Lou Sell in the ex-CART March 85C at Mosport Park in 1986.  Copyright Terry Capps 2013.  Used with permission.

Can-Am 1986

After two seasons of precipitous decline, the SCCA moved in to take over control of Can-Am for 1986. Relationships with the remaining competitors quickly soured and, in July,the SCCA announced they were folding the series after that season. Only four races were held and Horst Kroll, the Canadian champion back in 1968, took the title.

After the SCCA took back control of the series, the Can-Am Teams (CAT) declared their independence and devised a championship that included the four existing Can-Am races plus an extra race at Hallet, Oklahoma, in October.

The races

01 Jun 1986 > Mosport Park

05 Jul 1986 > Summit Point

03 Aug 1986 > St Louis International Raceway

14 Sep 1986 > Mosport Park

25 Oct 1986 > Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

The main innovation of 1986, championed by Bill Tempero, was the introduction of a new class for second-hand CART chassis with 6-litre engines. CAT continued for a further season using a mix of these rebodied ex-Indycars and older Can-Am machinery. After 1987, Tempero led off the ex-Indycar drivers into his American Indycar Series (AIS).

1986 Can-Am Championship table

1Horst KrollFrissbee-Lola KR3 - Chevrolet V864 pts1 win
2Bill TemperoMarch - Chevrolet V853 pts1 win
3Mauro LanaroMarch 74B/77B - Ford 435 pts 
4Jeremy HillPhoton JH2 - Hart 420R33 pts 
5Lou SellMarch 85C - Chevrolet V829 pts1 win

While the Can-Am points table shown in On Tracks's Can-Am review (22 Dec 1986 pp80-81) is exactly what would be expected from the 20-16-14 points system then in force, the CAT table shows extra points for Kroll (5), Sell (1) and Lamb (1). This suggests a point was being added for pole again, as in the CAT-administered 1985 Can-Am series but that only explains two of Kroll's extra points, not the other three. It may simply be a typo. The table here includes the unexplained extra three points.

1986 CAT Gold Cup Challenge table

1Horst KrollFrissbee-Lola KR3 - Chevrolet V879 pts1 win
2Bill TemperoMarch - Chevrolet V869 pts1 win
3=Al LambFrissbee GR2 - Chevrolet V841 pts1 win
3=Lou SellMarch 85C - Chevrolet V841 pts1 win
5Mauro LanaroMarch 74B/77B - Ford 439 pts 

CAT also recognised a 2-litre championship which was won by a 12-year-old Formula Atlantic March.

1986 Can-Am 2-Liter Championship table

1Mauro LanaroMarch 74B/77B - Ford 444 pts 
2Dennis EhrieWise (Brabham BT40) - Mazda Wankel twin rotor39 pts 
3Randy ZimmerRondel M1 - Mazda Wankel twin rotor33 pts 
4Seann BurgessMarch RX10-B - Mazda 13B twin rotor32 pts 
5Jeremy HillPhoton JH2 - Hart 420R30 pts