John Player Formula 2 Championship Race

Mallory Park, 12 Mar 1972

1 David Morgan 1860cc Brabham BT35 [8] - Ford BDA Wood
#44 Edward Reeves Racing (see note 1)
100 1h 14m 32.8s
108.66 mph
2 Niki Lauda 1927cc March 722 [5] - Ford BDA RES
#2 STP March Engineering (see note 2)
100 1h 14m 36.0s
3 Carlos Reutemann 1927cc Brabham BT38 [11] - Cosworth BDF
#28 Motul Rondel Racing (see note 3)
100 1h 14m 42.0s
4 Jody Scheckter 1927cc McLaren M21 [M21-72-01] - Cosworth BDF
#73 Bruce McLaren Motor Racing (see note 4)
100 1h 15m 15.0s
5 Mike Hailwood 1798cc Surtees TS10 [01] - Ford BDA RES
#57 Matchbox Team Surtees (see note 5)
6 Xavier Perrot 1798cc March 722 [16] - Cosworth BDE
#15 Squadra Tartaruga (see note 6)
7 Richard Scott 1798cc Brabham BT36 [9] - Ford BDA Richardson
#35 Uniacke Chemicals (see note 7)
8 David Purley 1927cc March 722 [10] - Ford BDA RES
#15 LEC Refrigeration Racing (see note 8)
9 Wilson Fittipaldi 1798cc March 712M [17] - Cosworth BDE Novamotor
#41 Team Bardahl (see note 9)
91 engine
NC Brett Lunger 1798cc March 722 [11] - Ford BDA RES
#20 Peter Bloore Racing (see note 10)
89 still running, not classified
R Jean-Pierre Jabouille 1798cc March 722 [4] - Ford BDA Hart
#6 ELF Coombs Racing (see note 11)
84 engine
R John Wingfield 1973cc Brabham BT36 [10] - Ford BDA Felday
#43 Nicoby Racing (see note 12)
67 engine
R Bob Wollek 1927cc Brabham BT38 [12] - Ford BDA Racing Services
#29 Motul Rondel Racing (see note 13)
58 accident
R Tom Belsø 1600cc Brabham BT28 [8] - Ford BDA Steel
#36 Team Viking (see note 14)
50 head gasket
R Cyd Williams 1600cc Chevron B18C [18.A.71.1] - Ford BDA Eden
#82 Graham Eden Racing (see note 15)
48 gearbox
R Ronnie Peterson 1927cc March 722 [17] - Cosworth BDF
#1 STP March Engineering (see note 16)
34 metering unit (heat 1), accident (heat 2)
R Hiroshi Kazato 1798cc March 722 [8] - Ford BDA Broadspeed
#21 Peter Bloore Racing (see note 17)
31 engine
R Peter Westbury 1973cc Brabham BT36 [5] - Ford BDA Felday
#34 FIRST Racing (see note 18)
25 fuel line (heat 1), engine (heat 2)
R Dick Barker 1600cc Brabham BT29/35 [BT28-2] - Ford BDA Eden
#49 Richard Barker (see note 19)
6 engine
DSQ Peter Gethin 1798cc Chevron B20 [72-2] - Ford BDA Smith
#81 Chevron Racing Team (see note 20)
91 wing mounted too high
DNS Mike Beuttler 1927cc March 722 ["18"] - Ford BDA RES
#9 Clarke-Mordaunt Team (see note 21)
Did not start
DNQ Tetsu Ikuzawa 1598cc GRD 272 [020-F2] - Cosworth FVA Hart
#67 GRS International (see note 22)
Did not qualify
DNQ John Burton 1798cc Ensign LNF2/72 [F2-1] - Ford BDA Smith
#77 Team Ensign (see note 23)
Did not qualify
DNP Adrian Wilkins 1973cc March 722 [15] - Ford BDA Felday
#8 John Coombs Racing (see note 24)
Did not take part in official practice
(head gasket blew)

All cars are 2-litre F2 unless noted.

