British Sprint Championship Round

Wroughton, 20 Sep 1979

1 David Franklin (F2) 2-litre March 782 [9] - BMW M12/7 Euroracing
(see note 1)
2 Dave Harris (F5000) 5-litre McRae GM1 [012] - Chevrolet V8
(see note 2)
3 Rob Turnbull (libre) 2-litre March 762 [4] - Hart 420R
4 Simon Riley (libre) 3-litre March 741 [1] - Cosworth DFV V8
5 Richard Fry (sports) 2-litre Mallock U2 Mk 20B - Hart 420R
6 Mark Williams (clubmans) 1.6-litre Mallock U2 Mk 11/18 - Ford
7 Ray Rowan (F2) 2-litre March 742 [ex-Musetti] - Ford BDX
8 Bob Penzer (F5000) 5-litre Lola T332C [HU62] - Chevrolet V8
9 Ken Ayers (libre) 1.6-litre March 75/76B - Ford BDA
(see note 3)
10 Tim Moores (Clubmans Class A) 1.6-litre Gryphon C4A - Ford
Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. March 782 [9] (David Franklin): Manfred Winkelhock's works car at Thruxton 27 Mar 1978 and presumably all season. He had an all-new chassis at Donington 25 Jun after his Rouen write-off but it presumably retained the same number. To David Franklin for hillclimbs in 1979, 1980 and 1981. Then with Fred Davies in 1982. Later with Bill Morris 1987-1990.
  2. McRae GM1 [012] (Dave Harris): See full history: McRae GM1/012.
  3. March 75/76B (Ken Ayers): Ken Ayers (Twyford, Berkshire) rebuilt his 1978 March "742X" with a 1975 March monocoque and 76B bodywork for the 1979 season, effectively ending its links with the original 713M identity. The new car then damaged again and rebuilt on a third tub using 1976 bodywork. Ayers advertised the car in November 1980 as a "75/76B rolling chassis, completely rebuilt by Lyncar 1980". It is possible that Ayers had acquired the ex-Howard Rose March 75/76B, as Rose was from Wokingham, just three miles from Ayers' team's base at Hurst, near Reading. Subsequent history unknown.


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