Daily Mail International Trophy Race

Boreham, 2 Aug 1952

1 Luigi Villoresi Ferrari 375 - V12
#17 Scuderia Ferrari
67 2h 25m 36.0s
82.83 mph
2 Chico Landi Ferrari 375/51 - V12
#29 Escuderia Bandeirantes
67 2h 25m 46.0s
3 Mike Hawthorn (F2) 2-litre Cooper-Bristol Mk I 'T20' [CB-4-52] - Bristol 6
#4 L D Hawthorn
67 2h 26m 42.0s
4 Alan Brown (F2) 2-litre Cooper-Bristol Mk I 'T20' [CB-2-52] - Bristol 6
#3 Ecurie Richmond
5 Stirling Moss (F2) 2-litre ERA G Type [R1G] - Bristol 6
#1 ERA Ltd
6 Philippe Étancelin Talbot T26C-DA [110 054] 6
#21 (see note 1)

7 Louis Rosier Ferrari 375/51 - V12

8 Bobby Baird (F2) 2-litre Ferrari 500 [188-F2] 4
#10 G Caprara
9 Eric Brandon (F2) 2-litre Cooper-Bristol Mk I 'T20' [CB-3-52] - Bristol 6
#2 Ecurie Richmond
10 Alberto Crespo Talbot T26C [110 005] 6
#24 A Lago (see note 2)
11 Peter Whitehead Ferrari 125 [114] - s/c V12
12 Yves Giraud-Cabantous Talbot T26C-DA [110 053] 6
#20 Ecurie Rosier (see note 3)
13 Ninian Sanderson (F2) 2-litre Cooper-Bristol Mk I 'T20' [CB-6-52] - Bristol 6
#8 Ecurie Ecosse
14 Joe Kelly Alta GP [No 3] - s/c 4
#27 (see note 4)
15 Dennis Poore (F2) 2-litre Connaught A [A4] - Lea-Francis 4
#7 Connaught Racing Synd
16 Franco Cortese (F2) 2-litre Ferrari 166C [06C] - V12
#11 Scuderia Ambrosiana
17 Ken Downing (F2) 2-litre Connaught A [A3] - Lea-Francis 4
#15 Connaught Racing Synd
18 Bill Dobson (F2) 2-litre Ferrari 125 [10C] - V12
#9 Scuderia Ambrosiana (see note 5)
19 Eugène Chaboud Talbot T26C [110 001] 6
#19 Ecurie Rosier (see note 6)
20 Spencer King (F2) 2-litre DHS Rover Spl - Rover 6
#33 C G H Dunham
21 Archie Bryde (F2) 2-litre Cooper-Bristol Mk I 'T20' [CB-1-52] - Bristol 6
R Ken Wharton BRM V16 Mk I 'P15' [No 2] - s/c V16
#26 BRM Ltd (see note 7)
62 gearbox
R Oliver Simpson (F2) 2-litre Alta F2 [F2-4] 4
#37 R York
R Pierre Bouillin ("Levegh") Talbot T26C [110 002] 6
#28 A Lago (see note 8)
R Ron Willis (F2) 2-litre BMW T40 Special [r. PVW893] - 328 6
R André Loens (F2) 2-litre Cooper-Bristol Mk I 'T20' [CB-5-52] - Bristol 6
#5 Fraser-Hartwell Synd
R John James Maserati 4CLT-48 ['P1'] - s/c 4
#32 (see note 9)

R Gerry Dunham (4.5 F1) 4.3-litre Alvis 6

R Horace Richards (F2) 2-litre HAR ['1'] - Riley 6

R Harry Schell (F2) 2-litre Maserati-Platé 4CLT-48 [1598] 4
#35 Scuderia Plate (see note 10)

R Emmanuel de Graffenried (F2) 2-litre Maserati-Platé 4CLT-48 [1601] 4
#34 Scuderia Plate (see note 11)

