GB Grand Prix

Nivelles-Baulers, 10 Jun 1973

1 Jean-Pierre Jarier March 732 [1?] - BMW M12/6
STP March Engineering (see note 1)
56 1h 10m 33.35s
110.20 mph
2 Jochen Mass Surtees TS15 [03] - Ford BDA Hart alloy
#16 Team Surtees FINA (see note 2)
3 Vittorio Brambilla March 732 [4] - BMW M12/6
#3 Beta Racing Team (see note 3)
4 Mike Beuttler March 732 [9] - BMW M12/6
#37 Clarke-Mordaunt-Guthrie-Durlacher [Brian Lewis]
(see note 4)
5 Colin Vandervell March 732 [8] - BMW M12/6
#38 Brian Lewis Racing (see note 5)
6 David Morgan Chevron B25 [25-73-04] - Ford BDA Wood
Edward Reeves Racing (see note 6)
7 Hiroshi Kazato GRD 273 [054-F2] - Ford BDA Racing Services alloy
GRS International-Team Nippon (see note 7)
8 Brett Lunger (F2) 1.9-litre Chevron B25 [25-73-12] - Ford BDA Smith
Space Racing (see note 8)
9 Roger Williamson GRD 273 [051-F2?] - Ford BDG
Tom Wheatcroft Racing International
(see note 9)
10 Silvio Moser Surtees TS10 [07] - Ford BDG
Silvio Moser Racing Team (see note 10)
11 Tom Pryce Motul M1 [204] - Ford BDG
#31 Motul Rondel Racing (see note 11)
12 Bob Salisbury Surtees TS15 [07] - Ford BDA Hart alloy
Bob Gerard Racing (see note 12)
13 Bill Gubelmann March 732 [11] - BMW M12/6
Bill Gubelmann (see note 13)
14 Andrea de Adamich Brabham BT40 [36] - Ford BDA Hart alloy
#35 FINA Racing Team (see note 14)
15 Claude Bourgoignie GRD 272 - Ford BDA Broadspeed
Claude Bourgoignie (see note 15)
NC Jacques Coulon March 732 [6-2] - BMW M12/6
Ecurie Antar Filipinetti (see note 16)
41 retired from Heat 1; finished Heat 2
R Roland Binder (F2) 1.9-litre Brabham BT36 [4] - Ford BDA Racing Services
Roland Binder (see note 17)
44 engine in Heat 2
R Willy Braillard Surtees TS15 [09] - Ford BDA Hart alloy
Team Surtees FINA (see note 18)
32 accident in Heat 2
R Wilson Fittipaldi Brabham BT40 [12] - Ford BDA Wood
Motor Racing Developments (see note 19)
29 engine in Heat 1; engine in Heat 2
R Manfred Schurti Royale RP15 [1] - Ford BDA RES
Royale Cars (see note 20)
28 broken rose joint in Heat 1; DNS Heat 2
R Brendan McInerney GRD 273 - Ford BDA Racing Services
GRS International (see note 21)
15 engine in Heat 1; DNS Heat 2
R Ronnie Peterson Lotus 74 [1] - 907 Novamotor
#2 Texaco Team Lotus
12 engine in Heat 1; DNS Heat 2
R Emerson Fittipaldi Lotus 74 [2] - 907 Novamotor
#1 Texaco Team Lotus
6 engine in Heat 1; DNS Heat 2
R Bob Wollek Motul M1 [207] - Ford BDA Cosworth
Motul Rondel Racing (see note 22)
4 clutch in Heat 1; DNS Heat 2
R Peter Gethin Chevron B25 [25-73-07] - Ford BDA Smith
Chevron Racing Team (see note 23)
4 DNS Heat 1; engine in Heat 2
R Ernesto "Tino" Brambilla March 732 [5] - BMW Schnitzer 20-4
#4 Beta Racing Team (see note 24)
0 accident in Heat 1; DNS Heat 2
DNS Sten Gunnarson GRD 273 [061-F2] - Ford BDA Racing Services
Team Pierre Robert (see note 25)
Did not start
(team blew up all their engines)
DNS Rolf Skoghag GRD 273 [063-F2] - Ford BDA Racing Services
Team Pierre Robert (see note 26)
Did not start
(team blew up all their engines)
DNQ Bob Marsland Brabham BT35 - Ford BDA Hart
Bob Marsland (see note 27)
Did not qualify
T/C Roger Williamson GRD 273 [052-F2?] - Ford BDG
Tom Wheatcroft Racing International
(see note 28)
(Crashed in practice)

All cars are 2-litre F2 unless noted.

