March 732 car-by-car histories

Jean-Pierre Jarier winning his first race in the works March 732 at Mallory Park in March 1973. Copyright Ted Walker (Ferret Fotographics) 2012. Used with permission.

Jean-Pierre Jarier winning his first race in the works March 732 at Mallory Park in March 1973. Copyright Ted Walker (Ferret Fotographics) 2012. Used with permission.

The March 732 was the car that reshaped Formula 2 through its domination of the 1973 Formula 2 season, winning 11 of the 17 championship races. STP March team leader Jean-Pierre Jarier won eight races and the title.

March boss Max Mosley had a very good relationship with Jochen Neerpasch, Competition Director of Ford of Germany, and this paid off in 1972 when Neerpasch left Ford to take on the same role at BMW. Neerpasch offered March an exclusive deal for BMW's new Formula 2 M12/6 engine, as long as March agreed to buy 50. As well as being standard equipment on the new F2 March 732, March also built a range of 2-litre sports cars, the March 73S. After the disappointing side-radiator March 722, Robin Herd returned to the March 712M template for his 1973 F2 car. The nose was based on the wide "sports car" nose that March had tried on the 722 towards the end of the 1972 season, so the main radiator was returned to the front of the car. In other respects, the car was a refinement of the 712M. In a further change from 1972, the Formula B/Atlantic and F2 cars had different type numbers, the Formula B/Atlantic variant being the March 73B. It appears that eight 732s had been completed in time for the opening race at Mallory Park on 11 March, although only three were actually present, and then another three were delivered in time for the second round, bringing the total production at that point to 11. Six other cars were later built in the season, the earliest of those appearing in June.

The BMW engine proved to be both powerful and reliable, and thanks to the inspired driving of March team leader Jean-Pierre Jarier, the March 732 was by far the most successful car of the 1973 season. Of the competition, Jochen Mass went very well in the factory Surtees TS15, winning two races, and Francois Cevert won one race with the Alpine A367, both these teams using Brian Hart's alloy engines. GRD won two races, but the marque's star driver Roger Williamson defected when his patron Tom Wheatcroft bought a March 732. The massed ranks of the Motul Rondel team won two races, and Wilson Fittipaldi won a non-championship race in a Brabham BT40. The success of the March-BMW had a profound impact on the constructor landscape. GRD only found one person to buy a F2 GRD for 1974, and soon folded; Brabham pulled out of production racing car construction; the Lotus team packed away their failed "Texaco Stars" and were not seen in F2 again; Pygmée quit F2 mid-season and stopped production; and as the impact of the oil crisis was felt, Rondel went into liquidation. The Ensign and Scott F2 cars turned out to be one-offs. Only Chevron, Alpine and Surtees survived the steamroller.

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Current owner
March 732/1
Jean-Pierre Jarier's March 732 
at Mallory Park in March 1973. Copyright Ted Walker (Ferret Fotographics) 2012. Used with permission.

Jean-Pierre Jarier's March 732 at Mallory Park in March 1973. Copyright Ted Walker (Ferret Fotographics) 2012. Used with permission.

STP March Engineering works car for Jean-Pierre Beltoise at the first race, then for Hans-Joachim Stuck at two races and then for Jean-Pierre Jarier at two races. A new car, 732-10, was later built for Beltoise so this 732-1 became what March called the "training car" and was used by Stuck later in the year and was then the third spare car remaining in March's transporter at several races. Probably for Mário Cabral at Estoril. Then unknown until June 1975 when acquired by John Calvert for libre racing in 742 spec. To Geoff Friswell mid-1976, rebuilt for him by Brian Lisles and fitted with a Hart 420R engine, but wrecked in practice at Oulton Park in September. Rebuilt on a 742 chassis and raced in two late-season events. Later to Jonathan Buncombe who fitted an FVC engine for libre races. Sold to Roger Orgee and further modified to 772P specification for Formula Atlantic in 1979. Sold after the 1979 season to Harry Vickers' Cowgate Motors in Newcastle and was used in the construction of their Group 5 Lotus Elan HV/80/S2 for Nicky Ellis. This car used a standard Elan backbone chassis with the suspension from the ex-Orgee 732/742/772 and a Swindon BDX. All that would have been left of Orgee's car would have been the monocoque, and as this was a replacement 742 tub, the March 732 had effectively ceased to exist.

