1973 non-champion Allan Lader holds off Craig Hill in their Brabham BT40s.  Copyright owned by the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame.  Used with permission.

Canadian Formula B 1973

With the US series having died after 1972, US driver Al Lader invaded the Players Canadian series and won four races in his red Brabham BT40. Craig Hill also opted for a Brabham BT40, as did Fred Opert customer Bertil Roos, so Brabham regained their dominant position in Formula B.

The surprise package was Bill Brack's Lotus, a three-year-old spaceframe Formula 3 car that had been rebuilt by Doug Crosty for FB. Although it couldn't compete with Lader's Brabham, Brack knew that he would pick up maximum points as long as he stayed ahead of his fellow Canadians so he went the season without a single overall victory but still won the title.

The races

27 May 1973 > Westwood

03 Jun 1973 > Edmonton

17 Jun 1973 > Sanair

02 Jul 1973 > Mosport Park

16 Jul 1973 > Debert

05 Aug 1973 > Gimli

19 Aug 1973 > Players International Championship for Formula B cars at Mosport Park

02 Sep 1973 > Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières

Players (Canadian) Formula B Championship events shown in bold

1973 Players (Canadian) Formula B Championship table

1Bill BrackLotus 59/69 - Ford twin cam109 pts 
2John PowellBrabham BT38 - Ford twin cam92 pts 
3Peter FergusonChevron B20 - Ford twin cam86 pts 
4Craig HillBrabham BT40 - Ford twin cam78 pts 
5Roy FollandMarch 73B - Ford twin cam72 pts 

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The Players series was down to six races but grids were up to an average of nearly 30. Of the starters, over 30% were new 1973 models and 25% were one year old.