Formule France 1968

The new series was completely dominated by the Grac MT5, works drivers Max Jean and Jimmy Mieusset winning the first 13 races between them. Denis Dayan finished third in the championship having started the season in an Élina, built by Jean-Pierre Beltoise before moving over to Marius Dal Bo's prototype Pygmée FF/68 in June. François Lacarrau took over the Pygmée in September and won at Montlhéry in October on his way to fifth in the championship behind the third Grac works driver, François Guerre-Berthelot. Alpine entered two A340s, for Gérard David and Gérard Larrousse and although fast, they were not as reliable as the Gracs.

Grac built 19 MT5s in 1968 and Élina around 14, comfortably more than any other F/France constructor. This compared with just three Pygmées and two Alpines. The grids were completed with a variable selection of one-offs, including at least a few unconvincingly disguised old Lotuses and Brabhams.

The races

31 Mar 1968 > Albi

15 Apr 1968 > Nogaro

21 Apr 1968 > Pau

28 Apr 1968 > Montlhéry

01 May 1968 > Magny Cours

05 May 1968 > Aeroport Dijon-Longvic

12 May 1968 > Montlhéry

09 Jun 1968 > La Châtre

16 Jun 1968 > Magny Cours

07 Jul 1968 > Rouen-les-Essarts

14 Jul 1968 > Magny Cours

11 Aug 1968 > Nogaro

08 Sep 1968 > Montlhéry

12 Sep 1968 > Reims

22 Sep 1968 > Montlhéry

06 Oct 1968 > Montlhéry

21 Oct 1968 > Albi

1968 Critérium de Formule France table

1Max Jean ("Jean Max")(works) Motul Grac MT5189 pts11 wins
2Robert "Jimmy" Mieusset (works) Elf Grac MT5153 pts3 wins
3Denis Dayan Élina '68'99 pts 
4François Guerre-Berthelot (works) Motul Grac MT578 pts 
5François LacarrauPygmée FF/6866 pts1 win
6Christian Ethuin Élina '68'57 pts 
7Jacques CrozierGrac MT554 pts 
8François Peleman Élina '68'45 pts 
9Gérard LarrousseAlpine A34039 pts1 win
10=Marcel Morel Élina '68'36 pts 
10="Heink's"Grac MT536 pts 
12Lionel Noghès Élina '68'33 pts 
13Jean-Pierre MoroniGrac MT5
Élina '68'
30 pts1 win
14Jacques CoulonGrac MT527 pts 
15Jean-Pierre Tonneline Élina '68'21 pts 
16=Jean-Louis Durante Élina '68'18 pts 
16=Giuseppe Pasquale Élina '68'18 pts 
18=Yves Bevilacqua Élina '68'15 pts 
18=François Libert Élina '68'15 pts 
20=Patrick BoitierGrac MT512 pts 
20=Jean Prouzet Élina '68'12 pts 
22Jean-Pierre Jarier Élina '68'9 pts 
23=Jean-Marc Chaillet Élina '68'6 pts 
23=Jean ChicardGrac MT56 pts 
23=Marius MaisonPygmée FF/686 pts 
26Jean-Louis LafosseGerca '68'3 pts 

Grac won a total of 14 races with single wins for three other marques: Jean-Pierre Moroni won at Reims in September in an Élina, Lacarrau won at Monthlery in October in the Pygmée, and Larrousse won at Albi two weeks later in the Alpine.

The series used the traditional 9-6-4-3-2-1 system but with a coefficient of two for races with up to 12 starters and three for races with more than 12. The series was wildly successful so all races got the higher coeffcient, resulting in a 27-18-12-9-6-3 points system. The best seven results counted so Max Jean had a maximum score quite early and then just had to ensure Mieusset could not match him. Gérard David was excluded from the championship due to non-specification parts being found on his car at Rouen so lost the points he won for finishing fourth at Magny Cours 1 May. The tables widely reproduced also contain one error: Jean-Louis Lafosse scored three points for his sixth place at Albi in March, not one point.