Driven by: Jean-Pierre Beltoise, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Jean-Pierre Jarier, Mário Araújo de Cabral, John Calvert, Geoff Friswell and Roger Orgee. First race: Mallory Park (R1), 11 Mar 1973. Total of 26 recorded races.

Consumed 1980
March 732/2

Unknown. This entry is blank in March records. Either this or 732/3 is likely to be the car that went to Japan, but nothing more known.

March 732/3

Unknown. This entry is blank in March records. Either this or 732/2 is likely to be the car that went to Japan, but nothing more known.

March 732/4

Beta Racing Team for Vittorio Brambilla 1973 and used as his main car all season. Crashed at Monza in June and rebuilt on a new monocoque. Crashed again in practice at Vallalunga in October and may have been written off, leaving Vittorio to drive brother Tino's 732/5 at the last race. This car appears to have been repaired on a new monocoque and retained by the team as a spare in 1974. It would be the car raced by Diulio Truffo at Mugello and Alberto Colombo at Vallelunga. It remained with the Brambillas until 1977, when it passed to sponsor Daniele Ciceri of Beta Tools, and was placed on display at the Beta factory. It 1988, it passed to the Autorevival Italia Association, and was displayed in the Museum Autodromo Monza until 2000, when it was acquired by Guido Romani (Milan). It was sold to Hall and Hall (Bourne, Lincolnshire) in 2019 when it was found to be in remarkably original condition. Sold to Graham Adelman in 2019. Still located in the UK in March 2020.

Driven by: Vittorio Brambilla, Diulio Truffo and Alberto Colombo. First race: Thruxton (R3), 23 Apr 1973. Total of 13 recorded races.

Graham Adelman (United Kingdom) 2020
March 732/5

Beta Racing Team for Tino Brambilla 1973 but crashed at Nivelles-Baulers in June. Repaired and then used as a spare car by brother Vittorio. Subsequent history unknown.

Driven by: Ernesto "Tino" Brambilla, Vittorio Brambilla and Cosimo Turizio. First race: Hockenheim (R2), 8 Apr 1973. Total of 6 recorded races.

March 732/6

STP March Engineering works car for Jean-Pierre Jarier, winning the two opening rounds at Mallory Park and Hockenheim, but then crashed at the third race at Thruxton in April. Rebuilt on a new tub and raced by Jacques Coulon at Nivelles-Baulers in June. Thereafter Jarier's regular car, winning at Rouen, Mantorp Park, Karlskoga, Enna-Pergusa and Estoril. This may be the March 732 that was later exhibited in the BMW Museum, which is exhibited wearing the #23 that Jarier used at Rouen. A visit by Motor Sport magazine in early 1975 (Motor Sport March 1975 p245) mentioned a 732 being on display, and the car has been spotted on subsequent occasions.

Driven by: Jean-Pierre Jarier and Jacques Coulon. First race: Mallory Park (R1), 11 Mar 1973. Total of 11 recorded races.

