Randy Zimmer's March 83C holds off Bill Tempero's March 85C at Milwaukee in 1987.  Copyright Randy Zimmer 2001.  Used with permission.

Can-Am Teams 'Thundercar' Championship 1987

The Can-Am Teams championship was very different to the Can-Am series of five years before, and was now heading in a new direction. The leading cars now included the ex-CART March 85Cs of Bill Tempero and Buddy Lazier, powered by six-litre engines, as well as the evergreen Frissbees of Horst Kroll and Al Lamb.

Bill Tempero won the championship but with the Can-Am name no longer available and the sports car bodywork becoming an anachronism, Tempero led the creation of the new championship in 1988, the American Indycar Series (AIS).

The Can-Am series was now finally buried but the SCCA weren't done with the name yet. A Shelby Can-Am concept would appear a couple of years later and has continued racing to the present day.

The races

03 May 1987 > Willow Springs

07 Jun 1987 > Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

19 Jul 1987 > Milwaukee Mile

16 Aug 1987 > Sanair

06 Sep 1987 > Pueblo Motorsports Park

01 Nov 1987 > Phoenix International Raceway

1987 CAT Thunder Cars Championship table

1Bill TemperoMarch 85C - Chevrolet V8109 pts4 wins
2Al LambFrissbee GR2 - Chevrolet V8100 pts1 win
3Horst KrollFrissbee-Lola KR3 - Chevrolet V868 pts 
4Buddy LazierMarch 85C - Chevrolet V868 pts1 win
5John MacalusoFrissbee-Lola - Chevrolet V849 pts 

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Points table from On Track 7 Dec 1987 p14.