Claudio Francisci

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07 Nov 1944



F2 starts:

11 (1969-1973)

Still lives in Rome. Veteran racer, who only retired from racing in 2009, after an initial six year break to sportscars. Also runs a business in Rome, an Alfa Romeo workshop, which Claudio formed in the mid-1970's. Claudio started racing in the mid-1960's in karts, before racing in Formula Abarth, Formula Italia 850 and then Italian Formula 3. Claudio had the chance to progress his career with Brabham in Formula 2 but wasn't keen on moving to England and decided to stay in Italy. He had a taste of a Formula 1 car, however, when he became a tester for the Finotto-run Brabham's. Claudio then moved into sportscars, where he spent the majority of the rest of his career.

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