BMW Mobile Tradition? (Germany) 2017
March 732/7

Ecurie Filipinetti for Jacques Coulon with Antar sponsorship, completed on the Saturday morning of the opening Mallory race, but did not start. Transferred to Brian Lewis Racing after Georges Filipinetti's death in May. To Gérard Pillon (Geneva, Switzerland) 1974 and used in Swiss national events. In 1977, Pillon loaned it to his fellow Genevois Laurent Ferrier for the European F2 races at Hockenheim and Vallelunga, but Ferrier could not qualify the old car for either race. Pillon then appeared at three F2 events in 1978 in a March-BMW variously described as a 762 or a 782, and it is possible that this was the old 732 again. The 732 was next seen in 1979, driven by Ami Guichard, son of the Automobile Year editor of the same name, in French hillclimbs. After driving Pillon's new 782 in 1978, Guichard returned to the 732 and was still racing the car in Swiss championship events in 1988, when it was described as being largely original. The car remained with Pillon thereafter, and was still in Switzerland in 2015.

Driven by: Jacques Coulon, Gérard Pillon and Laurent Ferrier. First race: Hockenheim (R2), 8 Apr 1973. Total of 15 recorded races.

Unknown owner (Switzerland) 2015
March 732/8

For Colin Vandervell, run by Brian Lewis Racing. Vandervell became disillusioned with F2 and the car was rented out to other drivers, notably Motoharu Kurosawa. Unknown after 1973 but there are no unexplained 732s in Japan to suggest Kurosawa took it home. This could be the unexplained 732 of Jean Lapierre in French hillclimbs in 1974.

Driven by: Colin Vandervell, Kurt Rieder, Motoharu Kurosawa and Silvio Moser. First race: Mallory Park (R1), 11 Mar 1973. Total of 15 recorded races.

March 732/9

Clarke Guthrie Racing for Mike Beuttler in Formula 2 in 1973, run by Brian Lewis Racing, but destroyed in an accident at Rouen-les-Essarts in June. For the rest of that season, Beuttler focused on his Clarke-Mordaunt-Guthrie-Durlacher Racing drive in F1. The chassis plate from 732/9 was used on March 732/15, a new car run by Brian Lewis Racing for Andy Sutcliffe.

Driven by: Mike Beuttler. First race: Hockenheim (R2), 8 Apr 1973. Total of 4 recorded races.

Destroyed 1974
March 732/10

STP March Engineering works car for Jean-Pierre Beltoise at Hockenheim and later by Jean-Pierre Jarier at two races. Probably the car used by Jacques Coulon at Hockenheim, by Beltoise at Albi and by Stuck at Estoril. To Brian Lewis Racing for 1974 and updated to 742 spec for Andy Sutcliffe as '742-10b', then run for hire drivers later in the year. To Roger Heavens for Antônio Castro Prado for F2 in the latter part of 1975, then sold via Hervé Le Guellec to Jimmy Mieusset as a backup car for French hillclimbing at the start of the 1976 season. Also used by Roger Rivoire in May 1976, and then sold to Jean-Pierre Simon in June 1976. Retained by Simon for 1977, still with its BMW engine. Unknown in 1978, when it could have been the 742-BMW of, for example, Robert Despratx in southwest France. Then to Maurice Crozier and raced in 1979 and 1980 with a 1600cc Ford engine. Advertised by Crozier with or without its 1600cc Cosworth FVA engine in November 1980. It was next seen with Michel Goutarel, who raced it in courses de côte in the Lyon area in 1981 and 1982. Goutarel appears to have kept this car for some time, as he is noted as the winner of the Course de côte régionale de Vals-prés-Le-Puy in September 1986.

Driven by: Jean-Pierre Beltoise, Jean-Pierre Jarier, Jacques Coulon, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Andy Sutcliffe, Gunnar Nilsson, Maxime Bochet, Vittorio Brambilla, Antônio Castro Prado, Robert "Jimmy" Mieusset, Roger Rivoire, Jean-Pierre Simon, Maurice Crozier and Michel Goutarel. First race: Hockenheim (R2), 8 Apr 1973. Total of 65 recorded races.

