Gran Premio de Madrid

Jarama, 28 Apr 1968

1 Jean-Pierre Beltoise Matra MS7 [05] - Cosworth FVA
#10 Matra Sports
2 Jochen Rindt Brabham BT23C [5] - Cosworth FVA
#3 Roy Winkelmann Racing (see note 1)
3 Kurt Ahrens Brabham BT23C [8] - Cosworth FVA
#26 Kurt Ahrens (see note 2)
4 Henri Pescarolo Matra MS7 [04] - Cosworth FVA
#12 Matra Sports
5 Gianclaudio "Clay" Regazzoni Tecno 68/F2 [T00 284?] - Cosworth FVA
#18 Tecno Racing Team (see note 3)
6 Jorge de Bagration Lola T100 [SL100/7] - Cosworth FVA
#2 Escuderia Nacional CS
7 Brian Hart Merlyn Mk 12 [105] - Cosworth FVA
#23 Merlyn Racing [Bob Gerard]
8 Jo Schlesser McLaren M4A [200-18F] - Cosworth FVA
#24 Ecurie Intersport SA (see note 4)
9 Max Mosley Brabham BT23C [6] - Cosworth FVA
#27 London Racing Team (see note 5)
10 Nanni Galli Brabham BT23 [8] - Alfa Romeo GTA/Autodelta
#6 Scuderia Ala d'Oro (see note 6)
11 Robin Widdows McLaren M4A [200-20F] - Cosworth FVA
#30 The Chequered Flag (see note 7)
45 retired
12 Chris Irwin Lola T100 [SL100/6] - Cosworth FVA
#14 Lola Racing
41 retired
13 Chris Lambert Brabham BT23C [4] - Cosworth FVA
#15 London Racing Team (see note 8)
41 retired
14 John Cardwell Merlyn Mk 12 [109] - Cosworth FVA
#25 Merlyn Racing [Bob Gerard] (see note 9)
40 retired
15 Graham Hill Lotus 48 [R2] - Cosworth FVA
#5 Team Lotus (see note 10)
17 retired
16 Guy Ligier McLaren M4A [200-17F] - Cosworth FVA
#22 Ecurie Intersport SA (see note 11)
5 retired
17 Alex Soler-Roig Lola T100 [SL100/8] - Cosworth FVA
#1 Escuderia Nacional CS
0 retired
18 Derek Bell Brabham BT23C [9] - Cosworth FVA
#19 Church Farm Racing Team (see note 12)
0 retired
DNS Jackie Stewart Matra MS7 [01] - Cosworth FVA
#4 Matra International
Did not start
(usual spare 01 (AS))
DNS Jackie Oliver Lotus 48 [R1] - Cosworth FVA
#33 Team Lotus (see note 13)
Did not start
DNS Alistair Walker Lola T100 [SL100/2] - Cosworth FVA
#7 Alistair Walker Racing
Did not start
DNS Piers Courage Brabham BT23C [7] - Cosworth FVA
#29 Frank Williams Racing Cars (see note 14)
Did not start
DNQ Walter Habegger Brabham BT23 [4] - Cosworth FVA
#31 Walter Habegger (see note 15)
Did not qualify
DNQ Graeme Lawrence McLaren M4A [200-22F] - Cosworth FVA
#21 The Chequered Flag (see note 16)
Did not qualify

All cars are 1.6-litre F2 unless noted.