Heat 1 Laps Time Speed
1Jean-Pierre Jarier2835m 21.40s176.948 kph
2Jochen Mass2835m 30.43s
3Vittorio Brambilla2835m 43.21s
4Andrea de Adamich28
5Colin Vandervell28
6Mike Beuttler28
7Roger Williamson28
8Tom Pryce28
9David Morgan28
10Willy Braillard28
11Brett Lunger28
12Hiroshi Kazato28
13Silvio Moser27
14Roland Binder27
15Bill Gubelmann26
16Bob Salisbury26
17Manfred Schurti22broken rose joint
18Claude Bourgoignie21electrics
19Brendan McInerney15engine
20Jacques Coulon13
21Ronnie Peterson12engine
22Wilson Fittipaldi11engine
23Emerson Fittipaldi6engine
24Bob Wollek4clutch
25Ernesto "Tino" Brambilla1accident
Peter GethinDNS: metering unit on war-up lap
Heat 2 Laps Time Speed
1Jean-Pierre Jarier2835m 21.40s177.740 kph
2Vittorio Brambilla2835m 30.43s
3Jochen Mass2835m 43.21s
4Mike Beuttler28
5Colin Vandervell28
6David Morgan28
7Hiroshi Kazato28
8Jacques Coulon28
9Brett Lunger28
10Claude Bourgoignie27
11Silvio Moser27
12Roger Williamson26
13Bob Salisbury26
14Bill Gubelmann25
15Tom Pryce25
16Andrea de Adamich21engine
17Wilson Fittipaldi18engine
18Roland Binder17engine
19Peter Gethin4engine
20Willy Braillard4accident
Ernesto "Tino" Brambilladid not start
Emerson Fittipaldidid not start
Ronnie Petersondid not start
Bob Wollekdid not start
Brendan McInerneydid not start
Manfred Schurtidid not start
1 Jean-Pierre Jarier (F2) 2-litre March 732 [1?] - BMW M12/6 1m 14.12s
2 Jochen Mass (F2) 2-litre Surtees TS15 [03] - Ford BDA Hart alloy 1m 14.40s
3 Andrea de Adamich (F2) 2-litre Brabham BT40 [36] - Ford BDA Hart alloy 1m 14.76s
4 Ronnie Peterson (F2) 2-litre Lotus 74 [1] - Lotus 907 Novamotor 1m 15.01s
5 Peter Gethin (F2) 2-litre Chevron B25 [25-73-07] - Ford BDA Smith 1m 15.05s
6 Vittorio Brambilla (F2) 2-litre March 732 [4] - BMW M12/6 1m 15.06s
7 Colin Vandervell (F2) 2-litre March 732 [8] - BMW M12/6 1m 15.27s
8 Emerson Fittipaldi (F2) 2-litre Lotus 74 [2] - Lotus 907 Novamotor 1m 15.32s
9 Mike Beuttler (F2) 2-litre March 732 [9] - BMW M12/6 1m 15.38s
10 Ernesto "Tino" Brambilla (F2) 2-litre March 732 [5] - BMW Schnitzer 20-4 1m 15.64s
11 Jacques Coulon (F2) 2-litre March 732 [6-2] - BMW M12/6 1m 15.69s
12 Hiroshi Kazato (F2) 2-litre GRD 273 [054-F2] - Ford BDA Racing Services alloy 1m 15.91s
13 Wilson Fittipaldi (F2) 2-litre Brabham BT40 [12] - Ford BDA Wood 1m 15.92s
14 Roger Williamson(T) (F2) 2-litre GRD 273 [052-F2?] - Ford BDG 1m 15.92s
15 Brett Lunger (F2) 1.9-litre Chevron B25 [25-73-12] - Ford BDA Smith 1m 15.96s
16 Tom Pryce (F2) 2-litre Motul M1 [204] - Ford BDG 1m 16.08s
17 David Morgan (F2) 2-litre Chevron B25 [25-73-04] - Ford BDA Wood 1m 16.19s
18 Willy Braillard (F2) 2-litre Surtees TS15 [09] - Ford BDA Hart alloy 1m 16.41s
19 Silvio Moser (F2) 2-litre Surtees TS10 [07] - Ford BDG 1m 17.30s
20 Bill Gubelmann (F2) 2-litre March 732 [11] - BMW M12/6 1m 17.87s
21 Brendan McInerney (F2) 2-litre GRD 273 - Ford BDA Racing Services 1m 17.96s
22 Bob Salisbury (F2) 2-litre Surtees TS15 [07] - Ford BDA Hart alloy 1m 18.53s
23 Manfred Schurti (F2) 2-litre Royale RP15 [1] - Ford BDA RES 1m 19.15s
24 Claude Bourgoignie (F2) 2-litre GRD 272 - Ford BDA Broadspeed 1m 19.40s
25 Roland Binder (F2) 1.9-litre Brabham BT36 [4] - Ford BDA Racing Services 1m 19.76s
26 Bob Marsland * (F2) 2-litre Brabham BT35 - Ford BDA Hart 1m 24.88s
