Goodwood Trophy

Goodwood, 30 Sep 1950

1 Reg Parnell BRM V16 Mk I 'P15' [No 1] - s/c V16
#1 BRM Limited (see note 1)
12 20m 58.4s
2 "B Bira" Maserati 4CLT-48 [1598] - s/c 4
#2 Enrico Platé (see note 2)
12 21m 10.8s
3 Bob Gerard ERA B Type [R14B] - s/c 6
#7 F R Gerard (see note 3)
12 21m 39.4s
4 Emmanuel de Graffenried Maserati 4CLT-48 [1601] - s/c 4
#3 Enrico Platé (see note 4)
12 21m 39.8s
5 Brian Shawe-Taylor ERA B Type [R9B] - s/c 6
#14 B N Shawe-Taylor (see note 5)
12 21m 41.0s
6 Graham Whitehead ERA B Type [R5B] - s/c 6
#9 A G Whitehead (see note 6)
12 21m 52.0s
7 Stirling Moss (F2) 2-litre HWM 50 ['3'] - Alta 4
#16 J Heath [HW Motors] (see note 7)
12 22m 15.0s
8 David Hampshire Maserati 4CLT-48 [1596] - s/c 4
#4 Scuderia Ambrosiana (see note 8)
12 22m 24.4s
9 Duncan Hamilton Maserati 6CM [1551] - s/c 6
#5 J D Hamilton & P Fotheringham-Parker
(see note 9)
12 22m 48.0s
10 Johnny Claes Talbot T26C [110 011] 6
#6 Écurie Belge (see note 10)
11 Peter Whitehead ERA B Type [R10B] - s/c 6
#8 P N Whitehead (see note 11)
R Geoff Richardson RRA - ERA s/c 6
#18 G N Richardson (see note 12)
R Gordon Watson Alta IFS [69IS] - s/c 4
#10 G M Watson (see note 13)
R Joe Ashmore ERA A Type [R1A] - s/c 6
#11 D A Hampshire (see note 14)
R George Abecassis (F2) 2-litre HWM 50 ['1'] - Alta 4
#15 J Heath [HW Motors] (see note 15)
DNA Fred Ashmore Maserati 4CLT-48 [1593] - s/c 4
#12 Scuderia Ambrosiana (see note 16)
Did not arrive
DNA Archie Butterworth AJB - Steyr V8
#17 A J Butterworth
Did not arrive

All cars are 1.5-litre s/c F1 or 4.5-litre F1 unless noted.

1 Johnny Claes (4.5 F1) 4.5-litre Talbot T26C [110 011] - Talbot 6
2 Graham Whitehead (4.5 F1) 1.5-litre ERA B Type [R5B] - ERA s/c 6
3 Joe Ashmore (4.5 F1) 1.5-litre ERA A Type [R1A] - ERA s/c 6
4 Gordon Watson (4.5 F1) 1.5-litre Alta IFS [69IS] - Alta s/c 4
5 George Abecassis (F2) 2-litre HWM 50 ['1'] - Alta 4
6 Brian Shawe-Taylor (4.5 F1) 1.5-litre ERA B Type [R9B] - ERA s/c 6
7 Reg Parnell (4.5 F1) 1.5-litre BRM V16 Mk I 'P15' [No 1] - BRM s/c V16
8 "B Bira" (4.5 F1) 1.5-litre Maserati 4CLT-48 [1598] - Maserati s/c 4
9 Emmanuel de Graffenried (4.5 F1) 1.5-litre Maserati 4CLT-48 [1601] - Maserati s/c 4
10 Geoff Richardson (4.5 F1) 1.5-litre RRA - ERA s/c 6
11 Peter Whitehead (4.5 F1) 1.5-litre ERA B Type [R10B] - ERA s/c 6
12 Bob Gerard (4.5 F1) 1.5-litre ERA B Type [R14B] - ERA s/c 6
13 Stirling Moss (F2) 2-litre HWM 50 ['3'] - Alta 4
14 David Hampshire (4.5 F1) 1.5-litre Maserati 4CLT-48 [1596] - Maserati s/c 4
15 Duncan Hamilton (4.5 F1) 1.5-litre Maserati 6CM [1551] - Maserati s/c 6

Notes on the cars:

  1. BRM V16 Mk I 'P15' [No 1] (Reg Parnell): Raced by Ray Sommer 1950, Reg Parnell 1950-53, Fangio 1952-53 and Gonzalez 1952. Retired after the 1953 season but retained by Owen Organisation as an exhibition car. Bought by Dan Marguiles for a Greek consortium at Christie's Motorfair auction in October 1981. Subsquently sold to the National Motor Museum Trust. Retained 2007.
  2. Maserati 4CLT-48 [1598] ("B Bira"): Maserati records show this car going to 'B. Bira' 23 Sep 1948. Bira raced 1948 British GP, 1949 Argentine Temporada and 1949 European season. Retained 1950 being used as Platé team car from Pescara. Raced by Harry Schell for Enrico Platé in 1951 then becoming one of two cars extensively rebuilt as Platé-Maseratis for 1952. Probably raced by Giovanni de Riu in F2 in 1953. Then sold via de Graffenried to 20th Century Fox for film work and then acquired by Tom Carstens (Tacoma, WA). Subsequent history unknown.
  3. ERA B Type [R14B] (Bob Gerard): Johnny Wakefield 1938-39 and then Bob Gerard's main ERA from 1946 to 1953. Then via Jimmy Stuart to Donald Day in 1959. Apart from a short period, Day has owned it ever since. Recent drivers include Ted Rollason, Goff Tidball and Paul Richardson. Retained 2007.
  4. Maserati 4CLT-48 [1601] (Emmanuel de Graffenried): To Enrico Platé for 1949 (dated 7 Mar 1949 in Maserati records) and driven by Emmanuel de Graffenried. Continued as de Graffenried's well-used car through 1950 and 1951. Probably one of two cars extensively rebuilt as Plate-Maseratis for 1952. Probably raced by Ottorino Volonterio in F2 in 1953. Sold with the sister car (probably 1598) by de Graffenried to 20th Century Fox for film work then sold again via Tom Carstens (Tacoma, WA). Subsequent history unknown.
  5. ERA B Type [R9B] (Brian Shawe-Taylor): A customer car for Denis Scribbans and then Bob Ansell up to 1949. Guest drivers included Brian Shawe-Taylor, who then bought the car and raced it 1950-51. Then via Irish and UK owners, entering historic racing in 1955. Raced by the Mann brothers from 1976 to 1993, then to Switzerland for four years, back to Peter Mann and then to Rainer Ott (Germany) in 2005. Retained 2007.
  6. ERA B Type [R5B] (Graham Whitehead): Bira's second car, acquired in 1936 and named 'Remus' . Raced for White Mouse Stable in 1936 but used only as a back-up car 1937. Via Tony Rolt from 1938 to 1945, Ian Connell in 1946, Peter Bell (driver John Bolster) 1947-49 and others until bought by the Lindsay family in 1958. Raced by Hon Patrick Lindsay in historic events 1959-85 and, since his death, by son Ludovic Lindsay 1986-2000. Retained by the family in 2007.
  7. HWM 50 ['3'] (Stirling Moss): The number '3' is used here to identify the third car to appear; the actually chassis number is unclear. Its 1950 career can be tracked by photographs as it has distinctive bonnet louvres. First seen at Roubaix on 7 May where it was raced by Abecassis, and then used as a works team car. Sold to Tom Meyer for 1951 and subsequently became a HWM-Jaguar sports car, registered as MXK 727. Eventually restored to F2 specification by Rod Leach. It is given as chassis FB101 in Doug Nye's Powered By Jaguar.
  8. Maserati 4CLT-48 [1596] (David Hampshire): Maserati records list this as Reg Parnell's car dated 14 Sep 1948. Raced by Parnell from 1949 to 1951, under the Scuderia Ambrosiana banner in 1950 and 1951, also by Hampshire in 1951. Sold or leased to Bobby Baird mid-1951 and then sometime after 1952 sold to Count Johnny Lurani. Lurani sold it in 1955 to Pat Hoare in New Zealand where it raced until the mid-1960s and then spent many years in the Queenstown Motor Museum. It was sold in 1982 and returned to Europe in 1989. Sold at auction a number of times in the late 1980s and 1990s. Owned by Max Lustenberger (Switzerland) from 1999. Retained 2004.
  9. Maserati 6CM [1551] (Duncan Hamilton): Delivered on 25 Oct 1937 to Earl Howe, probably acting as agent for a South African purchaser. Immediately shipped to South Africa for the 1937/38 winter season to be raced by Bill Everitt, before passing to local driver Buller Meyer. Imported to UK in 1947 UK by George Abecassis who raced it briefly before selling it to Duncan Hamilton and Philip Fotheringham-Parker who campaigned it extensively in 1948, 49 and 1950. To Brian Finglass in early 1950s, before passing to Fred Zambucka in New Zealand, then via various New Zealand owners to the Geer brothers (U.K.) about 1980. Believed to be retained 2007.
