US Formula Super Vee Champions

During the peak decade of FSV, from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s, it produced a number of top USAC and CART driver, most notably Al Unser, Jr., Michael Andretti, Geoff Brabham and Arie Luyendijk. During this time it largely replaced sprint cars and midgets as the favoured route for drivers into the USAC and CART series.

Luyendijk was CART Rookie of the Year as reigning champion but the rise of ARS and the return of Formula Atlantic in the late 1980s overshadowed FSV and he was the last FSV champion to have that success. Ken Johnson made no impact at all in the higher ranks and Didier Theys had to follow his FSV championship with an ARS championship before getting his CART break. Scott Atchison made no impact in CART, Mark Smith had three seasons in ARS before a short CART career, and Ken Murillo and Stuart Crow both sunk without trace.

Year SCCA Champion USAC Champion
1971 Bill Scott *  
1972 Bill Scott *  
1973 Bertil Roos  
1974 Elliott Forbes-Robinson  
1975 Eddie Miller  
1976 Tom Bagley  
1977 Bob Lazier Tom Bagley & Herm Johnson (tie)
1978 Bill Alsup Bill Alsup
1979 Geoff Brabham Dennis Firestone
1980 Peter Kuhn  
1981 Al Unser, Jr.  
1982 Michael Andretti  
1983 Ed Pimm  
1984 Arie Luyendijk  
1985 Ken Johnson  
1986 Didier Theys  
1987 Scott Atchison  
1988 Ken Murillo  
1989 Mark Smith  
1990 Stuart Crow  

* Note that the Bill Scott that won the FSV championship was not the same Bill Scott that ran in Can-Am in the mid-1980s, nor was he the Billy Scott who ran in Indy racing from 1975 onwards. The FSV champion was from McLean, VA; the Can-Am driver ten years later was from Peoria, IL and Billy Scott was from San Bernardino, CA.

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