Formula 1 1953

The 1953 World Championship remained a F2 affair but F1 trundled on in Britain and France. Most races were really libre races; only Albi and Rouen were restricted to F1 and F2 cars. Ken Wharton's BRM V16 was numerically the most successful car of the year, winning four races, but a variety of Ferraris won the major races, Rosier's 375 winning at Albi and Farina taking two: Rouen in the works 625 in 1954 F1 spec and Silverstone in the Thinwall Special. Gordini also took the opportunity to air their 1954 F1 car and would have been encouraged by Maurice Trintignant's outings at Albi and Rouen.

The nine most significant races for F1 cars in the 1953 season are shown below.

The races

06 Apr 1953 > Glover Trophy at Goodwood (libre)

23 May 1953 > Formule Libre race at Charterhall (libre)

31 May 1953 > Grand Prix d'Albi

28 Jun 1953 > Grand Prix de Rouen at Rouen-les-Essarts

18 Jul 1953 > British Grand Prix Libre Race at Silverstone (libre)

25 Jul 1953 > USAF Trophy Race at Snetterton (libre)

15 Aug 1953 > Formule Libre race at Charterhall (libre)

26 Sep 1953 > Goodwood Trophy at Goodwood (libre)

03 Oct 1953 > Hastings Trophy at Castle Combe (libre)


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