacomelli. Geoff Lees led the chasing pack.

8 Mar 2012

1979 British Formula 3 season review and full results

Filling in more gaps on our British F3 coverage, here is the year Andrea de Cesaris earned the nickname "De Crasheris" and let Chico Serra win the title in the Project Four Racing March 793-Toyota.

4 Mar 2012

1974 British Formula 3 season review and full results

The first season of 2000cc Formula 3 in Britain was dominated by the works March 743 of 'Superhen' Brian Henton. Tony Rouff and Alex Dias Ribeiro led the opposition.

3 Mar 2012

McLaren M10A update

More progress on this early Formula 5000 model thanks to Patrick Garmyn. Also an update on Tony Roberts' car, the prototype M10A.

3 Mar 2012

Canadian Formula B 1972

The 1972 Canadian season was a three-way battle between the Chevron of Brian Robertson, the Lotus of Craig Hill and the March of Ric Forest. For a change, no Brabham won a race.

14 Oct 2011

Canadian Formula B 1971

Continuing the story of Formula B, it was adopted for the Canadian national championship in 1971, beginning a hugely successful series that lasted until 1983.

14 Oct 2011

Molson Quebec Formula B 1971

David McConnell won the final Molson Quebec title from teammate Jacques Couture in their Lotus 69s.

14 Oct 2011

Molson Quebec Formula B 1970

The flourishing Quebec Formula B series continued into 1970 with support from Molson. Jacques Couture won the title from veteran Peter Broeker.

9 Oct 2011

1949 Formula 1 season review and results

Continuing the coverage of the 1946-1953 Formula 1 period started way back in 2007, here is 1949, best known as Alfa Romeo's year off and the final season before the official World Championship began in 1950.

3 Oct 2011

1967 Formula B season review and results

Filling the gap in our 1960s Formula B coverage, the 1967 season is now available.

30 Aug 2011

New Formula B section

Instead of leaving Formula B hidden in the Formula Atlantic area, it now has its own section. Canadian FB will be added soon. Can you help with any photographs from this era?

18 Aug 2011

More on the Lola T142s

The 1971 season appearances of the Lola T142 have been added, including unidentified cars for Don Inferrera, Randy Johnston, Terry Matheny and Tim Duke - plus the T140/142 of Jim Stevens.

20 Jul 2011

Formula 5000 programme hunt

Glenn Moulds has sent a scan of the 1970 Monza F5000 entry list so only six more are needed: Anderstorp (28 Jun 1970), Salzburgring (12 Jul 1970), Monza (20 Jun 1971), Misano (10 Jun 1973), Mugello (23 Jun 1974) and Monza (30 Jun 1974).

17 Jul 2011

1974 European 2-litre Sports Racing Cars results

Alpine bulldozed their way through 2-litre sports car racing in 1974, leaving the category in ruins. Chevron tried to fight back with the Chevron-Hart B26, with Lola, March and Toj providing resistance. The new champion was Alain Serpaggi.

17 Jul 2011

Latest update to 'Where Are They Now?'

A small update with the latest news. There are now over 1,450 photographs on WATN.

3 Jul 2011

Lola T330 update

James Gutreund has been in touch and has finally solved the mystery of Lola T330 HU3.

29 Apr 2011

1973 European 2-litre Sports Racing Cars results

The peak of 2-litre sports racing saw a five-way battle between Lola, Chevron, Abarth, March and GRD for the European title as well as a battle between Cosworth, Abarth and BMW to provide the best engine.

2 Feb 2011

Latest update to 'Where Are They Now?'

'Where Are They Now' has been updated with close-season news. There are now nearly 1,400 photographs of drivers and team bosses, both then and now.

5 Nov 2010

Eagle 74A

The Eagle 74A was built for Formula 5000 in 1974 and the two AAR team cars were driven by Brett Lunger and Elliot Forbes-Robinson. A further car was entered by Francisco Mir. Five cars were built, including a 1973 prototype.

4 Nov 2010

McKee Mk 8

Bob McKee was one of several American car builders to complete new cars for the new 5-litre Formula A in 1968. His two Mk 8s finished third in the first two 'Pro' race but the car later proved less effective than the Eagles and Lola T140s.

3 Nov 2010

McLaren M10A

The McLaren M10A was the first Formula 5000 car from McLaren/Trojan and based on the 1968 F1 McLaren M7A. Peter Gethin won the British series in the prototype M10A and customer cars sold well in the US.

1 Nov 2010

McLaren M22

The story of McLaren in Formula 5000 ended with the ignominy of the M22. Designed by McLaren as an upgrade to the unsuccessful M18 and put into belated production by Trojan, the car achieved no success whatsoever.

19 Oct 2010

The new illustrated 'Where Are They Now?' update

A further update to 'Where Are They Now' including the recent death of Peter Warr. On the other hand, reports of Red Hamilton's death were exaggerated. He is alive and well.

26 Aug 2010

More Lola T400 information

As so often happens, when I announce one update, a whole load more information flows in. We can now account for the recent whereabouts of all twelve surviving T400s.

21 Aug 2010

Lola T400s on the move

Three more Lola T400s have been sold to New Zealand owners as F5000 cars continue to head south.

30 Jul 2010

Brian Redman interview

A favourite driver here on ORC, the sports car and F5000 master Brian Redman, spoke to roving reporter Richard Jenkins at Goodwood.

15 Jul 2010

Bobby Unser interview

Indy star Bobby Unser was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and spoke with Richard Jenkins.

15 Jul 2010

Jackie Oliver interview

Richard Jenkins interviewed ex-F1 driver and team boss Jackie Oliver at Goodwood recently.

15 Jul 2010

The new illustrated 'Where Are They Now?' has been updated

A mid-season update to 'Where Are They Now'.

1 Jul 2010

1980 Hitachi British Formula Atlantic review

Our history of British Formula Atlantic continues with the 1980 season, dominated by David Leslie's Ralt RT4/80. Alo Lawler, Phil Dowsett and Ian Flux fought over the scraps.

18 Jun 2010

Lola T192

The missing chapter of Lola's F5000 history: the 1971 model T192. Lola sold fewer of these than any other F5000 design but it did hold its own against its Surtees and McLaren rivals.

16 Jun 2010

Trojan T101

A major update to the Trojan T101 histories, the McLaren-based 1973 Formula 5000 car. The owners of five of the six cars are now known.

3 Jun 2010

1978 USAC season review

Al Unser won all three 500-mile races in the new Lola T500 but Tom Sneva won the title in the Penske PC6.

2 Jun 2010

Chevron B19 history progress

Of the 34 cars originally built, the first owner of all but two had been determined. Now the first owner of one more has been decyphered, the rarely-seen car of Dieter Münch, chassis 71-18. Only one more to go.

30 May 2010

1979 Hitachi British Formula Atlantic review

After a two-year gap, Formula Atlantic returned to Britain with a Hitachi-sponsored BRSCC series. Ray Mallock won from ex-F1 and future Can-Am and Indy driver Jim Crawford.

29 May 2010

1977 USAC season review

The Cosworth DFX engine took over Indy racing in 1977 thanks to the the McLaren M24. Tom Sneva won the title, assisted by Penske's first Indy car design. Rutherford won four races but missed out on the title yet again.

14 May 2010

1976 USAC season review

The Patrick Racing Wildcats take Gordon Johncock to the 1976 title, with Johnny Rutherford's works McLaren finishing second in the championship for the third year in succession.

12 May 2010

1975 USAC season review

AJ Foyt wins the title with seven race victories in the Coyote but Bobby Unser wins at the Speedway in the Eagle 74.

11 May 2010

1974 USAC season review

The USAC National Championship at last for Bobby Unser and the Eagle 74 from Johnny Rutherford's works McLaren M16C.

10 May 2010

Molson Quebec Formula B 1969

Peter Roberts (Brabham BT21C) won Quebec's regional championship in 1969, narrowly from a determined late-season charge from Jacques Couture (Lotus 59B).

9 May 2010

1973 USAC season review

Roger McCluskey won the title in Lindsey Hopkins' two-year-old McLaren M16 but this was the year that Patrick Racing emerged as a major force in USAC racing.

8 May 2010

Molson Quebec Region Formula Championship

After the Canadian national series moved to Formula A in 1969, the Quebec Region decided to launch a Formula B series. The success of the series helped persuade CASC to move to FB for 1971 and create a series that lasted unto 2009.

7 May 2010

1967 Irish racing review

A new 1600cc national formula was introduced as well as an All-Ireland championship. John Watson was the first champion.

6 May 2010

1972 USAC season review

The year of the classic Eagle 72, the refined McLaren M16B and Maurice Philippe's Parnelli VPJ1; and a second title for Joe Leonard ahead of "superteam" teammates Mario Andretti and Al Unser..

5 May 2010

Irish 1600cc racing

A short introduction to our forthcoming series on Irish 1600cc and libre racing in the 1960s.

4 May 2010

The new illustrated 'Where Are They Now?' has been updated

As well as an update to the driver profiles, there are now 650 images on the site, most of them never seen before.

3 May 2010

US Formula Super Vee champions

The champions of the American SCCA and USAC FSV series from 1971 to 1990.

2 May 2010

1971 USAC season review

The first season where the championship ran only on paved ovals. The McLarens were the quickest, the Eagles nearly as quick ... but Joe Leonard accrued the points to become champion.

1 May 2010

1986 ARS season review

The idea of ARS had been to showcase US talent but the first season was won by Italian Formula 3 driver Fabrizio Barbazza driving the Arciero Brothers entry.

30 Apr 2010

American Racing Series (ARS)

ARS was devised as a feeder series for CART in the mid-1980s. It changed its name to Indy Lights in 1991 and continued until 2001. IRL's replacement series is still running today.

30 Mar 2010

The Shelby Can-Am

And finally the last use of the Can-Am name for a contemporary racing car, the Shelby Can-Am.

30 Mar 2010

1987 CAT season review

To round out the story of the Can-Am series, here's the final season that the cars raced, now without the Can-Am name.

30 Mar 2010

1986 Can-Am season review

It's nearly over: Horst Kroll wins the 1986 Can-Am title and also the 1986 CAT title.

29 Mar 2010

1985 Can-Am season review

Rick Miaskiewicz wins the 1985 Can-Am title in the ex-Unser/ex-Villeneuve Frissbee.

15 Mar 2010

1984 Can-Am season review

A review of the 1984 Can-Am season which saw just two competitive entries remaining, the old VDS cars now driven by Michael Roe and the March 847 of Jim Crawford.

6 Mar 2010

Roscoe Rann biography (no longer available)

A biography of 1940s/1950s midget and sprint driver Roscoe Rann (1917-1976).

5 Mar 2010

1983 Can-Am season review

The year Can-Am nearly died. A review of 'Uncle' Jacques Villeneuve's battle with Jim Crawford for the 1983 Can-Am Challenge Cup.

1 Mar 2010

1982 Can-Am season review

After three seasons of huge success, the fortunes of Can-Am started to change in 1982. Al Unser Jr won the title in the Galles Frissbee.

26 Feb 2010

1981 Can-Am season review

Haas beaten at last; the VDS and the March 817 appear - it's all in the 1981 Can-Am season review.

22 Feb 2010

1980 Can-Am season review

The 1980 Can-Am season saw a major change of technology with Lola T530s and Al Holbert's CAC-1 winning all the races.

18 Feb 2010

1979 Can-Am season review

The 1979 Can-Am Challenge Cup: another star gets the Carl Haas Lola T332CS and the Can-Am crown; this time it's Jackie Ickx.

16 Feb 2010

1978 Can-Am season review

Alan Jones jumps into the Carl Haas Lola T333CS and dominates the 1978 Can-Am - a season review.

