Sussex International Trophy

Goodwood, 2 Jun 1952

1 Mike Hawthorn (F2) 2-litre Cooper-Bristol Mk I 'T20' [CB-4-52] - Bristol 6
#7 L D Hawthorn
15 25m 22.2s
85.13 mph
2 Bob Gerard (libre) 2-litre ERA A Type [R4A] - s/c 6
(see note 1)
15 25m 24.8s
3 Dennis Poore (libre) 3.8-litre Alfa Romeo 8C-35 [50013] - s/c 8
15 26m 19.0s
4 Graham Whitehead ERA B Type [R10B] - s/c 6
(see note 2)
15 26m 25.6s
5 Kenneth McAlpine (F2) 2-litre Connaught A [A1] - Lea-Francis 4

6 Joe Kelly Alta GP [No 3] - s/c 4
(see note 3)

7 John Cooper (F2) 2-litre Cooper-Bristol Mk I 'T20' [CB-1-52] - Bristol 6
#A M H Bryde

8 John Webb (libre) 1.1-litre Turner Special - MG s/c 4

9 Eric Thompson (4.5 F1) 3.6-litre Delahaye 135 [47188] 6
#R R C Walker

10 Ken Watkins (libre) 5.4-litre Allard J2X [J3053] - Cadillac V8

R Tony Rolt Delage 15S8 [WMG102] - ERA s/c 6
#R R C Walker (see note 4)

R Clive Lones (F2) 1.1-litre Kieft - JAP twin
R Nigel Mann (libre) 2.6-litre Alfa Romeo 8C Monza [2211122] - s/c 8
UNK Tony Gaze (F2) 2-litre HWM 51 ['1'] - Alta 4
(see note 5)

UNK Gordon Watson (F2) 2-litre Alta F2 [F2-2] 4

UNK Horace Richards (F2) 2-litre HAR ['1'] - Riley 6

UNK Ian Sievwright (libre) 2-litre Bugatti Type 35C - s/c 4

DNS TBA Ferrari 375 Thin Wall Special [375-10] - V12
#G A Vandervell
Did not start
DNS Jack Goodhew (4.5 F1) 3.4-litre Alfa Romeo - s/c 8
Did not start
DNS Bobby Baird (F2) 2-litre Ferrari 500 [188-F2] 4
Did not start
DNS Bill Black (F2) 2-litre Connaught A [A4] - Lea-Francis 4
Did not start

All cars are 1.5-litre s/c F1 or 4.5-litre F1 unless noted.

Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. ERA A Type [R4A] (Bob Gerard): Pat Fairfield's customer A Type then via Norman Wilson to reg Parnell in 1942 and Bob Gerard as a hillclimb car in 1945 to Rhodesian owners in the 1950s. Returned to the UK in the mid-1960s and raced in historic events with 2-litre engine by Peter Brewer 1954-65 and Sir John Venables-Llewellyn 1967-93. Via another UK owner to Jöst Wildbolz (Switzerland) in 1999. Retained 2007.
  2. ERA B Type [R10B] (Graham Whitehead): Peter Whitehead's regular B Type from 1936 to 1952 (also driven by Peter Walker and Graham Whitehead). Then via other UK and US owners to Nick Mason who raced and demonstrated it for more than 20 years from 1980. With Paddins Dowling by 2006. Retained 2007.
  3. Alta GP [No 3] (Joe Kelly): The third GP Alta, 'GP3', was built for Joe Kelly and raced until 1951. Then extensively modified by Kelly as his 'IRA' special. This car was later acquired by Ray Fielding and fitted with a Jaguar engine. (Sources: Directory of Historic Racing Cars, Jenkinson; Powered by Jaguar 2nd Ed 2005, Nye)
  4. Delage 15S8 [WMG102] (Tony Rolt): Numbered '5' by Alan Burnard in his histories as a continuation of the works numbering but also logically 'WMG 102'. The second 1937 White Mouse Garages ifs car, using parts from ex-works 1926/27 GP 2,3 and 4 on a new chassis. Possibly not completed until acquired by Reg Parnell during the war. Driven in 1946 sprints by his nephew Roy Parnell, then by Dick Habershon in club events 1947-49 and Rob Walker (driver Tony Rolt) 1949. Fitted with E-Type ERA engine and campaigned by Walker as the ERA-Delage 1951-53, usual driver Rolt but also Peter Walker, Eric Thompson, Roy Salvadori and, in occasional sprints, Rob Walker himself. Alan Burnand in sprints 1954-56 then in historic racing with Joe Goodhew, Ray Potter, Patrick Lindsay, Anthony Mayman and, since 1993, Bruce Spollon.
  5. HWM 51 ['1'] (Tony Gaze): The number '1' is used here just for convenience; chassis number of this car is not known. This was one of the first pair of 1951 HWMs to appear and was Moss's car throughout the season. Tony Gaze recalls that he had Moss's regular 1951 car for 1952. This car was raced in Europe in 1952 and then went to Lex Davison in Australia who fitted a Jaguar XK120 engine. It passed to Arthur Griffiths in 1956 and Arnold Glass in 1957. After a further six Australian owners and a conversion to a sports car body, the HWM-Jaguar was owned by Ralph Hough in 2002.


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