27 Bob Wollek (F2) 2-litre Motul M1 [207] - Ford BDA Cosworth no time
- Sten Gunnarson * (F2) 2-litre GRD 273 [061-F2] - Ford BDA Racing Services no time recorded
- Rolf Skoghag * (F2) 2-litre GRD 273 [063-F2] - Ford BDA Racing Services no time recorded
* Did not start

Notes on the cars:

  1. March 732 [1?] (Jean-Pierre Jarier): STP March Engineering works car for Jean-Pierre Beltoise at the first race, then for Hans-Joachim Stuck at two races and then for Jean-Pierre Jarier at two races. A new car, 732-10, was later built for Beltoise so this 732-1 became what March called the "training car" and was used by Stuck later in the year and was then the third spare car remaining in March's transporter at several races. Probably for Mário Cabral at Estoril. Then unknown until June 1975 when acquired by John Calvert for libre racing in 742 spec. To Geoff Friswell mid-1976, rebuilt for him by Brian Lisles and fitted with a Hart 420R engine, but wrecked in practice at Oulton Park in September. Rebuilt on a 742 chassis and raced in two late-season events. Later to Jonathan Buncombe who fitted an FVC engine for libre races. Sold to Roger Orgee and further modified to 772P specification for Formula Atlantic in 1979. Sold after the 1979 season to Harry Vickers' Cowgate Motors in Newcastle and was used in the construction of their Group 5 Lotus Elan HV/80/S2 for Nicky Ellis. This car used a standard Elan backbone chassis with the suspension from the ex-Orgee 732/742/772 and a Swindon BDX. All that would have been left of Orgee's car would have been the monocoque, and as this was a replacement 742 tub, the March 732 had effectively ceased to exist.
  2. Surtees TS15 [03] (Jochen Mass): New for team leader Mike Hailwood for the opening race of the 1973 F2 season. Driven by Derek Bell at Hockenheim as Hailwood was racing a F1 car at the International Trophy. Then inherited by Jochen Mass when Hailwood had a new TS15/009 at Thruxton in April, but Mass only used chassis 03 in the heat, moving into Hailwood's newer car for the final. Mass drove chassis 03 again at Nürburgring, at Kinnekullering in May, where he won, at Nivelles-Baulers, at Hockenheim, where he won again, and at Rouen-les-Essarts. However, the following weekend at Monza he crashed this car heavily into the barrier, wrecking one side. The car was not seen again.
  3. March 732 [4] (Vittorio Brambilla): Beta Racing Team for Vittorio Brambilla 1973 and used as his main car all season. Crashed at Monza in June and rebuilt on a new monocoque. Crashed again in practice at Vallalunga in October and may have been written off, leaving Vittorio to drive brother Tino's 732/5 at the last race. This car appears to have been repaired on a new monocoque and retained by the team as a spare in 1974. It would be the car raced by Diulio Truffo at Mugello and Alberto Colombo at Vallelunga. It remained with the Brambillas until 1977, when it passed to sponsor Daniele Ciceri of Beta Tools, and was placed on display at the Beta factory. It 1988, it passed to the Autorevival Italia Association, and was displayed in the Museum Autodromo Monza until 2000, when it was acquired by Guido Romani (Milan). It was sold to Hall and Hall (Bourne, Lincolnshire) in 2019 when it was found to be in remarkably original condition. Sold to Graham Adelman in 2019.