1 Ronnie Peterson 1927cc March 722 [17] - Cosworth BDF 43.4s
2 David Morgan 1860cc Brabham BT35 [8] - Ford BDA Wood 43.6s
3 Carlos Reutemann 1927cc Brabham BT38 [11] - Cosworth BDF 43.8s
4 Wilson Fittipaldi 1798cc March 712M [17] - Cosworth BDE Novamotor 43.8s
5 Niki Lauda 1927cc March 722 [5] - Ford BDA RES 44.0s
6 Jean-Pierre Jabouille 1798cc March 722 [4] - Ford BDA Hart 44.1s
7 Jody Scheckter 1927cc McLaren M21 [M21-72-01] - Cosworth BDF 44.2s
8 Richard Scott 1798cc Brabham BT36 [9] - Ford BDA Richardson 44.5s
9 Peter Westbury 1973cc Brabham BT36 [5] - Ford BDA Felday 44.5s
10 Bob Wollek 1927cc Brabham BT38 [12] - Ford BDA Racing Services 44.6s
11 Mike Beuttler * 1927cc March 722 ["18"] - Ford BDA RES
12 Peter Gethin 1798cc Chevron B20 [72-2] - Ford BDA Smith 44.7s
13 Mike Hailwood 1798cc Surtees TS10 [01] - Ford BDA RES 45.0s
14 Xavier Perrot 1798cc March 722 [16] - Cosworth BDE 45.1s
15 David Purley 1927cc March 722 [10] - Ford BDA RES 45.4s
16 Brett Lunger 1798cc March 722 [11] - Ford BDA RES 45.6s
17 Hiroshi Kazato 1798cc March 722 [8] - Ford BDA Broadspeed 45.8s
18 Cyd Williams 1600cc Chevron B18C [18.A.71.1] - Ford BDA Eden 45.9s
19 Tom Belsø 1600cc Brabham BT28 [8] - Ford BDA Steel 46.3s
20 Dick Barker 1600cc Brabham BT29/35 [BT28-2] - Ford BDA Eden 47.6s
21 John Wingfield 1973cc Brabham BT36 [10] - Ford BDA Felday 49.2s
22 Tetsu Ikuzawa * 1598cc GRD 272 [020-F2] - Cosworth FVA Hart 50.5s
23 John Burton * 1798cc Ensign LNF2/72 [F2-1] - Ford BDA Smith withdrew
* Did not start

Notes on the cars:

  1. Brabham BT35 [8] (David Morgan): New to Ed Reeves for British Formula Atlantic in 1971, using Wood BDA engines. Also raced by David Morgan at a couple of late season races. Retained by Reeves for Morgan to drive in 1972, and fitted with an 1860cc Wood BDA for the F2 race at Mallory Park in March 1972 which, remarkably, Morgan won. Reeves then bought a new BT38 for Morgan, and the BT35 was sold via Alan Jones to John and Chrystal Millard in Australia, who fitted a Ford twin cam for the ANF2 category, but it was four years before the car ran again. Raced by John Millard until February 1978 when an accident at Sandown Park damaged the chassis. Bought by Denis Lupton in September 1978 still in damaged state and repaired but still not assembled until bought by Bryan Miller (Kiama, NSW) in 1999. Retained by Miller until May 2014 when bought by John Hughes and shipped back to England.
  2. March 722 [5] (Niki Lauda): New for STP-March number two driver Niki Lauda for F2 in 1972 (won at Oulton Park in March), then for Pedro de Lamare in Torneio do Brasil. To Robert Cooper (High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire) for Formula Atlantic 1973, and rebuilt mid-season to 73B spec. Retained for early 1974, then sold to Dairmuid McFeeley (Clonee, Dunboyne, County Meath, Ireland) for Irish Formula Atlantic in 1974, 1975 and early 1976. To John Ledlie in 1976, then sold to Richard Lester (Yoxall, Staffordshire) for sprints from 1978 to 1984. With Keith Wanklyn (Wimborne) for hillclimbs from 1985 to 1990. Via three other owners to John Gale (Sydney, NSW, Australia) 2006. Sold to Australian-resident Englishman Steve Weller (Sydney, NSW) in 2017, who moved the car to the UK.
