Italian Formula 3 1975

A highly competitive Campionato Italiano headed into its final round with three drivers separated by a single point for the title: Luciano Pavesi and Sandro Pesenti-Rossi, both race winners in 1974, and reigning Formula Italia champion Gianfranco Brancatelli. But the final race was stopped after two laps because of torrential rain and no results were declared so the title went to Pavesi. Pesenti-Rossi, who had been leading the race, actually scored more points than Pavesi but had to drop one score, leaving him a point behind and level with Brancatelli.

Driving for Scuderia Ala d'Oro, Pavesi had retained his 1974 Brabham BT41 for the first part of the season, only acquiring a new March 753 for the closing rounds. Pesenti-Rossi was the more consistent of the three but did not give F3 the same focus, also fielding a private March 742 in Formula 2 races. Pavesi moved up to F2 for 1976 and Pesenti-Rossi found the finance to buy a F1 Tyrrell, leaving Brancatelli, who had led the title race at mid-season, to another season in more junior ranks.

The races

31 Mar 1975 > Coppa Autodromo Casale

13 Apr 1975 > Coppa Scuderie Torinesi at Casale

27 Apr 1975 > Trofeo Gianni Morelli at Varano

18 May 1975 > Vallelunga

18 May 1975 > Coppa AC Torino at Casale

23 May 1975 > Mugello

01 Jun 1975 > Trofeo Regione Umbria at Magione

29 Jun 1975 > Gran Premio della Lotteria at Monza

31 Aug 1975 > Monza

14 Sep 1975 > Casale

13 Oct 1975 > Marlboro Trophy at Imola

Campionato Italiano Formula 3 events shown in bold

1975 Campionato Italiano Formula 3 table

1Luciano PavesiBrabham BT41 - Toyota Novamotor
March 753 - Toyota Novamotor
33 pts2 wins
2=Alessandro Pesenti-RossiMarch 743 - Toyota Novamotor32 pts2 wins
2=Gianfranco BrancatelliMarch 753 - Toyota Novamotor32 pts2 wins
4Fernando SpreaficoGRD 372/373- Toyota Novamotor26 pts 
5Gaudenzio MantovaMarch 753 - Toyota Novamotor23 pts 
6Marcello RoseiMarch 733 - Lancia twin cam Repetto13 pts 
7=Piercarlo GhinzaniCRS 001 - Toyota Novamotor6 pts 
7=Orazio RagaïoloBrabham BT41 - Ford twin cam Novamotor
March 753 - Toyota Novamotor
6 pts 
9=Luigino GrassiBrabham BT41 - Ford twin cam Novamotor
Ralt RT1- Ford twin cam Novamotor
5 pts 
9=Renzo ZorziGRD 374 - Lancia twin cam Repetto5 pts 
11Tarcisco RivaMarch 743 - Toyota Novamotor4 pts 
12=Alceste BodiniTecno 69 - Ford twin cam Novamotor3 pts 
12=Roberto MarazziRalt RT1 - Ford twin cam Novamotor3 pts 
14=Carlo GiorgioMarch 753 - Toyota Novamotor2 pts 
14=Guido DaccòBrabham BT41 - Ford twin cam Novamotor2 pts 
16Carlo Franchi ("Gimax")March 743 - Ford twin cam Novamotor1 pt 

Points table from Autosprint. The championship was intended to run over nine rounds and used a 9-6-4-3-2-1 points system with points only awarded to Italian licence holders. The other two championship rounds were won by non-Italians: Larry Perkins at Monza and Conny Andersson at Casale Monferrato in September; the maximum points went to Spreafico and Mantova respectively at those races.