Bill Brack (Chevron B29) and Elliot Forbes-Robinson (Lola T360) lead the parade lap at Mont-Tremblant in Jul 1975.  Copyright Allan De La Plante 2012.  Used with permission.

Canadian Formula Atlantic 1975

Bill Brack won his third successive Canadian title but at least this time had upgraded to modern machinery with a red STP-backed Chevron B29. His closest competitor in a sometimes fractious season was Bertil Roos' Ecurie Canada March 75B, the Swedish ex-F1 driver now earning a living in the US as a race instructor. Last season's discovery Tom Klausler was back with a new Carl Haas-backed Lola T360 but Canada now had its own young star as Gilles Villeneuve made up for a dismal 1974 season with a win in the pouring rain at Gimli in his privately-run Skiroule-liveried March 75B.

The other race winner in 1975 was Elliot Forbes-Robinson who interrupted a F5000 career to drive a Penthouse-back Bill Scott Racing Lola T360 to two victories. Fred Opert's team had a poor year, its Chevron B29s being off the pace until Gitanes money paid for a three-car team of professionals at Trois-Rivières. Doug Shierson's team of March 75Bs also struggled until he put F1 star Vittorio Brambilla in one of them for Trois-Rivières and he won, leading home the trio of Opert Chevrons.

The races

25 May 1975 > Edmonton

01 Jun 1975 > Westwood

22 Jun 1975 > Gimli

06 Jul 1975 > Mont-Tremblant

20 Jul 1975 > Mosport Park

07 Aug 1975 > Halifax

31 Aug 1975 > Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières

07 Sep 1975 > SCCA Formula Atlantic Race at Brainerd

Players CASC Formula Atlantic Championship events shown in bold

1975 Players CASC Formula Atlantic Championship table

1Bill BrackChevron B29 - Ford BDA Hart112 pts1 win
2Bertil RoosMarch 75B - Ford BDA Hart94 pts2 wins
3Tom KlauslerLola T360 - Ford BDA Whitehurst92 pts 
4Elliot Forbes-RobinsonLola T360 - Ford BDA BSR75 pts2 wins
5Gilles VilleneuveMarch 75B - Ford BDA Swindon69 pts1 win

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Had there been a Canadian Formula Atlantic championship of makes and models in 1975, it would have been a three-way battle won by the Lola T360 on 329 points from the March 75B on 269 and the Chevron B29 on 255, exactly reversing the positions from 1974. However, if the two non-championship races were taken into account, Chevron would have pipped Lola by a tiny margin. Across all Pro races, including the non-championship Trois-Rivières and Brainerd races, March built 99 of the 273 starters, Chevron 74, Lola 65, Tui 14 and Brabham 12. A Ralt appeared just once and failed to qualify from its heat.

The three marques were very closely matched and their success in 1976 would be largely influenced by the efforts of the importers, Chevron's Fred Opert, Lola's Carl Haas and March's Doug Shierson. The dark horse was the Ralt, designed by Ron Tauranac whose Brabhams were so fondly remembered across the US.