Rick Miaskiewicz in the ex-Unser/Villeneuve Frissbee GR2 at St Petersberg in Nov 1985.  Copyright Norbert Vogel 2010.  Used with permission.

Can-Am 1985

Walker's real estate empire collapsed in early 1985 but Can-Am somehow continued even though the only two competitive cars from 1984 were now gone as well. The saving grace for Can-Am in 1983 and 1984 had been that there was nowhere else to race a Can-Am car but even that had changed with the growth of the Thundersports series in England. That had mopped up the March 817s and 827, several Lola T530s and even a VDS and a Frissbee. The Galles Frissbees stayed in the US however and these, now on the hands of the unknown Rick Miaskiewicz, were sufficient to win the 1985 title. He led the first round at Mosport, finished second at race 2 and then won the next three. Horst Kroll continued to race in the series and with all the other competition having moved on, he was able to win his first Can-Am race - at Mosport Park after Miaskiewicz had crashed.

The other race winners were veteran Lou Sell, who drove a converted March 832-BMW F2 car to victory in the St Petersberg race, the first ever Can-Am win by a 2-litre car; and Bruce MacInnes, instructor at the local Skip Barber Racing School, who won at Lime Rock in an old Lola T333.

The races

02 Jun 1985 > Mosport Park

06 Jul 1985 > Lime Rock

02 Sep 1985 > Lime Rock

15 Sep 1985 > Mosport Park

13 Oct 1985 > St Louis International Raceway

03 Nov 1985 > St Petersburg

1985 Can-Am Championship table

1Rick MiaskiewiczFrissbee GR3 - Chevrolet V897 pts3 wins
2Horst KrollFrissbee-Lola T330 - Chevrolet V876 pts1 win
3Lou Sell(2-litre) March 832 - BMW M1272 pts1 win
4Bill TemperoLonghorn LR02 - Chevrolet V858 pts 
5Mauro Lanaro(2-litre) March 74B/77B - Ford 449 pts 
6Randy Zimmer(2-litre) Rondel M1 - Mazda39 pts 
7Jeremy Hill(2-litre) Photon JH2 - Hart 420R38 pts 
8Peter Greenfield(2-litre) Ralt RT4/82 - Hart 420R32 pts 
9John MacalusoLola T333CS - Chevrolet V831 pts 
10Bill Vincent(2-litre) Yorkshire KV3 - Mazda29 pts 
11Diego Montoya'Frissbee' - Chevrolet V826 pts 
12Joe DeMarcoLola T300 - Chevrolet V823 pts 
13Dennis Ehrie(2-litre) Wise (Brabham BT40) - Mazda21 pts 
14=Bruce MacInnesLola T333CS - Chevrolet V820 pts1 win
14=Robert GouletSabre 001 - Chevrolet V820 pts 
16=David Locke(2-litre) March - Hart 420R14 pts 
16=Fabio Mancini(2-litre) Osella PA9B/84 - BMW14 pts 
18=Cliff Dawson(2-litre) March 832 - Hart 420R13 pts 
18=Jim GustafsonLola T332 - Chevrolet V813 pts 
20Mike EngstrandChevron B24 - Chevrolet V812 pts 

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The points table shown here is from On Track 17 Feb 1986 p69.