R John Barber (F2) 2-litre Cooper-Bristol Mk I 'T20' [CB-7-52] - Bristol 6
#12 J N Cooper
R Graham Whitehead ERA C Type [R8C] - s/c 6
#22 (see note 12)
R José Froilán Gonzalez BRM V16 Mk I 'P15' [No 1] - s/c V16
#25 BRM Ltd (see note 13)
3 accident
DNS David Murray (F2) 2-litre Cooper-Bristol Mk I 'T20' [CB-6-52] - Bristol 6
#8 Ecurie Ecosse
Did not start
DNA Oscar Moore (sports racing) 3.4-litre HWM 50 [1] - Jaguar XK120 6
#30 (see note 14)
Did not arrive
DNA David Griffin Baird Griphon - Maserati s/c 4
#23 W R Baird
Did not arrive
DNA Tony Crook (F2) 2-litre Frazer-Nash Mk 2 [421 200 170] - Bristol 6
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.5-litre s/c F1 or 4.5-litre F1 unless noted.

Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. Talbot T26C-DA [110 054] (Philippe Étancelin): Built for 1950 and raced for the works by Etancelin and Rosier, then Etancelin as a private entry 1951-54. To Terry Hall (US) 1955-57 (also driven by Ernie McAfee and Ignazio Lozano) before conversion to sportscar 1957 and then via a chain of US owners to Peter Giddings who had restored and rebodied by Steve Griswold. Raced by Giddings 1978-96 (and possibly later).
  2. Talbot T26C [110 005] (Alberto Crespo): Talbot-Lago T26C chassis '110 005' was raced by 'Levegh' from 1948 to 1951 and by Grignard once in 1951. Retained by the works until it was sold to Otto Zipper in the US in 1957. Then to the Briggs Cunningham museum via two other US owners to Tony Wang 1988.
  3. Talbot T26C-DA [110 053] (Yves Giraud-Cabantous): Built in 1950 using parts from '110 003' and raced for the works by Martin, Chaboud and Giraud-Cabantous in 1950 then by Rosier as a private entry in 1951. Driven by Trintignant for Ecurie Rosier in 1952, then Giraud-Cabantous 1952-53. Owned by Marceau Hauret 1955 and Houdayer (Paris) 1981. Raced from 1987-2000 by François d'Huart (Belgium) as '100105'.
  4. Alta GP [No 3] (Joe Kelly): The third GP Alta, 'GP3', was built for Joe Kelly and raced until 1951. Then extensively modified by Kelly as his 'IRA' special. This car was later acquired by Ray Fielding and fitted with a Jaguar engine. (Sources: Directory of Historic Racing Cars, Jenkinson; Powered by Jaguar 2nd Ed 2005, Nye)
  5. Ferrari 125 [10C] (Bill Dobson): Peter Whitehead bought 10C new for 1949 and used it through 1949 and 1950 before buying a newer ex-works 125. This car was raced by Dobson in 1951 and later sold to David Murray. Whitehead later bought a 1949/50 LWB Tipo 125 renumbered 0114; it is this latter car that spent many years in the Donington Collection.
  6. Talbot T26C [110 001] (Eugène Chaboud): Talbot-Lago T26C chassis '110 001' was raced by Louis Rosier from 1948 to 1950 and then under the Ecurie Rosier banner by Pozzi in 1950; by Henri Louveau and Louis Chiron in 1951; and by Giraud-Cabantous, Chaboud and Mairesse in 1952. It was acquired by the Musée Henri Malatre at Rochetaillé, France, in 1956 and was still on display in 1990.
  7. BRM V16 Mk I 'P15' [No 2] (Ken Wharton): Raced by Peter Walker 1950-51, Ken Wharton 1952-54, Gonzalez 1952-53, Moss and Reg Parnell 1952 and by Ron Flockhart once in 1954. Damaged during Wharton's win at Glover Trophy, Goodwood Apr 1954, stripped and scrapped.
