British Sprint Championship

Our coverage of the British Sprint Championship will run from the start of the championship in 1970 through to the end of the 1980s. Choose each season from the menu.

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The 1970 season: Yeovilton, Greenham Common, Woodvale, Blackpool, Cadwell Park, Thruxton, Duxford, Curborough, Moreton-in-Marsh, Fairford.

The 1971 season: Yeovilton, Curborough, Santa Pod, Curborough, Blackpool, Gaydon, Thruxton, Lydden Hill, Duxford, Weston.

The 1972 season: Yeovilton, Curborough, Gaydon, Curborough, Blackpool, Duxford, Duxford, Weston, Bassingbourne, Little Rissington.

The 1973 season: Yeovilton, Curborough, Bassingbourne, Curborough, Duxford, Duxford, South Cerney, Weston, Little Rissington.

The 1974 season: Yeovilton, Curborough, South Cerney, Bassingbourne, Curborough, Duxford, Cadwell Park, Yeovilton, Weston.

The 1975 season: Longridge, Yeovilton, Curborough, Wroughton, Bassingbourne, Curborough, (Duxford), Wroughton, Yeovilton, Weston, Curborough, Wellesbourne.

The 1976 season: Longridge, Yeovilton, Oulton Park, Curborough, Blackpool, Wroughton, Bassingbourne, Gaydon, Bassingbourne, Curborough, Wroughton, Weston.

The 1977 season: Longridge, Yeovilton, Oulton Park, Upwood, Curborough, Wellesbourne, Curborough, Blackpool, Wroughton, Upwood, Oulton Park, Brighton, Wroughton, Weston.

The 1978 season: Oulton Park, Yeovilton, Curborough, Wellesbourne, Curborough, Longridge, Blackpool, (Colerne), Wellesbourne, Blackbushe, Oulton Park, Brighton, Weston, Talbenny.

The 1979 season: Oulton Park, Curborough, Carnaby, Curborough, St Eval, Colerne, Blackpool, Lydden Hill, Brighton, Talbenny, Wroughton, Weston.

Coverage of the Sprint championship in Autosport and Motoring News in the 1970s was very patchy, but as Motoring News made clear in 1978, this was not entirely the fault of the publications. Not only were there numerous date changes, cancellations and replacement rounds to keep track of, some of the organising clubs made very little effort to publicise their events or to make results available. For many clubs, the local regional championship was more significant, such as the Longton & District MC's title in the northwest or those of the Association of Central Southern Motor Clubs (ACSMC) and BARC further south.

With the RAC in Belgrave Square taking no responsibility for promotion, it was only the creation of the Hillclimb and Sprint Association in January 1979 that started to improve this situation, and the arrival of Speed Scene magazine in 1982 that finally gave the sport the coverage it warranted.

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