Nello Pagani in the third AC Argentina Maserati 4CLT at the 1950 Swiss GP.  Copyright The GP Library 2011.  Used with permission.

Formula 1 1950

After skipping 1949 for reasons that are still not well understood, Alfa Corse returned to Formula 1 in 1950 with the Alfetta 158. With Achille Varzi, Count Felice Trossi and Jean-Pierre Wimille all dead, their places in the team were taken by Giuseppe 'Nino' Farina, Juan Manuel Fangio and Luigi Fagioli. With an average age of 45, this was hardly an injection of youth.

The FIA had announced a new World Championship for 1950, consisting of the five Grandes Épreuves from 1949 plus the Monaco GP. This competition climaxed at Monza with Farina clinching the title after Fangio had two Alfas break under him during the race.

The main competition was from Ferrari, who tried to overwhelm Alfa with numbers at the start of the season, and Maserati's 4CLT. Neither the lumbering Lago-Talbots or the new Simca-Gordinis were anywhere near as quick although reliability sometimes brought some rewards. The Alfetta were dominant: the first three places on almost every grid and enough reliability to be running 1st and 2nd at almost every finish. Only the new Ferrari 375, emerging towards the end of the season, looked like a serious rival.

The 21 races below are the significant F1 races of the 1950 season but other races were held for F1 cars or included F1 cars in a libre field. The six World Championship events of 1950 are shown in bold.

The races

10 Apr 1950 > Richmond Trophy at Goodwood

10 Apr 1950 > Grand Prix de Pau

16 Apr 1950 > Gran Premio di San Remo at Circuito di Ospedaletti

30 Apr 1950 > Grand Prix de Paris at Montlhéry

13 May 1950 > British Grand Prix at Silverstone

21 May 1950 > Monaco Grand Prix

04 Jun 1950 > Swiss Grand Prix at Bremgarten

15 Jun 1950 > British Empire Trophy at Douglas

18 Jun 1950 > Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

02 Jul 1950 > Grand Prix de l'ACF (French Grand Prix) at Reims

09 Jul 1950 > Gran Premio di Bari

13 Jul 1950 > Jersey Road Race at St Helier

16 Jul 1950 > Grand Prix d'Albi

23 Jul 1950 > Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort

30 Jul 1950 > Grand Prix des Nations at Geneva

12 Aug 1950 > Ulster Trophy at Dundrod

15 Aug 1950 > Gran Premio di Pescara

26 Aug 1950 > International Trophy at Silverstone

03 Sep 1950 > Italian Grand Prix at Monza

30 Sep 1950 > Goodwood Trophy at Goodwood

29 Oct 1950 > Gran Premio de Penya Rhin at Pedralbes

World Drivers' Championship events shown in bold


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