March 732/11

New to Bill Gubelmann (Oyster Bay, NY) for F2 in 1973 and retained for 1974 when run by Brian Lewis Racing. Clay Regazzoni was due to drive the car at Vallelunga in October, but did not arrive, so a deal was done for Gabrielle Serblin to drive after he damaged his usual 742 in practice. Not seen in 1975, when the intention had been to sell the car to Stuart Chubb Racing, but Gubelmann returned for the 1976 Shellsport G8 series with the car updated to 752 specification, fitted with a Hart BDG, and run by Bob Gerard. Gubelmann also appeared in a handful of F2 races in 1976, but after failing to qualify for the Rouen race, quickly moved to Mallory Park in time to qualify for the Shellsport race. He was involved in a nasty accident in the race when he clipped the rear of Mike Wilds' F1 Shadow, rode up over its back wheel and hit the bank at the Esses very hard. He was taken to hospital with head injuries. The March is believed to have been destroyed.

Driven by: Bill Gubelmann and Gabriele Serblin. First race: Hockenheim (R2), 8 Apr 1973. Total of 32 recorded races.

Wrecked 1976
March 732/12

To Jacques Joliat and used mainly in French hillclimbs but also some Swiss, German and Luxembourg events in 1973 and 1974. At the start of September 1974, Joliat crashed the car very heavily at a regional event and did not return to hillclimbing until August 1975. In a latter to Max Blees (Aachen, Germany) in 2005, Joliat recalled that he sold the engine, gearbox and wheels separately, and the bent monocoque and some suspension parts went to Albert Badan. Badan raced a March 722 in 1975, so the fate of the 732 monocoque is unknown.

Driven by: Jacques Joliat and Denis Rua. First race: Hautes-Vosges, 10 Jun 1973. Total of 27 recorded races.

Wrecked 1974
March 732/13

To Roland Salomon for Swiss championship events from June onwards, replacing a GRD 272, and also some F2 races that season. After winning the Swiss title, the car was damaged in a hillclimb near the end of the season and rebuilt on a new tub in time for the Estoril F2 race. Salomon continued with the car in 1974 but focused on national events. Sold to Beat Blatter 1975 for Swiss Championship events.

Driven by: Roland Salomon and Beat Blatter. First race: Dijon-Prenois (R6), 3 Jun 1973. Total of 26 recorded races.

March 732/14
The Roger Williamson March 732 in the Donington Museum in October 2012. Licenced by Jaimie Wilson under Creative Commons licence Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic. Original image has been cropped.

The Roger Williamson March 732 in the Donington Museum in October 2012. Licenced by Jaimie Wilson under Creative Commons licence Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic. Original image has been cropped.

Bought by Tom Wheatcroft for Roger Williamson to race in F2 in 1973, replacing a pair of GRD 273s. Used in three F2 races in mid-1973. After Williamson's death in a F1 race at the end of July, the car remained in Wheatcroft's collection as part of a tribute to Williamson at the Donington Museum. After Tom Wheatcroft's death in 2009, the car was inherited by his son Kevin Wheatcroft, who has stated his intention to retain the car, even after other cars in his father's collection are sold. After the Donington Museum was closed in November 2018, the March 732 was moved into secure storage.

Driven by: Roger Williamson. First race: Rouen-les-Essarts (R9), 24 Jun 1973. Total of 3 recorded races.

Kevin Wheatcroft (UK) 2019
March 732/15

A new car for Andy Sutcliffe at Karlskoga run by Brian Lewis Racing and replacing 732-9, crashed by Mike Beuttler earlier in the year. To save paperwork, the team put the "732/9" chassis plate onto the car and it still wears it today. Sold to Ken Smith in New Zealand after Sutcliffe's money did not appear and raced by him in the 1974 Tasman series. Then rebuilt as a ANF2 car with a Ford twin cam for the 1974 Australian Formula 2 series and sold to Ken Shirvington mid-season. The car remains in Australia in 2012.

Driven by: Andy Sutcliffe, Ken Smith and Ken Shirvington. First race: Karlskoga (R12), 12 Aug 1973. Total of 15 recorded races.