14 Feb 2010

1977 Can-Am season review

A review of the 1977 Can-Am season, the first of the new Single-Seat Can-Am won by Patrick Tambay in Carl Haas's Lola T333CS.

6 Feb 2010

1960 Australian Gold Star season review and results

After an unexplained delay, here are the 1960 Australian Gold Star and International season review.

28 Jan 2010

Another update to the illustrated 'Where Are They Now?'

As well as many more updates to biographies, date of birth and other details, there are now over 500 photographs available. Please get in touch of you can help with any driver photos.

9 Jan 2010

Further progress on the Chevron B19 histories

More Chevron B19s have been resolved as this apparently endless quest continues.

11 Dec 2009

The new illustrated 'Where Are They Now?'

WATN has been expanded to include 'then' and 'now' photographs of all the drivers and team bosses. We have around 300 photographs in this first version and more are being added every day. Please get in touch if you can help.

1 Dec 2009

Latest update to 'Where Are They Now?'

Updates for the 2010 season plus 16 early Indy 500 mysteries solved and updates on 18 of the more obscure F3000 drivers.

21 Nov 2009

Canadian Formula A/Formula B season review and results 1969-1970

Reviews of the 1969 and 1970 Canadian seasons.

15 Nov 2009

1975 British Formula 3 season review and full results

The story of Gunnar Nilsson's 1975 British Formula 3 title. Season review and results now available.

9 Nov 2009

1978 British Formula 3 season review and full results

Results and review of the 1978 British Formula 3 season, the last season to have two rival British championships.

2 Nov 2009

Chevron B19 histories

Further progress on the Chevron B19s, notably resolving the Peter Wright and John Cole mystery cars from 1973 and 1974. Also progress on the late-1970s US cars and myriad smaller updates.

1 Nov 2009

OldRacingCars.com updates are now on Twitter

You can now follow OldRacingCars.com updates on Twitter.

1 Nov 2009

OldRacingCars.com finally has a RSS feed

If you know what to do with an RSS fee, please enjoy this one. If you don't, follow the link to learn more.

1 Nov 2009

1981 British Formula 3 season review and full results

The 1981 British Formula 3 full results and season review are now available, as is a new British F3 page. More Formula 3 will follow over the next few weeks.

28 Oct 2009

Progress on the search for European F5000 programmes

Thanks to Richard Coe and Simon Thomas, only eight European F5000 programmes are still to be located. Were you at Anderstorp, Monza, Salzburgring or Zolder in 1970, at Monza in 1971, at Misano in 1973 or at Monza or Mugello in 1974?

18 Oct 2009

1969 Formula 2 season review and results

Detailed results and review of the 1969 Formula 2 season are now available.

10 Oct 2009

1965 Formula B season review and results

Detailed results and review of the 1965 Formula B season are now available.

7 Oct 2009

Another update to 'Where Are They Now?'

5 Oct 2009

1961 Australian season review and results

1961 Australian Gold Star and International season review and results now available - the first season with significant overseas presence for the Internationals that would grown into the Tasman series

4 Oct 2009

1962 Australian season review and results

1962 Australian Gold Star and International season review and results now available. Entry lists and full results are still required for many of these races so please check if you have anything that could help.

3 Oct 2009

1985 British Formula 3 season review and full results

1984 isn't quite ready so here are the 1985 British Formula 3 results and season review. That's 104 races so far.

2 Oct 2009

1963 Australian season review and results

1963 Australian Gold Star and International season review and results now available.

1 Oct 2009

1983 British Formula 3 season review and full results

The dramatic 1983 British Formula 3 season is now online; the battle to the wire between Martin Brundle and eventual champion Ayrton Senna.

30 Sep 2009

Progress on the search for F5000 programmes

Great progress on the program hunt. Thanks to Richard Coe, only ten more European Formula 5000 programs are still needed and the South African F1 and USAC hunts have also progressed.

29 Sep 2009

1980 British Formula 3 season review and full results

The 1980 British Formula 3 full results and season review are now available, as a consolation for the mistake yesterday that saw the 1980 results on the 1981 page. Two more seasons will follow shortly.

25 Sep 2009
The 1970 US Formula B series results are now available. A mass of minor updates have been made to other pages, the most significant of which is probably to the Chevron B19 page where there has been the usual strong flow of contributions.
3 Sep 2009
A picture of the Leda LT22 on its debut provided by John Ballantyne and more on McLaren M10B chassis 400-21 from later owners Jim Griffin and Edd Ozard.
21 Aug 2009
The 1968 US Formula B series, a year in which FB ran as a class amongst the much faster Formula A cars. Included in this is a summary of Divisional FB racing that season. Also an update on the Chevron B19s, where another car, Red Rose Racing's B19-71-26, has been traced to its subsequent owners.
7 Aug 2009
The 1976 New Zealand F5000 Internationals, filling in the last few gaps in our F5000 coverage. Also an update to the Chevron B19s, where the DART cars have been identified and seven more mystery cars have been resolved.
24 Jul 2009
Another slice of Chevron B19 history, going through the Skoda Super Saloon period of the late '70s and early 80's into the HSCC Historic GT Championship of the early 1980s. More car histories are becoming clear as many of the cars running in that HSCC series are still running today.
21 Jul 2009
Great progress on the Chevron B19s where the 1972 mystery cars of Arthur Collier and Emile Elias have been resolved plus the 1973/74 mystery car of Richard Simms.
20 Jul 2009
Results for the British MCD/Southern Organs series 1975 are now available. Also season reviews of the 1975 British Formula Atlantic season and the 1976 British Formula Atlantic season.
19 Jul 2009
Further season reviews of the 1973 British Formula Atlantic season and the 1974 British Formula Atlantic season. Also, yet more new information on the Chevron B19.
18 Jul 2009
Full results for the 1972 British Formula Atlantic season. Also, a season review of the 1971 British Formula Atlantic season and a new British Formula Atlantic page. More seasons reviews will follow soon.
11 Jul 2009
Some F5000 car movements to report: Warwick Mortimer has bought Surtees TS5 002, Peter Sundberg has Lola T330/T332 HU22, Steve Ross has McRae GM1 009 and Frank Karl has McLaren M10B 400-18. The Gardos is also expected to run in the 2009/2010 Tasman Revival series.
10 Jul 2009
Dates for the 2009/2010 Tasman Revival F5000 races are now available. Also, Richard Jenkins has posted an interview with Basil Van Rooyen.
26 Jun 2009
Information on the Chevron B19 continues to flood in so just an interim update today. Lots of small changes around the site, including some subtle changes to the images which I won't itemise. In the F5000 world, Peter Lindenberg has bought McLaren M10B 400-08, Dean Saunders has bought the Bowin P8 F5000 car and Neil Glover has bought Lola T332C HU61.
23 May 2009
As promised, more information on the Chevron B19. There is still more that I haven't sorted through yet. The multitude of unknown cars have now been split into three groups, the 1975-1989 group, the 1990-1999 group and the post-2000 group. If you can identify the previous or subsequent owners of any of these cars, please get in touch.
14 May 2009
Huge amounts of new information has arrived on the Chevron B19 so here's an interim update. More to follow over the next few days.
13 May 2009
A new history, the Chevron B19 2-litre sports car. This car has been a favourite in historic racing since 1977 and a number of new cars were built in the 1980s, further complicating the histories of the original 32 cars. Information is also sought on the F2 Chevron B10.
29 Apr 2009
An update to the Formula A Eagle. Two of these cars are now racing in US vintage racing with the location of a further five cars now known.
28 Mar 2009
Also in this morning's race were a Chevron B24, a Lola T190, three Lola T330s, three Lola T332s, three Lola T400s, two Lola T430s , two Marchs that are listed on the March 73A page, a Matich A50 and a McLaren M10B. All pages have been suitably updated.
28 Mar 2009
An extensive update of the McRae GM1 histories, bringing most of the histories up to date. Peter Burson drove a GM1 in this morning's Formula 5000 Tasman Cup Revival at the Australian GP meeting.
27 Mar 2009
Some excellent 1970 photographs from Keith Lewcock, including a rare shot of the Leda LT20 plus shots of Genley and Gethin in their McLaren M10Bs.
20 Mar 2009
More updates on the Lola T300: Chris Pederson now has HU6, Andrew Kluver has bought HU15 and Jay Braffett still has HU16. Ownership updates on the other T300s would be most welcome.
15 Mar 2009
The full results of the 1952 and 1953 Formula 1 seasons, continuing the early F1 coverage that started in late 2007 before certain distractions arrived.
17 Feb 2009
A first set of car histories for Indy racing, the 1965 Lotus 38. Further Indy car histories will be added but there is a real shortage of (usable) photographs at present. Can you help?
12 Feb 2009
A schedule of F5000 races for 2009 has been added. If anyone knows UK or European race dates for 2009, please let me know. Also happy to add NZ/Australian dates if it's not too late.
8 Feb 2009
A full history of 1968-69 Formula A Eagle 510, Tony Adamowicz's 1969 championship car now reunited with Tony A-Z in US vintage racing.
5 Feb 2009
The first 2009 version of Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now. PS Join the Facebook page to get a better idea of why OldRacingcars.com seems quiet at the moment.
2 Dec 2008
The Echappement collection continues to grow. Thanks again to Andrew Fellowes for his ongoing support. We still need most of the first ten editions - a loan or a photocopy would be fine if anyone has these in their collection.
23 Nov 2008
A set of minor updates to the Cooper T53 histories.
20 Nov 2008
More Formula 2: the 1970 season results. 98% of the cars are identified - just a few Tecnos to sort out in due course.
28 Oct 2008
Much new information on the Chevron B24, an old favourite of ours. Former B24 drivers Duane Eitel and Chris Townrow have moved the story forward a few more steps.
4 Oct 2008
The Formula Atlantic program search has moved one step close to completion thanks to our tenacious friend Adam Ferrington. Now just six to go.
27 Sep 2008
New F5000 car histories: the March 75A and Modus M5. A great batch of pictures from Brian Ellis have inspired publication of these long-overdue histories.
25 Sep 2008
The new update to Where Are They Now. Richard Jenkins continues to add biographical data, especially for some of the lesser known racers.
22 Sep 2008
Back to Formula B for the 1969 US FB results. As well as the Pro series, brief details of the SCCA National series are also included.
21 Sep 2008
More F5000 updates: the McRae GM2 is still owned by Mike Brayton and Eagle Mk 5 chassis 514 is now known to have died at Pikes Peak in the 1970s.
11 Sep 2008
There's now a way to keep up with what we're working on before it gets published. Join the Facebook page and we'll send updates on a regular basis. It's also a place where you can tell us what you'd like to see in the future.
19 Aug 2008
An update on the Lola T142 but not a lot has changed, just Reto Kuprecht buying Roger Stones' 'SL142/20'. Any other updates on where the T142s are now would be most welcome.
28 Jul 2008
More on the Lola T140 as I start updating the F5000 histories. Thanks to Phil "Butch" Hollenbeck, Ed Butt, James Bryant, Bill Wiswedel and Richard Summers for a mass of new information.
27 Jul 2008
Back to Formula 1 and the addition of three of the major libre races of 1951: the Festival of Britain Trophy at Goodwood in May, won by Reg Parnell in the Thinwall Ferrari; the Kenning Trophy at Gamston in July and the Daily Mail Trophy Race at Boreham in August, both won by ERAs.
25 Jul 2008
Eight more Canadian Formula Atlantic programs kindly provided by the indefatigable Don Markle. Many US F/Atlantic programs are still needed.
24 Jul 2008
More new Atlantic results, the 1974 Canadian Formula Atlantic season. The current 'Cooper Tires Presents The Champ Car Atlantic Championship Powered by Mazda' traces its history back to 1974, ignoring the preceding three seasons of FB.
23 Jul 2008
Enough FSV? Enough Atlantic? But still an appetite for more Ralts? Maybe you'd like to try some Formula 3. Here are the UK 1982 season results and car histories - thanks once again to Chris Townsend.
22 Jul 2008
To continue the Villeneuve and Formula Atlantic theme, the results of the 1976 Canadian Formula Atlantic season and the IMSA 1976 season, both completed dominated by Gilles Villeneuve.
21 Jul 2008
More Formula Atlantic today: the results of the US 1981 season. Jacques Villeneuve won his successive second title, equalling the record of elder brother Gilles.
20 Jul 2008
No, we haven't forgotten about Formula Atlantic. The US 1982 season is now complete and three more seasons will follow shortly.
19 Jul 2008
Ready for some more FSV? The US 1985 season is now ready. Please help us fill in the few remaining gaps in these results.
14 Jul 2008
The latest edition of Where Are They Now. Richard Jenkins is now filling in biographical data on some of the more obscure racers - do help if you can.
6 Jul 2008
More Formula Super Vee as we dip back into the air-cooled, space-frame 1970s and the results of the US 1975 season.
22 Jun 2008
Formula Super Vee makes a long-awaited return to the pages of ORC with the publication of the US 1981 and US 1982 seasons. All contributions to this new avenue of research would be welcomed.
22 May 2008
More on both the Rennmax histories (BN1, BN2 and BN3) and on the Brabham BT2. Most Rennmaxes have now been located but more period photographs would be a great help.
17 May 2008
Another new history, the Brabham BT2, part of ORC's continuing collaboration with 10 Tenths' Chassis Archive.
5 May 2008
A follow up on the Rennmax histories (BN1, BN2 and BN3).