  4. March 732 [9] (Mike Beuttler): Clarke Guthrie Racing for Mike Beuttler in Formula 2 in 1973, run by Brian Lewis Racing, but destroyed in an accident at Rouen-les-Essarts in June. For the rest of that season, Beuttler focused on his Clarke-Mordaunt-Guthrie-Durlacher Racing drive in F1. The chassis plate from 732/9 was used on March 732/15, a new car run by Brian Lewis Racing for Andy Sutcliffe.
  5. March 732 [8] (Colin Vandervell): For Colin Vandervell, run by Brian Lewis Racing. Vandervell became disillusioned with F2 and the car was rented out to other drivers, notably Motoharu Kurosawa. Unknown after 1973 but there are no unexplained 732s in Japan to suggest Kurosawa took it home. This could be the unexplained 732 of Jean Lapierre in French hillclimbs in 1974.
  6. Chevron B25 [25-73-04] (David Morgan): Displayed at the Racing Car Show in January 1973, then sold to Ed Reeves for Dave Morgan to race in Formula 2. Reeves withdrew his team in July 1973, and gifted the Chevron to Morgan, but without funding Morgan could not continue. Morgan retained the car for 1974 and raced it in the British Formula Atlantic series, run for him by Harry Stiller. Sold to property developer David Peck at the end of the year for his daughter Lorraine Peck, a remarkably talented kart racer who had finished second in the Junior World Championships in 1974, but she was tragically killed in the World Junior Championships at Fulda in July 1975, while still only 16. The Chevron was sold to former clubmans driver Derek Shortall (Malahide, County Dublin, Ireland) and raced in the 1976 Irish Formula Atlantic series, backed by Vista Blinds, his long time sponsors. Reported to have gone to Dermot O'Leary and Eddie Regan for 1977, but next seen when raced by David Lambe (Dublin) in 1978 and 1979. Taken in part-exchange by Belfast team owner Gerry Kinnane for his Lola T460 at the end of 1979, and sold on to Alwyn Bingham (Belfast, Northern Ireland), the reigning Irish Hill Climb Champion. Raced in hillclimbs in 1980 and 1981. Alwyn recalls that he sold it "down south", but does not recall the next owner's name. Subsequent history unknown.
  7. GRD 273 [054-F2] (Hiroshi Kazato): New to Hiroshi Kazato, and run for him in 1973 F2 events by GRS International. Kazato used Racing Services alloy Ford BDA engines at first, then moved to Cosworth BDG, and then had a new car built to take a Schnitzer BMW, retained chassis 054 as a spare. Chassis 054 is thought to have been sold to Chris Oates for 1974, and the "ex-Kazato" car that he ran in Formula Atlantic for Richard Morgan and then Frank Sytner, but this may have been an older car. Chassis 054 reappeared in 1976 when it was run in libre racing by Alan Clennell, described as a B73 and using Swindon BDA engines. Retained by Clennell for sprints and hillclimbs in 1977 and 1978. Advertised by Clennell (Southam) as an ex-works 273 in November 1978. Subsequent history unknown.
  8. Chevron B25 [25-73-12] (Brett Lunger): New to Brett Lunger and run for him by Space Racing in F2 in 1973, starting at Nivelles-Baulers in June. To Nick May (Sutton, Surrey) in 1974, and converted to Formula Atlantic specification for the British series. Then to Gerry Kinnane (Belfast, Northern Ireland), and entered for John Pollock to race in the 1975 Irish Formula Atlantic series. Sold to Bill Gowdy (Banbridge, County Down, N. Ireland) for 1976, but crashed twice that year. Crashed again during 1977, and at some point in this period, the car is believed to have had a new chassis. Sold by Gowdy to Paddy Farrelly (Lucan, Dublin) for 1978, and again used in Formula Atlantic, but now quite uncompetitive. Sold to Tony Skinner (Terenure, Dublin, Ireland) and raced at Phoenix Park in 1981. He raced it again early in 1982, but then moved over to a friend's B42 later in the season. Tony sold the B25 to Cyril Lynch, who fitted a 4.4-litre Rover V8 engine, and first ran the car in the Galway MC Ballyvaughan in mid-1983. For 1984, Lynch ran the car for Shay Lawless, who dominated the Pioneer Hi-Fi Hill Climb Championship, setting nine records. It was sold to Paul Deveney for 1985, and he continued to run it in hillclimbs. The hillclimb championship was cancelled after 1986, and the Chevron was sold to Ken Moore (Iver Heath, Bucks), rebuilt by Bob Egginton of ASD in 1988/1989, and used in libre racing at Lydden. Then to Lew Wright (Haslemere, Surrey) who got HSCC papers for the car in 1999. By 2001, it was with Nick Overall (Petworth, West Sussex) who entered it in HSCC Derek Bell events, and still had it in 2006. Sold to Markus Kalbermatten (Grellingen, Switzerland) in 2006, and used in historic Bergrennen.