Unknown owner (Australia) 2012
March 732/16

Unknown. This entry is blank in March records.

March 732/17

Bought brand new by Roland Binder (Esslingen, Germany) late in the 1973 season and raced by him through the 1974 and 1975 seasons. Replaced for 1976 by a Lola T450.

Driven by: Roland Binder. First race: Salzburgring (R14), 2 Sep 1973. Total of 14 recorded races.


March 732 mysteries in 1973

In June, Ecurie Santos were said to have built up a Formula 5000 car using the March 732 monocoque damaged when Jarier crashed 732/6 at Thruxton in April. This car was entered for the British GP during a brief period when the Grand Prix organisers were haggling with the "Formula 1 Association" over the fee for the race and were threatening to fill the grid with F5000 cars.

The only unidentified March 732 in 1973 is the Heroes Racing Corporation car raced in Japan by Hiromu Tanaka. This would be 732/2, 732/3 or 732/16, but given how early in the season it appeared, it must really be 732/2 or 732/3. Either way, it can only account for one of those three unexplained cars. What happened to the other two remains unresolved.

Current owner
March 732
'the Heroes Racing car'

Heroes Racing Corporation ran a March 732 in the Japanese Formula 2 series in 1973, raced by Hiromu Tanaka. Tetsu Ikuzawa raced the car in early 1974, and it is then highly likely to have been the 732 entered by Niscait Racing for Fukumi Koutake in November 1974. By the same logic, as it was the only 732 known to have gone to Japan, it was presumably the BDA-engined 732 raced by Tomohiko Tsutsumi in 1975. Subsequent history unknown.

Driven by: Hiromu Tanaka, Tetsu Ikuzawa, Fukumi Koutake and Tomohiko Tsutsumi. First race: Fuji (R1), 3 May 1973. Total of 10 recorded races.


March 732s in 1974

Six of the March 732s cannot be traced beyond the end of 1973: 732/2, 732/3, 732/5, 732/6, 732/8, and 732/16. One of these will be the car that went to Japan, probably 732/2 or 732/3. The Brambillas kept one of their two cars, 732/4 and 732/5, but the other vanishes, possibly as the result of one of Vittorio's many accidents. Chassis 732/6 also vanishes, but may well be the car in the BMW Museum. Colin Vandervell's 732/8 also disappears, and was probably sold into the second-hand market. That leaves 732/16, about which we know nothing.

Two March appeared in French hillclimbs in early 1974 which were described initially as 1974 Marchs, but neither had BMW engines, so are unlikely to have been 742s. These were both supplied by French March agent Pierre Maublanc Racing to two of his customers: Jean Lapierre and Régis Péchaire. As best we can tell, Lapierre's car was fitted with a 2-litre Racing Services BDA engine, a popular option in F2 in 1973 for those who could not get hold of a BMW engine. Péchaire's car was initially called a 74B, then later a 742. When it was advertised in May 1975, the engine was a 1900cc Cosworth FVC, an even lower-cost option. Although this car is currently listed with the 732s, one possibility is that it was the March 74B ordered by Miguel Coarasa for 1974 but sold to Pierre Maublanc before it was raced.

The other car to appear in 1974 was Max Bonnin's, which was built using a previously unused tub, and first raced in August.

Current owner
March 732
'the Jean Lapierre car'

Jean Lapierre ran a March 732 in French hillclimbs from the start of 1974 until the end of the 1976 season. Its identity is still unknown but nearly all the March 732s can be traced into 1974 so it is most likely to be the ex-Colin Vandervell chassis 732-7. Lapierre ran the car in the 2-litre Group 8/9 class but its engine is usually only described as a Ford. The one time it is identified in any detail, it appears to have been a Racing Services BDA, a popular option in F2 in 1973. As the car did not have a BMW engine, it is possible - but unlikely - that it was an updated 722. At some point in 1976 the car was crashed and Lapierre may have had two Marchs by the end of 1976. In 1977, it was reported that Hervé Bayard had acquired the wrecked ex-Lapierre March 742 and had rebuilt it. However, another report said that he had the ex-Lateste March 742-BMW, which seems much more plausible.