3 May 2008
A significant revamp to the Eagle Mk 5 histories thanks to Kathy Weida at AAR and Eagle historian John Zimmermann, who kindly provided details from AAR files identifying the first owner of each chassis.
27 Apr 2008
Another new set of histories: Bob Britton's Rennmax marque and his BN1, BN2 and BN3 single-seat designs.
26 Apr 2008
A new history, the 1968-1969 Formula A Eagle Mk 5. 14 cars, lots of pictures and lots of mysteries still to solve. Any help, records or photographs would be most welcome.
4 Apr 2008
Where Are They Now gets its second update of the year. Thanks Richard - it's as impressive as ever. And meanwhile, the rest of ORC is beginning to stir after its long winter break...
10 Feb 2008
Another update to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now. This is Richard's December update but time pressures have prevented publication until today.
6 Jan 2008
A further development in the Formula 5000 area: the results of the 1977 Rothmans International series in Australia. Thanks to Glenn Moulds for that. Also significant developments on the New Zealand side of the Tasman Cup results, courtesy of David McKinney.
1 Jan 2008
Expanding the Formula Atlantic area: the full results of the 1976 Indylantic series in Britain. Also on the Formula Atlantic page, a map of the results published so far.
31 Dec 2007
A complete set of Tasman Cup results from the 2.5-litre era of 1964 to 1969. My thanks to Bruce Sergent for kindly letting me use the results on his excellent Tasman Series website as the basis for OldRacingcars.com's work identifying individual cars. It was only five years ago he made the offer - I think I got sidetracked!
1 Dec 2007
A big set of revisions to the 1950 and 1951 F1 results.
26 Nov 2007
The third Lola T430 has been reconstructed by David Abbott and all three T430s will run in the forthcoming F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series in New Zealand and Australia.
19 Nov 2007
More progress on the US Formula A and Formula 5000 programs. Thanks to Don Markle and Tony Nicholson for their contributions.
7 Nov 2007
Another program search is under way - US Formula A and Formula 5000. Don Markle is doing an heroic job on this search. If you're in a position to help, please get in touch. Even if you can't help, enjoy the artwork of those late 1960s/early 1970s US programs.
6 NOV 2007
A new results set: the 1981 UK Formula Atlantic season by Chris Townsend. Too late to make this version is the news that Mike Catlow's Ralt RT1 was chassis 071. Also, a slightly late mention of another update to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now .
23 Oct 2007
The 1951 F1 results are now available, the second season in our expanding F1 coverage. Also, further improvements to the 1950 F1 results.
22 Oct 2007
Progress continues on the South African F1 series programme search. Peter Aldridge has provided a further three Roy Hesketh entry lists.
14 Oct 2007
Some major changes to the 1950 F1 results. The changes include major advances on Ferrari and HWM identities and major expansions of HWM, Ferrari and Talbot-Lago 'Notes on the Cars'. Much of what is now being discovered comes from detailed comparison of contempory photographs.
4 Oct 2007
Reto Kuprecht has bought a Lola T142 project to join his McLaren M10B of which, by coincidence, we now have a picture. Also, belated thanks to Jon Hromada for providing 14 Indy entry lists.
3 Oct 2007
As the first stage of a major expansion of our F1 coverage, the full results of the 1950 F1 season.
20 Sep 2007
A new programme search starts: the South African F1 series of the 1960s and 1970s. Do you have a programme from that series? Would you be willing to send a scan or copy of the entry list?
18 Sep 2007
Both Chevron B28s changed hands last month and are now with Ross Maxwell and Daryl Taylor.
24 Aug 2007
In response to grumblings of discontent, the FSV resources page has been added back into the site. It's not much, but apparently you value it.
21 Aug 2007
New site goes live. Yes, it looks just like the old site, but all the underlying technology has been changed so you should find it noticeably quicker. The changes were necessary due to the huge increase in race results coming soon...
12 Aug 2007
The summer has been quiet here because big changes are afoot. In the meantime, thanks to Peter Howarth for progressing the Atlantic programme hunt.
24 Jun 2007
Another update to Where Are They Now from Richard Jenkins. Also an update to the McRae GM1 page as a number of cars have recently changed hands.
30 May 2007
McKee addict Paul Dudiak has bought himself a second McKee Mk 12. And a note for your diary: Road America is hosting a McKee reunion on 19-22 July with 19 cars expected to attend.
14 may 2007
More things that we can do for you. Our new authentication and documentation service. Also, more progress on the March 73As.
4 May 2007
Progress on the McKee Mk 12 thanks to another excellent Norbert Vogel picture.
3 May 2007
Some progress on the mystery Chuck Frederick McKee Formula A car thanks to Dave Frederick's research. Also, Lothar Kremer has sent a picture of his Lola T142; Russell Greer has bought Lola T332 HU28; Reinhold Jung is still making progress with the history of his Lola T190; another Norbert Vogel picture, this time of Ray Langson's LeGrand Mk 7 and a couple of Don Markle pictures of Brian Redman's 1975-championship winning Lola T332 HU45 and Eppie Wietzes' Lola T400 HU9.
30 Apr 2007
Yet more new McLaren M10B material including much progress on Steve Durst's car.
25 Apr 2007
Huge progress on the Can-Am program hunt thanks to Don Markle and his friend Bruce Perry (who have provided 22 entry lists!) and Jon Hromada (another six).
24 Apr 2007
More Lola T142 pictures from David Pearson in South Africa. Also, one of Paddy Driver's McLaren M10B and one of Bob Olthoff's McLaren M3A.
22 Apr 2007
Lots of new information on the McLaren M10Bs including great pictures from Norbert Vogel and a history of the M10B-like Vebra sprint car.
20 Apr 2007
The McLaren M10B histories are now online. This is one of the most complex histories so far and much more information is still needed to resolve the cars racing in minor events in the UK in the mid-1970s and also to sort out where some of the cars are today. Former owners Jim Moore, John Wallwork, Bob Leckie, Noel le Tissier, John Taylor, John Bailey, Harry Phillips, Dennis Basson, Pierre Soukry and Clive Santo could help greatly, as could Vebra owner Clive Bracy. Anyone in touch with any of them?
16 Apr 2007
The Lotus 70 page benefits from a couple of pictures from Norbert Vogel. Also, Phil Henny, whose book on Bob Bondurant is out in June, has been talking to Don Dierking and has solved some Lola T140 and Lola T190 mysteries.
14 Apr 2007
Much progress on the F5000 Vulcan thanks to Wolfgang Klopfer who has been talking with George Alderman and Steve Durst. But where are those two cars now? Anyone seen them since 1972?
8 Apr 2007
Old F5000s do end up in some interesting places. I am grateful to Norbert Vogel and Jeremy Jackson for photos of Lola T400s in GT racing and in Belgian hillclimbs. Also, Frank Lyons has bought a T400 for the coming Derek Bell Trophy season.
3 Apr 2007
(An update to Where Are They Now occured on this date but was not noted at the time - AB 3 May 2007)
1 Apr 2007
Two more cars moving for the new season: Stephen Gibson has bought John Monson's Surtees TS8 [05] and Neil Glover has bought Mike Wrigley's Lola T330/332 [HU23B].
30 Mar 2007
Reinhold Jung has been working hard to research the history of his Lola T190 and has positively identified it as the Roger Penske/Mark Donohue car.
25 Mar 2007
More images, this time by Alan Cox, added to the Chevron, Chevron B28, Lola T332 (HU35 and HU62) and Trojan T101 pages.
23 Mar 2007
Another picture of Tony Dean's Chevron B24 thanks to Graham Etheridge.
14 Mar 2007
Yet another car has emerged claiming to be John Cannon's former F5000 car. See the March 73A page for details.
13 Mar 2007
Thanks to Michael Barrett, the last UK F5000 programme has been found. Still plenty of F/Atlantic programs to find though. And, as Chris pointed out to me yesterday, if you have a F/Atlantic program with the late entrants, grid or results filled in, please send a scan even if it's not marked as being needed. Also, LeGrand Mk7 progress thanks to Walt Taylor and John Hancock.
10 Mar 2007
The UK programme hunt has taken some more significant steps forward thanks to Tim Barry, Adam Ferrington and others. Please check if you can help with UK F5000 or UK F/Atlantic entry lists.
7 Mar 2007
Two more F2 model histories have been compiled by Andrew Fellowes, the Brabham BT23 and the Brabham BT23C.
27 Feb 2007
The Echappement collection continues to advance (the hard way, through Ebay). Loans or copies would be most welcome.
26 Feb 2007
We now know who built the Vulcan Formula A car! Thanks are due to old friend and F5000 historian Wolfgang Klopfer for this discovery.
21 Feb 2007
A new update to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now?. Also, as part of the F2 research, OldRacingcars.com is now collecting the French magazine Echappement and would appreciate any help completing the collection.
9 Feb 2007
Greg Wold's March 73A has gone to Nick Smith. Thanks to both Greg and Nick for keeping me up to date. Also, my thanks to Karl Jenstad for three more Can-Am program entry lists.
7 Feb 2007
Former LeGrand Mk 7 owner Art Eatman has been in touch and moved things forward nicely. Anyone know recent LeGrand owners Mark VanLoucks, Tom Dooley, Tim Joyce, Bill Carlander or John Mayer?
6 Feb 2007
Lots of updates to the new Lola T142 page: David Gathercole has provided details of his ex-Kroll car, David Hutson has more on the Keith Saunders car and Andrew Reeser has resolved Mel Andrus's car.
1 Feb 2007
At last, the Lola T142 page. This is proving the most difficult model to research so please get in touch if you have information on any of the T140s or T142s.
9 Jan 2007
A couple of updates on the March 73As ready for the new racing season.
8 Jan 2007
Another picture to help with the never-ending Surtees TS5 jigsaw from former Lola T300 and Brabham BT29 racer Sandy Shepard.
2 Jan 2007
A new Brabham research page providing easy links to all the work currently going on at this site and at 10 Tenths. Also, a picture of Chip Boatright newly-acquired Lola T190. Thanks to Gerald Swan for this and other recent Lola updates.
28 Dec 2006
A new update to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now?, including a set of interviews Richard conducted earlier this year. Also, another F5000 Lola on the move: Chip Boatright has bought one of Chuck Haines' many Lola T190s.
21 Dec 2006
The Lola T142 hunt continues to make steady progress. David Gathercole has bought the Bakers' ex-Kroll T142 '38' and Ryan Hodges has the remains of T142 '22' in his Lola T70, including the chassis plate. If anyone owned a T142 in the 1970s or 1980s, we'd love to hear from them. Also, two more F5000 Lolas have moved: Marcus Pye and Simon Hadfield have bought Glenn Brown's Lola T332 HU52 and Bruce Fullerton has bought Simon's Lola T300 HU12.
17 Dec 2006
A second F2 model history, the Brabham BT30 compiled by Andrew Fellowes. Also, more on the LeGrand Mk 7 thanks to ex-Botsford mechanic Mike Allison. Also, Teddy Pilette has been in touch to resolve the outstanding puzzles on the Lola T400 page. Thanks Teddy. Also, a fabulous Gil Munz picture of the 1969 Formula A Eisert.
27 Nov 2006
Another significant piece of progress on the six March 73As, of which just nine survive. Pete Klain, a former owner of the ex-Indy 500 73A/3, has filled a significant gap.
19 Nov 2006
A little light has fallen on the baffling case of Larry Harley's F5000 career with the discovery of the SCCA Log Book for his Lola T330. Anyone know where to find Harley's entrant Richard Rogers?