  3. Brabham BT38 [11] (Carlos Reutemann): New for Motul Rondel Racing in 1972, and raced by Carlos Reutemann. Crashed in practice at its second race and replaced with new car, BT38/26.
  4. McLaren M21 [M21-72-01] (Jody Scheckter): New for Jody Scheckter to race in the 1972 F2 series as a works Bruce McLaren Motor Racing entry (won at Crystal Palace in May). Sold to Yves Martin (Rennes, France) and used in French hillclimbs during 1973 and 1974. Crashed heavily at Montgueux in September 1974. Rebuilt during 1975 with new bodywork and entered for Gilles Péquegnot as the Guépard in the last few months of the 1975 season. Sold to Didier Bonnet (Besançon, France) for 1976, and fitted with a 1600cc engine. The later history of this car is unknown. Note that the three cars restored in the 1990s are all believed to be Trojan-built cars, and none are the ex-Scheckter car.
  5. Surtees TS10 [01] (Mike Hailwood): New for Mike Hailwood to race as a works entry in the 1972 F2 series as a works Team Surtees entry. Hailwood won at Mantorp Park and Salzburgring in this car, and also finished second at Crystal Palace, Rouen, the Österreichring and Hockenheim in October to secure a deserved championship. He also won one race at Interlagos in November during the Torneio do Brasil, The car was not seen in 1973, but reappeared in 1974 with Richard Jones (Stroud, Gloucestershire) for hillclimbs. Raced regularly by Jones in 1975 and 1976 with a 2-litre Hart engine, and then in 1977 with a turbocharged Hart, although he soon returned to a regular engine. To Channel Islander Maurice Ogier for 1978, and used in the 1600cc class of French hillclimbs. Then to Dave Allen (Crewe, Cheshire), and raced in British Formula Atlantic in 1979. Next seen hillclimbed by Peter Bromage in the 1980s, then sold to Don Wood, and seen again shortly after when sold by dealer Straight Six to the US in 1991. Raced by Gil Nickel (Oakville, CA) in US historic events between 1994 and 2002. Nickel died in 2003, but the car has been retained by his family in the car collection at Nickel's Far Niente Winery in Oakville.
  6. March 722 [16] (Xavier Perrot): New to Xavier Perrot (Zürich, Switzerland), and raced in European hillclimbs, F2 events, and both Swiss and German national events in 1972. He won major events in this car at Ampus, Dobratsch, Mont Ventoux, Freiburg-Schauinsland and St Ursanne-Les Rangiers. The car reappeared at the Jim Clark Memorial Trophäe at Hockenheim in April 1973 where it was driven by entered by Formel Rennsport Club Schweiz for Paul Keller (Trasadingen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland) to drive, but was reported to be owned by Freddy Link. Keller crashed it at the Nürburgring three weeks later, but it was back out for Jean-Claude Favre to drive at Payerne in May and in other events later in the season. Subsequent history unknown, but an "ex-Perrot" with "722-16" chassis plate was advertised in 2003. It should be noted that Bob Lazier's Formula B March 722 had the number "722-16" noted in its original SCCA logbook, so the association of Lazier's car with this chassis number is entirely genuine - even if the reason for the duplicated number is not yet understood.
  7. Brabham BT36 [9] (Richard Scott): New to Rondel Racing for Bob Wollek to race in F2 in 1971. To John Kendall for Formula Atlantic in 1972, but leased to Richard Scott for the opening race of the F2 season, as his BT38 had not been delivered. Raced by Kendall until July 1972. Sold to José Araujo for British Formula Atlantic in 1973, but said to have been crashed at Snetterton. Ken Thorogood of Universal Racing Services (Wymondham, Norfolk) reportedly acquired the car in 1973, and although a lot of iits was sold off, the chassis remained stored with him until it was sold to Peter Denty (Thetford, Norfolk) in 2008. Restored by Denty between 2008 and 2010. To Klaus Bergs in 2010.
