Stanislao Sterzel

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08 Sep 1949


11 Oct 2018
Cassina de' Pecchi, Milan



F2 starts:

0 (1977)

Longtime sportscar driver, but never really succeeded in other disciplines. Although born near Venice, Stanislao grew up in Milan, working as an apprentice mechanic in a garage and workshop. He then assisted some customers with their racing sports cars before starting racing in Formula Ford events. Well known to Dallara, he was suggested as a test driver, in tandem, initially, with famed Lamborghini test driver Bob Wallace, but Wallace left just as Stanislao started. Sterzel spent five years at Sant' Agata and was chiefly responsible and influential in the development of the Lamborghini Countach. Sterzel remained linked to Lamborghini until his death in 2018.

Biography last updated 18 Jan 2019