18 Nov 2006
More progress on a couple of early F5000s, the McKee Mk 12 and the Surtees TS5A. Chris Novatny recalls restoring a couple of the mystery cars in 1989 or 1990 and has found his pictures. David Hutson also has an excellent picture of David Hobbs TS5A on its debut.
13 Nov 2006
A bumper pack of Formula Pacific results today: Australian 1983-1984, New Zealand Internationals 1982-1984 and New Zealand Gold Star 1981/82.
11 Nov 2006
We start Formula 2 results with the 1971 season when young stars Ronnie Peterson, Emerson Fittipaldi and François Cévert fought for the title in March 712M, Brabham BT36 and Tecno TF71. Chris Townsend has done his usual impeccable job, solidly identifying virtually every car, just Hervé Bayard's Chevron B18 escaping. Anyone have detailed 1971 French Hill Climb results?
10 Nov 2006
It's never wise to feed an obsession but my thanks to Peter McFadyen and Adam Ferrington for further Chevron B24 pictures: the missing Wunderink car and the mystery Richard Simms vehicle.
9 Nov 2006
A new experimental area makes its début today, intended to allow a larger number of researchers to contribute directly to OldRacingCars.com. First articles are Andrew Fellows' history of the Brabham BT36 and a series of interviews conducted by Richard Jenkins as part of "Where Are They Now". Also, at the risk of being told I am obsessed with figuring out Tony Dean's Chevron B24s, Steve Wilkinson has supplied another picture of The Dean's first one.
8 Nov 2006
Today sees a major and much overdue cleanup to all the results pages. With OldRacingCars.com now featuring cars from 53 different formulae, from Indy and Group 7 sports to Clubmans and Formula V; and competing in over 60 categories of racing as widely varied as Argentinian Fórmula 1 de la Mecánica Nacional and the Championnat de France de la Montagne, a more precise description of each car's specification has become necessary. Nothing can ever be perfect; contact Allen if you spot anything that isn't right.
7 Nov 2006
Still on the theme of Formula Atlantic, the 1985 WCAR and ECAR results are now available. This was the first year of ECAR, as North American Formula Atlantic continued its recovery from the disaster of Formula Mondial in 1983.
6 Nov 2006
More British Formula Atlantic results, with the addition of the 1979, 1982 and 1983 seasons. 1979 saw the revival of Atlantic in Britain after two seasons but 1982 and 1983 document its final decline and fall.
5 Nov 2006
Another update to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now?.
4 Nov 2006
A big new change today, as you may have spotted already from the menu above. Formula 2 comes to OldRacingcars.com for the first time with the promise of more of Chris Townsend's immaculately researched race results and lots of new constructor and model histories. It's a huge new subject so offers of help will be warmly welcomed.
3 Nov 2006
A major expansion to the British Sprint Championship results, where all the 1970s results are now available. Thanks to Steve Wilkinson for his detailed research. Also an update to the Lola T330s where the fate of Eddie Miller's HU9 is now known.
31 Oct 2006
In honour of Jerry Eisert, who died earlier this year at the age of 74, a new page covering his 1965-1967 'Harrison Special' Indycars.
24 Oct 2006
A few more results in the US F5000 results section - these from very early days of Formula A in 1965. The biggest Formula A race of the year, the Colorado Grand Prix, attracted a good field but two other big races, Juarez and Vacaville, were inexplicably arranged for the same day.
21 Oct 2006
The Can-Am program search has been given a big boost by Ian Crawford who has provided ten Mosport Park entry lists. There are still 59 to go. Can you help?
20 Oct 2006
Another new history: the LeGrand Mk 7, the first US built 5-litre Formula A car and winner of the National level race held to that formula. Lots of help needed with this one!
11 Oct 2006
The first movement in the Lola T142 hunt - Dino Crescentini's mystery car is the one now owned by Mead Korwin. I also suspect the reference to a "Robert Korvin" driving a T142 might be Mead Korwin too.
10 Oct 2006
The Lola T142 is proving one of the most difficult cars to decypher as the cars carried both a chassis number and a frame number - and the two numbers rarely agreed. So the hunt is on to find every surviving T142 and document both its numbers. Can you help?
19 Sep 2006
A new F5000 page: the Eagle 755.
15 Sep 2006
Much work on the Lola T332s has sorted out the history of HU51 and HU52. Thanks to Johan Woerheide and Marcus Pye for their efforts. Also thanks to Marcus for an update on the Chevron B32. Also, yet more information plus pictures on the Cheetah Racing Cars page.
13 Sep 2006
A major update to the Cheetah Racing Cars page thanks to a number of owner contributions.
4 Sep 2006
Following Richard Jenkins' two new sections on Where Are They Now?, he has a big update on the newcomers.
27 Aug 2006
Another addition from Chris Townsend to the Formula Atlantic area where the 1977 South African results are now online
26 Aug 2006
A big update to the Formula Atlantic area where the 1973 UK results are now available.
17 Aug 2006
A little more on the Chevron B32 which Roy Lane owned in 1984 when Ayers drove it. Anyone know that car's movements up to the present day?
16 Aug 2006
Two steps forward and one step back on the Trojan T101 where one or two puzzles have been solved but new mysteries have emerged. Where has Jody Scheckter's 1973 US title-winning car got to?
15 Aug 2006
Progress of sorts on the Surtees TS8, where we now know that the utterly mysterious Alan Shaw car was used at Llandow from the start of 1973 to the end of 1975. Then what? And who is Alan Shaw?
14 Aug 2006
Richard Jenkins has introduced two new sections to Where Are They Now?, one covering the 90 or so CART and IRL drivers who aren't already in the Indy 500 section; and a "Team bosses" section, covering 335 of the key players in F1 since 1950: from Ben Agathangelou to Heinz Zollner.
13 Aug 2006
An update to the Lola T190 page where Nick Gurney has provided a picture of Mike Hailwood's early season car. More updates to follow over the next few days now "the staff" are back from holiday.
7 Jul 2006
The photo captions aren't working so they've been revamped on two pages as a test: Lola T140 and Lola T330. All comments would be most welcome before the long job of converting every other page begins. Email Allen.
5 Jul 2006
A quick update to the McRae GM1 where Dave Cogman has contributed a picture of chassis 015 early in its eventful life.
21 Jun 2006
A small update to the Lola T332s where Jim Rollins reports that Leonard Janke still owns his car. That's 30 T332s now found.
10 Jun 2006
Updates to the Cooper T53 and Cheetah pages.
8 Jun 2006
An update to Where Are They Now? from Richard Jenkins.
25 May 2006
A new marque history for Cheetah Racing Cars. [These histories were later removed from the site as the owner community wished to do their own thing. OldRacingCars.com wishes them well with this venture.]
12 May 2006
Two more F5000 programs are crossed off: John Conway has supplied the 1971 Mondello program and Henk Hazelaar has found that no programme was published for the cancelled June 1973 Zandvoort event.
27 Apr 2006
Progress on the Lola T140s (at last!). Lucien Eddisford's SL140/13 has been positively identified as the Brian O'Neil car.
26 Apr 2006
An interesting picture of the Formula A McLaren built out of a Can-Am McLaren Mk 2 by Joe Starkey. Anyone know where that is now?
26 Apr 2006
The Formula Super Vee section, which OldRacingCars.com was 'babysitting' after John Robinson's site was closed down, is now being actively maintained on David R. Flesher's Historic FSV Register website [site now dead]. We're now relieved of duty and OldRacingCars.com's copy of the material has been taken down. I wish David every success with the register.
23 Apr 2006
Lots of updates to 1975 Canadian Formula Atlantic identifications: Fred Stevenson's Lotus 69 [71/69.6.FB], Bob Lazier's March 722 [6], Ross Bentley's Johnston (not Argo) JM6 [1] and Ron Householder's Brabham BT40 [37]; plus further detail to the results. The ex-Alan Jones/Bev Bond March 74B/U1 has also been sorted out. In Can-Am, practice times for Elkhart Lake 1977, Mosport 1978, Mosport 1980 and Elkhart Lake 1980 have been added, all kindly transcribed by long-time ORC friend and contributor Wolfgang Klopfer. Some F5000 car movements: Chevron B24 73-07 has joined Aaron Lewis's stable, Franz Guggemos now has Surtees TS5A/007, Frank Lyons has Lola T330/332 HU12 and Tim Slack has Surtees TS8/006. And finally, Henk Hazelaar has sent a fourth Zandvoort F5000 program.
17 Apr 2006
A batch of European F5000 programs from Henk Hazelaar, knocking three Zandvoorts and a Zolder from the list.
16 Apr 2006
More Formula 5000 results: Glenn Moulds has supplied the 1976 Australian Internationals and the Australian Gold Star season.
15 Apr 2006
More Formula Atlantic results: the 1977 Canadian series, the 1983 Formula Mondial North America Cup and the 1984 WCAR series; another impeccable piece of work by Chris Townsend. Also, as a small bonus, the two Formula B races held in Bogotá early in 1972, produced with the help of Gus Hutchison and John Humphries.
5 Apr 2006
Another UK F5000 program from Adam Ferrington. Only Snetterton (27 Mar 1977) and Thruxton (31 May 1976) are still needed. It was raining heavily that day at Snetterton; maybe nobody went?
1 Apr 2006
An update to the Surtees TS8 page where Dr John Monson's car had been omitted from the line-up. Also, Ian Jacobs has bought the Leda LT25 and a Lotus 70 has been sold to the Barber Museum.
30 Mar 2006
The latest update to Where Are They Now? from Richard Jenkins.
25 Mar 2006
Tom Schultz has a supplied a wonderful batch of photographs from 1968 including all but one of the "mystery" Lola T140s.
22 Mar 2006
Another UK F5000 program from Tim Dudley. Only Silverstone (Aug 1973), Snetterton (Mar 1977) and Thruxton (May 1976) are now left.
21 Mar 2006
The search for UK Formula Atlantic programs has taken a big leap forward today. We now only need another 20. Please take a look at the list and see if you can help.
18 Mar 2006
Some updates to the Lola T140 as more information arrives plus an update to the Chevron B24 page to bring it up to date with B28 discoveries and the Chevron B28 page where both mystery cars have recently changed hands. Also Jim Utting has found another F5000 program so we're down to just 4 UK ones
12 Mar 2006
Much more on the Lola T140, especially the effort to make sense of the South African cars. Also, Ian Jacobs has bought the Leda LT25 and plans to race it in the UK.
9 Mar 2006
Jim Utting has sent scans of the missing 1971 Snetterton F5000 entry list so only five more UK entry lists are still to be found. Somebody must have gone to Snetterton in 1977!
7 Mar 2006
My thanks for yet more F5000 and Atlantic programs from Tim Cogman and Steve Wilkinson. Also a first USAC program contribution from Russ Wakeman.
4 Mar 2006
More on the Surtees TS5s where Rob van Westenberg has been able to trace his car right back and we now know more about the late Tom Juckette's car.
3 Mar 2006
Steve Wilkinson has contributed a batch of pictures of F5000 cars in UK hill climbs in the 1970s and 1980s. Amongst these are Phil Prince's McRae GM1 and John Lambert's indefatigable Leda LT22. Also more programs from Andrew Kitson and David Neilson.
2 mar 2006
Thanks to Morten Alstrup for contributing the Jyllands-Ringen F5000 program from Sep 1973. There are still another 24 programs needed from the F5000 races held at Anderstorp (1970), Hockenheim (1969, 1970, 1971), Koksijde (1969), Misano (1973), Mondello Park (1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973), Monza (1970, 1971, 1974), Mugello (1974), Nivelles-Baulers (1972), Salzburgring (1970), Zandvoort (1969, 1970, Jul 1973, Sep 1973, 1975) and Zolder (1970, 1975). All we need are scans of the entry lists (and one of the cover ideally). Can anyone help?