Driven by: Jean Lapierre and Bernard Delage. First race: Ampus, 31 Mar 1974. Total of 50 recorded races.

March 732
'the Régis Péchaire car'

Having run a 1970 Pygmée during 1972 and 1973, Régis Péchaire acquired a Formula 2 March for French hillclimbs in 1974. The car was described throughout his three seasons as a March 742, but a later owner described it as a 732, hinting that it was older than Péchaire's description. Péchaire used this with an unknown 2-litre Ford engine during 1974, 1975 and 1976, regularly winning regional events and being well placed in major events. He moved to a Chevron B35 for 1977, and the '742' was sold to Michel Turrel for 1977, who raced it in south-eastern France with a 2-litre Hart engine. Although this was described by Echappement as the ex-Péchaire 742, it is also described as a 732 on at least two occasions. This might be the result of its early-1974 short-nose bodywork, but is thought to indicate it was a 732, not a 742. Turrell raced the car again in 1978 and 1979, and advertised it in December 1979 as a March 742 with Hart 420 engine. Subsequent history unknown.

Driven by: Régis Péchaire and Michel Turrel. First race: Ampus, 31 Mar 1974. Total of 62 recorded races.

March 732
'the Max Bonnin 732/742'

Max Bonnin raced a March in F2 in 1974, which was described by Motoring News as being "one of last year's March monocoques", to which Bonnin had fitted his own suspension, "which featured narrower track and revised roll centres". Bonnin later told Gérard Gamand that he acquired an unused 732 moncoqoe to build this car. It was powered by a Hart BDA. Bonnin raced this car in F2 through 1974 and 1975 before buying a March 752 for 1976. The 732, by then called a 742, was sold to Jean-Louis Albinet and used in French hillclimbs in 1976, 1977 and 1978, using a 2-litre Hart engine. In July 1978, Albinet acquired a Martini MK22, and the March-Hart was sold to Gérard Lafaurie (Bordeaux, Aquitaine), first appearing in August 1978 in a "March 732", and then regularly from the start of 1979 in a "March 742". Lafaurie raced the car again in 1980, 1981, and 1982. Later in 1982, the car was reported to have been sold to Pascal Malateste, but photographs of Malateste's car show a later generation March 752/762/772. Subsequent history unknown.

Driven by: Max Bonnin, Jean-Louis Albinet and Gérard Lafaurie. First race: Enna-Pergusa (R8), 25 Aug 1974. Total of 75 recorded races.


March 732s in 1975

One more mystery March 732 appeared in 1975, the car Spaniard Luis Maria de Almenara.

Previous versions of this page listed the car of Italian Adriano Parlamento as a likely March 732. Better photographs have since indicated it is more likely to have been a March 712M.

Current owner
March 732
'the Luis Maria de Almenara car'

Luis Maria de Almenara Juandò (Barcelona, Spain) raced a March 732 at five races in Formula 2 in 1975, but failed to qualify for four of them. His March 732 was identified at Mugello by Motoring News as chassis number "732/44". Only 18 March 732s were produced so this number makes little sense. There was a 722/44 so it is possible that it is that car updated to 1973 specification. Nothing more is known of his car. Almenara also ran his car at the Carrera en Cuesta a la Rabassada hillclimb in Spain in October 1975, finishing second.

Driven by: Luis Maria de Almenara. First race: Misano, 24 Aug 1975. Total of 2 recorded races.


