Formule France 1970

Interest in Formule France continued to rise and a new crop of budding talent took the places of Denis Dayan, Jimmy Mieusset and Jean-Luc Salomon. François Lacarrau stayed in the category with the factory Pygmée and his competition would come from a trio of drivers who would subsequently rise to Formula 2: Jacques Coulon, Alain Serpaggi and Christian Éthuin. As well as the change in drivers, there was also a major new constructor as Tecno moved into Formule France with the FP100 model.

So many competitors registered for the series that they were split into three groups for the first phase of the season with the top 40 drivers being allowed through to the second phase. Coulon's Martini MK4 won Group A with two wins and one second place from Roland Trollé who won the other two in races in his Tecno FP100; Serpaggi won the opening three races in Group B in an Alpine A361; and Alain Cudini walked away with Group C with three wins in his Martini despite the opening round going to Roger Dubos in his Grac MT10. At the end of this phase, Serpaggi led with 33 points from Cudini on 27 points and Coulon on 24. François Lacarrau was well down the field and suffered the ignominy of having to exchange the '1' he'd worn on his car for the first phase for a '17'. At this point he gave up on the Pygmée and swapped to a Martini MK4 in which he won four of the remaining ten races and pipped Coulon to the title by a narrow margin.

The races

22 Mar 1970 > Critérium de Formule France (Groupe A) at Albi

29 Mar 1970 > Critérium de Formule France (Groupe B) at Nogaro

05 Apr 1970 > Critérium de Formule France (Groupe C) at Pau

19 Apr 1970 > Critérium de Formule France (Groupe B) at Paul Ricard

26 Apr 1970 > Critérium de Formule France (Groupe A) at Montlhéry

03 May 1970 > Critérium de Formule France (Groupe C) at Magny Cours

10 May 1970 > Critérium de Formule France (Groupe A) at Clermont-Ferrand

24 May 1970 > Critérium de Formule France (Groupe B) at Montlhéry

31 May 1970 > Critérium de Formule France (Groupe C) at La Châtre

07 Jun 1970 > Critérium de Formule France (Groupe A) at Aeroport Dijon-Longvic

14 Jun 1970 > Critérium de Formule France (Groupe B) at Magny Cours

21 Jun 1970 > Critérium de Formule France (Groupe C) at Montlhéry

28 Jun 1970 > Rouen-les-Essarts

05 Jul 1970 > Clermont-Ferrand

14 Jul 1970 > Magny Cours

19 Jul 1970 > Paul Ricard

23 Aug 1970 > Magny Cours

20 Sep 1970 > Montlhéry

27 Sep 1970 > Le Mans-Bugatti

04 Oct 1970 > Montlhéry

11 Oct 1970 > Albi

01 Nov 1970 > Paul Ricard

1970 Critérium de Formule France table

1François LacarrauPygmée MDB14B - Renault Bozian
Martini MK4 - Renault Bozian
104 pts4 wins
2Jacques CoulonMartini MK4 - Renault Francia96 pts6 wins
3Christian EthuinTecno FP 100 - Renault Trollé
Tecno FP 100 - Renault Staïano
Tecno FP 100 - Renault Beaulande
80 pts1 win
4Alain SerpaggiAlpine A361 - Renault Leclère
Alpine A361 - Renault Dudot
Alpine A361 - Renault Bozian
61 pts3 wins
5Roland TrolléTecno FP 100 - Renault Trollé58 pts3 wins
6Michel LeclèreAlpine A361 - Renault Leclère51 pts1 win
7Alain CudiniMartini MK4 - Renault Blaës37 pts3 wins
8Pierre-François RousselotMartini MK4 - Renault Lagier35 pts 
9Patrice CompainMartini MK4 - Renault Lagier29 pts 
10=François Guerre-BerthelotTecno FP 100 - Renault Staïano
Tecno FP 100 - Renault Beaulande
26 pts 
10=Lucien GuittenyMartini MK4 - Renault Lagier26 pts 
12Roger DubosGrac MT10 - Renault Beaulande
Tecno FP 100 - Renault Beaulande
23 pts1 win
13Jean-Louis LafosseMartini MK4 - Renault Lagier22 pts 
14Gérard di BartoloméoMartini MK4 - Renault Francia13 pts 
15Jacques LaffiteMartini MK4 - Renault Staïano10 pts 
16Alain JallotMartini MK4 - Renault Staïano8 pts 
17=Jacques FoucteauMartini MK4 - Renault Lagier7 pts 
17=Jean-Pierre TonnelineMartini MK4 - Renault Blaës7 pts 
19Jean-Pierre EspitallierMartini MW2/MK4 - Renault Staïano6 pts 
20=Hughes de ChaunacMartini MK4 - Renault Francia5 pts 
20=Jean-Pierre MoroniMartini MK4 - Renault Lagier5 pts 
22=Gérard CerrutiAGS JH5 - Renault Staïano4 pts 
22=François RabbioneAGS JH5 - Renault Staïano4 pts 
24=Max MamersAlpine A340B - Renault3 pts 
24=Georges CoquillardPygmée MDB14B - Renault Bozian3 pts 
24=Philippe LacarrauPygmée MDB14 - Renault Bozian3 pts 
24=Giuseppe PasqualeTecno FP 100 - Renault Blaës3 pts 
28=Bruno ChambasMartini MK4 - Renault Bozian2 pts 
28=Jean DrewitzMartini MK4 - Renault2 pts 
28=Patrick DuchampTecno FP 100 - Renault Trollé
Tecno FP 100 - Renault Staïano
2 pts 
28=Marcel MorelElina SS - Renault Staïano2 pts 
32=Jean-Claude AlzératGrac MT10 - Renault Beaulande1 pt 
32=Michel BéalAlpine A340B - Renault Sonnerat1 pt 
32=Fred StalderAlpine A340B - Renault Sonnerat1 pt 

After their successes in 1968 and 1969, Grac were focused on their F3 project and had only sold four MT10s. Roger Dubos' won at Pau but then the team went backwards and after the first few races of the second phase, Dubos abandoned the Grac and acquired a Tecno FP 100. Jean-Claude Alzérat continued in his MT10 but only scored a single point while Jean-Louis Deniau managed no better than an eighth place. Not one older Grac qualified for the second phase.

Martini took constructor honours with 13 victories in 22 races leaving Alpine and Tecno with four each. However, Alpine's wins proved to be misleading as they all came in the weaker qualifying Group B and they didn't win any of the second phase races. Tecno were stronger as the season went on but Martini's weight of numbers would be decisive: they had sold 23 MK4s compared with 12 Tecno FP100s. Just four new Pygmée MDB14Bs appeared and all had dismal seasons, although Jacques Coche was very fast during qualifying. One new constructor to score points was AGS who had built a pair of JH5s for Gérard Cerruti and François Rabbione and had some encouraging performances. Only two of the 1970 Elina SS model were even entered and the only one to make any impression was Marcel Morel's Staïano-engined example. New cars from Arpa, Cosna, Fournier Marcadier and Hampe were seen, as were older models from DAM, Hrubron, Jefa and Pellero.

Had the preparers had a championship, Bernard Lagier would have won on points but his engines did not win a race. Bernard Mangé, known as "Francia" or "Nanar", won six races thanks to Jacques Coulon; François Lacarrau's preparer Arthur Bozian won four and Alain Cudini's Louis Blaës and Roland Trollé three each. The four Alpine wins in the first phase were shared between Bernard Dudot at Société des Automobiles Alpine and Jean-Louis Leclère. The final two were credited to Marius Staïano and Robert Beaulande.