Swedish Formula 3

The Swedish Formula 3 Championship, or Svenska F3-mästerskapet, ran from 1964 to 1994, and was then revived for four more seasons from 1997. Its best known exports were Reine Wisell, the 1967 champion, and Ronnie Peterson, who won in 1968 and 1969, but champions in the 1970s such as Torsten Palm, Conny Andersson and Slim Borgudd also reached the margins of Formula 1. However, later in the 1970s, the more lucrative British and European championships started to draw ambitious Swedish drivers such as Gunnar Nilsson and Stefan Johansson, and the Swedish F3 championship became something of a backwater.

After 1980, the F3 category in Sweden was merged with Formula Super Vee and Formula Ford 2000 to create a "Formula Super". The Svenska mästerskapet was held to that formula in 1981 and 1982. The F3 Ralt RT3s were far quicker but, in their absence, a FSV March won a round of the series in 1982. Only F3 cars scored points in 1983, and the championship had returned to solely F3 rules by 1984.

For a full list of Swedish F3 champions, see formel3guide.com.

Swedish F3 seasons covered so far

The 1974 season: Knutstorp, Anderstorp, Falkenburg, Knutstorp, Mantorp Park

The 1975 season: Knutstorp, Mantorp Park, Anderstorp, Kinnekullering, Falkenburg, Kinnekullering, (Jyllands-Ringen), (Knutstorp)

The 1976 season: Knutstorp, (Mantorp Park), (Anderstorp), Kinnekullering, Falkenburg, Knutstorp

The 1977 season: (Knutstorp), Karlskoga, Anderstorp, Falkenburg, Knutstorp, Anderstorp, Karlskoga

The 1978 season: Knutstorp, Kinnekullering, Anderstorp, (Anderstorp), Falkenburg, Knutstorp, Karlskoga, Mantorp Park

The 1979 season: Knutstorp, Anderstorp, (Falkenburg), Kinnekullering, Falkenburg, Knutstorp, (Kinnekullering)

The 1980 season: (Mantorp Park), Kinnekullering, Karlskoga, Mantorp Park, Falkenburg, (Knutstorp), Anderstorp, (Kinnekullering)

The 1981 season: Kinnekullering, Knutstorp, Anderstorp, Falkenburg, (Knutstorp), Karlskoga, (Mantorp Park)

The 1987 season: Mantorp Park, Anderstorp, Knutstorp, Anderstorp, Falkenburg, Kinnekullering, (Knutstorp), (Knutstorp), Mantorp Park

All results and car histories compiled by Chris Townsend.

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