  9. GRD 273 [051-F2?] (Roger Williamson): New to Tom Wheatcroft for driver Roger Williamson in F2 in 1973, and used as a T-car at the opening race. The two cars travelled in Wheatcroft's transporter, but at the start of the season were looked after by GRS International chief mechanic Alistair Dimmock. By June, the cars were run by the team's own mechanics, Rick Olivant, formerly with Surtees, and Trevor Foster from Gerard Racing. If it is correct that chassis 052 was destroyed in Williamson's accident in practice at Nivelles-Baulers, then 051 was the team's unused spare after Wheatcroft bought a new March 732. To Doug Thomson for 1974, and fitted with a Ford BDA for Formula Atlantic and hillclimbs. Badly damaged when crashed in practice at Oulton Park in October 1974, and Thomson recalls that the tub was a write off. He acquired a new tub from GRD over the winter and rebuilt the car. It was then sold early in 1975 as a rolling chassis to dealer Mike Gue, who Doug believes sold the car to someone in South Africa. It appears however, that the car went to North America, where it was next seen being raced by Russell Thomson (Vancouver, BC, Canada) in the ICSCC's Formula B class in 1979. It then passed to Graeme Hutton (Vancouver, BC) who raced it in one late-season 1979 event and at least once in 1980, again in ICSCC Formula B. Bought from Hutton in 1990 by Robert Morris (Seattle, WA) and stored at his workshop since then.
  10. Surtees TS10 [07] (Silvio Moser): A new car built up for the Matchbox Team Surtees F2 team in mid-1972, and first raced by Dieter Quester at the Österreichring in early July. Raced later in the season by Carlos Pace, John Surtees and Mike Hailwood. It is almost certainly the car raced by Lian Duarté in the F2 Torneio do Brasil. Sold to Silvio Moser for 1973, repainted in Marlboro livery, and used regularly through the 1973 F2 season. Raced by Alberto Colombo at Vallelunga at the end of the season. According to Beat Schenker, Moser's mechanic, the Surtees was sold to a Mr Herber, from Ticino, who planned to use it in the Swiss national championship. Beat recalls that he crashed on his second or third outing, and believes the car may have been a total loss.
  11. Motul M1 [204] (Tom Pryce): The car used by Jody Scheckter as part of the Motul Rondel team at the first two F2 races of 1973. In June, Titan Properties, the company owned by Chris Meek and Malcolm Wayne, sponsored this car for Tom Pryce to make his F2 debut for Motul Rondel. He drove it until Rouen in June, where he retired with a blown engine, but then had a new car, chassis 208, when he returned to F2 in August. Chassis 204 was sold at the end of the season via Fred Opert to Chris O'Brien (Ottawa, Ontario /Halifax, Nova Scotia) and raced in the Players Canadian Formula Atlantic series in 1974. O'Brien crashed the car at Mosport in July 1974 and it was rebuilt on a new monocoque in time for Sanair two weeks later. It was advertised in December 1974 as "ex-Scheckter" with spares that included a monocoque, presumably the one damaged at Mosport. O'Brien recalls that he sold the car back to Opert. Unknown in 1975, but to Dean Lundgreen (Milwaukee, WI) for 1976, when he scored eight points in Central Division Formula B, and 1977, when he scored 18 points and qualified for the Runoffs. To Ron Drew (Milwaukee, WI) and fitted with a Cosworth BDJ for Formula C in 1978 and 1979, then to Tim Joyce April 1980, then to Greg Dauterman (Fond du Lac, WI) February 1981 and used in Formula Continental up to June 1985. Dauterman sold it Bill Schley at Schley Motor Cars in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and from him it was sold to Jurg Dubler in Switzerland in January 1990. Then sold to Jody Scheckter in June 1999, and picked up by Kerry Adams who then looked after his cars. It has since been immaculately restored to original condition, and is in the care of Sam Kendle of Kendle Adams Motorsport Limited at Scheckter's Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire.
