Jean-Louis Lafosse

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15 Mar 1941
Dakar, Senegal


13 Jun 1981
Le Mans



F2 starts:

0 (1972)

Lafosse was killed during the Le Mans 24 Hour race, ironically near the end of his planned career, as he was focusing more on his business plans, which included running the Gotti car accessory company. A very tough cookie, he was a versatile driver, who also raced in touring cars and single-seaters but it was always sportscars in which he excelled. Lafosse will also be remembered for his ability to attract the right sponsorship and he helped introduce Gitanes to the sport in the early 1970's. Lafosse came very close to appearing at the 1974 Italian Grand Prix in a Scuderia Finotto entered Brabham but it didn't happen for various reasons.

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