Mister Arriva

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26 Nov 1945
Grammichele, Catania, Sicily



F2 starts:

1 (1982)

Otherwise known as Francesco Attaguile. A lawyer, he is much better known for his political and business careers in his beloved Sicily - he has been involved in local government and civic duty for some 35 years, and is especially involved with bringing tourism to Sicily. He is also involved in other European trade organisations. The nephew of Gioacchino Attaguile, who served in the Italian Government as maritime minister, and the cousin of Angelo Attaguile, who is also a politician in Sicily, Francesco was Mayor of Catania between 1984 and 1985. He has also lived and worked in Belgium promoting Sicilian affairs. Attaguile's racing career wasn't all that long as result, making his one Formula 2 start in Sicily (where else?) at the Enna circuit for the Minardi team.

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