1 Jean-Pierre Beltoise (F2) 1.6-litre Matra MS7 [05] - Cosworth FVA
2 Jochen Rindt (F2) 1.6-litre Brabham BT23C [5] - Cosworth FVA
3 Jo Schlesser (F2) 1.6-litre McLaren M4A [200-18F] - Cosworth FVA
4 Henri Pescarolo (F2) 1.6-litre Matra MS7 [04] - Cosworth FVA
5 Chris Irwin (F2) 1.6-litre Lola T100 [SL100/6] - Cosworth FVA
6 Kurt Ahrens (F2) 1.6-litre Brabham BT23C [8] - Cosworth FVA
7 Piers Courage * (F2) 1.6-litre Brabham BT23C [7] - Cosworth FVA
8 Gianclaudio "Clay" Regazzoni (F2) 1.6-litre Tecno 68/F2 [T00 284?] - Cosworth FVA
9 Graham Hill (F2) 1.6-litre Lotus 48 [R2] - Cosworth FVA
10 Derek Bell (F2) 1.6-litre Brabham BT23C [9] - Cosworth FVA
11 Chris Lambert (F2) 1.6-litre Brabham BT23C [4] - Cosworth FVA
12 Alex Soler-Roig (F2) 1.6-litre Lola T100 [SL100/8] - Cosworth FVA
13 Robin Widdows (F2) 1.6-litre McLaren M4A [200-20F] - Cosworth FVA
14 John Cardwell (F2) 1.6-litre Merlyn Mk 12 [109] - Cosworth FVA
15 Jackie Oliver * (F2) 1.6-litre Lotus 48 [R1] - Cosworth FVA
16 Guy Ligier (F2) 1.6-litre McLaren M4A [200-17F] - Cosworth FVA
17 Jorge de Bagration (F2) 1.6-litre Lola T100 [SL100/7] - Cosworth FVA
18 Brian Hart (F2) 1.6-litre Merlyn Mk 12 [105] - Cosworth FVA
19 Max Mosley (F2) 1.6-litre Brabham BT23C [6] - Cosworth FVA
20 Nanni Galli (F2) 1.6-litre Brabham BT23 [8] - Alfa Romeo GTA/Autodelta
* Did not start

Notes on the cars:

  1. Brabham BT23C [5] (Jochen Rindt): New to Winkelmann Racing for Jochen Rindt to race in F2 in 1968, winning four of his first seven races. Driven by Vic Elford at at Monza in June and crashed. The car was rebuilt on a new chassis and Rindt won two more races later that year. To Ecurie Ecosse and raced by Graham Birrell in F2 in 1969. Ecurie Ecosse and Birrell had a BT30 for 1970 but the BT23C was raced in a libre at Ingliston in May when it was crashed. Sold in July to Stanley Robinson who fitted the engine, gearbox and suspension to the Unipower GT Group 6 car he raced with John Blanckley. The BT23C chassis was repaired some time around 1972 and sold to Joe Applegarth (Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham) who built it up using parts from BT23C/16 and fitted a pushrod Ford engine for Monoposto racing. Raced by Applegarth from 1973 until the end of 1977, competing in around 130 events, and then retained after Applegarth retired. Sold by him to Joe Willenpart (Scheibbs, Austria) in 2010.
  2. Brabham BT23C [8] (Kurt Ahrens): New to Kurt Ahrens (Braunschweig, Germany) and raced by him in F2 in 1968 under the Caltex Racing banner. Sold to Bernd Terbeck (Hiltrup, Germany) and run as part of the Montan Racing Team in F2 in 1969 and 1970. Then unknown in 1971 and 1972. Former Mini racer Graham Cooper (Sedgley, Worcestershire) raced his "newly acquired Brabham BT23C" in a sprint at Curborough in March 1973. This car was sold by Cooper to Richard Churchley (Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire) and run by him in sprints in 1975 with a Ford twin cam and then in 1976 with a 1600cc Hart BDA. From Churchley to Bill Morris who wanted the engine for his Ensign and sold the rest of the car to Robin Darlington in early 1977. Then to Les Aylott (Oakham, Rutland) and David Knowles, fitted with Aylott's turbcharged 1600cc BDA engine by by June 1977, and raced in 1977 and 1978. Advertised from Oakham in April 1981. Then unknown until raced by Peter Rogers (High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire) in the HSCC Bradburn & Wedge Pre-71 series in 1984 with a BDA engine. (Possibly the car raced by Jon Bradburn in late 1983.) Raced by Rogers until 1987. Sold by Rogers' father Sir John Rogers to David Brown (Ashford, Kent) in 1999 and raced by him in the HSCC Classic Racing Cars Championship. Raced regularly by David Brown (Ashford, Kent) in HSCC events until sold to Graham Adelman (Free Union, VA) in 2014.
  3. Tecno 68/F2 [T00 284?] (Gianclaudio "Clay" Regazzoni): When the Tecno team took three cars to the Argentine Temporada at the end of 1968, Motoring News noted that Clay Regazzoni's car, 'T00 284', was "his regular car". Presumed to have been his car from Pau (April 1968) onwards. To Roland Binder (Esslingen, Germany) in mid-1969, to replace the Tecno he had wrecked at Hockenheim in June. Binder continued to race this car in F2 in 1970 and 1971. Subsequent history unknown.
  4. McLaren M4A [200-18F] (Jo Schlesser): Ecurie Intersport for Jo Schlesser in F2 in 1968 until his death in a F1 race in July. Presumably then the "ex-Schlesser" McLaren M4A raced in French hillclimbs by Jean-Claude Fontès (Bayonne, France) in 1969, by Hughes Hazard in 1970 and by Roger Rivoire in 1972. Then unknown until restored by an unnamed German owner in 1990. Appeared in various auctions between 1997 and 2005, in the midst of which Paul Dudley (and Steve Worrad) raced it in historic racing in 1999 and 2000. Sold at Bonhams & Brooks' Silverstone auction in September 2001 to an unknown owner who restored it in 2004 and then sold it via Bonhams Silverstone auction in July 2005. With Lindsay O'Donnell (Christchurch, NZ) in 2005 and raced for him by Ken Smith at Eastern Creek in December 2006. Still with O'Donnell in 2009.
  5. Brabham BT23C [6] (Max Mosley): New to Max Mosley and entered for him by London Racing Team and then by Frank Williams Racing Cars in F2 in 1968. Sold to Peter Parnell (Bulawayo, Rhodesia) and raced in South African events in 1969. Then to Arnold Charlton (Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa) for 1970 but crashed in practice at Roy Hesketh in March. Advertised as "recently rebuilt" and "immaculate" by Charlton in August 1970. Reported as sold back to the UK late in the year after repeated FVA problems. Just one week after Charlton's adverts stopped, D&A Shalls (Stratford, east London) advertised a BT23C. Some time in late 1971 or early 1972 John Hardesty bought a BT23C from an east London dealer who told him that it had come back from South Africa. Chris Choat prepared the car for Hardesty and also raced it in libre racing. In October 1972, Choat was entered for a libre race at Silverstone in a green Brabham BT23C and he was mentioned racing it at Silverstone in March and July 1973. It can be assumed he was at other races during that period but too far down to be mentioned in reports. According to Hardesty, Choat destroyed the car when he crashed at Woodcote corner and bent it round a post. The car was broken up and the suspension went to Bobby Howlings.
  6. Brabham BT23 [8] (Nanni Galli): Fitted with an Alfa Romeo GTA engine and entered by Scuderia Ala d'Oro for Nanni Galli to drive in the Vallelunga F2 race in October 1967. Raced again by Galli at Jarama April 1968 and then by Alfa Romeo test driver Giorgio Pianta at Monza in June 1968. Then converted to F3 specification and entered by Jolly Club France Racing Team for Etienne Vigoureux to drive in mainly French F3 races through 1969. Subsequent history unknown but some of the Italian references mentioned under BT23-9 may refer to this car.
