Francois Cevert in the ELF Coombs Racing March 722 at Thruxton in March 1972.  Copyright Ted Walker/Ferret Fotographic 2012.  used with permission.

Formula 2 (1967-1984)

Formula 2 had existed before 1967, firstly immediately after the war for 2000cc cars, again at the end of the 1950s for 1500cc cars and revived again in 1964 for 1000cc cars. In 1967, the capacity was increased to 1600cc and a European Championship was organised. So our story starts here.

Results published so far

The 1967 season: Snetterton, Silverstone, (Pau), (Montjuich Park), Nürburgring, (Mallory Park), (Zolder), (Crystal Palace), (Hockenheim), (Reims), (Rouen-les-Essarts), Hockenheim, Tulln-Langenlebarn, Jarama, Zandvoort, (Nürburgring), (Karlskoga), Enna-Pergusa, Brands Hatch, (Keimola), (Hameenlinna), (Oulton Park), (Albi), Vallelunga

The 1968 season: (Montjuich Park), Hockenheim, Thruxton, (Nürburgring), (Pau), Jarama, (Zolder), Crystal Palace, (Hockenheim), (Monza), Tulln-Langenlebarn, Zandvoort, Enna-Pergusa, (Reims), Hockenheim, (Albi), Vallelunga

The 1968 Argentine Temporada: Buenos Aires, Autódromo Oscar Cabalén, Cordoba, San Juan, Buenos Aires

The 1969 season: Thruxton, Hockenheim, (Pau), Nürburgring, Jarama, (Zolder), (Hockenheim), (Monza), (Reims), Tulln-Langenlebarn, (Nürburgring), Enna-Pergusa, (Albi), Vallelunga, (Neubiberg)

The 1970 season: Thruxton, (Pau), Hockenheim, Montjuich Park, (Nürburgring), (Zolder), (Crystal Palace), (Hockenheim), (Monza), Rouen-les-Essarts, (Paul Ricard), (Nürburgring), Enna-Pergusa, (Salzburgring), (Mantorp Park), (Phoenix Park), Tulln-Langenlebarn, Imola, Hockenheim, (Neubiberg), (Ashkelon)

The 1971 season: (Bogotá), (Bogotá), (Mallory Park), Hockenheim, Thruxton, (Pau), Nürburgring, Jarama, Crystal Palace, (Vallelunga), (Monza), Rouen-les-Essarts, (Imola), Mantorp Park, (Kinnekullering), (Brands Hatch), Tulln-Langenlebarn, Circuit d'Albi, (Hockenheim), Vallelunga, Vallelunga

The 1971 Torneio Brasiliero: Interlagos, Interlagos, Autódromo de Tarumã, Porte Allegre, Autódromo Oscar Cabalén, Cordoba

The 1972 season: Mallory Park, Thruxton, Hockenheim, (Nürburgring), Pau, Crystal Palace, Hockenheim, Rouen-les-Essarts, (Monza), Österreichring, Imola, Mantorp Park, Enna-Pergusa, Salzburgring, Albi, Hockenheim

The 1972 Torneio Brasiliero: Interlagos, Interlagos, Interlagos

The 1973 season: Mallory Park, Hockenheim, Thruxton, Nürburgring, Pau, Kinnekullering, Nivelles-Baulers, Hockenheim, Rouen-les-Essarts, Monza, (Misano), Mantorp Park, Karlskoga, Enna-Pergusa, Salzburgring, Norisring, Circuit d'Albi, Vallelunga, (Estoril)

Non-championship events shown in brackets.

European Formula 2 Champions

1967 Jackie Ickx Matra MS5 and Matra MS7
1968 Jean-Pierre Beltoise Matra MS7
1969 Johnny Servoz-Gavin Matra MS7
1970 Clay Regazzoni Tecno 68 and Tecno 70
1971 Ronnie Peterson March 712M
1972 Mike Hailwood Surtees TS10
1973 Jean-Pierre Jarier March 732
1974 Patrick Depailler March 742
1975 Jacques Laffite Martini MK16
1976 Jean-Pierre Jabouille Elf 2J
1977 Rene Arnoux Martini MK22
1978 Bruno Giacomelli March 782
1979 Marc Surer March 792
1980 Brian Henton Toleman TG280
1981 Geoff Lees Ralt RH6/81
1982 Corrado Fabi March 822
1983 Jonathan Palmer Ralt RH6/83
1984 Mike Thackwell Ralt RH6/84

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