1 Mar 2006
It's 1 March and Spring is in the air. All right; Spring is just around the corner, but Google have a daffodil in their logo today and that must count for something. So time to throw off those drab colours and get into something crisp and bright. Which is another way of saying that OldRacingCars.com has had a redesign.
27 Feb 2006
Adam Ferrington was busy at the Stoneleigh Autojumble and found 26 more F5000 and Atlantic programs. There are just 34 F5000 and 35 Atlantics still to find.
19 Feb 2006
A complete revamp of OldRacingCars.com photos today. Stuart Dent, of TNF and Autocourse, has tirelessly worked through nearly 200 images adjusting the colour, cleaning off imperfections, recropping and otherwise transforming the image. As a result of his lessons, another 50 or so images, previously through too poor to use, have been rescued and added to the pages. The black-and-white images, about 20% of the total, now need to be rescanned to bring them to the same standard. Be warned that one disadvantage of the clean up is that images will now take a little longer to load.
12 Feb 2006
A long overdue update to the results database includes Chris Townsend's detailed notes on the 1971 British Formula Atlantic cars.
11 Feb 2006
Updates in the F5000 area on the Lola T140 and the Lola T300 where HU12 has been resolved and HU2 is looking clearer.
29 Jan 2006
Another new history page: the March 76A.
27 Jan 2006
More on Cooper's contribution to the early years of Formula A and more information in on the Lola T140s. And photographs of both.
26 Jan 2006
The January update to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now?. Richie has new or revised information on 102 drivers in this update!
13 Jan 2006
A new set of histories: the Lola T140. These cars have been very hard to trace and any help would be most welcome. Also, a bumper set of F5000 updates: more on Dennis Leech's Chevron B24; John Monson has bought a Chevron B28; new pictures from Alan Cox in the Lola T300 and Lotus 70 pages; a new picture of Lola T330 HU17 from Stuart Dent; more background on some of the Lola T332s; Terry Walker has provide pictures of the Matich A50 and Matich A51; more pictures of the McRae GM1; another Surtees TS5 picture from Tom Schultz and also another TS5 is also found; and finally a picture of Anthony Goddard's beautiful Surtees TS11.
29 Dec 2005
Another batch of entry lists has arrived: British Formula 5000 and Formula Atlantics from Adam Ferrington and Chris Stoddart; South African F1 from Michael Oliver; Canadian FA (entry lists and also race results) from John Lindsay and Ted Smith. Also Formula magazines have been very kindly contributed by Lloyd Burkett and John Ryan.
20 Dec 2005
A bumper new update to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now?. Plus, two more Atlantic programs from Justin Harrington and two F5000 programs from Glenn Moulds. Glen has also established that it was Matich A51/53-005 that won the 1976 Australian GP, not A53-007 as we previously had recorded. Plus, oops - I missed a couple more programs from Glenn.
5 Dec 2005
The Lola T400s move forward significantly thanks to news from Kevin Shirvington, owner of HU1 and HU4. Also a puzzling anonymously supplied picture of Lola T300 HU7.
4 Dec 2005
The 1976 Shellsport G8 Championship results have been on the site for a while but I've only just remembered to mention it. Sorry! This is one of the most complicated seasons with a bewildering array of 5-litre, 3.4-litre, Atlantic, F2 and libre machinery on display. My thanks to Chris Townsend (again) but also to all those on 10 Tenths who have helped us understand which car was which.
3 Dec 2005
A big update to the McKee Mk 12s thanks to Paul Dudiak, the new owner of the ex-Reinold car.
1 Dec 2005
A major expansion of the Formula Atlantic and Formula B results with the addition of British Formula Atlantic 1971, US Formula B 1972 and the Canadian Formula Atlantic 1978. Chris Townsend is preparing 'Notes on the Cars' to appear soon.
27 Nov 2005
A major rethink the Surtees TS5s thanks to former owner/drivers Robert Fischetti and Hamilton Vose III. Does anyone have programs or photographs from the 1970 and 1971 US seasons?
23 Nov 2005
Results for the 1976 Australian Gold Star season are now available, thanks to Glenn Moulds. Glenn has also provided another picture of a Matich A50.
12 Nov 2005
A big update on the Matich A50. Four newly discovered pictures of the A50s in Australia and the US in 1973 and an update on the state of A50-002. Particular thanks to Glenn Moulds for the two Aussie pictures.
10 Nov 2005
The 2005/06 Flexoplas NZ Express F5000 Revival Series kicks off this weekend at Manfeild Autocourse in New Zealand. 10 F5000s are expected for this race and there may be as many as 30 later in the series. OldRacingCars.com would be happy to publish information on any other (relevant) historic racing series next season.
26 Oct 2005
More photographs from Kumalo and Thruxton: see the Surtees TS5, Lola T190 and McLaren M18 pages. Thanks to Doug Brown and Richard Clayson for these. Also, at the last update, I forgot to mention another large haul of Indy car notes. I will come up with a more structured way to access those notes in due course.
21 Oct 2005
I know you weren't expecting the 1973 Caracas Formula B Coppa Presidente de la Republica, but one never knows what Chris Townsend will uncover next. Elsewhere, in F5000 there are more pictures of the Lola T430 and more on the whereabouts of HU2.
17 Oct 2005
Another new page - on the Lola T430. Thanks to David Abbott for prompting this with his updates and photographs.
14 Oct 2005
Lawrence Sufryn still has his Leda LT25 and it's for sale. Contact Allen if you want his email address.
2 Oct 2005
A new update to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now?.
1 Oct 2005
Another new page on the Chevron B28. Just the five photographs but as there were only two B28s that's not a bad average. Also many new pictures elsewhere, e.g. the McRae GM1, and some existing pictures have been rescanned or otherwise cleaned up. Elsewhere, more programs from Jeremy Jackson.
30 Sep 2005
A long-awaited new page on the Surtees TS5/TS5A, complete with 21 photographs, taken everywhere from secret tests at Riverside to South Africa via Donington Park and Lime Rock. Enjoy - and help solve all those mysteries!
27 Sep 2005
Adam Ferrington must have had a good weekend at Beaulieu. He's sent another 18 Formula Atlantic and 15 Formula 5000 programs. There are now less than 120 left to find. Come on all you old racegoers - take a look in your attics.
22 Sep 2005
Various updates in the F5000 area: a rare mid-1970s photograph of Jim Sechser's McRae GM1; plus a McKee Mk 12 and the ex-Tempero Can-Am Lola T332 are found. Also two more 'mystery T332s have turned up and the Ron Dykes 'mystery' Surtees TS11 is resolved.
28 Aug 2005
More Australian race results: this time the 1982 Formula Pacific series. As well as contributing the results, Chris Townsend has also provided detailed notes on many of the competing cars.
20 Aug 2005
Many thanks to Richard Evans for another batch of programs.
18 Aug 2005
A new update to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now?.
17 Aug 2005
Yet more Atlantic programs from Glenn.
14 Aug 2005
More programs come flooding in. My thanks to Adam Ferrington, Dan Rear and Glenn Moulds for the latest batch. Updated lists here.
13 Aug 2005
Three more seasons of results for the F5000 Australian Gold Star series: 1973, 1974 and 1975, the latter season provided by new contributor Glenn Moulds. My thanks to Glenn and to Bryan Miller, Aaron Lewis, David McKinney, Milan Fistonic, Barry Lake, Greg Nye and the many others who have helped advance this project so swiftly.
23 July 2005
A new F5000 history: the Gardos. My thanks to builder Jamie Gard, team principals Don O'Sullivan and David Craig, current owner Chris Watson and former crew Kym Pedler for putting together all the facts and providing the pictures. Second big update is in the Indy car project, with many, many more notes on the cars. Also, in F5000, more on a mystery March 73A.
22 July 2005
News on the "Sorbello" Can-Am car, which now looks like it was McRae GM1/005. Also clarified a few more things in the Lola T330 page. Also more changes to the UK F5000 entry lists and Formula Atlantic 'wants' list.
21 July 2005
Many thanks to Glenn Moulds, Jeremy Jackson and others for providing 19 UK F5000 entry lists between them as well as a host of Atlantic entry lists. We still need lots more. New today is a list of Formula Atlantic program 'wants'. In F5000, Begg 018 has changed hands and there is a little movement in the puzzling story of the Surtees TS11s. Last but not least, Eli Solomon reports the surprising fact that Arthur Owen's Brabham BT8 raced in the 1964 Singapore GP.
20 July 2005
McRae GM1/008 has changed hands and the ex-Warwick Brown Lola T332 HU27 is for sale. Also minor updates to the Begg, Lola T300, Lola T332, Lotus 70 March 73A and Surtees TS11 pages.
19 Jul 2005
Lots of Lola T332 updates: Jim Snelling has helped with HU27 and HU36; more on Johan Woerheide's ex-Noyes T332; the 1979 Prophet Can-Am car (recorded on the Lola T332 page due to its origins) is now with Dick Lasselle; and more on Shayne Windelburn's ever-growing collection of used tubs. Also, I forgot to mention that Chris Townsend has found themissing 1976 Rhodesian GP results. Also Lola T400 HU2 has changed hands.
4 Jul 2005
OldRacingCars.com moves to new technology.
27 Jun 2005
A new update to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now?.
26 May 2005
Due to popular demand, an all-new Lola T190 page. Also another picture added to the Lola T330 page.
25 May 2005
Progress on the Lola T300 thanks to HU2 owner Peter Voigt and former HU10 owner Geoff Thomas; and on the McKee Mk 12 thanks to former owner Tony Kestian.
24 May 2005
Correction in the Tasman results: Leo Geoghegan's Lotus 39 had a Repco V8 during the 1968 season. Thanks to Dave Shaw for spotting that hiccup. Also two new (old) research projects published: Lola T280s and Formula Super Vee [later removed - see FSV section].
23 May 2005
Complete site redesign. Also, a new 'How To Help' section.
29 Apr 2005
An update to the results database, including myriad minor F5000, Indy and Atlantic changes.
11 Apr 2005
In Atlantics, more New Zealand, Australia, Macau and Malaysian results.
27 Mar 2005
In F5000, more background on Chevron and new pictures including Wunderink's Chevron B24.
26 Mar 2005
Work continues in Indy on the March 1971 Phoenix 150 where three more non-starters have been uncovered and Unser's Eagle and Foyt's Coyote have been found to be 1970 models
24 Mar 2005
In F5000, the 1975 UK race results are now available. My thanks to Chris Townsend for those. Also, the team or entrant is now shown for all F5000 results where known. More entry lists needed!.
24 Mar 2005
More information and a new picture (thanks to Ted Walker) of the Zerex Special on the Cooper T53 page.
20 Mar 2005
A couple of Can-Am updates: ex-Lola T333CS racer Jim Cooke has identified Bruce MacInnes' mystery race-wining Lola as his former T333CS/11; and a great Kurt Oblinger picture of Jacky Ickx in his sister Lola T333CS.
18 Mar 2005
A major update to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now? which now includes all the Indy 500 qualfiiers and non-qualifiers since 1911!
9 Mar 2005
Anyone know Tony Nawrocki? An update on his F5000 Lotus 70 which may actually have been the USAC Chinook Mk 12.
3 Mar 2005
My plea for help with the Canadian 1969/70 Formula A series has been heard. Thanks to Chris Townsend and Tom Johnston for more on the 1969 races. Does anyone have any official results sheets anywhere?