  8. Talbot T26C [110 002] (Pierre Bouillin ("Levegh")): Talbot-Lago T26C chassis '110 002' was raced by 'Raph' and Eugene Chaboud in 1948 and Paul Vallee and Guy Mairesse in 1950. Owned by Mairesse 1950-51; also raced by Giraud-Cabantous 1950; by Jean Blanc and Levegh 1952; and by Etancelin in 1953. In late 1953, Vallee sold the car to Doug Whiteford in Australia to replace his existing chassis '110 007'. Whiteford was surprised to discover that he'd bought an earlier model and it was 1955 before the car raced in Australia. It was sold to Ralph Snodgrass in 1956 but crashed badly at Mt Druitt in 1957. Snodgrass retained the car until 1980 when it was sold to Reg Hunt who restored it for historic events. Retained by Hunt until sold to Ron Towney in 2006.
  9. Maserati 4CLT-48 ['P1'] (John James): In November 1950 Reg Parnell advertised a 4CLT as "virtually an English production of the 4CLT Maserati". Given the way Parnell and Maserati operated at this time, it would seem likely that the car was built from factory-supplied components but assembled in the UK for tax reasons. Roy Blomfield and John James bought this car and raced it; then it went to George Weaver in US together with Leslie Brooke's 1595. From Weaver's estate to Tom Wheatcroft by 1974 and now in the Donington Museum.
  10. Maserati-Platé 4CLT-48 [1598] (Harry Schell): Maserati records show this car going to 'B. Bira' 23 Sep 1948. Bira raced 1948 British GP, 1949 Argentine Temporada and 1949 European season. Retained 1950 being used as Platé team car from Pescara. Raced by Harry Schell for Enrico Platé in 1951 then becoming one of two cars extensively rebuilt as Platé-Maseratis for 1952. Probably raced by Giovanni de Riu in F2 in 1953. Then sold via de Graffenried to 20th Century Fox for film work and then acquired by Tom Carstens (Tacoma, WA). Subsequent history unknown.
  11. Maserati-Platé 4CLT-48 [1601] (Emmanuel de Graffenried): To Enrico Platé for 1949 (dated 7 Mar 1949 in Maserati records) and driven by Emmanuel de Graffenried. Continued as de Graffenried's well-used car through 1950 and 1951. Probably one of two cars extensively rebuilt as Plate-Maseratis for 1952. Probably raced by Ottorino Volonterio in F2 in 1953. Sold with the sister car (probably 1598) by de Graffenried to 20th Century Fox for film work then sold again via Tom Carstens (Tacoma, WA). Subsequent history unknown.
  12. ERA C Type [R8C] (Graham Whitehead): Built in 1938 using mechanical parts from R8B and raced by Earl Howe 1938 and until a crash in the 1939 International Trophy. Then to Reg Parnell for 1946, Cuth Harrison from 1947 to 1951, Brian Shawe-Taylor 1951 and 1952; then a chain of other owners until acquired in 1977 by Bruce Spollon. Rebuilt to correct C-type specs and raced from 1981 to 2003.
  13. BRM V16 Mk I 'P15' [No 1] (José Froilán Gonzalez): Raced by Ray Sommer 1950, Reg Parnell 1950-53, Fangio 1952-53 and Gonzalez 1952. Retired after the 1953 season but retained by Owen Organisation as an exhibition car. Bought by Dan Marguiles for a Greek consortium at Christie's Motorfair auction in October 1981. Subsquently sold to the National Motor Museum Trust. Retained 2007.
  14. HWM 50 [1] (Oscar Moore): The number '1' is used here purely for convenience; the actually chassis number of this car is unknown. Distinctive features of this car's windscreen and tail allow it to be tracked through 1950 be photographs. This was the prototype of the 1950 works F2 cars and after use by the works team in 1950 was sold to Oscar Moore for 1951, registered XMC 34 and converted in 1952 to fit a 3.4-litre Jaguar XK engine. It went to Gerry Scali in 1955 then to Terry Grainger who retained it until 2005. Doug Nye does not quote a chassis number for this car in Powered By Jaguar but the F1 Register record it as chassis FB104.


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