Pierre Maublanc

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05 Nov 1928



F2 starts:

0 (1976-1978)

Also raced in rallies, but best known for his hillclimb performances. After racing, he ran a BMW and Mini dealership in Lyon, and then also ran a Chevron and March racing car importing business, until eventually retiring in 2007. The business still exists today, despite Pierre's retirement. Raced for aeons, from 1959 to 1981, in the aforementioned but also ice rallies, touring cars and endurance events. Pierre is a funny, self-depreciating bon viveur who worked extremely hard to be a success in racing and in business. Despite being in his mid-90's, Maublanc has appeared at a number of historic racing events in France in the 2020's.

Biography last updated 31 Mar 2024