28 Feb 2005 - Ed Midgley has been in touch to solve some McKee Mk 12 and Mk 18 mysteries. Thanks Ed. Also, an update to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now?

21 Feb 2005 - At last, the Indy section. Much help will be needed here. Step forward all you oval racing experts.

20 Feb 2005 - an update to the results of the Rothmans' 50,000 thanks to those fine people at TNF.

18 Feb 2005 - Still in F5000, my thanks to Tom Schultz for a couple of cracking McKee pictures: Ed Midgley 's McKee Mk 12 and the Bob Stanford's mystery McKee. Pictures of the Mk 8 and Mk 18 to follow soon. Also, thanks to Chris Townsend for plugging a gap on Lola T400 HU8.

16 Feb 2005 - continuing through the overdue updates pile: in F5000, Teddy Pilette has added some details on Lola T400 HU14; Paul Wilson, Steve Bay and Russ Neice have added updates on the March 73As, chassis 2, 3 and 4 respectively; and some corrections from Patrick Sumner on his Trojan T101. The main race listing and results pages have been amended; please let me know if you spot any peculiarities.

15 Feb 2005 - in F5000, updates on the McKee Mk 18 and the McKee Mk 12s from Ben Fritz. Also, more on Chevron B24 [73-07] from Ash Lowe. Also, updates on the Chevron B30 from Roger Springett and Rodney Dodson. Also, Dean Beaupre now owns Leda LT20 [102]. Also, Lola T300 [HU6] is nearing completion and Bob Hume has another mystery T300 to add. Also, Lee Huls has cleared up three mystery Lola T330s in one go with his history of his HU20. Also, Bryan Miller fills in some gaps on Lola T332 HU34. My thanks to Ben, Ash, Roger, Rodney, Dean, Evan McGreevy, Bob, Lee and Bryan for these updates.

25 Jan 2005 - a list of known SCCA Nationals 1968-1973 and SCCA Regionals 1968-1970 showing Formula A class winners and other runners where known. Thanks to Wolfgang Klopfer for a fantastic piece of research. [This list has now been incorporated into the Formula A and Formula B sections of the site.

21 Jan 2005 - the Canadian Formula A results are now available. Some races still only have partial results but maybe publication of what we have so far will tempt a few new contributions. And fixed the dodgy link to the Sprint results from the F5000 home page (sorry!).

19 Jan 2005 - another new set of results: that resting place for retired F5000 cars, the British Sprint Championship. Just 1970 and 1971 Top 10s published so far - more to follow soon. Thanks to Steve Wilkinson and the British Motor Sprint Association for these.

17 Jan 2005 - the first set of Australian Gold Star F5000 results now available, covering 1971 to 1974.

15 Jan 2005 - big update to the results section (first for months) so various new entry lists and further progress identifying individual cars. Sorry - an item-by-item list would take all day!

13 Jan 2005 - a close-season update to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now?

4 Dec 2004 - another update to the Formula Atlantic project, with the addition of Chris Townsend's 1974 UK results.

21 Nov 2004 - New pages on two US Formula A pioneers, Caldwell and Vulcan. Also a large number of minor F5000 page changes.

26 Sep 2004 - In F5000, three new McLaren M18 pictures (thanks to Stuart Dent and Jeremy Jackson) and more information on the O'Sullivan car. Also another Lola T332 located (thanks to Bryan Miller for finding HU34). Also , in the results section, thanks to Kym Pedler for correcting the engine in Keith Poole's Gardos OR2. Also another Stuart Dent picture: of the Alan Brodie Surtees TS8. Also thanks to Flavio Tullio for bringing his Lola T330 HU24 up to date. Also a Tom Johnston picture of Mark Simpson's unidentified Brabham BT8 (any ideas, anyone?). Also more on Stuart Forbes-Robinson's Lola T330 (thanks to Shayne Windelburn) and a Jeremy Jackson picture of Colin Pool's Lola T330 in Frissbee form. Plus another Surtees TS8 appears and some news on the missing Lola T400 HU1.

9 Sep 2004 - F5000 picture day: two pictures of March 73A/1 from Drake Moore plus Matich A50/004 and Begg 018 from Kevin Thomson. Thanks to you both.

5 Sep 2004 - an update from Aaron Lewis on the Matich A50s. Plus, an update on one of the ex-Can-Am McLaren M1Bs to run in F5000.

4 Sep 2004 - a new page on the McKee Mk 12. And still nobody has found a (uncopyrighted) picture of a F5000 McKee. Come on guys, somebody must have one!

2 Sep 2004 - Thanks to Michael Ferner for results of the 1980 JAF Formula Pacific series.

1 Sep 2004 - pictures and chassis numbers of Tim Osborne two Crosslé 15Fs.

28 Aug 2004 - a bumper update to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now?

17 Jul 2004 - Corrected years of build of the McLarens. Thanks to ex-Trojan designer Paul Rawlinson for that. Also, more on the Glenn Brown Lola T332 and a picture of Neil Doyle's F5000 Surtees TS9B. Also, more on the Noyes/Lader and Wietzes McLaren M18s and a picture of Glenn Brown's Lola T332.

12 Jul 2004 - Oops! Fixed the link to the new McKee F5000 page. Thanks to David Hyland (first off the mark) and others for pointing that out.

11 Jul 2004 - some updatesto the Eagle F5000 page and a new McKee F5000 page. Does anyone have pictures of a McKee F5000 car?

10 Jul 2004 - In case you've been wondering what I'm up to, a full revamp of the Can-Am results is on its way. Meanwhile, in F5000 was have an Eisert picture provided by Milan Fistonic and owner updates from Tim Osborne for the Crosslé 15F. In the Atlantic section, I've added the 1971 US Formula B results and it really is time I mentioned Chris Townsend's 1975 Irish and Canadian results.

12 Jun 2004 - the May and June updates to Richard Jenkins' Where Are They Now?

9 May 2004 - Numerous minor F5000 updates from a couple of days spent reading 1975 Autosport.

26 Apr 2004 - In F5000, an Eisert page and an overdue picture on the Begg page. Also, some more details on Lola T400 HU9 from Mike Engstrand, who raced it in CAT in 1987, and also a remembers seeing a 'mystery' T400, Larry Clain's car.

19 Apr 2004 - In F5000, a new Begg page. Also thanks to Richard Fried for recollections of a VDS Lola T400 and of Bill Simpson's Lola T332. Also on the T332 page, thanks to Bill Peters for a shot of Tuck Thomas' car.

18 Apr 2004 - another ten new pictures on the Lola T330 page. Thanks to Mark Windecker and Rob Ryder this time. More of Mark's excellent pictures to come. Also changed the font sizes throughout the site so they adopt your default browser set-up. Let me know if anything looks funny on your browser.

9 Apr 2004 - ten more pictures on the Lola T330 page. Thanks to Simon Lewis and Stuart Dent for these. More to come. Also some updates on the "mystery" McRae GM1s, an ownership update on March 73A and various other minor additions in the F5000 section. The results section is also updated so many more cars identified, including FB Marchs, Brabhams and Crossles as well as Lola T190s and T192s. In the Atlantic section, Chris Townsend's 1975 Irish results are now ready.

6 Apr 2004 - A new page on the Lola T400.

1 Apr 2004 - Richard Jenkins' latest update to Where Are They Now?

31 Mar 2004 - thanks to Chris Townsend and Jim Thurman for more additions to the Atlantic project. Jim's US 1970 results are now available and Chris has provided the 1975 British season.

12 Mar 2004 - thanks to Michael Ferner for a new addition to the Atlantic project: results of the 1979 Japanese season. Also Chris Townsend has supplied a list of the 1975 Canadian and Irish races (full results to follow).

12 Mar 2004 - apologies for not mentioning another big update to Where Are They Now? that took place oin 6 Mar - it was announced by Richie on TNF but not by me here.

23 Feb 2004 - a quick ownership update on the McRae GM1 - three are racing in the Tasman Cup Revival Series.

22 Feb 2004 - big update to Where Are They Now?

19 Feb 2004 - Fixed a couple of minor problems in the Where Are They Now? pages

15 Feb 2004 - The Chevron B24 page gets several new pictures (thanks to Simon Lewis and Stan Beck) and more details of Beck's car. Also thanks to Mike Apker for locating Lola T332 HU39. Also, more Simon Lewis pictures for the March 74A page. Also, Chris Townsend has provided some updates to the 1976 South African Formula Atlantic results. Also, another four Simon Lewis pictures for the Lola T330 page.

31 Jan 2004 - A big update to Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now? including all drivers to appear in the Indy 500 since 1946. In the Atlantic project: results of the 1978 New Zealand International season. Finally, in F5000, Steve Pfeiffer's mystery F5000 Lola has been identified as a T140.

11 Jan 2004 - Thanks to Brian Taylor and Mike Engstrand for their recollections and photos of their time in Can-Am with a Chevron B24.

3 Jan 2004 - Another update to Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now?.

21 Dec 2003 - new F5000 results: the full 1976 US results (thanks to Wolfgang Klopfer). Also updates to URLs and contact emails on the Crosslé 15F and Brabham BT8 pages. Also a new picture from Tom Johnston of the Norbert Ball BT8 in 1970.

20 Dec 2003 - a new addition to the Atlantic project: results of the 1976 South African season.

17 Dec 2003 - Another update to Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now?.

15 Nov 2003 - Long overdue update to the results database. Changes in the results include: found that Michael Brayton's 1975 Eagle was a 68/69 car, not a 74A; added the 1972 Gold Cup; fixed some engine details in the 1970 Tasman series; added entry numbers for the New Zealand 1977 Internationals. And I forgot to mention in August that we'd identified some Lola T140s. Can-Am: Peter Baljet still has T530 HU1.

10 Nov 2003 - A big update to Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now? which now includes Formula 3000 drivers.

10 Oct 2003 - F5000 news. Lola T332: HU48 has moved to Stuart McDonnell (Hamilton, NZ). The Lola T332- or T333-based Intrepid GB-1 is now owned by Lance Nist and the Lola T332-based Frissbee raced by Drake Olson in 1984 is now with Dave Nuding. Michael Duncan has filled some gaps on HU55/Schkee DB2. Lola T330: Andrew Simpson sends details of his car and, in the process, we find that the Settember car went to Workman, not Koops. Stan Redmond still has HU22. Also, Lance Nist has confirmed that Doug Correa's car was HU24. Stuart Forbes-Robinson's 1977 car may have been Benton's HU26.