  8. March 722 [10] (David Purley): New to David Purley and entered by Lec Refrigeration Racing for him in F2 in 1972. Retained for 1973, but converted to Formula Atlantic, fitted with Falconer bodywork and run in the two British championships, winning the opening race of each championship. At Silverstone in May, Autosport reported that the car was appearing for the first time in 73B bodywork and using narrow track. Photographs of the car at the following race, which Purley won, show that it also had front-facing rollhoop supports, which are usually indicative of the 1973 March monocoque, and a more detailed picture of the car at Silverstone in July shows that the front suspension also indicated it now had a 1973 monocoque. He used the car to the end of the season, winning five races in total. It was then raced by Dieter Quester at Macau at the end of 1973, who was said to have bought the "73B". However, Quester's recollection was that it was rented by Team Harper for him to drive. Subsequent history unknown, but possibly sold in the Far East. The car would probably have been indistinguishable from a 73B by this time.
  9. March 712M [17] (Wilson Fittipaldi): New to Wilson Fittipaldi in May 1971, replacing the Lotus 69 with which he had started the European F2 season. Raced by Fittipaldi for the rest of the season as part of Team Bardahl. Retained for one F2 race in early 1972, then sold to Tate of Leeds (Racing) and converted to Formula Atlantic for Chris Meek to race in the British championship. Loaned to Sonny Rajah for the Brands Hatch Boxing Day race. Retained by Tate of Leeds for Malcolm Wayne in early 1973, then sold to visiting American Allen Karlberg (Seattle, WA) who took it back to the US. Entered by Karlberg for Monique Proulx at Watkins Glen in October 1974, by which time it had Falconer bodywork, and also taken to Trinidad for Formula Caribbean events where it was sold. By 1978 it was owned by David Kerr but it was "totally destroyed" in a towing incident at the "Love Bird International" meeting at Vernamfield Motorsport Park, Jamaica, in December 1978.
  10. March 722 [11] (Brett Lunger): New to Brett Lunger, and entered by Space Racing for him in F2 in 1972. Bob Sparshott's partner John 'Ace' Woodington was in charge of the F1 team, with ex-Surtees mechanic Roger Flynn. Lunger also raced the car in the Torneio do Brasil in October and November 1972. March records show that this car was sold to Guy Tunmer in December 1972, although press reports at the time said Tunmer had bought the ex-Ronnie Peterson car. Tunmer (Sandton, South Africa) had acquired the 722 for the new "F2" class of the South African national championship, and had it fitted with an 1800cc Cosworth FVC and raced it through 1973. The car was not seen in 1974, but is believed to have been kept as a spare to Tunmer's new Chevron. In 1975, it was sold to André Verwey (Johannesburg, South Africa) who planned to rebuild it with a BMW F2 engine and Hewland FG400 gearbox, but when Formula Atlantic was announced, he updated it with 74B bodywork and Nicholson BDA engine. Used in this form by Verwey in two races late 1975, and then into 1976. Sold back to the Tunmers in mid-1976 for Mervyn Tunmer to use. Unused in 1977, but then sold to Andrew Thompson in 1978, converted to a Ford V6 engine for the new formula, and raced in that form by Bobby Scott in 1979. To Mel Lahner and raced by Derek Ziman and John McNicol in Lahner's Rackrite team in 1980. Used again by Rackrite in 1981, when it was entered for McNicol, Ziman and Lahner, then raced by Bernard Tilanus for a few races before he left the team, then by his replacement Trevor van Rooyen, and finally McNicol took it over again. Both Tilanus and van Rooyen won races in it that season. It was retained again for 1982, when Lahner's son Wayne drove it. It was retained by the Lahner family until 2004, when it was sold back to Andrew and Stuart Thompson.
