Formula 1 1952

With the withdrawal of Alfa Romeo, the 1952 World Championship would be competed to F2 rules but the prospect of competitive Formula 1 remained if BRM could sort out their problems and challenge Ferrari.

Ferraris were 1-2-3-4 at the opening race and 1-2 at Albi, with the Thinwall Ferrari having won at Goodwood in between. The BRM eventually came good, winning two libre races in the autumn but both against minimal opposition. F1, like F2, belonged to Ferrari.

The ten most significant F1 races of the 1952 season are shown below. Note that half of these were actually held to 'Formule Libre' races.

The races

06 Apr 1952 > Gran Premio del Valentino at Parco del Valentino

14 Apr 1952 > Richmond Trophy at Goodwood

01 Jun 1952 > Grand Prix d'Albi

02 Jun 1952 > Sussex International Trophy at Goodwood (libre)

07 Jun 1952 > Ulster Trophy at Dundrod

19 Jul 1952 > Daily Express Formule Libre Trophy at Silverstone (libre)

02 Aug 1952 > Daily Mail International Trophy Race at Boreham

23 Aug 1952 > Scottish Daily Express National Trophy at Turnberry (libre)

27 Sep 1952 > Daily Graphic Goodwood Trophy at Goodwood (libre)

11 Oct 1952 > Daily Record International Trophy at Charterhall (libre)


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