March 732s in from 1976 to 1979

By the end of 1975, four March 732s had appeared in French hillclimbs: Gérard Pillon's ex-Ecurie Filipinetti/Jacques Coulon 732/7, the ex-everyone 732/10, the mystery ex-Jean Lapierre 732/742, and the ex-Régis Péchaire "742". Also, Max Bonnin had built a car around an unused 732 monocoque, which had been sold to Jean-Louis Albinet for French hillclimbs.

Pillon's 732/7 was retained for many years, so its movements are fully understood through to 1980. The ex-everyone 732/10 can be traced confidently to 1982 at least. Lapierre's 732/742/752 was last seen in Bernard Delage's hands in September 1977, before he replaced it with the ex-Max Mamers March 762. The Péchaire "742" was with Michel Turrel as late as December 1979. The ex-Bonnin/Albinet car was with Gérard Lafaurie in 1982. So the only one of these cars to go missing before the end of the 1970s was Jean Lapierre's car, last seen in September 1977, which is therefore the most likely candidate for the car of Michel Salvi in 1978 and 1979.

An additional puzzle to be solved is the 1600cc March-Ford raced by "Jacquard" at two hillclimbs just north of Lyon in July 1977. His car was described as a 732 at his first event, and as a 733 at the second. A photograph shows that the car had a 732-style nose. This was the first "732" to appear in the 1600cc class, but only just: Delage drove the ex-Lapierre 732 at Eymoutiers the same day that "Jacquard" was having his second race 400 km away at Boyeux-St-Jérôme.

However, we should not forget that three other 732s were not far away: Jacques Joliat's 732/12 had been wrecked hillclimbing in Switzerland in 1974 and parted out, Beat Blatter had owned the ex-Roland Salomon 732/13 in Switzerland in 1975, and Roland Binder had raced his 732/17 in 1975.

Current owner
March 732
'the Michel Salvi car'

Michel Salvi (Malbuisson, Franche-Comté, France) raced a "March 732" in French course de côte in 1978 and 1979, using a 1600cc engine variously reported as Ford, Cosworth or Hart. After being a very regular competitor, he disappeared after Bourbach le Haut in May 1979, returning at the end of the season with a newer March 772. This suggests he may have had an accident in the 732, but no report has been found.

Driven by: Michel Salvi. First race: Bagnols-Sabran, 2 Apr 1978. Total of 19 recorded races.


March 732s in the 1980s

Of the five cars mentioned above as being 732-ish and active in French hillclimbs up to the end of 1979, three can be traced through to 1982 at least: Pillon's 732/7, the ex-everyone 732/10, and the ex-Bonnin/Albinet car. That leaves the ex-Jean Lapierre 732/742 and the ex-Régis Péchaire "742". Also in the mix is the "March 732" raced by Michel Salvi in 1978 and 1979.

Two more mystery 732s appeared in 1980 and 1981: Gérard Fau's March 732/772 with Renault engine in 1980 and probably early 1981; and Patrick Thibonnet's March 732 with 1600cc Ford engine in 1981. The Lapierre car and the Salvi car, which may be one and the same, are the most likely contenders. As the Péchaire car was nearly always described as a 742, not a 732, it is less likely to be one of these.

Current owner
March 732
'the Gérard Fau car'

Gérard Fau raced a March 732/772 with a 1.6-litre Renault engine in French hillclimbs in 1980 and 1981. He advertised the car in Echappement in September 1980 as a 732 with 772 bodywork, a Renault engine and Hewland FT200 gearbox. In early 1981, Fau was reported to have a 742 with 1600cc Ford engine, but by August 1981, it was clear that he was racing a March 782 or 783. Exactly when he moved from the 732 to the 782 is unclear.

Driven by: Gérard Fau. First race: Hautefage-la-Tour, 11 May 1980. Total of 12 recorded races.

March 732
'the Patrick Thibonnet car'

At a few minor French hillclimbs in 1981, a Vichyssois driver called Thibonnet, presumably Patrick Thibonnet, raced a "March 732" with 1600cc Ford engine. Nothing more known.