  12. Surtees TS15 [07] (Bob Salisbury): New to Bob Gerard Racing and raced by Bob Salisbury in F2 and in Formula Atlantic. Subsequent history unknown, but according to researcher David McKinney, chassis 06 and chassis 07 were with Tony Collinson in 1990, chassis 07 having a twin cam motor at that point. Chassis 07 passed to Gerry Wainwright (Burton, Staffordshire) who raced it from 1995 to 1997, then to John Elliott in 1999. Raced by Elliott in the HSCC Derek Bell Trophy in 2001, and in historic F2 in 2003. Mark Griffiths raced this car in 2006. It was bought from Legends Automotive in 2010 by Crispian Besley, who raced it in 2011 and 2012. Sold to Jeremy Deeley (Frinton on Sea, Essex) in 2020.
  13. March 732 [11] (Bill Gubelmann): New to Bill Gubelmann (Oyster Bay, NY) for F2 in 1973 and retained for 1974 when run by Brian Lewis Racing. Clay Regazzoni was due to drive the car at Vallelunga in October, but did not arrive, so a deal was done for Gabrielle Serblin to drive after he damaged his usual 742 in practice. Not seen in 1975, when the intention had been to sell the car to Stuart Chubb Racing, but Gubelmann returned for the 1976 Shellsport G8 series with the car updated to 752 specification, fitted with a Hart BDG, and run by Bob Gerard. Gubelmann also appeared in a handful of F2 races in 1976, but after failing to qualify for the Rouen race, quickly moved to Mallory Park in time to qualify for the Shellsport race. He was involved in a nasty accident in the race when he clipped the rear of Mike Wilds' F1 Shadow, rode up over its back wheel and hit the bank at the Esses very hard. He was taken to hospital with head injuries. The March is believed to have been destroyed.
  14. Brabham BT40 [36] (Andrea de Adamich): Run by Motor Racing Developments as a second works car in Formula 2 in 1973, driven at first by Andrea de Adamich, and entered by FINA Racing Team. Raced later in the season by Gabriele Serblin and Rolf Stommelen. Sold to Tom O'Leary (Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland) for Irish Formula Atlantic in 1974. Retained by O'Leary for 1975, 1976 and 1977, then acquired by Gerry Kinnane in part-exchange for a Chevron B29 sold to O'Leary, and entered for John Ledlie, Ivor Greenwood and Derek Shortall in 1978. Next seen with Chris Charlett in Trinidad in 1981 and 1982. Returned to the UK by 2001, when it was restored by Cooper Motorsports and raced by Steve Parrott in the HSCC Derek Bell Trophy. Sold to Tim Kuchel (Australia) in 2006 and raced in Australian historic racing. Kuchel died in December 2019, and the car was sold by his family to Wayne Groeger (Fairhaven, Victoria, Australia) in December 2020.
  15. GRD 272 (Claude Bourgoignie): Claude Bourgoignie bought a new GRD 272 for 1972, first appearing at Crystal Palace at the end of May, where he did not qualify. He used 1.8-litre Don Moore Ford engines. The car was identified by the F1 Register as chassis 010 in one place and as 018 in another, but neither is thought to be correct. It may have been chassis 028-F2. He continued with the car in 1973 with a new full 2-litre Broadspeed BDA and won all seven rounds of the Belgian Hill Climb Championship as well as appearing in a handful of F2 races. It was advertised by Bourgoignie (Brussels, Belgium) in November 1973 as a 273, with its Broadspeed and Moore engines. Bourgoignie returned to F2 in 1974 with a new GRD 274. The subsequent history of his 272 is unknown.
  16. March 732 [6-2] (Jacques Coulon): STP March Engineering works car for Jean-Pierre Jarier, winning the two opening rounds at Mallory Park and Hockenheim, but then crashed at the third race at Thruxton in April. Rebuilt on a new tub and raced by Jacques Coulon at Nivelles-Baulers in June. Thereafter Jarier's regular car, winning at Rouen, Mantorp Park, Karlskoga, Enna-Pergusa and Estoril. This may be the March 732 that was later exhibited in the BMW Museum, which is exhibited wearing the #23 that Jarier used at Rouen. A visit by Motor Sport magazine in early 1975 (Motor Sport March 1975 p245) mentioned a 732 being on display, and the car has been spotted on subsequent occasions.
