Jose Dolhem

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26 Apr 1944


16 Apr 1988
nr. St. Etienne



Grands Prix:

1 (1974)

F2 starts:

26 (1971-1979)

Killed in a private plane crash. Didier Pironi's half-brother, he was qualified in engineering and economics. He was somewhat of a playboy racer with a varied, long - Dolhem started racing back in 1964 - but not particularly stellar career. Jose gained a degree in engineering and economics before starting his full-time career and both of which helped him in his career. By the 1980's, Dolhem moved on from motor racing to race in powerboats - something that his half-brother later did, losing his life in a race in 1987 - but also took part in air racing. When Pironi died, Dolhem took over his business matters before meeting his own death less than a year later.

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