John-David Briggs, seen here at Westwood, won the final WCAR race of the season at Sears Point in his Ralt RT4/81.  Copyright Brent Martin 2014.  Used with permission.

WCAR Formula Atlantic 1983

The new beginning of Formula Atlantic was the Tacoma Cup at Seattle International Raceway in June 1983, a "Formula Atlantic Series Race", organised by WCAR but sanctioned by the SCCA and supporting their Trans-Am race. The SCCA were branching out from their normal categories at this point and the meeting also contained an AMA Superbike race and an IKF Go-Kart Enduro. The first three finishers in the Formula Atlantic race were all entered by WCAR's principals: Dan Marvin in Jon Norman's Ralt RT4/82, Steve Cameron in Rick Shea's RT4/81 and Riley Hopkins in a RT4/81 from Tim Fortner's operation. 14 cars started the race. A points system had been devised, and points had been awarded to WCAR members for their results in the four west coast rounds of the main CASC-sanctioned Formula Mondial series.

With the FIA's idea of an International Modial run-off having evaporated, WCAR organised a second race at Riverside on 24 September which was won by Mike Rosen in Garvin Brown's RT4/81 but with none of the top three from Seattle featuring in the results. The third and final race was at Sears Point two weeks later, supporting the Can-Am race and with $5,000 in prize money, and attracted a similar group to Riverside, with John-David Briggs winning this time in his 1982 Ralt. John Della Penna set fastest lap in the Pacific Motor Sports Ralt RT4/83 but had to settle for second place behind the experienced Briggs. When the points from all seven rounds were added up, Dan Marvin was the inaugural WCAR champion.

The races

26 Jun 1983 > Seattle

24 Sep 1983 > Riverside

09 Oct 1983 > Sears Point

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