  11. March 722 [4] (Jean-Pierre Jabouille): New to the ELF Coombs Racing team for 1972, and raced in F2 by Jean-Pierre Jabouille and François Cevert. Sold to Roy Courtney (Lisburn, County Antrim, Northern Ireland) for 1973 and fitted with a 1600cc Cosworth BDA, but only seen rarely in Irish racing. To Tony Martin (Dun Laoire, County Dublin, Ireland) for 1974, and raced in Irish Formula Atlantic until crashed heavily at Mondello Park in August. According to Eddie Fitzgerald, the car went to Austin Kinsella (Blessington, County Wicklow) for another couple of seasons of Atlantic, and was then sold to Cyril Lynch (Terenure, Dublin) who used it mainly in hillclimbs from 1978 to 1979. While Lynch owned it, it was also raced by Vivien Candy at Mondello Park in 1979. It left Ireland when sold via AW 'Monkey' Brown to Mike Gue, then to Lew Wright, and then to Peter Denty (Thetford, Norfolk) by 1984. Denty sold it via Ted Walker to Mike Jones, who ran it in Sprints in the north of England in the early 1990s. Jones died in 2004, and the car was sold by his Estate to Todd Willing (Melbourne, Australia) in 2006.
  12. Brabham BT36 [10] (John Wingfield): New to John Wingfield (London NW11) in September 1971 and raced in libre with a 1.7-litre Felday BDA. Raced in F2 in 1972 with Felday's 1973cc BDA and then converted to F/Atlantic specification for one race at the end of the season. Sold to Iain McLaren (Broxburn, Scotland) for 1973, fitted with a 1.8-litre Alan Smith Cosworth FVC and used for hillclimbs and libre. Advertised by MRE (Bourne End, Buckingham) in October/November 1973, who had a 1930cc Racing Services BDA in stock at the same time. Sold to Chris Choat and John Hardesty for 1974 and used in libre with a 2-litre Racing Services BDA. Retained for 1975 until sold in the summer to Nick Overall, still with the same RS BDA. To Mike Gue for 1976. Then to Ian Henderson who has retained the car.
  13. Brabham BT38 [12] (Bob Wollek): New for Motul Rondel Racing in 1972, and raced by Bob Wollek, Henri Pescarolo (who won at Enna-Pergusa), and others. One of a group of cars sold to South Africa after the Torneio do Brasil. Raced by Jackie Pretorius in 1973, using an Alan Smith Cosworth FVC, then to John Amm for 1974. Converted to Formula Atlantic and raced again by Amm in 1976. Then unknown until reportedly located by Thomas Koch in South Africa some time around 1997-1999, and imported to the US. Then sold to Terry Allard (Denver, CO) some time before 2005.
  14. Brabham BT28 [8] (Tom Belsø): New to Jörgen Ellekaer and raced in Scandinavian F3 in 1969 with Holbay engines. Ellekaer has a new car, chassis BT28-27, for 1970 so the usage of BT28-8 that season is currently unclear. To Tom Belsø (Copenhagen, Denmark) for 1971 and fitted with a 1600cc Ford BDA for British Formula Atlantic. Converted to BT35 specification during the year. Advertised during 1972 and sold to Jimmy Fuller (Guyana), who raced it in Guyana in late 1972 with a Vegantune twin cam. By February 1973, it was owned by Mike Gill who used a BDA engine when he raced it at Bushy Park in Barbados. The car was known as a BT35 during its time in the Caribbean. It was later owned by Richard Knox in Trinidad, and he recalls that it took him "to many, many, race wins, a group championship, and a few lap records". He sold the car to Bobby Howlings together with his newer BT40. Subsequent history unknown.