30 Sep 2003 - Remember the Brabham BT8? Thanks to Tom Johnston and Peter Jack, we have moved further forward on the history of SC-2-64. Also, in F5000, one mystery McRae GM1, the Prince car, is now known to be 012. Also, more on Steve Cuff's ownership of Trojan T101 105.

27 Sep 2003 - Still trying to make the Leda LT20, LT22 and LT25 F5000 cars make sense. Phil Henny has contributed much on his LT20, including two pictures, and more facts dredged from Autosport on the hillclimbing LT22.

29 Aug 2003 - In Atlantics, the 1978 Japanese Pacific results and the 1974 Australian 'F2' results. Thanks to Michael Ferner and Curt Bond respectively for these.

25 Aug 2003 - Oops! Fixed the missing picture of Lola T300 HU2.

23 Aug 2003 - Much F5000 Lola activity. Sandy Shepard has sent info and pictures from his 1972 season in Lola T300 HU2 and Evan McGreevy has added the previous owner of the family's T300; a new picture from Johan Woerheide of his Schkee DB1/2, formerly Lola T332 HU55; and Lance Nist advises that Stuart Forbes-Robinson's mystery Lola T330 was later scrapped.

3 Aug 2003 - Entry numbers and related information added for all the New Zealand Tasman F5000 races (thanks to Milan Fistonic, David McKinney and others at TNF for these). Thanks also to Bryan Miller for the rest of the 1974 Australian Tasman F5000 practice times. Bryan has alos updated the owners on a couple of Matich cars. Last, but not least, thanks to Eric Perrin for an update on some of the Cooper T53s; also adding a link to a picture of the Argo Sports, thought to be built on the remains of Brabham's private T53.

28 Jul 2003 - broken F5000 home page fixed. The drop-down lists of races were producing an error.

27 Jul 2003 - Firstly, an update to Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now? In F5000, Bryan Miller has provided practice times for three of the 1974 Australian F5000 Tasman races. Also, some details from Dave Swigler on the history of his Lotus 70B.

25 Jul 2003 - In F5000, the full 1974 UK F5000 results (thanks again to Chris Townsend) and RJ Nelkin has provided more on Lola T332 HU53. In Atlantics, some minor corrections to the 1977/78 New Zealand Gold Star season results (an entry number was wrong and Manfeild was misspelt).

20 Jul 2003 - In Atlantics, the 1977/78 New Zealand Gold Star season results. In F5000, some of the more obscure cars have been tracked down: the Vernon Shields Lotus 35-Cobra was [35-F-18], the Chuck Kirkbride McLaren-Climax was M4A [200-15F], Bud Morley's converted Can-Am McLaren M1B was [30/05] and the F5000 Cicada was No 4.

13 Jul 2003 - In F5000, an update on the fate of McRae GM1/001, another snippet on Surtees TS8/'014' and some owner updates on the Lotus 70 page. In Atlantics, fixes to two car identities in the New Zealand 1977 races and updates on what's to come.

29 Jun 2003 - John Bladon has sent two very interesting pictures of his Surtees TS8/06 as the pieces start to fit back into place. Also, news on two Lola T332s now with Johan Woerheide. A minor extra note on the Matich A50 page pointing out that Davison's car is sometimes called 'A50-003'.

22 Jun 2003 - The first Formula Atlantic page - a whole new project begins! Includes Chris Townsend's first set of results: New Zealand 1977. Also the biggest update yet to to Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now? Both of these have new homes on the revised Projects page. In F5000, some minor updates to the Lola T330 and Lola T332 pages, including an update to Lola T332 HU27.

17 Jun 2003 - A complete revision to the Matich A50, A51, A52 and A53 pages. Also some revisions to the main F5000 page and minor updates to the Chevron B24, Leda LT22, McLaren M18, Surtees TS8 and Trojan T101 pages (all are corrections and additions stemming from 1973 and 1974 race results and from 1974 Autosport adverts).

16 Jun 2003 - A quick fix to the F1 driver search. It wasn't working for "Nanni" Galli and "Gimax". Thanks to Brian Lawence for pointing that out and even telling me how to fix it.

2 Jun 2003 - More info on two Lola T330s: filling in 1974 for HU4 and an update on HU23(A). John Bladon has sent an update on two of his Surtees: Surtees TS11/04 has changed hands and he has given more details on Surtees TS8/06. Also some more hill climb history on TS8/07. Also a little more detail on Lotus 70/03. And lots more Chevron B24 pictures thanks to Rob Ryder.

1 Jun 2003 - The full 1973 F5000 results: Chris Townsend has done another fabulous job on the 1973 UK season to add to Wolfgang Klopfer's equally thorough US results and Tasman results from Bruce Sergent's excellent Tasman site. The F1/F5000 races aren't included just yet. Also in F5000, another Lola T300 emerges: Donald McGreevy owns the ex-Hansen HU6. Also numerous updates to the Lola T332 page. A few minor updates on the Trojan T101 but expect more here - it looks like one of the histories may be completely wrong. If your cup wasn't already full, there's also a bumper update to Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now? and last, but not least, some updates to the Cooper T53 page where I have added the little I know about the 1960 works cars.

11 May 2003 - A few bits and pieces on the Chevron B24, Lola T300, Lola T332 and Lotus 70 pages.

8 May 2003 - Much, much more on the John Cannon March 73A/751 plus a few new 73A mysteries (and some updates to text that I forgot to amend when the March factory records turned up).

5 May 2003 - Lots of Lola T332 stuff: Ron Lampley has filled a gap on HU27, Shayne Windelburn has the tub and bits from HU31, Todd Reiners is pretty sure he has HU34 and Larry Neviaser has updated HU37's history. Most remarkably of all, Jerry Kehoe has been in touch to explain that his 1984 Frissbee Can-Am was not Lola T332 based but built on his highly modified Olds V8 engined Brabham BT29!! Also another mystery Lola T300 spotted: John McDonald ran a car in at least one SCCA Regional event in 1974. Chris Townsend has corrected a detail in the Chevron B24 histories: it was B24-73-07 that Gethin used in the 1974 Tasman, not B24-73-08. AND a new update to Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now?

27 April 2003 - the Lola T332.

11 April 2003 - The full 1972 F5000 results: Chris Townsend has deciphered the 1972 UK season, including the International Trophy, the Rothmans 50,000 libre race and the 'Victory Race'; joining Wolfgang Klopfer's meticulously researched US L&M Championship results; and Tasman results from Bruce Sergent's excellent Tasman site. That's 33 races in total. All comments very welcome. Also, a new update to Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now?

6 April 2003 - Cliff Owen, a former mechanic on Tony Dean's cars, says that it was Dean's ex-Craft Chevron B24/B28 that he took to the US in 1975, not his B28. That enables us to resolve the Don Gray car. Also, Richard Evans is identified as the owner of a Crosslé 15F in 1973 and a little more dug up on John Lambert's Leda LT22.

30 Mar 2003 - 'Surtees month' draws to a close with more information from Chris Townsend on Campbell's 'TS8B', news from Phil Palm identifying the car he raced in 1973 as TS8/008, proving Champ Carr Inc had two TS8s, and also evidence from Wolfgang Klopfer that Champ Carr had two TS11s. Lots new in the Lotus 70 page too: pictures of Lotus 70B/02 from Ed Lindsay; Lotus historian and author Michael Oliver points out that Alan Rollinson drove Lotus 70/02 at Brands Hatch 27 Sep 1970, not his usual Surtees TS5A; and a new mystery car found, the 1978 Bruce Davis car. Elsewhere, news from Cliff Owen that the Chevron B24 that Wunderink crashed at Zandvoort in 1975 was indeed scrapped; news from Michael Mooney on his father's Crosslé 8F and 10F and a great picture; plus a little more on Doug Correa's mystery Lola T330.

24 Mar 2003 - A new update to Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now? Also fixed the search results page (why did nobody mention that to me?!)

23 Mar 2003 - Former libre racer Ian Stronach has provided details of the McRae GM1 he raced in 1976 and 1977. Thanks also to Jeremy Jackson for a picture of that car.

8 Mar 2003 - It seems to be Surtees month! Chris Townsend has been digging away on the John Campbell Surtees TS8 and Ron Pohl has been in touch with information on the ex-Posey TS8 he and Phil Palm had in 1973. Paul Christeanson has also sent details of his Surtees TS11. Last but not least, a new update to Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now?

3 Mar 2003 - At last, the full 1971 results. In the UK that's all 17 Rothmans Championship rounds including the International Trophy, the Oulton Park Gold Cup and the Victory Race; in Australia and New Zealand there were seven Tasman races; and in the Americas, the Argentina GP, the Questor GP, eight rounds of the L&M Championship and the two USAC races at Seattle. That's 36 races in total. Also minor changes to the Leda LT20-LT25 page (new info on the hill climb LT25), the Lola T300 (more on the Miller car), Lola T330 (tidying only), Lotus 70 (details on the Bob West car), Surtees TS8 (tidying only) and Surtees TS11 (more attempts to make sense of them plus pictures of the Indian car from Aniruddh Kasliwal).

22 Feb 2003 - A correction to the McLaren M18s: Tony Trimmer's 1973 car was the ex-Ganley 500-04, not 500-05. Thanks to Chris Townsend for spotting that in Motoring News reports. Also, the combination of Marc Rauchfuss and Jeremy Jackson's great pictures have helped significantly with the puzzling story of Lola T300 HU12 and Chuck Haines has filled in some gaps on the ex-Kroll Lola T300 HU15. Also, some comments and corrections from Jerry Entin on his Trojan T101.

15 Feb 2003 - Adam Ferrington has supplied information from March factory records that allow a significant update to the March 73A and March 74A pages. Gus Hutchison's car was 73A/3 and Bob Lazier's was 73A/4. Also more information from Jeremy Jackson on the Lola T300s racing in UK historic racing in the late 1980s.

9 Feb 2003 - Another Lola T330 resolved. Tony Barry recalls Alan Kayes' HU17 being scrapped after an accident. Also, a new update to Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now?

2 Feb 2003 - Gary Wheeler, AAR's chief designer in the mid-1970s, has an update on the unraced 1976 F5000 Eagle.

1 Feb 2003 - Added more results: the 1967 and 1968 US championship seasons, the first of which was before the 5-litre cars were admitted. Also minor updates to the Crossle 15F , McLaren M18, Surtees TS8 and Surtees TS11 pages.

26 Jan 2003 - Monster new update to Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now?

18 Jan 2003 - More results, the 1969 UK championship, thanks again to Chris Townsend. New F5000 discoveries thanks to Chris Townsend: Ron Grable's Surtees TS11 was the ex-Hailwood Tasman car; Evan Noyes' McLaren M18 was 500-06, not 500-03 and Brett Lunger drove Sandy Shepard's Lola T300-Pontiac at Elkhart Lake 1972. Also, an additional mystery Lola T330, the Frissbee Can-Am car used by Colin Pool in Thundersports racing in the UK in the late 1980s.

2 Jan 2003 - thanks to Pete Stowe for details on the club sprint careers of Mike Hall's Trojan T101 and the Richards/Clapham Surtees TS8. Also added a few more details on Clive Baker's TS8 (thanks Chris Townsend) and added a couple of mystery references to TS8s from sprint events (Pete again).

1 Jan 2003 - Good progress on the Lola T300s. Gus Hutchison (the third former champion to get in touch) tells us that his T300 went to Eddie Miller. Also, we can now be confident that Jerry Hansen's car was HU6 (how many orange T300s can there have been?).

1 Jan 2003 - New update to Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now?

1 Jan 2003 - At the 1971 International Trophy, Tony Dean's converted F5000 McLaren M7A/2 did not have a Cosworth DFV fitted, it was its usual Chevy V8. Also, Mike Wooley's converted F5000 Lotus 43/R2 had a 5-litre "Boss" Ford V8 at its two F5000 appearances in 1970, not its earlier 4.7-litre Shelby-Ford V8.

