Antonio Prado

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24 Jul 1948
Sao Paulo


03 Oct 1981



F2 starts:

2 (1975)

Also known as Antonio de Castro Prado. Killed in a test for a Formula 2 race in Brazil, when doing a quick rundown for his car, seemingly unaware that a makeshift gate had been put up at the end of the pitlane. A kart track is named in his memory. Prado was the heir to a coffee plantation business and grew up in Ribeirao Preto, where the family owned a large farm. Prado's father died when Antonio was just 12, and he inherited a fortune which saw him concentrate on racing, rather than the agricultural business he was being lined up for. Antonio was particularly strong in GT racing and touring cars. Prado's family suffered more tragedy after his death- his wife died shortly after him and their daughter died aged just 26.

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