  17. Brabham BT36 [4] (Roland Binder): New to Rolf Stommelen as part of the Eifelland Wohnwagenbau (Caravaning) team for F2 in 1971. To Roland Binder (Esslingen, Germany) in F2 and hillclimbs in 1973. Later to Wittwer Racing, when the car had been modified with strange March bodywork, and sold to Ruedi Jauslin, then to dealer Fridolin Hämmerli. Then sold to Hansmarkus Huber who bought new Brabham bodywork from Peter Denty Racing; then sold to Albert Eggs, and sold by him to 'someone from Zurich'. Subsequent history unknown. A car with this number seen in 2003 with Sid Hoole and then in 2005 with Joseph (Sepp) Meyer.
  18. Surtees TS15 [09] (Willy Braillard): A brand new car prepared for Mike Hailwood to drive at Thruxton in April 1973, the third round of the 1973 F2 series, but after Hailwood was disqualified from the heart, the new car was driven by teammate Jochen Mass in the final. Then driven by Derek Bell at the Nürburgring as Hailwood was at the Spanish Grand Prix. Driven by Willy Braillard as a works entry at Nivelles-Baulers, then for Bell at Hockenheim, then for José Dolhem at Rouen where he crashed in practice and did not start, and then for Bell again at Monza a week later. Hailwood then drove this car at Enna in August, then Dolhem at Albi, and it was presumably the unused spare at Vallelunga. This car was not seen again, so it could be one of the cars that went to Japan, or the car that was destroyed over the winter in a transporter fire.
  19. Brabham BT40 [12] (Wilson Fittipaldi): Run by Motor Racing Developments as a works car in Formula 2 in 1973, fitted with a 2-litre David Wood BDA raced at first by John Watson at Mallory Park in March, but after he was injured in a F1 Brabham BT42 at the Race of Champions a week later, the BT40 was taken over by Wilson Fittipaldi. A Schnitzer BMW engine was tried in the car at Rouen in June, but the car had its Wood engine again when Fittipaldi won a non championship race at Misano in July. Sold to Eugenio Baturone for Spanish hillclimbs in 1974, still with its 2-litre Wood BDA engine. Retained by Baturone for three more seasons, then sold to José Canela Ballesteros, who raced it in hillclimbs in 1979. Acquired by an Italian lawyer who owned it for many years. Bought by Giulio Vezzoli (Brescia, Italy) in December 2018.
  20. Royale RP15 [1] (Manfred Schurti): An interim F2 car built for Manfred Schurti in 1973 based on the F3/Atlantic design. It was only intended for use in the first few races before the RP20 was ready but the project was underfinanced and the RP20 did not appear. After that 1973 season, the RP15 was sold to Martin Watson (Lowestoft, Suffolk) who raced in in libre events for through 1974. In late 1977, the car is believed to have gone to Neil Bold (Worsley, Salford, Greater Manchester) for libre racing.
  21. GRD 273 (Brendan McInerney): Raced by Brendan McInerney in F2 in 1973, entered by GRD's racing offshoot GRS International. McInerney crashed the car heavily at Karlskoga in August and it was "totally destroyed". He then took over the ex-Tetsu Ikuzawa car as Ikuzawa had returned to Japan.
  22. Motul M1 [207] (Bob Wollek): The car raced by Bob Wolleck for Motul Rondel in F2 in 1973, and believed to be the same car all season. Like most of the team's cars, this went to Fred Opert for 1974 to be converted for use in SCCA Formula B and Canadian Formula Atlantic. Assuming Wolleck used the same car all season, this would then be "ex-Wolleck" car that Seb Barone (Portland, CT/Middletown, CT/Dilliner, PA) remembers buying for 1974. After a season in the Canadian Formula Atlantic series, Barone traded it back to Opert for his 1975 Chevron B29. According to Cy Morland, who owned chassis 207 from 1998 to 2008, the car was owned after Barone by John Stowe in New England for an extended period, so would be the Rondel raced by Stowe in New England Region SCCA Regionals in 1976. Morland had the tub completely rebuilt by Marc Bahner, and then sold the car back to England. Subsequent history unknown.
