Image Policy

This image policy sets out how OldRacingCars.com (ORC) uses and protects any images on the website.

There are several thousand images displayed on ORC. In almost every case, the copyright holder of the image has been identified, and permission has been sought and given to use the image on this website. This will be stated in the caption on the image; for example, "Copyright David Seibert 2012. Used with permission." In the few cases where the copyright holder has not been identified, this will be because the image has been explicitly licenced under Creative Commons or an equivalent licence. ORC has never claimed 'Fair Use' to use an image on the website, and has never ignored copyright.

How we received permission to use the image

Most images have been sent to us by the copyright owner with explicit permission to use the image on ORC. This may be from a photographic library, such as Ferret Fotographic, LAT, The REVS Institute, The Henry Ford, or The GP Library, or from a photographer with whom we have a long and valued relationship, such as Alan Cox, Steve Wilkinson, Ian Blackwell and Tom Schultz, or a photographer who has made images available online and has kindly granted ORC permission to use those images, such as Terry Capps, Norm MacLeod, Martin Lee, Glenn Snyder, Richard Bunyan, Keith Lewcock and Mark Windecker. In some cases, where ORC's limited budget allows, images have been purchased under a licence that allows their use on ORC. In a small number of cases, the images have been licenced by their owners under the terms of Creative Commons, and in an even smaller number of cases, images have been deliberately placed in the Public Domain, for example by Corel. Some of the images used on 'Where Are They Now' were taken in the US before 1923, so they moved into the Public Domain under the terms of the US Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998.

A significant proportion of the images have been sent to us by individual contributors, typically former owners of cars but also spectators or other participants who took pictures at the track. At the time of writing, over 640 different photographers' images are used on the website. We endeavour to establish that the contributor is the actual copyright owner, but we will assume the contributor is acting in good faith. Note that ORC's Privacy Policy assumes that if a contributor sends a picture to the website, permission is being granted to use that image on the website. If we can see that the image is a professional image and unlikely to have been the contributor's own work, we will not use it. However, it is inevitable that some images may have been misattributed, and will take action immediately to remove the image if the actual copyright holder requests it.

How we indicate the copyright of each image

Most images on ORC have a visible caption which includes a description of the image alongside the copyright holder's name. This information is often visibly embedded into the image in the form of a translucent overlay, and is embedded in the HTML in the form of 'alt' and 'title' attributes. ORC is also moving towards the use of IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) standards for annotating images, standards that have been adopted by Google Images. IPTC information is embedded into the webpage in a machine-readable fashion.

Can you use an image from OldRacingCars.com?

If you find an image from OldRacingCars.com via Google Images or similar services, this does not give you permission to use the image for any other purpose. It is important to note that ORC cannot grant you such permission, as ORC does not hold the copyright for any of the images on the ORC website. Permission must be sought from the copyright holder. Please contact Allen Brown at allen@oldracingcars.com, who will pass on your request to the copyright holder.

This policy was last reviewed on 22 December 2021.