Driven by: Patrick Thibonnet. First race: Livradois-Forez, 12 Apr 1981. Total of 3 recorded races.


March 732s in the 1990s

For much of the 1980s, the Historic F2 races were only held for cars built up to 31 December 1971, which meant there was nowhere for a 732 to race, unless of course it was rebuilt into a 712M. In the early 1990s, the first 2-litre cars started to appear in a few events, but it was only in the early 2000s that 2-litre Historic Formula 2 really started to develop.

Current owner
March 732
'the Daniel Loiseau car'
Pierre Regnault's March 732 when for sale around 2004. Copyright Kevan McLurg 2007. Used with permission.

Pierre Regnault's March 732 when for sale around 2004. Copyright Kevan McLurg 2007. Used with permission.

A car first known when registered with the FFSA in 1992 by Daniel Loiseau (Bures-sur-Yvette, France) for historic racing with an 1840cc Ford engine. It was said to be the Jacques Joliat car, and to have been owned by John Beattie from 1975 to 1990. Loiseau raced it in 1992, but it was then unknown until 2005, when it was owned by Max Blees (Aachen, Germany) and was restored to works livery. It was then said to have been owned by Pierre Regnault from 1990 to 2005, and to have been maintained by Dominique Huet (Millançay) but Beattie's name had been replaced with a single reference to Albert Badan. Raced by Blees in Historic F2 in 2006. Sold to Hugo Willmars (Aachen, Germany) in 2007.

Hugo Willmars (Germany) 2019
March 732
'the Tony Hansford car'

In May 1996, Tony Hansford (Tunbrdge Wells, Kent) registered a March 732 with the HSCC. It was said to be the ex-Ecurie Filipinetti/Jacques Coulon chassis 732-7, amd to have been used by Steve Choularton and Jim Crawford as a 73B in 1974. The application said to have been bought from March in 1993 by Roger Hurst, who sold it to Hansford in 1994. By 1996, it was restored as a 732 in STP livery but with a BDG engine, and was then identified as chassis 73B-1. This car was later sold to Bob Machinist (New York, NY) in mid-1999, and was used by him in US vintage racing between 1999 and 2004. In September 2007, it was acquired from Vintage Racing Services Inc by Will Tomkins (Peterborough, UK), and was raced in Historic F2 in 2014 and 2016. Still with Tomkins in November 2020.

Will Tomkins (UK) 2020
March 732
'the Howard Katz car'

First known when advertised by Yves Bonjean (Pont-du-Château, Auvergne, France) in September 1997. The car was accompanied by documentation including French import papers listing it as "742-106", which was taken to be a 742 update of 732-10. However, other interpretations are possible. Sold via Philippe Demeyer to Simon Hadfield (Shepshed, Leicestershire). Sold to Howard Katz (New York, NY) who raced it extensively in US vintage racing around 2005. To Nick Osborn (UK) and raced in Historic F2 in 2016. Still owned by Osborn in early 2019.

Nick Osborn (UK) 2019
March 732
'the Roberto Farneti car'
Roberto Farneti's March 732 at the Historic Minardi Day at Imola in 2017. Licenced by Fabio Casadei  (<a href=https://fabiocasadei77.wordpress.com/ target=_blank>fabiocasadei77.wordpress.com</a>) under Creative Commons licence Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic. Original image has been cropped.

Roberto Farneti's March 732 at the Historic Minardi Day at Imola in 2017. Licenced by Fabio Casadei (fabiocasadei77.wordpress.com) under Creative Commons licence Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic. Original image has been cropped.

Roberto Farneti had a March 732 at the Historic Minardi Day at Imola in 2016 and 2017. It was in Beta livery, and said to be Vittorio Brambilla's Schnitzer-engined car. Nothing more known.

Roberto Farneti (Italy) 2017

In addition to the above, unknown March 732s were driven by Jacquard and Ph. Montier.


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