Formule France 1968-1970

Formule France ran for three seasons before being renamed to Formule Renault for 1971. It originally used the 1255cc Gordini R1135 engine, based on the Renault R8, but moved to a 1565cc Renault R12 Gordini for 1972, the latter engine being equipped with twin 45 DCOE carburettors. Also defined for the 1973 national series were Renault gearboxes with specified ratios and Michelin XAS tyres of specified dimensions. Like Formula Ford, the series banned cars of monocoque construction.

It is unfortunate that these three seasons of racing have been largely airbrushed from French motor racing history due to the series being renamed Formule Renault in 1971. The modern Formule Renault now traces its history back to 1971, not 1968, although the only change between 1970 and 1971 was the name of the championship.

A Challenge Européen de Formule Renault started in 1972 with a handful of races and this grew to take the place of the national series for 1973. Yet another change came in 1975 when the national series was reintroduced but a separate and very well funded European series was also brought in running to a different specification. These cars could be monocoques which led to the involvement of major British constructors such as Lola and March. Despite this, the European series only lasted three seasons leaving the national series on its own from 1978 onwards.


The 1968 season

The 1969 season

The 1970 season

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