British Sprint Championship Round

St Eval, 8 Jul 1979

1 David Franklin (F2) 2-litre March 782 [9] - BMW M12/7 Euroracing
(see note 1)
2 Allan Humphries (libre) 2.1-litre March 762 [5?] - Hart 421R
3 Simon Riley (libre) 3-litre March 741 [1] - Cosworth DFV V8
4 Ray Rowan (F2) 2-litre March 742 [ex-Musetti] - Ford BDX
5 Bob Clapham (F5000) 5-litre Surtees TS8 [007] - Chevrolet V8
(see note 2)
6 Terry Smith (libre) 5-litre March 75A/761 [1-2] - Repco 740 V8
(see note 3)
7 Ken Ayers (libre) 1.6-litre March 75/76B [713M-8?] - Ford BDA
(see note 4)
8 Paul Edwards (F5000) 3.4-litre March 76A [1] - Ford GAA V6
(see note 5)
RAN Mike Remnant (libre) 1.6-litre Brabham BT30 [8] - Ford BDA
(see note 6)
8th overall but not elligible for Top Ten run-off
RAN Andy Fraser (libre) 1.6-litre Brabham BT35 [6] - Ford BDA
(see note 7)
5th overall but not elligible for Top Ten run-off
Qualifying information not available

Notes on the cars:

  1. March 782 [9] (David Franklin): Manfred Winkelhock's works car at Thruxton 27 Mar 1978 and presumably all season. He had an all-new chassis at Donington 25 Jun after his Rouen write-off but it presumably retained the same number. To David Franklin for hillclimbs in 1979, 1980 and 1981. Then with Fred Davies in 1982. Later with Bill Morris 1987-1990.
  2. Surtees TS8 [007] (Bob Clapham): New for Peter Revson at the 1971 Questor GP then for Alan Roillinson in UK series. To Alan Brodie 1972 and raced by Brodie and by Steve Thompson. To Servis Appliances Racing Team 1973 and raced by Ray Allan early in the season. Then possibly the Robin Darlington car in Sep 1973 Reappeared with Colin Andrews (Banbury, Oxfordshire) 1974, then to Steve Cuff (Frome, Somerset) 1975 for hillclimbs. To Alan Richards (Cheltenham) and used in sprints and occasional hill climbs in 1976 and 1977. Used in sprints and occasional hill climbs by Bob Clapham in 1978 and 1979. Then unknown until sold by Brian Redman to Dave Swigler (Panama City, FL) in 1986. Dave believes Brian got it from Richard Attwood about two years earlier. Retained until Swigler sold his collection to Harin De Silva (Palos Verdes Estates, CA) in 2009. Restored by Virtuoso Performance and first raced at Laguna Seca in August 2011. Also raced in New Zealand in the 2011/12 Tasman Revival series and at the Phillip Island Classic in March 2013.
  3. March 75A/761 [1-2] (Terry Smith): John MacDonald (RAM Racing) 1975. Raced in UK 1975: driven by Alan Jones (3rd BARC Thruxton 17 Aug 1975) - Hexagon Garage for Damien Magee UK 1976 - Guy Edwards UK 1977; rebuilt on a March 761 monocoque, and then converted to DFV power for last few races of 1977. Edwards UK 1978 (first two races); then for Bruce Allison (five races). Also used by Desire Wilson in a test session prior to the British GP. To Terry Smith (Felton, Somerset), fitted with a 5-litre Repco engine, and used in the British Sprint Championship 1979, 1980 and 1981. Used by Smith and John Meredith British Sprint Championship 1982. To Ray Rowan 1983, and retained by him until about 1987 when the Repco engine was sold to Australia and the rolling chassis was sold via a dealer to Italy. Reemerged four years later when sold by Andrea Frasson (Rosà, Vicenza, Italy) to Daniel Pouteau (Paris, France) in December 1991. Retained by Pouteau, still apart and in still Terry Smith's livery, until sold via Bernard De Dryver to Paul Grant (Brussels, Belgium) in April 2013. Rebuilt for Masters F1 in 2015, and debut at the Spa 6 Hours in September 2015.
  4. March 75/76B [713M-8?] (Ken Ayers): New for James Hunt, replacing the 713S he had raced earlier in the season. The 713M was run as part of a newly constituted team run by Chris Marshall, based at his Sloan Marshall Garages in London and entered as Team Rose Bearings with Baty Group. Hunt won first time out, at Crystal Palace in June, and also at Brands Hatch in August, but the car was heavily damaged in a crash during practice at Snetterton in October. Repaired and used by Bob Evans in the Boxing Day meeting at Brands. Bought from the March factory by Anthony Binnington and raced in F3 through 1972. Then to Nick Crossley for one race early in 1973 before his new 733 was ready. To Peter Stahl (Ascot, Berkshire) and raced in the 1600cc class in hillclimbs in 1973. Stahl later went abroad on business and his wife sold the March to Geoff Deakin (Penrith, later Carlisle) who hillclimbed it between 1975 and 1977. It was in 742 bodywork by 1977, and Deakin called it a "742X". Deakin recalls selling the car to a fellow hillclimber who crashed it badly the following year, taking out one side of the monocoque. Photographs show that Deakin's car exactly matches the "742X" hillclimbed by Ken Ayers (Twyford, Berkshire) in 1978 and crashed by him at some point. After this accident, the car was rebuilt on another 1971 March tub, and run with 1975 bodywork until a second accident at Le Val des Terres in July 1979. The car was then rebuilt using a 1975 March monocoque and 76B bodywork, effectively ending its link to the original 713M.
  5. March 76A [1] (Paul Edwards): For Chris Cramer and fitted with 3.4-litre Cosworth-Ford GA V6 engine for British hill climbs. Cramer British Hill Climb Championship 1976, 1977, 1978 - Paul Edwards: British Sprint Championship 1979 (6 Run-Offs); updated to 78A specification: British Sprint Championship 1980 (5 Run-Offs) - Nigel Bigwood: British Sprint Championship 1981 (6 Run-Offs), 1982 (7 Run-Offs and one win at Lydden Hill in May 1982) - Tim and Tony Barry 1983: raced by Alan Kayes at Mallory Park libre 19 Jun 1983 (retired); Brands Hatch libre 14 Aug 1983 (2nd); run by Tony Barry at Brighton Speed Trials 10 Sep 1983 (3rd). Later run by Tony Barry at Mallory Park Sprint round 28 Jun 1986 (8th). Retained by the Barry brothers 2005 and raced by Tim in the HSCC Derek Bell Trophy. In December 2012, the car was nearing the end of what Tim called "a protracted rebuild including an extensively refreshed tub" and returned to racing in 2014.
  6. Brabham BT30 [8] (Mike Remnant): Bought by Mick Mooney's Irish Racing Cars for Tommy Reid (Tandragee, County Armagh, Northern Ireland) in Irish racing late 1969, winning four of the five races it started, and also in a single F2 race at Vallelunga. Retained for 1970 and 1971 but fitted with a 1.8-litre Cosworth FVC. Then via Bobby Howlings (Manchester) and Bob Vincent (Bryn, Wigan), possibly Rodney Bloor (Manchester) 1977 and Robin Darlington (Ruabon, Wales) 1977 to Tom Elton (Westbury, Wiltshire) 1978 but unused through this period. To Mike Remnant (Redruth, Cornwall) and used in sprints and hillclimbs in southwest England. Then via Bob Wilson (Glasgow, Scotland) 1981 - Jonathan Bradburn (Wolverhampton, West Midlands) c1984 - Simon Hadfield (Shepshed, Leicestershire) - Andrew Fellowes (Ramsey, Cambridgeshire) 1986 and used in HSCC racing. Later to George Nuse (Norcross, Georgia) 1990 - Jordan Harris (Malibu, California) 1992 - Peter McLaughlin (Hanover, New Hampshire) 2007 - Sean Whelan (Somerton Park, SA, Australia) 2012.
  7. Brabham BT35 [6] (Andy Fraser): New to Nick Cook and used in the British Formula Atlantic series in 1971. Retained for early 1972, but Cook does not appear in the UK after the end of April and this is probably the car taken to the USA to use in the SCCA series in 1972. Used by Rob Turnbull in British hillclimbs in 1973, 1974, 1975 and 1976. Sold to Andrew Fraser in 1975, and shared by him and Tim Painter in Sprints in 1977. Retained by Fraser for 1978 and 1979, and appeared at Wiscombe Park events in 1980 and 1982. Then via David McLaughlin to Keith Norman about 1984 and used by him in HSCC events in the 1980s and 1990s. To Rob Haze (Netherlands) between 1992 and 1995, and then back to Norman again. To John Dunham April 2001, then to Ben Tyler 2003, then Peter Shaw 2004, then Dr John Monson 2007.


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Individual sources for this event

Autosport 19 Jul 1979 p59.