19 Dec 2002 - ... followed swiftly by version 4.

18 Dec 2002 - Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now? version 3 now online.

15 Dec 2002 - At last, more results! Added 1970 UK and US results. Entry numbers now shown against drivers' names where known. Minor updates to the Lola T330, Lola T300, Lotus 70, Matich A50 and Surtees TS8 pages.

30 Nov 2002 - A second version of Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now? now online.

26 Nov 2002 - Richie Jenkins' Where Are They Now?, everything you have ever wanted to know about the 866 drivers to have appeared at World Drivers Championship events.

2 Nov 2002 - Jim Gustafson's Lola T300 now believed to be a Lola T190.

2 Nov 2002 - my thanks to former F5000 team owner Jerry Entin, owner of Jody Scheckter's Trojan T101 and Lola T330 in 1973, for information on the history of those two cars.

2 Nov 2002 - updates to the McLaren M18 (more details on 500-01), Lola T330 (more on the Mark Rose car), Surtees TS11 (more on the brief life of 001) pages. Also thanks to Bob Roemer for pointing out that I had misscaptioned three Lola T330 pictures as being at Road Atlanta - it was Road America.

13 Oct 2002 - The F5000 results candle is now burning at both ends. Added 1969 UK and 1970 Tasman results. More tidy-ups to the design. It should now look OK in any browser but please tell me if any page looks wrong.

11 Oct 2002 - Added Kerenzerberg and Oberhallau Hill Climb results to the Bellasi's racing history. Thanks to Beat Schenker for this.

6 Oct 2002 - more Lolas being identified thanks to Tom Erwin's notebooks: Kevin Bartlett's 1972 US car was Lola T300 HU17; Dwight Zillig's Can-Am Lola "T332" was the ex-Gutfreund/Earl Lola T330 and Marcel Talbot's 1978 Can-Am Lola "T332" was Kroll's Lola T300. Also, James Gutfruend's "Lola T300" is clearly his Lola T330. Also, some general tidy-ups to the site design.

26 Sep 2002 - Some new information on the Lola T300's of Sandy Shepard and Horst Kwech, both wrecked during the 1972 season.

23 Sep 2002 - New in F5000: an all-new Lola T300 page; also added retirement reasons for US 1975 F5000 season (thanks to Jim Thurman).

22 Sep 2002 - In Tasman, thanks to Ray Bell and David McKinney for pointing out that John Harvey's Brabham BT11A used a Repco engine during the 1968 Tasman Cup. In F5000, a major update to the Lola T330 page thanks to the chassis notebooks of Tom Erwin; also three more mystery cars added to the Lotus 70 page. In Can-Am, the new format statistical 'Types' page is added and the main page reformatted.

22 Aug 2002 - A complete history of the John Pringle hill climb Cooper T53 now added to the Cooper T53 page. It later raced in US F5000! Thanks to Eric Jeffries for all these details.

27 Jul 2002 - fixed the sort order on the 3-litre F1 'Marques' page and 'Types' page. No idea when or why that stopped working.

27 Jul 2002 - More F5000 results: the 1974 US season is now available.

25 Jul 2002 - Chris Townsend has pointed out some errors in the 1975 Tasman F5000 results: Stewart's T400 was HU2, not HU3 (he didn't buy HU3 until the end of 1975) and both he and Bartlett swapped back to their earlier T330/2-series Lolas for the last two races. Also sorted that out on the Lola T330 page. Thanks Chris. Also thanks for Michael T Lynch for correcting the date of the 1969 Lime Rock F5000 race from 7 Aug to 2 Aug.

25 Jul 2002 - added qualifying positions and times 1975 Tasman F5000 results.

20 Jul 2002 - lots of new information on the new McLaren M18 page: Lader's car was Noyes' so that means Noyes' may have split; plus a gap filled on the ex-Norinder M18 and a potential extra car spotted. Thanks to Wolfgang Klopfer and Ted Walker for these.

18 Jul 2002 - one correction spotted so far to the 1975 US F5000 results: it was Luis di Palma who practiced the Berta at Laguna Seca.

17 Jul 2002 - In F5000, new pages for Trojan and for the Trojan T101, including a couple of excellent Rob Ryder colour pictures. Also a correction to my description on the M10A on the McLaren page (thanks to Ashley Lenton for spotting that).

16 Jul 2002 - A new F5000 McLaren M18 page and also linked up the constructor pages on Cooper, Eagle, McLaren and Surtees as I'd made them almost impossible to find.

15 Jul 2002 - In all yesterday's race lists, I forgot to include the 1976 Peter Stuyvesant series in New Zealand. My apologies to Kiwis everywhere, especially expat ones living in London.

14 Jul 2002 - More F5000 results: the 1975 Tasman Cup series is now available. Plus new lists of the Tasman races and the Rothmans International races that followed them in Australia. Also many minor updates to numerous to list in F5000. Robs Lamplough has helped untangle a couple of Brabham BT8s and Terry Hefty has provided new information on the ex-Centro-Sud Cooper T53s, where there is also a smidgen more information on the Hap Sharp F1-15-61.

19 Jun 2002 - Monster update! In F5000, the first race results are available. In F1 and Tasman, many thanks to Bruce Sergent for spotting some errors in the 1965 New Zealand GP results: Kerry Grant only used his Brabham BT4 in practice and Bruce McLaren used Phil Hill's Cooper T70 after crashing his own Cooper T79 in the heat. Also corrected all the BT4s' engines to 2.5 litres and filtered out the Cooper T60, BRM P61, BRP 63 and Shadow DN10 as they have no relevant F1 or Tasman race appearances. And in Can-Am, Paul Sauer has updated the history of his Lola T530.

1 Jun 2002 - corrections to who drove which BRM P261 in Tasman 1966 and addition of the BRM P160-Weslake V12 test session. Details supplied by Doug Nye, author of BRM Vol. 1 and the eagerly awaited BRM Vol. 2.

21 Apr 2002 - In F5000: lots of updates from David McKinney, Don Sills and Al Moore to the Surtees TS8 and Surtees TS11 plus new constructor pages on Cooper, Eagle, McLaren and Surtees; and in Projects George Nuse has sent an update to Brabham BT8 SC-1-66.

13 Apr 2002 - Oops! Yesterday's database update messed up one of the main pages. All is well now. Also tidied up some of the date formatting.

12 Apr 2002 - F1 database update: changed Gus Hutchinson to Gus Hutchison. After a long debate on this one, an autograph has decided it.

28 Mar 2002 - In F5000, Pete Brock has commented on the fate of his Lotus 70B and we've cleaned up one or two McRae GM1 histories. Numerous other minor updates through this section. In Projects, Eric Perrin has spotted a couple of mistakes in the Cooper T53s and added details of Hefty's car.

19 February 2002 - F1 update: sorted out the confusing history of the Tyrrell 010s. Five chassis built but only three separate cars. In F5000, Todd Gerstenberger has sorted out his Chevron B24 for us, Ray Bell and Wolfgang Klopfer have resolved the Gary Campbell Lola T330, Bruce Langson has filled in detail on two more of those cars, Brian Redman (yes, that Brian Redman!) has helped with details of his T330 and his McRae GM1 and Al Moore has sent pictures of his Surtees TS8. Also, in Other, Don Schoeny's Cooper T53 added to the list.

3 February 2002 - Massive update to the Cooper T53 page. In F5000, a brand new March 74A page; also big progress on the Lotus 70 and Lola T330 and more minor updates to the Surtees TS8 and Surtees TS11. Also a couple of updates on the Brabham BT8 page.

30 December 2001 - New histories of the Lotus 70, Lotus 42B and Surtees TS11 added to the F5000 section. Also, another Lola T330 resolved, a mystery March 73A pops up and we're on the trail of the missing Matich. Half a dozen new pictures added to the section, including on the Crosslé 15F and Lotus pages.

9 December 2001 - monster F5000 update. Another Lola T330 found and various bits and pieces added to the Crosslé 15F, Leda, March 73A, Matich, McRae GM1 and Surtees TS8 pages.

3 November 2001 - Thanks to the wonderful photo archives of Ted Walker's Ferret Fotographics, first picture of the Leda LT25 and another of the Chevron B24. More to follow!

1 November 2001 - F5000 day. A new history for the Surtees TS8. Also updates to the Chevron B24, Crosslé 15F, Leda, Lola T330 and Matich A50 range pages.

29 October 2001 - F1 database update (just one error: a Shadow DN3 mistaken for an Ensign N174 at a G8 race in 1976) plus a completely revised F1 Marques page. For example, here's the March Marque page. The F1 database contains a total of 8,782 starts for the 901 cars.

18 October 2001 - more F5000 material keep flooding in. More Leda information and more pieces of the Chevron B24 puzzle have arrived.

25 September 2001 - A new history for Crosslé and the Crosslé 15F. Also, two Ledas come to light, plus minor changes to the Lola T330 and Matich A50 range histories.

9 September 2001 - Big changes to the Lola T330 histories, a new Leda car-by-car listing and dozens of minor updates throughout the F5000 section.

26 August 2001 - A very basic driver search facility added to the 3-litre F1 section.

5 August 2001 - E-mail keeps flooding in so more updates to the Chevron B24, Lola T330, March 73A and Matich A50 range histories. Also new material on the Chevron F5000 page and a new Leda F5000 page.

4 August 2001 - New car-by-car listed of the Matich A50 range. Plus updates to the Chevron B24, Lola T330 and March 73A histories.

12 July 2001 - Updates to the Lola T330 and March 73A histories.

17 June 2001 - It's here at last! The full car-by-car story of the Single-Seat Can-Am.

3 June 2001 - New car-by-car listing of the Lola T330. Also various updates, mostly minor, to McRae GM1s, Cooper T53, Chevron B24, Brabham BT8 and March 73A.

3 May 2001 - update to two McRae GM1s and addition of John Pringle's car to the Cooper T53 page.

28 April 2001 - another database update: corrected usage of the Connews in F1 and F5000, added Brabham BT12 Indy results and corrected engine usage in McLaren M2Bs.

25 April 2001 - many updates and two new cars added to the Cooper T53s histories.

21 April 2001 - first database update in ages. Added results from Fórmula 1 de la Mecánica Nacional in Argentina and 1967 SCCA FA plus additions to 1984 Can-Am, two 1971 F5000 oversights and two 1981 Can-Am oversights.

21 April 2001 - updates to the Brabham BT8, Lola T530, McRae GM1 and Cooper T53s histories

8 April 2001 - added list of Single-Seat Can-Am champions and Canadian FA (F5000) races

8 April 2001 - rejigged all pages to try to make them work in all browsers.

8 April 2001 - the first Can-Am data is ready - a list of the most successful Single-Seat Can-Am cars.

17 March 2001 - The Chevron B24s continue to click into place (three cars now have dedicated pages), a few updates to the McRae GM1 page plus a new draft: the March 73A.

4 March 2001 - McRae GM1 information has been pouring in. All but three now located.

21 February - Many changes to McRae GM1 page. New F5000 resources: list of all major F5000 champions and list of US and UK races. Plus two more Chevron B24s located.

2 February 2001 - New page on McRae and on the McRae GM1

29 January 2001 - much, much more on the Chevron B24 plus new pages on Chevron F5000 and March F5000.

13 January 2001 - first draft of the first F5000 car histories: Chevron B24. Also numerous minor additions to the Cooper T53s.

28 December 2000 - first set of updates to Brabham BT8 histories.

21 December 2000 - first batch of updates: Brabham BT11/22 (clarification) and Matra MS120 (correction) and numerous smaller amendments.

15 December 2000 - OldRacingCars.com launched on an unsuspecting Web.