  7. McLaren M4A [200-20F] (Robin Widdows): This number is given for a Formula 2 car entered by Chequered Flag for Robin Widdows until he crashed it at Crystal Palace in June 1968 and it was replaced by a new car, or at least a new monocoque. The car somehow survived and is said to have raced in UK club racing in the 1970s. Found by Lincoln Small and others in an Essex barn c1990. Raced by Small 1996-97 and then by someone else before 1999 Coys Silverstone auction. With Graham Earl in 2000 and sold by him to the current owner in 2002. Repainted in Chequered Flag colours in 2012. Advertised by Legends Automotive Ltd (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire) on behalf of the owner in 2014.
  8. Brabham BT23C [4] (Chris Lambert): New to London Racing Team for Chris Lambert to race in F2 in 1968. Crashed during the F2 race at Zandvoort on 28 July 1968 and Lambert was killed. It is believed that the car was broken up.
  9. Merlyn Mk 12 [109] (John Cardwell): New for Bob Gerard's quasi-works F2 team in 1968, and raced early in the season by John Cardwell. This car was updated to MK 12A specification for 1969 and run alongside Gerard's Brabham BT23C for Robin Widdows and others. Advertised by Gerard Racing in January 1970 but not seen again until Pete Tester ran it in a libre race at Lydden in early 1973. Used by Peter Bull (London) in sprints that summer, by which time it had a BRM engine of some sort, and then advertised by Bull in September with a 1600cc Ford twin cam engine and FT200 gearbox. Bull bought a Brabham BT30 for 1974 and the later history of the Merlyn is unknown.
  10. Lotus 48 [R2] (Graham Hill): Noted as the chassis number of Pollock's Lotus 48 by Race Report at Thruxton and at Vallelunga in 1969. As 48/1 was the car Watson drove (and crashed) at Thruxton Easter 1969 and then L'Amie drove later in 1969, it is reasonable to assume that R2 was Pollock's car all season.
  11. McLaren M4A [200-17F] (Guy Ligier): Ecurie Intersport third F2 car in 1968, used by Jo Schlesser as a T-car. If 200-18 went into French hillclimbs, then 200-17 would be one of the two cars bought from Pierre Bardinon (Aubusson, France) by Franco Sbarro (Grandson, Switzerland). These cars were both sold to Georges Schafer (Geneva, Switzerland) and he used one of them in F2 and in Swiss national events in 1971. Then unknown until for sale with Hall & Fowler in 1997. A red M4A with silver stripe has been in the Donington Museum since at least 2005. In November 2009 it was observed to be wearing a curious-looking chassis plate marked '200-17'. Rumoured to be owned by McLaren International.
  12. Brabham BT23C [9] (Derek Bell): New to Church Farm Racing Team (Pagham, Sussex) for Derek Bell to race in F2 in 1968. Bell moved to the Ferrari F2 team in June 1968 and the car was raced by Jonathan Williams at Hockenheim, by Peter Westbury and Monza and then by Brian Hart for the rest of the season. Advertised in December 1968 and March 1969. Subsequent history unknown.
  13. Lotus 48 [R1] (Jackie Oliver): Noted as the chassis number of Watson's Lotus 48 by Race Report at Thruxton 1969 and L'Amie's at Vallelunga 1969.
  14. Brabham BT23C [7] (Piers Courage): New to Frank Williams Racing Cars for Piers Courage to race in F2 in 1968. Also raced by Jonathan Williams to win at Monza in June. To Roly Levis (New Zealand) and raced in the 1969 Tasman series and at Singapore, Batu Tiga and Fuji in the following months. Raced in the opening rounds of the 1969/70 New Zealand season and then sold to Baron Robertson who raced it Pukekohe in early December. Levis then tested the car for Robertson in practice for the Bay Park International at the end of December but crashed heavily at Rothmans corner, effectively writing off the car. Robertson acquired a replacement frame from Racing Frames in England and built a car which used a different chassis number. The original BT23C/7 frame was rebuilt as a Formula Ford and raced by Peter Haskett in the 1973/74 NZ season. This car found its way to Martin Smith in the UK in the late 1980s after which it was restored to BT23C specification. Then unknown until acquired by Bobby Rahal in the US and extensively rebuilt by Phil Simkin some time before 2004. With Justin Segel (West Bloomfield, MI) in 2003. For sale in 2006 when said to have been owned by Tom Claridge (Fremont, CA). To Ted Wentz (Villanova, PA) 2008.
  15. Brabham BT23 [4] (Walter Habegger): Roy Winkelmann Racing for Alan Rees in F2 1967. To Walter Habegger (Oberönz, Switzerland) 1968 for Swiss championship events. To Gérard Pillon (Geneva, Switzerland) 1969 and used in Swiss national events and French hillclimbs. (Although one source gives this as the car of Enzo Corti at Rheims and Albi in 1969, that identification looks highly doubtful.) Crashed at Côte de la Faucille on 7 September and not seen again. In 2009, Walter Habegger recalled that Pillon had an accident in the car and that it was badly damaged.
  16. McLaren M4A [200-22F] (Graeme Lawrence): This number is given for a Formula 2 car entered by Chequered Flag for Graeme Lawrence early in the 1968 season, then Frank Gardner and then Mike Walker. Likely to have been one of the four M4As advertised by Chequered Flag at the end of 1968.


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