Aquilino Branca

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21 Aug 1924


27 Feb 2013



F2 starts:

1 (1960)

Until his recent death, Lino, as he was often known, was still involved with the sport, even in his eighties, as he was involved in a historic racing team. A constructor of Formula 3 and Formula Junior cars, he ran a team for aeons, before finally stopping on a competitive level in 1978. Branca was the innovator behind Formula Junior cars, producing his first in 1959, just before the British manufacturers produced their own mid-engined cars. Branca was heavily involved with motorcycle manufacturer Giovanni Moretti in the early days of his design career but then went on to form his own company. Branca initially started constructing cars back in 1952, making a Formula 3 car. Branca himself carried on racing until around 1965, before helping other racers progress including, most notably, Lella Lombardi and Renzo Zorzi.

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