WCAR Formula Atlantic 1988

WCAR series organisers SPI had dramatically collapsed at the end of the 1987 season, and there was no certainty that the series would continue into 1988. Paul Cava and Tim Fortner stepped into the breach but there were just 90 days before the scheduled opener, and a mere ten cars turned up to the race. Dean Hall, having come so close to the title in 1987, had kept faith, and dominated the field. Fortunately for WCAR, Toyota then made its blockbuster announcement of a three year agreement to provide sponsorship and engines for both ECAR and WCAR, and this helped swell the field to 23 bt the second race. Hall won five of the first seven races to secure a deserved title, but he eventually met strong competition from Mitch Thieman, Rod Granberry and a rare overseas driver, Hiro Matsushita. All four drove Swift DB4s, and the only Ralt victory all season came from a Johnny O'Connell guest drive at Spokane in Riley Hopkins' five-year old RT4.

The races

17 Apr 1988 > Firebird International Raceway

15 May 1988 > Riverside

29 May 1988 > Sears Point

03 Jul 1988 > Spokane

06 Aug 1988 > Westwood

07 Aug 1988 > Westwood

14 Aug 1988 > Sears Point

28 Aug 1988 > Portland International Raceways

11 Sep 1988 > Westwood

15 Oct 1988 > Laguna Seca

1988 WCAR Western Formula Atlantic Championship table

1Dean HallSwift DB4 - Ford BDD Hasselgren160 pts5 wins
2Mitch ThiemanSwift DB4 - Ford BDD Hasselgren127 pts2 wins
3Hiro MatsushitaSwift DB4 - Ford BDD Jennings118 pts1 win
4Rod GranberrySwift DB4 - Ford BDD Loyning
Swift DB4 - Ford BDD Hasselgren
98 pts1 win
5Joe SposatoRalt RT4/86 - Ford BDD Jennings
Swift DB4 - Ford BDD Jennings
92 pts 
6Rusty ScottSwift DB4 - Ford BDD Loyning84 pts 
7David DiemSwift DB4 - Ford BDD Hasselgren
Ralt RT4/87 - Ford BDD Hasselgren
71 pts 
8John ChristianRalt RT4/86 - Ford BDD Jennings
Ralt RT4/86 - Ford BDD Hasselgren
54 pts 
9Mike BuckenhamRalt RT4/86 - Ford BDD Jennings46 pts 
10Ron HouseholderRalt RT4/83 - Ford BDD Jennings45 pts