  15. Chevron B18C [18.A.71.1] (Cyd Williams): New to Graham Eden and delivered just in time for the Oulton Park Formula Atlantic race on 21 March 1971, the second round of the British series. Eden retired from driving shortly after and recruited Cyd Williams to drive the car. Williams won seven championship rounds and finished second in the 1971 championship. Eden ordered Ensigns for 1972 but cancelled the order and bought March 722s instead. Williams continued to drive the Chevron until his 722 arrived and won three of the first six rounds of the 1972 series. The car was later displayed at the London Racing Car show, where it was bought by Canadian Bob Armstrong (Winnipeg, Manitoba) for the Canadian Formula B series in 1973. Armstrong appeared in the early rounds of the series but made little impact and wasn't seen after June. Subsequent history unknown.
  16. March 722 [17] (Ronnie Peterson): New for the works STP March Engineering team, and driven by Ronnie Peterson (who won at Thruxton in April and at Oulton Park in September) and Jochen Mass (who won at the Nürburgring). Sold to Silvio Montenegro (Brazil) and raced by him in the Torneio do Brasil. Crashed into the Armco barrier early in the second heat of the final race. This car was thought to have gone to South Africa for 1973, but this is now believed to have been incorrect. The car's history after Montenegro's accident is unknown.
  17. March 722 [8] (Hiroshi Kazato): New to Hiroshi Kazato, and run for him in European F2 by Peter Bloore Racing. The car disappeared at the end of 1972, but March records show that it was sold to a "J. F. Gridley" of Tooting, south London. It is then said to have been owned by an Englishman who planned to use it in French hillclimbs, but only to seize the engine and abandon it. It was acquired by Ted Walker some time around 1987, still with Kazato's name on the wheels, and sold to Nigel Smith, who sold it on to Gerry Wainwright (Burton, Staffordshire), who sent it to Simon Hadfield for restoration. Hadfield raced it briefly in historic racing, before it was sold to Jim Bennett in Colorado, but he only raced it once. It was sold to Scott Meehan (Kamas, UT) in 2005, and restored with a Cosworth BDE engine. Sold to Andrew Gifford (Perth, Australia) in 2012.
  18. Brabham BT36 [5] (Peter Westbury): New to F.I.R.S.T. for Peter Westbury to drive in F2 in 1971. Retained by Westbury early 1972 and then sold to Neckel 'Nick' Koob (Bettborn, Luxembourg) for French, Belgian and Luxembourg hill climbs from 1972 to 1974. To Johny Krier (Luxembourg) 1975 for French, Belgian and Luxembourg hillclimbs. Then to Roger Hennebert (Belgium) in 1977, then possibly to Marcel Tarrès in 1978, but its exact race results during this time are unknown. Then via a French owner to Yves Bole (France) and raced by him in historic racing in 1992. Bought by John Beasley (Shrewsbury, Shropshire) in 1993. Sold to Abba Kogan 1998, and rebuilt on a new chassis. In 2007, the rebuilt car was sold by RM Auctions (agent Annette Abaci) to Thomas Steinke (Hamburg, Germany). Neither Abaci or Steinke were then aware of the car having a new chassis. The original chassis was later sold via Bonhams in 2008 and its current whereabouts are unknown. Meanwhile, the continuous entity of BT36-5 was raced by Steinke in European Historic F2 in 2008 and 2009 and sold to Francesco Molino (Pescara, Italy) in 2012. Then to Günter Türk (Freiburg, Germany) in 2013.
  19. Brabham BT29/35 [BT28-2] (Dick Barker): Delivered March 1969 to Clarke Mordaunt racing team for Mike Beuttler in UK F3 in 1969. To Jim Edwards for UK F3 in 1970. To Mike Stow for Formula Atlantic in 1971 when it was said to have been updated to BT29/35 specification. Sold to Dick Barker at the beginning of 1972 when it was said to have been 'brought up to FB BT29 specification last year'. However, Motoring News identified Barker's car as chassis number BT28-20 twice early in 1972 instead of BT28-2. BT28-20 was a different ex-Stow car with a clear history up to this point, implying MN's reporter made a mistake. Barker's car was heavily damaged at Crystal Palace at the end of May 1972 and was not seen again. Barker advertised a 'BT29/35' in April 1973 but the identity of that car is unknown.
