Brighton Speed Trials

Brighton, 8 Sep 1979

1 Terry Smith (libre) 5-litre March 75A/761 [1-2] - Repco 740 V8
(see note 1)
2 Johnty Williamson (F5000) 5-litre Chevron B28 [28-74-02] - Chevrolet V8
(see note 2)
3 Noel le Tissier (libre) 3.4-litre Chevron B30 [30-75-01] - Ford GAA V6
(see note 3)
4 Paul Edwards (F5000) 3.4-litre March 76A [1] - Ford GAA V6
(see note 4)
5 Allan Humphries (libre) 2-litre Lola T560 [HU2] - Abarth Tipo 260 Holbay s6
(see note 5)
6 Ray Rowan (F2) 2-litre March 742 [ex-Musetti] - Ford BDX
7 Peter Fisk (libre) 1.6-litre March 702 - Ford BDA
(see note 6)
8 Ken Ayers (libre) 1.6-litre March 75/76B - Ford BDA
(see note 7)
Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. March 75A/761 [1-2] (Terry Smith): John MacDonald (RAM Racing) 1975. Raced in UK 1975: driven by Alan Jones (3rd BARC Thruxton 17 Aug 1975) - Hexagon Garage for Damien Magee UK 1976 - Guy Edwards UK 1977; rebuilt on a March 761 monocoque, and then converted to DFV power for last few races of 1977. Edwards UK 1978 (first two races); then for Bruce Allison (five races). Also used by Desire Wilson in a test session prior to the British GP. To Terry Smith (Felton, Somerset), fitted with a 5-litre Repco engine, and used in the British Sprint Championship 1979, 1980 and 1981. Used by Smith and John Meredith British Sprint Championship 1982. To Ray Rowan 1983, and retained by him until about 1987 when the Repco engine was sold to Australia and the rolling chassis was sold via a dealer to Italy. Reemerged four years later when sold by Andrea Frasson (Rosà, Vicenza, Italy) to Daniel Pouteau (Paris, France) in December 1991. Retained by Pouteau, still apart and in still Terry Smith's livery, until sold via Bernard De Dryver to Paul Grant (Brussels, Belgium) in April 2013. Rebuilt for Masters F1 in 2015, and debut at the Spa 6 Hours in September 2015.
  2. Chevron B28 [28-74-02] (Johnty Williamson): See full history: Chevron B28 74-02.
  3. Chevron B30 [30-75-01] (Noel le Tissier): See full history: Chevron B30.
  4. March 76A [1] (Paul Edwards): For Chris Cramer and fitted with 3.4-litre Cosworth-Ford GA V6 engine for British hill climbs. Cramer British Hill Climb Championship 1976, 1977, 1978 - Paul Edwards: British Sprint Championship 1979 (6 Run-Offs); updated to 78A specification: British Sprint Championship 1980 (5 Run-Offs) - Nigel Bigwood: British Sprint Championship 1981 (6 Run-Offs), 1982 (7 Run-Offs and one win at Lydden Hill in May 1982) - Tim and Tony Barry 1983: raced by Alan Kayes at Mallory Park libre 19 Jun 1983 (retired); Brands Hatch libre 14 Aug 1983 (2nd); run by Tony Barry at Brighton Speed Trials 10 Sep 1983 (3rd). Later run by Tony Barry at Mallory Park Sprint round 28 Jun 1986 (8th). Retained by the Barry brothers 2005 and raced by Tim in the HSCC Derek Bell Trophy. In December 2012, the car was nearing the end of what Tim called "a protracted rebuild including an extensively refreshed tub" and returned to racing in 2014.
  5. Lola T560 [HU2] (Allan Humphries): First seen as a Lola T550 with Holbay Abarth engine for Roberto Marazzi at the Silverstone F2 race in March 1977, but did not start. Not raced in 1977, but tested by Bruce Allison and Bob Evans in December. Alo Lawler was due to run the car in 1978, but abandoned the project after persistent engine problems. Sold to David Render for sprints in 1979, still with the Abarth engine borrowed from Holbay, and used until 1982 when the Abarth was returned, the Lola fitted with a 2.8-litre Hart engine, and used in this form until 1985. Sold to Jonathan Toulmin for 1988, who continued to run it with the Hart engine, then to Alan Newton, who bought the Abarth motor from Holbay and refitted it. Sold to Colin Pool in 1996, who sold it on to Francesco Molino. Sold by Molino to Thomas Steinke (Hamburg, Germany) in 2012, but later sold back to Molino.
  6. March 702 (Peter Fisk): Peter Fisk (Cambridge) raced a March 702 in speed events from 1974 to 1979. The car was fitted with a BDA engine, and Fisk sometimes shared with Robert Glass, also of Cambridge. Fisk advertised the car in October 1980. Subsequent history unknown.
  7. March 75/76B (Ken Ayers): Ken Ayers (Twyford, Berkshire) rebuilt his 1978 March "742X" with a 1975 March monocoque and 76B bodywork for the 1979 season, effectively ending its links with the original 713M identity. The new car then damaged again and rebuilt on a third tub using 1976 bodywork. Ayers advertised the car in November 1980 as a "75/76B rolling chassis, completely rebuilt by Lyncar 1980". It is possible that Ayers had acquired the ex-Howard Rose March 75/76B, as Rose was from Wokingham, just three miles from Ayers' team's base at Hurst, near Reading. Subsequent history unknown.


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