  23. Chevron B25 [25-73-07] (Peter Gethin): Chassis number given by Motoring News (MN) 12 Apr 1973 p11 for the works car for Peter Gethin in the 1973 European F2 championship round at Hockenheim. Used by Birrell at Pau in Gethin's absence, after Birrell had damaged chassis 9 at the Eifelrennen, with the rear end of that car grafted on to the Gethin tub. Gethin returns to the car at Nivelles, 10 June (MN 14 June 1973) reporting it was the first time he had used it since Thruxton. Probably the car entered for Gagliardi but DNA at Monza Lotteria. Used by Lepp at Estoril in October 1973, with an FVC engine fitted. Sold to Reg Phillips (Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire) for hill climbs in 1974 and fitted with a 2-litre BDA engine. It was retained by Phillips for 1975, when it was called a B25/B27, and for 1976, when the engine was enlarged to 2150cc. This is likely to be the 2.2-litre B25/B27 used in hill climbs by John Stuart (Bridgnorth, Shropshire) in 1977 and 1978. It was last seen in Stuart's hands at Doune in September 1978 when Stuart used it to uproot a tree stump. Sold, still damaged, to Jeremy Bouckley (Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands) who advertised it in early 1979 (together with a complete F/Atlantic B25), with the intention of breaking it for use in Super Saloons. Bouckley recalls that the car was broken up, but has no note of who acquired parts of it.
  24. March 732 [5] (Ernesto "Tino" Brambilla): Beta Racing Team for Tino Brambilla 1973 but crashed at Nivelles-Baulers in June. Repaired and then used as a spare car by brother Vittorio. Subsequent history unknown.
  25. GRD 273 [061-F2] (Sten Gunnarson): Sold to Picko Troberg's Team Pierre Robert and identified by Autosport at Kinnekulle in May 1973 as the regular car of Sten Gunnarson. Presumed to be his car at all races in 1973. In October 1974, Pierre Robert Racing Team advertised chassis 061 as a rolling chassis updated to 1974 specification, together with two BMW F2 engines and a racing transporter. Subsequent history unknown.
  26. GRD 273 [063-F2] (Rolf Skoghag): Sold to Picko Troberg's Team Pierre Robert and identified by Autosport at Kinnekulle in May 1973 as the car driven there by Håkan Dahlqvist but previously by Reine Wisell to win at the Nürburgring in April. Presumed to be the spare third car at other races so also the car driven by Wisell at Hockenheim earlier in April and by Gunnar Nordström at Mantorp Park. Also presumably the car driven by Rolf Skoghag in practice at Nivelles-Baulers. This was identified as the BMW-engined car for Wisell at the start of 1974 and then presumably for Torsten Palm at later races. This car remained with Team Pierre Robert until the 1990s, when it was acquired by Ulf Lindberg. By this time many of its components had been removed for use on a sports car, but Lindberg was later able to find replcement components from a GRD that had been crashed in the UK. In 2017, the car was displayed at a Picko Troberg memorial, having been cosmetically restored by Zetterman Engineering.
  27. Brabham BT35 (Bob Marsland): Bob Marsland (Bromsgrove, Worcestershire) acquired a Brabham BT35 for hillclimbing in 1971. He appeared in the European Hill Climb Championship round at Ollon-Villars in August 1971, but was also entered for the Formula Atlantic race at Oulton Park in September, showing that his car had a Ford twin cam engine. He appeared intermittently in 1972, when the car was said to have a BDA engine, and entered a couple of Formula 2 races in 1973, using a Hart BDA engine of unknown capacity, before winning a Belgian hillclimb at Herbeaumont and then competing in the Weston-Super-Mare Speed Trials at the end of the season. Marsland acquired a Chevron B27 for 1974, and the subsequent history of the Brabham is unknown.
  28. GRD 273 [052-F2?] (Roger Williamson): New to Tom Wheatcroft for driver Roger Williamson in F2 in 1973, and used as the race car at the opening race. Presumably the car destroyed in Williamson's accident in practice at Nivelles-Baulers in June.


Note that the identification of individual cars in these results is based on the material presented elsewhere in this site and may in some cases contradict the organisers' published results.

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Individual sources for this event

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