  20. Chevron B20 [72-2] (Peter Gethin): Chevron Racing Team entry in Formula 2 in 1972, raced by Peter Gethin and Vic Elford. Gethin won at Pau in early May. Also raced by John Watson with a 1900cc Cosworth FVC in the Rothmans 5000. Believed to be the car leased by Ed Reeves for David Morgan to race in the Torneio do Brasil at the end of the year. Morgan crashed in practice at Interlagos when the car hit the Armco barrier head on and went between the two sections, luckily stopping just before the cockpit. The car was "extremely badly bent" and a fortunately unhurt Morgan had to be cut out of the car. It is likely that the car would not have been repairable after this, but it is possible it survived in some form.
  21. March 722 ["18"] (Mike Beuttler): New to Mike Beuttler, and entered by Clarke-Mordaunt Team for him to race in F2 in 1972. Consistently reported at the time to be chassis 722-18, but the same chassis number was also reported for John Smith's car in Ireland. The ex-Beuttler car was used as a test chassis for the new BMW F2 engine during October, when both Jean-Pierre Jarier and Hans Stuck used it. Not seen in 1973, but reappeared in 1974 as the "HRS 732" run by Jock Topin and entered by Anglo Swiss Racing Team for Gill Orchard to race in Formula Atlantic. The car was reported to be a 713M before Topin told Autosport in April 1974 that it was based on the ex-Beuttler March 722, "extensively modified by his Ecurie Santos operation" and produced "with blessing from March". Subsequent history unknown.
  22. GRD 272 [020-F2] (Tetsu Ikuzawa): New for Tetsu Ikuzawa to drive in F2 in 1972 as a GRS International entry. For 1973, the car was sold to hillclimber Ken MacMaster (Stourbridge, Worcestershire) and fitted with a 1600cc Hart BDA for hillclimbs. Retained for 1974. MacMaster acquired a Modus M4 for 1975, and the history of the GRD for the next eight years is unknown. In 1983, it was raced by Alan Dix (St Peter, Jersey) in hillclimbs and sprints in England. The car was then retained by Dix until January 2003, when it was bought by Brad Moore and moved to Peter Denty's workshop for some restoration work before being shipped to Moore's workshop at Sears Point, CA.
  23. Ensign LNF2/72 [F2-1] (John Burton): Originally built for John Burton (Kidderminster, Worcestershire) to race as a works Team Ensign F2 entry in 1972, the LNF2 failed to qualify for its first two races, and the project was abandoned. It is then belived to be the car used as a works Formula Atlantic car for Mike Walker, who won a championship round at Snetterton in July. The car was then fielded as a works Formula 3 car for Tony Trimmer to drive in October 1972. Sold to Brian Robinson (Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham) and raced in Formula Atlantic in 1973, plus a one-off F2 race. Robinson then bought a F5000 McLaren, and the Ensign was raced briefly by Roger Keele, and is then believed to have been sold to Martyn Denley in September. The car's movements from 1974 to 1978 are not yet decyphered, but from 1979 to 1984 it was hillclimbed by Peter Varley (Barnsley, South Yorkshire). Then via three other owners to Barry Pickard and raced in Historic F3 in 1993. Later raced in Classic F3 by Paul Newton 1993-95, and by Martin Woodman in 1994. Subsequent history unknown.
  24. March 722 [15] (Adrian Wilkins): New for Adrian Wilkins to race in F2 in 1972 as a John Coombs Racing entry. Subsequent history unknown, but may have been the car bought by Holman Blackburn for Formula Atlantic.


Note that the identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' published results.

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Individual sources for this event

Autosport 16 Mar 1972 pp33-35, Motoring News 16 Mar 1972 pp9-10. Autosport gave chassis numbers for nearly all the new cars present and previous owners for the second-hand cars. Motoring News gave chassis numbers for every car.