  10. Talbot T26C [110 011] (Johnny Claes): Talbot-Lago T26C chassis '110 011' was Johnny Claes car in 1948-50 and then sold to Duncan Hamilton (and Fotheringham-Parker) and raced 1951-53. Stored in France until 1955 when Hamilton sold it to Allan Freeman in New Zealand who raced it through to 1961. It was bought by Joe Hepworth in 1963 and returned to England; then via other UK and French owners until sold to Bernie Ecclestone 1996. Retained 2002.
  11. ERA B Type [R10B] (Peter Whitehead): Peter Whitehead's regular B Type from 1936 to 1952 (also driven by Peter Walker and Graham Whitehead). Then via other UK and US owners to Nick Mason who raced and demonstrated it for more than 20 years from 1980. With Paddins Dowling by 2006. Retained 2007.
  12. RRA (Geoff Richardson): Built by Geoff Richardson using mechanical parts of an ex-works Riley raced before the war by Percy Maclure, in a new Richardson-built frame. Raced initially with the engine from the White Riley, and sometimes therefore called the ERA-Riley. Richardson continued to race the car, mainly in small English events, until 1955, replacing the engine with a 2.5 Riley in 1954 and a 2.0 Alta in 1955. The car was then dismantled but reassembled by Keith Knight, still with Alta engine, in 1965. Retained by Knight into this century.
  13. Alta IFS [69IS] (Gordon Watson): Alta chassis 69IS was a single-seat Alta with independent suspension all round built for Lady Mary Grosvenor in 1939. It was not completed before the outbreak of war and was later built up post war and raced by Gordon Watson and Robert Cowell. It was rebodied with post-war bodywork and, according to Denis Jenkinson writing in 1987, then disappeared. Ted Walker has identified 69IS as the car driven by The Noble Louis Count Manduca, a member of the Maltese nobility, in 1952 and 1953 but suggestions that it was the car that went to Gib Barrett in Australia do not appear to be correct. In 2006, it was said to be owned by Paul Jaye.
  14. ERA A Type [R1A] (Joe Ashmore): The original 1934 prototype, this car was driven by Mays, Cook, Seaman and others before the war. Later to John Heath (HW Motors) 1946, Reg Parnell's team 1947, David Hampshire 1948-51 and then to Alistair Birrell and Ron Flockhart in Scotland in 1952. Into historic racing when it was owned by Sandy Murray from 1959 to 1982 and frequently raced by Tony Merrick. Then through a further chain of owners until acquired by Dean Butler in 2005.
  15. HWM 50 ['1'] (George Abecassis): The number '1' is used here purely for convenience; the actually chassis number of this car is unknown. Distinctive features of this car's windscreen and tail allow it to be tracked through 1950 be photographs. This was the prototype of the 1950 works F2 cars and after use by the works team in 1950 was sold to Oscar Moore for 1951, registered XMC 34 and converted in 1952 to fit a 3.4-litre Jaguar XK engine. It went to Gerry Scali in 1955 then to Terry Grainger who retained it until 2005. Doug Nye does not quote a chassis number for this car in Powered By Jaguar but the F1 Register record it as chassis FB104.
  16. Maserati 4CLT-48 [1593] (Fred Ashmore): Shown in Maserati records as Alberto Ascari's early 1948 car. To Reg Parnell 1949 for Fred Ashmore then raced in 1950 by David Hampshire and others as part of Scuderia Ambrosiana. Then David Murray's car for 1951. Crashed in practice at the Nürburgring for the 1951 German GP and not seen again.

Formula 1 events 1948-1953

The results published here were compiled by David McKinney and Adam Ferrington from a range of sources including Autocourse, Motor Sport and Autosport, as well as the F1 Register's A Record of Grand Prix and Voiturette Racing Volume 5 covering 1950 and 1951. Individual car identities were then meticulously checked against their enormous libraries of books and photographs, notably Talbot-Lago de Course by Pierre Abeillon, Les Gordini by Robert Jarraud, Gordini – Un Sorcier, Une Equipe by Christian Huet and The History of English Racing Automobiles by David Weguelin.

David has also contributed extensively from his notes on car identities compiled over 40 years of research, Michael Müller has contributed immaculately researched histories of all the 1948-1950 Ferrari 125s, and Doug Nye, both through his books and his personal assistance on HWM, has also been of great help.

Please note that since David's sad death in 2014, Adam and Allen have agreed that these pages will remain unaltered from now on, as a lasting testimony to David's expertise.